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%23220554: CARPENTER, CLIVE., JOHNSON BARKER, BRIAN. - The complete guide to flags of the world.
%23103689: CARPENTER, BOGDANA. - The poetic avant-garde in Poland 1918-1939.
%23262611: CARPENTER, BOB. - Type-Logical Semantics.
%23160154: CARPENTER, SCOTT. - Acts of fiction : resistance and resolution from Sade to Baudelaire.
%2330726: CARPENTIER ALTING, J.H. - Grondslagen der rechtsbedeeling in Nederlandsch-Indië.
%23243861: CARR, MATTHEW. - The infernal machine : a history of terrorism.
%23188027: CARR, INDIRA & RICHARD KIDNER. - Statutes and conventions on international trade law. Third edition.
%23256296: CARR, KEVIN GRAY. - Plotting the prince: Shotoku cults and the mapping of medieval Japanese buddhism.
%23101186: CARRA DE VAUX, BERNHARD. - Les grands philosophes : Avicenne, A.H. 370-428 : etude sur la vie, l'oeuvre et le système théologique et mystique d'Abou Ali El-Hosein Ben Abd Allah Ben Sina, philosophe et médecin islamique persan, ainsi que sur les sectes et les mouvements théologiques et philosophiques dans l'orient depuis l'hégire jusqu'à la mort d'Avicenne avec des notes, références, et un index alphabétique
%23101188: CARRA DE VAUX, BERNHARD. - Les grands philosophes : Gazali, A.H. 450-505 / A.D. 1058-1111 (Algazel) : etude sur la vie et l'oeuvre mystique, philosophique et théologique d'Abou Hamid Mohammed Al-Gazali, de tous. mystique et théologien persan, ainsi que sur l'histoire du mysticisme islamique persan, avec des notes, références, et un index alphabétique.
%23147233: CARRA DE VAUX, BERNARD. - Les penseurs de l'Islam. 5 Volumes. I: Les Souverains. L'Histoire et la philosophie politique; II: Les Géographes. Les sciences mathématiques et naturelles; III: l'Exégèse. La tradition et la jurisprudence; IV: La Scolastique. La Théologie et la mystique. La Musique; V: Les Sectes. Le Libéralisme moderne. 431(1) pp.
%23236348: CARRA, JEAN-LOUIS. - Système de la raison, ou le prophète philosophe.
%23799: CARRAPA, BARBARA - Tectonic evolution of an active orogen as reflected by its sedimentary record : an integrated study of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin ( Internal Western Alps , NW Italy ).
%23182073: CARRASQUER, FRANCISCO. - 'Iman' y la novella historica de Ramon J. Sender. Primera incursion en el realismo magico senderiano.
%23119363: CARRÉ, OLIVER (ED.) - L'islam et l'état das le monde aujourd hui.
%23240491: CARRÉ, G.-L.-J. - Les lois de la procédure civile : ouvrage dans lequel l'auteur a refondu son analyse raisonnee, son traité, et ses questions sur la procédure.
%23226980: CARREAU, DOMINIQUE. - Droit international économique. 3me édition.
%23146512: CARREE, MARTIN A. - Market dynamics, evolution and smallness.
%23197590: CARRELL, JENNIFER LEE. - The speckled monster : a historical tale of battling smallpox.
%23147708: CARRERA, ROSALINA DE LA - Success in Circuit Lies. Diderot's Communicational Practice.
%23228354: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - L'empire d'Eurasie : une histoire de l'empire russe de 1552 à nos jours.
%2358274: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - The great challenge. Nationalities and the Bolshevik State, 1917-1930.
%23202874: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - Lenin.
%23248023: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - La gloire des nations ou la fin de l'empire soviétique.
%23236825: CARRIER, MICHAEL A. - Innovation for the 21st Century: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law.
%23143584: CARRINGTON, PAUL D. - Stewards of Democracy : law as a Public Profession.
%23216434: CARRITHERS, MICHAEL & CAROLINE HUMPHREY (EDS.) - The Assembly of listeners : Jains in society.
%23165989: CARROLL, EILEEN - International mediation : the art of business diplomacy.
%23263668: CARROLL, JOHN M. (ED.) - Interfacing Thought: Cognitive Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction (Bradford Books).
%23178961: CARROLL, MICHAEL P. - Veiled threats : the logic of popular Catholicism in Italy.
%2341664: CARROLL, RAYMONDE - Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience.
%23226481: CARROLL, LEWIS. - Alice through the looking-glass.
%23254301: CARRUTHERS, SUSAN L. - Cold war captives: imprisonment, escape, and brainwashing.
%23140212: CARSON, THOMAS L. - The status of morality.
%2379071: CARSON, MINA. - Settlement folk: social thought and the American settlement movement, 1885-1930.
%2344927: CARSON, DAVID - Fotografiks - David Carson.
%23181177: CARSON, THOMAS L. & PAUL K. MOSER (EDS.) - Morality and the good life.
%2370655: CARSTAIRS, G. - The Great Universe of Kota: Stress Change and Mental Disorder in an Indian Village.
%23171908: CARSTEN, F.L. - Essays in German history.
%234358: CARSTEN, ERNST. - Die Geschichte der Staatsanwaltschaft in Deutschland bis zur Gegenwart.
%23124940: CARTELLIERI, ALEXANDER. - Philipp II, August : König von Frankreich.
%23124941: CARTELLIERI, ALEXANDER. - Weltgeschichte als Machtgeschichte.
%2369116: CARTER, ALICE CLARE. - The Dutch republic in Europe in the Seven Years War.
%23253688: CARTER, ASHTON B. & WILLIAM J. PERRY. - Preventive defense : a new security strategy for America.
%23206791: CARTER, FRANCIS W. & DAVID TURNOCK (EDS.) - The states of Eastern Europe. Vol. I: North-Eastern Europe; Vol. 2: South-Eastern Europe.
%2345643: CARTER, JENNIFER & DONALD WITHRINGTON (EDS.) - Scottish univeristies : distinctiveness and diversity.
%23253622: CARTER, ASHTON W., WILLIAM J. PERRY & JOHN D. STEINBRUNER (EDS.) - A new concept of cooperation security.
%23160712: CARTER, PAUL ALLAN. - Revolt against destiny.
%23243793: CARTER, ROBERT L. - A matter of law : a memoir of struggle in the cause of equal rights.
%23228740: CARTER, EDWARD C., ROBERT FORSTER & JOSEPH N. MOODY. - Enterprise and entrepreneurs in nineteenth- and twentieth-century France.
%23238942: CARTER, MICHAEL. - Foundations of mathematical economics.
%23272616: CARTLEDGE, PAUL - After Thermopylae: The Oath of Plataea and the End of the Graeco-Persian Wars (Emblems of Antiquity).
%23272113: CARTWRIGHT, RICHARD. - Philosophical Essays.
%23200617: CARTY, ANTHONY - The Decay of International Law: a Reappraisal of the Limits of Legal Imagination in International Affairs.
%23164529: CARUS, PAUL. - Philosophie als Wissenschaft.
%23172568: CARUSO, FRANCESCO. - Le Società nella Comunità Economica Europea : contributo alla teoria della nazionalità della società
%23201194: CARVALHO, LUIS. - Knowledge locations in cities : emergence and development dynamics.
%2329536: CARVALHO, SONIYA - Implementing Projects for the Poor: What Has Been Learned?.
%2360664: CARVEN, JOHN W. - Napoleon and the Lazarists.
%23189335: CARVER, THOMAS GILBERT. - Carver's Carriage of goods by sea.
%23112540: CARVER, THOMAS GILBERT. - Carver's Carriage by sea.
%2361221: CASAD, ROBERT C. - Civil Judgement Recognition and the Integration of Multiple-State Associations. Central America, the U.S.A., and the European Economic Community.
%23229002: CASADIO, C.., P.J. SCOTT & R.A.G. SEELY (EDS.) - Language & grammar : studies in mathematical linguistics and natural language.
%23175177: CASAS-VAZQUEZ, J. & D. JOU (ED.) - Rheological modelling : thermodynamical and statistical approaches : proceedings of the meeting held at the Bellaterra School of Thermodynamics, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain ... 1990.
%23248928: CASATI, ROBERTO. - Insurmountable simplicities : 39 philosophical conundrums.
%23202837: CASATI, ROBERTO. - The shadow club : the greatest mystery in the universe - shadows - and the thinkers who unlocked their secrets.
%23272109: CASATI, ROBERTO. - Holes and Other Superficialities.
%23272110: CASATI, ROBERTO. - Parts and Places: The Structures of Spatial Representation.
%23169682: CASCALÈS, CHARLES. - L'humanisme d'Ortega Y Gasset.
%23244567: CASE, TED. J., MARTIN L. CODY & EXEQUIEL EZCURRA (EDS.) - A new island biogeography in the Sea of Cortéz II.
%23243746: CASE, JAMES H. - Competition : the birth of a new science.
%23116500: CASE, LYNN M. - Franco-Italian Relations, 1860-1865. The Roman Question and the Convention of September.
%2331380: CASEBEER, WILLIAM D. - Natural Ethical Facts: Evolution, Connectionism, and Moral Cognition (Bradford Books).
%23272132: CASEBEER, WILLIAM D. - Natural ethical facts : evolution, connectionism, and moral cognition.
%2318165: CASERTA, SILVIA. - Extreme values in auctions and risk analysis.
%23134018: EUROPEAN EMPLOYMENT LAW CASES (EELC). - Compilation of EU regulations and directives relevant to employment law.
%23175088: CASEY, JOHN. - The language of criticism.
%23143622: CASEY, EDWARD S. & DONALD V. MORANO (EDS.) - The Life of the Transcendental Ego: Essays in Honor of William Earle.
%23125004: CASEY, E.S. & MORANO, D.V. (EDS.) - The Life of Transcendental Ego: Essays in Honor of William Earle.
%2341090: CASEY, EOGHAN. - Digital evidence and computer crime : forensic science, computers and the Internet.
%2383745: CASEY, ANDREW. - Art Deco ceramics in Britain.
%23265296: CASEY, DANIEL E. (ED.) - Dyskinesia : research and treatment.
%23272692: CASH, SARAH. - Sargent and the sea.
%2349732: CASIMIR, H.B.G. - Waarneming en visie : over wetenschap en maatschappij.
%23233111: CASIMIR, H.B. G. - Haphazard Reality: Half a Century of Science.
%23156770: CASKEY, MIRIAM E. - The Temple at Ayia Irini: The Statues (Keos II, part 1).
%23238783: CASKEY, JILL. - Art and patronage in the medieval Mediterranean : merchant culture in the region of Amalfi.
%23129085: CASPER, GRETCHEN. - Fragile Democracies : legacies and Authoritarian Rule.
%2321605: CASPER, M.E. - Energy-saving techniques for the food industry.
%238896: CASPER, J.D. - Lawyers before the Warren Court : civil liberties and civil rights, 1957-'66.
%23140995: CASPI, MISHAEL (ED.) - Jewish Tradition in the Diaspora: Studies in Memory of Professor Walter J. Fischel.
%2326565: CASSAM, QUASSIM. - The possibility of knowledge.
%23238539: CASSAM, QUASSIM. - The possibility of knowledge.
%23258567: CASSARA, SILVIO., MEIER, RICHARD. - Richard Meier: Recent works.
%23258569: CASSARA, SILVIO., MEIER, RICHARD. - Richard Meier: Recent works.
%2327615: COUR DE CASSATION = HOF VAN CASSATIE. - Cour de Cassation : année judiciaire 2006-2007 = Hof van Cassatie : gerechtelijk kaar 2006-2007.
%2343452: CASSEDY, JAMES H. - Medicine & American growth 1800-1860.
%2318450: CASSEL, GUSTAV. - Theoretische Sozialökonomie.
%23240618: CASSEL, WOLFGANG VAN. - Wolf van Cassel 1946-1994 : seine gesammelten und hinterlassenen Gedichte.
%2342325: CASSEL, GUSTAV. - Theoretische Sozialökonomie.

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