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20234: SEVENSTER, J.N. - The roots of pagan anti-semitism in the ancient world. Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1975 (Or. cloth. 235 pp.)
53557: SEYPPEL, C.M. (1847-1913) - Schlau, schläuer, am schläusten. Aegyptische Humoreske. Niedergeschrieiben und abgemalt 1315 Jahre vor Christi Geburt von C.M. Seyppel, Hofmaler und Poët des Königs Rhampsinit III. Memphis, Mumienstrasse No. 35, 3. Etage, 4 x Klingeln
61355: SEYRIG, HENRI. - La Triade Heliopolitaine et les Temples de Baalbek. (Extrait de la Revue Syria 1929).
61614: SEZGIN, FUAT - Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums. Band I - IX. And: Gesamtindices zu Band I - IX.
35443: SHADMON, HARRY - Ghetto Rebels. A historical poem.
56266: SHAFTER ROCKLAND, MAY - The work of our hands. Jewish needlecraft for today.
48473: SHAH, IDRIES - The Sufis.
61417: SHAHID, IRFAN - The Martyrs of Najrân. New Documents. (Subsidia Hagiographica 49).
61334: SHAHID, IRFAN - Byzantium and the Arabs in the Fourth Century.
35242: SHAIN, MILTON - Jewry and Cape society. The origins and activities of the Jewish board of deputies for the Cape Colony.
32907: SHAKED, SAUL - A tentative bibliography of Geniza documents. Prepared under the direction of D.H. Baneth and S.D. Goitein.
55448: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - De werken van William Shakespeare. (2 vols.) Translated by L.A.J. Burgersdijk, 3rd rev. ed.
15308: SHALHAV, YA'AKOV - {Za'af ve-Lahat}. (Anger and excitement. Chapters of reading on the memorial day of the Shoah and Heroism.) 2nd ed.
57007: SHAMIR, JOSEPH - {Ha-Shomer ha-Tsa'ir be-Polin 1913-1950.} Hashomer Hatzair in Poland 1913-1950.
35522: SHANKS, HERSHEL - Judaism in stone. The archaeology of ancient synagogues. Preface by Yigael Yadin.
39011: SHARPE, SAMUEL - Hebrew inscriptions from the valleys between Egypt and Mount Sinai, in their original characters, with translations and an alphabet. With twenty plates.
60889: SHARPLES, R.W. - Alexander of Aphrodisias on Fate. Text, translation and commentary.
38144: SHATZKY, JACOB - Comunidades judías en Latinoamérica.
55931: SHATZMAN, ISRAEL - The armies of the Hasmonaeans and Herod. From Hellenistic to Roman frameworks. (Texte und Studien zum Antiken Judentum 25)
60265: SHATZMILLER, MAYA (ED.) - Crusaders & Muslims in Twelfth-Century Syria. (The medieval Mediterranean 1).
56234: SHAVER, JUDSON R. - Torah and the Chronicler's history work. An inquiry into the Chronicler's references to laws, festivals and cultic institutions in relationship to Pentateuchal legislation. (Brown Judaic Studies 196).
58752: [NAIMY, MIKAIL, 1889-1988]. SHAYA, MOHAMMED S. - The philosophy of Mikail Naimy.
15288: SHAZAR, ZALMAN - {Orei Dorot}. (Light of bygone generations. Studies and comments on Jewish history in recent centuries.)
14190: SHAZAR, ZALMAN - {Mi-Pardes ha-TaNaKh.} (Studies in the Bible and in the history of Bible-criticism). Ed. by Moshe Or. Introduction by B.Z. Lurie.
56889: SHEEHAN, SEAN - The Holocaust The death camps
14191: SHEMESH, DAVID (ED.) - {Shmu'el we-Sha'ul.} (Samuel and Saul, the Prophet and the King. Discussions on the Book of Samuel held in the House of Menachem Begin).
58837: [SHIRAZ]. SHERIDAN, MOLLY & ELKE NIEWÖHNER - Earth of Shiraz - Wie schön bist du Schiras. An artist's book in praise of the city of Shiraz, city of roses and nightingales, home of Iran's two greatest poets, Hafiz and Sa'di. An edition of 25 loose leaves; 11 contain poetry in English and German and 11 are watercolours which illustrate the city and environment of Shiraz.
46655: SHERWIN, BYRON L. - Sparks amidst the ashes. The spiritual legacy of Polish Jewry.
38620: SHERWIN, BYRON L. - In partnership with god. Contemporary Jewish law and ethics.
43866: SHETREET, SHIMON (ED.). - {Chaloetsim ba-Damah.} (Anthology: Studies on North African Jewry.)
32238: SHIBL, YUSUF - Essays on the Israeli economy. (Palestine Books, No. 15)
58693: SHIHADEH, AYMAN - Doubts on Avicenna. A study and edition of Sharaf al-Din al-Masudi’s Commentary on the Isharat. (Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science Texts and Studies 95).
49542: SHILOAH, AMNON - {Nosei Musikah ba-Zohar} (Music subjects in the Zohar. Texts and indices). Prepared for publication by Lea Shalem. (Yuval Monograph Series, vol. 5)
58116: SHILOAH, AMNON - Yuval. Studies of the Jewish Music Research Centre. Edited by Amnon Shiloah in collaboration with Bathja Bayer. Volume II.
56646: SHILONY, ZVI - {Ha-Keren ha-Kayemet le-Yisrael veha-hityashvut ha-Iyyunit.} Jewish National Fund and Settlement in Eretz-Israel 1903-1914.
40526: SHIMONI, GIDEON - The zionist ideology.
57549: SHIRER, WILLIAM L. - {Aliyato u-Nefilato shel ha-Raikh ha-shelishi.} (The rise and fall of the Third Reich. A history of Nazi Germany.) 2 vols.
56475: SHIRER, WILLIAM L. - The rise and fall of the Third Reich. A history of Nazi Germany.
50519: SHMERUK, KH. (ED.) - {Pirsumim Yehudiyim be-Brit ha-Moatsot} (Jewish publications in the Soviet Union 1917-1960.) Bibliography.
57551: SHMUELI, EPHRAIM - {Sheva tarbuyot Yisra'el : Iyun chadash ba-Yahadut uve-toldoteha}. (Seven Jewish cultures. A reinterpretation of Jewish history and thought).
15958: SHMUELI, EPHRAIM - {Anshei ha-Renaissance} (Men of the Renaissance. The rise of the bourgeois world and the first crisis in modern society). 2 vols.
15671: SHMUELI, EPHRAIM - {Masoret u-Mahpekhah} (Monographs on tradition and revolution in Jewish history).
58040: SHNEIDER, VLADIMIR - {Sled desyati.} (Traces of the Ten.)
58039: SHNEIDER, VLADIMIR - Traces of the Ten. Transl. from the Russian by the author.
57039: [COLLECTIVE]. SHNER, ZVI & S. DERECH (EDS.) - {Dapim le-Cheker ha-Shoah ve-ha-Mered}. (Dappim. Studies of the Holocaust and the Jewish resistance.) Second series, vol. 1. Ed. by Zvi Shner and S. Derech.
49951: SHNEUR ZALMAN OF LYADY - Likoutei Amarime (Tanya). 2e et 3e parties. Traduit d'hébreu.
57450: SHORTER, ALAN W. - An introduction to Egyptian religion. An acount of religion in Egypt during the Eighteenth Dynasty.
52935: SHOULSON, JEFFREY - Milton and the rabbis. Hebraism, Hellenism & Christianity.
45294: SHRAGA, EMILE (ED.) - {Al Yehudei Romanyah be-Erets Gelutam u-va-Moledet} (On Romanian Jewry). Essays.
40510: SHULVASS, MOSES A. - The history of the Jewish people. Vol.1: The antiquity.
15152: SHULVASS, MOSES AVIGDOR - {Chayyei ha-Yehudim be-Italia}. (Jewish life in Renaissance Italy.)
15420: SHULVASS, MOSES AVIGDOR - {Roma wi-Yerushalayim} (History of the relations of the Italian Jews towards the land of Israel).
32908: SHUNAMI, SHLOMO - Bibliography of Jewish bibliographies. Second edition enlarged. Jerusalem 1965. Reprinted with corrections.
54883: SHUNAMI, SHLOMO - Bibliography of Jewish bibliograpies. Supplement to "Second Edition Enlarged", 1965.
33233: [JOSEPHUS]. SHUTT, R.J.H. - Studies in Josephus.
37305: SICKER, MARTIN - What Judaism says about politics. The political theology of the Torah.
53318: SIDERSKY, D. - L'inscription hébraique de Siloé. Essai bibliographique. Extrait de la Revue Archéologique.
60618: SIEBESMA, P.A. - The function of the niph'Al in Biblical Hebrew in relationship to other passive-reflexive verbal stems and to the pu'al and hoph'al in particular. (Studia Semitica Neerlandica 28).
44968: SIEBRAND, H.J. - Spinoza and the Netherlanders. An inquiry into the early reception of his philosophy of religion. (Diss. Univ. of Groningen).
12333: SIEFFERT, FRIEDRICH LUDWIG - Ueber den Ursprung des ersten kanonischen Evangeliums. Eine kritische Abhandlung.
35384: SIEGEL, JONATHAN PAUL - The Severus Scroll and 1QIs a.
56595: [HAMBURG]. SIELEMANN, JÜRGEN & PAUL FLAMME - Hamburger Judische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus: Gedenkbuch (Veröffentlichungen aus dem Staatsarchiv der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg XV).
20555: SIERKSMA, F. & J. MELKMAN (EDS.) - Eeuwig Israël. Zijn huidige plaats in letterkunde, cultuur en wereld. Geïllustreerd met 15 foto's.
60926: SIEVERS, EDUARD - Metrische Studien. II. Die Hebraische Genesis. 1. Teil. Texte. II. Teil. Zur Quellenscheidung Und Textkritik.
55797: (TOLSTOY, LEO). SIFMAN, ALEKSANDR IOSIFOWIC - Lew Tolstoj i Wostok. (Institut narodow Azii)
22088: SIJES, B.A. - Berechting van Oorlogsmisdadigers. Voordracht gehouden op 27 oktober 1969 ter gelegenheid van de vijf-en-twintigste herdenking van de bevrijding van Bergen op Zoom. Stichting Wiesenthalfonds.
22571: SIJES, B.A. - De Februari-staking. 25-26 februari 1941. With an English summary. (Rijksinstituut voor oorlogsdocumentatie. Monografieën Nr. 5.)
60191: SIJPESTEIJN, P.J. - Gynaecologische aspecten van de Papyrus Ebers 11 portfolios richly illustated, in carton box.
58224: SILBERNER, EDMUND - {Ha-Sotsyalizm ha-Ma'Aravi u-She'elat ha-Yehudim.} {Western socialism and the Jewish question.)
34851: SILVAIN, GÉRARD - La question juive en Europe 1933-1945. Préface de Marie- Madeleine Fourcade.
39655: SILVER, JEREMY & BERNARD MARTIN - A history of Judaism. 2 vols.
46996: SILVERSTONE, ABRAHAM - {Mi-Mayyinei ha-Chasidut} (From the wells of Hasidism . Views of man and life and the sacred season). Ed. by R.Gordis and Morris D.Margolis.
46673: SIMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN (949-1022) (ED. B. KRIVOCHÉINE). - Catéchèses 6-22 et 23-34. Action de grâces 1-2. Introduction, texte critique et notes par B. Krivochéine. Traduction par J. Paramelle. 2 vols. (Sources chrétiennes 104, 113).
58870: SIMMONS, STEPHEN D. - Early Old Babylonian Documents. (Yale Oriental Series, Babylonian Texts vol. XIV).
33784: SIMON, MARCEL - Verus Israel. Étude sur les relations entre Chrétiens et Juifs dans l'Empire Romain, (135-425). Second edition. Paris 1964. Reprint.
10209: SIMON, HERMANN - Das Berliner jüdische Museum in der Oranienburgerstrasse. Geschichte einer zerstörten Kulturstätte.
60923: SIMON, MARCEL (ED.) - Les syncrétismes dans les religions grecque et romaine. Colloque de Strasbourg (9-11 juin 1971).
39139: SIMON, RICHARD (1638-1712) - Disquisitiones criticae de variis per diversa loca & tempora bibliorum editionibus. Quibus accedunt castigationes theologi cujusdam Parisienses ad Opusculum Isa. Vossii de Sibyllinis oraculis et Ejusdem Responsionem ad Objectiones Nuperae Criticae Sacrae.
10750: SIMON, HEINRICH & MARIE - Geschichte der jüdischen Philosophie.
51531: SIMONET, FRANCISCO JAVIER - Glosario de voces ibéricas y latinas usadas entre los mozarábes. Precedido de un estudio sobre el dialecto hispano-mozarábe. Madrid 1888. Reprint.
55346: SIMONETTI, MANLIO - Biblical interpretation in the Early Church. An historical introduction to patristic exegesis.
61045: SIMONIS, JOHANNES - Lexicon manuale hebraicum et chaldaicum in Veteris Testamenti libros ordine etymologico descriptum edidit. Ed. by Georg. Benedict. Winer. Editio quarta.
58074: [BIBLE]. SIMONIS, J. - Biblia Hebraica Manualia. ad praestantiores editiones accurata. Cura et studio Iohannis Simonis. Editio tertia emendatior. Bound with: E.F.C. Rosenmüller, Vocabularium veteris testamenti hebraeo-chaldaicum ut cum bibliis hebraicis manualibus.
31158: SIMONIS, JOHANNES - Lexicon manuale hebraicum et chaldaicum. Recensuit, emendavit, auxit Joh. God. Eichhorn. Editio tertia (in 2 vols.)
31156: SIMONIS, JOHANNES - Lexicon manuale hebraicum et chaldaicum. Editio altera
15406: SIMONSOHN, SHLOMO - {Toledot ha-Yehudim be-Dukhsot Mantovah}. (History of the Jews in the duchy of Mantua). 2 vols.
59278: SIMPLICISSIMUS - Simplicissimus. Illustrierte Wochenschrift 11. Jahrgang 1906-1907: 1. Oktober 1906- 25. März 1907 = Hefte 27-52.
59413: SIMPLICISSIMUS - Simplicissimus. Illustrierte Wochenschrift 12. Jahrgang 1907-1908: 7. Oktober 1907 - 30. März 1908 = Hefte 28 - 53.
36445: SINGER, KURT - Duel for the North Land. The war of enemy agents in Scandinavia.
48745: SINGERMAN, ROBERT - Jewish given names and family names. A new bibliography. Ed. by David L. Gold.
54360: SINHA, TARINI PRASAD - "Pussyfoot" Johnson and his campaign in Hindustan.
30872: SIVAN, GABRIEL - The Bible and civilization (Library of Jewish Knowledge).
35943: SIWEK, PAUL - Spinoza et le panthéisme religieux
50903: SIX, JANUS - Specimen litterarium inaugurale De Gorgone quod annuente summo numine.
58633: SJÖBERG, ERIK - Der Menschensohn im Äthiopischen Henochbuch.
39056: SKA, JEAN LOUIS - Le passage de la mer. Études de la construction, du style et de la symbolique d'Ex. 14,1-31. (Analecta biblica 109).
60132: SKLIAR, ANIA - Byzance.
60024: SKOWRONEK, ALFONS - Sakrament in der evangelischen Theologie der Gegenwart. Haupttypen der Sakramentsauffassungen in der zeitgenössischen, vorwiegend deutschen evangelischen Theologie. Mit einem Geleitwort von Albert Brandenburg.
19484: SLATKINE, MENACHEM MENDEL (1875-1965) - {Mi-Sefer ha-Zikhronot shel Rav Litai} Mémoires d'un rabbin lithuanien du XVIIIe siècle. Pages choisies.
60164: SLAVENBURG, J. & W. GLAUDEMANS - Nag Hammadi geschriften I. Een integrale vertaling van alle teksten uit de Nag-Hammadi-vonst en de Berlijnse Codex. Deel 1: Jezus van Nazareth en Hermes Trismegistos. Dede druk.
38310: SLAVSKY, LEONOR - La espada encendida. Un studio sobre la muerte y la identidad étnica en el judaismo.
58051: SLICHER VAN BATH, B.H. - Bevolking en economie in Nieuw Spanje (ca 1570-1800). (Verh. KNAW).
59419: SLOUSCH, NAHUM (SLOUSCHZ) - Journal of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society: Jerusalem 1934-1935 Dedicated to the memory of Dr. A. Mazie.
15742: SLOUSCHZ, NAHUM - {Sefer ha-Massa`ot}. (Mes voyages en Lybie. Première partie). (Oeuvres choisies, I)
34622: [SOVIET UNION]. SLOVES, HAÏM - Le culture Juive en U.R.S.S. Supplément de "La Vie Juive".(Centre de Documentation Politique de la Section Française du Congrès Juif Mondial. Documents. Cahier no. 1.)
58525: SLUIJS, D.E. & JACOB HOOFIEN - Handboek voor de Geschiedenis der Joden. Derde deel. Joodsche geschiedenis. II. Het europesche Jodendom.
28045: SLUIJS, D.E. & JACOB HOOFIEN - Handboek voor de Geschiedenis der Joden. 3 parts in 2 vols. Complete edition.
44324: SLUTZKY, YEHUDA - {Kitsur Toledot Ha-Haganah}. (A history of the Israeli defence forces).
28883: SLUYS, W.G.J. VAN DER - Het land van de Bijbel. Oude kaarten en prenten van Israel.
56421: SMELIK, KLAAS A.D. - Converting the past. Studies in Ancient Israelite and Moabite historiography. (Oudtestamentische Studiën XXVIII).
28872: SMELIK, K.A.D. - Saul. De voorstelling van Israëls eerste koning in de Masoretische tekst van het Oude Testament. (Diss. at the Univ. of Amsterdam).
22701: SMELIK, DR. K.A.D. - Hagar & Sara. De verhouding tussen Jodendom en Christendom in de eerste eeuwen.
44482: SMILANSKY, MOSHE - {Rehovot 1890-1950}.
40220: SMIT, E.J. - Die ondergang van die ryk van Juda. (Diss. Free Univ. Amsterdam).
61196: SMITH, ROBERT C. & J. LOUNIBOS (EDS.) - Pagan and Christian Anxiety. A Response to E.R.Dodds.
52735: SMITH LEWIS, AGNES & M. DUNLOP GIBSON (EDS.) - Palestinian Syriac texts from palimpsest fragments in the Taylor-Schechter collection.
56267: SMITH SOBEL, ILEENE - Moses and the angels. Paintings by Mark Podwal. With an introduction by Elie Wiesel.
38476: SMITH, WILLIAM BENJAMIN - Ecce deus. Studies of primitive christianity.
57667: SMITH, JAMES - A pilgrimage to Palestine. An account of a visit to Lower Palestine (1893-1894). With numerous illustrations.
54174: SMITH, DIANA ROWLAND - Second supplementary catalogue of Hebrew printed books in the British Library 1893-1960. Based on the work of David Goldstein, Cyril Moss and others. 2 vols.
13702: [HUNGARY]. SMITH, DANNY - Hunderttausend Juden gerettet. Raoul Wallenberg und seine aussergewöhnliche Mission in Budapest. (Transl. from the English).
48859: SMITS, F. WILHELMUS - Psalterium vulgatum versione Belgica. Notis grammaticalibus, literalibus, criticis &c. nec non aliquot paraphrasibus, elugidatum, praemissis prolegomenis, & ampla praefatione. 2 vols.
31276: SMOLAR, LEVY & MOSES ABERBACH & PINKHOS CHURGIN - Studies in Targum Jonathan to the Prophets And: Targum Jonathan to the Prophets.
61522: SMOLI, ELIEZER (ELIESER SMOLLY) - Der Retter von Chula. Jüdische Jugend-Geschichten aus dem neuen Palästina. Mit neuen ganzseitigen Bildern von Heinz Wallenberg.
35413: SNAITH, NORMAN H. - The Jewish New Year festival. Its origins and development
43707: SNIJDERS, L.A. - The meaning of Zar in the Old Testament (Diss. Univ. of Leiden).
60824: SNIJMAN, PH.C. - De profetie van Zefanja. Academisch proefschrift Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
30401: SNOEK, JOHAN M. - The Grey Book. A collection of protests against Anti-Semitism and the persecution of Jews issued by non-Roman Catholic Churches and Church leaders during Hitlers rule. Introduction by Uriel Tal. (With a bibliography).
61454: SNOEK, G.J.C. - De Eucharistie- en reliekverering in de Middeleeuwen. De middeleeuwse eucharistie-devotie en reliekverering in onderlinge samenhang. (Diss. Free Univ. of Amsterdam).
55716: SNOUCK HURGRONJE, ARNOLDUS MARINUS - De membrorum concinnitate in Pauli ad Romanos Epistola. (Diss. Univ. Utrecht)
57695: SNOUCK HURGRONJE, C. - Selected works of C. Snouck Hurgronje. Edited in English and French by G.-H. Bousquet and J. Schacht.
47943: SOCIN, A. - Arabische Grammatik. Paradigmen, Literatur, Übungsstücke und Glossar. 4. verm. und verb. Auflage.
47785: SOCIN, A. - A. Socins Arabische Grammatik. Paradigmen, Literatur, Übungsstücke und Glossar. 8.durchgesehene und verbesserte Auflage von Carl Brockelmann.
57487: SODAR DE VAULX, MARIE HYACINTHE - Les splendeurs de la Terre Sainte. Ses sanctuaires et leurs gardiens.
57839: SODEN, W. VON - Einführung in die Altorientalistik.
48272: SODEN, W. VON - Akkadisches Handwörterbuch. Unter Benutzung des lexikalischen Nachlasses von Bruno Meissner. 3 vols. complete.
44202: SODEN, H. VON - Palästina und seine Geschichte. Sechs volkstümliche Vorträge. (Aus Natur und Geisteswelt).
13534: SODEN, W. VON - Grundriss der akkadischen Grammatik (Analecta Orientalia 33)
59304: SÖDER, ROSA - Die apokryphen Apostelgeschichten und die romanhafte Literatur der Antike.
61285: SÖDER, ROSA - Die apokryphen Apostelgeschichten und die romanhafte Literatur der Antike. (Würzburger Studien zur Altertumswissenschaft 3).
21284: [CIRCUMCISION]. SOEP, A. - De besnijdenis. Een ethnologische studie. Preface by Dr. J.J. Fahrenfort.
50996: SOEST, H.W. VAN - De civielrechtelijke 'egguè' (Garantieovereenkomst) in de Griekse papyri uit het ptolemaeische tijdvak. (Mit einer Deutschen Zusammenfassung). (Diss. Univ. Leiden).
59406: SOFER, ZVI (ED.) - Jüdischer Alltag, Jüdischer Festtag. (Ausstellungskatalog).
40495: [ARGENTINE]. SOFER, EUGENE F. - From Pale to pampa. A social history of the Jews of Buenos Aires.
56546: SOGGIN, J. ALBERTO - Das Königtum in Israel. Ursprunge, Spannungen, Entwicklung. (BZAW 104).
36925: SOGGIN, J. ALBERTO - Joshua. A commentary. (Transl. from the French). (The Old Testament Library).
57863: SOGGIN, ALBERTO J. - Old testament and oriental studies. (Biblica et ORientalia 29).
38691: SOLA POOL, DAVID DE - {Birkat Hamazon.} Grace after meals. According to the custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews. Ed. and transl. by David de Sola Pool. Rev.ed.
18771: SOLOMON SHARVIT HA-ZAHAV - {Kovets Shirei} (Collected poems). Ed. with introduction, notes and corrections by David Kahana.
3876: SOLOWEITSCHIK, MAX (ED.) - Die Welt der Bibel. Ein Bilderatlas zur Geschichte und Kultur des biblischen Zeitalters. Herausgegeben und erläutert von Max Soloweitschik.
50341: SOLOWEITSCHIK, MAX (ED.) - Die Welt der Bibel. Ein Bilderatlas zur Geschichte und Kultur des biblischen Zeitalters. Herausgegeben und erläutert von Max Soloweitschik.
7780: SOLTAU, WILHELM - Das Fortleben des Heidenthums in der altchristlichen Kirche.
6165: SOMBART, WERNER (A.O.) - Judentaufen. Vorwort Dr. A. Landsberger.
56380: SOMERS, ERIK - "Vrijgegeven door de duitsche censuur". Fotograaf in dienst van de bezetter.
56967: SOMMER, ROBERT - {Zikhronot "Yite-Yingle" le-shavar.} (Mémoires d'un ancien Yite Yingle).
12453: SOMMER, JOH. GEORG - Synoptische Tafeln über die drei ersten Evangelien.
59280: SOMMER, ANDREAS URS - Friedrich Nietzsches "Der Antichrist". Ein philosophisch-historischer Kommentar. (Beiträge zu Friedrich Nietzsche. Quellen, Studien und Texte..Band 2).
24708: SON, SALOMON VAN - Ik zeg Nu, Nu. Vierhonderddertig jaar wel en wee van een Nederlandse Joodse familie.
56307: [HUNGARY]. SOROS, TIVADAR - Maskerado. Dancing around death in Nazi Hungary. Edited and translated from Esperanto by H. Tonkin.
36823: SOUTH AFRICAN ZIONIST CONFERENCE. - Resolutions for submission to the Twentienth South African Zionist Conference at Johannesburg November 1st to 4th, 1945. 16 pp. {Added}: Addenda to resolution paper (7 pp.)
37415: SOWDEN, LEWIS - The crooked bluegum
51502: SPACIL, THEOPH. - Doctrina theologiae orientis separati De revelatione, fide, dogmate. 2 vols. (Orientalia Christiana XXXI/2 and 104))
48218: SPACIL, THEOPH. - Doctrina theologiae orientis separati de SS. Eucharistia. 2 vols. (Orientalia Christiana XIII, 3 and XIV, 1)
60838: [BIBLE]. SPADAFORA, D.F. (S. GAROFALO ED.) - (Latin-Italian). Ezechiele. A cura di D.F. Spadafora. (La Sacra Bibbia. Vulgata latina e traduzione italiana dai testi originali illustrate con note critiche e commentate.)
58173: SPALT, KARL HEINZ - Kultur oder Vernichtung?
57918: SPANGENBERG, AUGUST GOTTLIEB - Idea fidei fratrum oder Kurzer Begrif der Christlichen Lehre in den evangelischen Brüdergemeinen dargelegt.
55572: SPANHEIM JUNIOR, F. - ' t Leven van Johanna, paus van Rome, Onder den naam van Johannes den achtsten. Waar in haar zonderling gedragh uit de Oudtheit wordt opgeheldert, de waarheit deezer historie krachtigh beweert, en door de vermaardste schrijvers bevestigt. Met Kopere Platen
60096: SPECK, PAUL - Das geteilte Dossier. Bobachtungen zu den Nachrichten über die Regierung des Kaisers Herakleios und die seiner Söhne bei Theophanes und Nikephoros. (Poikila Byzantina 9).
59799: SPEIJER, SOPHIE - Als opgejaagd wild. Ervaringen van een onderduikster.
32397: SPEISER, E.A. (ED.) - At the dawn of civilization. A background of Biblical history. (The world history of the Jewish people. First series: Ancient times. Vol. 1)
60417: SPEK, R.J. VAN DER - Grondbezit in het Seleucidische rijk. (Diss. Free Univ, Amsterdam).
47202: SPENCER, JOHN - De legibus Hebraeorum ritualibus et earum rationibus, libri tres. Editio secunda, priori Indice Locorum S. Scripturae locupletiore. Only part 1 and 2.
39099: SPENCER, JOHN (1630-1693) - De legibus Hebraeorum ritualibus et earum rationibus. Libri Quatuor.
55089: SPENGLER, JOHAN SPENGLER - De Nederlandsche Oost-Indische bezittingen onder het bestuur van den gouverneur-generaal G.A.G.P. van der Capellen, 1819-1825. (Diss. Univ. Utrecht)
58082: SPERBER, ALEXANDER - Hebrew grammar. A new approach. (Journal of Biblical Literature vol. LXII, Part II).
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11255: WOCHER, MAXIMILIAN - Die hebräischen Nominalformen, nach Dr. G.H. Ewald's System erläutert und ausführlich in Paradigmen dargestellt.
53965: WOHLMUTH, JOSEF - Realpräsenz und Transsubstantiation im Konzil von Trient. Eine historisch-kritische Analyse der Canones 1-4 der Sessio XIII. Band 1: Darstellung. Band 2: Anmerkungen und Texte, Quellen- und Literaturverzeichnis, Tafeln. 2 vols. (Europäische Hochschulschriften XXIII/37).
3433: [MONTEFIORE, MOSES]. WOLBE, EUGEN - Sir Moses Montefiore. Ein Lebensbild für jung und alt.
37441: WOLF, SIMON - The influence of the Jews on the progress of the world. A lecture.
46351: WOLF, BENNY - Die Speisegesetze. Sonderausgabe für die Leser des "Israelit".
44666: WOLFF, CHRISTIAN - Jeremia im Frühjudentum und Urchristentum.
53901: WOLFF, HANS-WALTER - Dodekapropheton 1: Hosea. (Biblischer Kommentar Altes Testament XIV/1)
23978: WOLFF, M. - De geschiedenis der Joden te Haarlem. 1600-1815; 1815-1890. 2 vols.
56123: WOLFF, HANS WALTER - Amos' geistige Heimat. (Wiss. Mon. zum A. und N.T. 18)
53934: WOLFF, HANS-WALTER - Dodekapropheton 4: Micha. (Biblischer Kommentar Altes Testament XIV, 4).

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