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%23147233: CARRA DE VAUX, BERNARD. - Les penseurs de l'Islam. 5 Volumes. I: Les Souverains. L'Histoire et la philosophie politique; II: Les Géographes. Les sciences mathématiques et naturelles; III: l'Exégèse. La tradition et la jurisprudence; IV: La Scolastique. La Théologie et la mystique. La Musique; V: Les Sectes. Le Libéralisme moderne. 431(1) pp.
%23236348: CARRA, JEAN-LOUIS. - Système de la raison, ou le prophète philosophe.
%23799: CARRAPA, BARBARA - Tectonic evolution of an active orogen as reflected by its sedimentary record : an integrated study of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin ( Internal Western Alps , NW Italy ).
%23182073: CARRASQUER, FRANCISCO. - 'Iman' y la novella historica de Ramon J. Sender. Primera incursion en el realismo magico senderiano.
%23119363: CARRÉ, OLIVER (ED.) - L'islam et l'état das le monde aujourd hui.
%23240491: CARRÉ, G.-L.-J. - Les lois de la procédure civile : ouvrage dans lequel l'auteur a refondu son analyse raisonnee, son traité, et ses questions sur la procédure.
%23226980: CARREAU, DOMINIQUE. - Droit international économique. 3me édition.
%23146512: CARREE, MARTIN A. - Market dynamics, evolution and smallness.
%23197590: CARRELL, JENNIFER LEE. - The speckled monster : a historical tale of battling smallpox.
%23147708: CARRERA, ROSALINA DE LA - Success in Circuit Lies. Diderot's Communicational Practice.
%23228354: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - L'empire d'Eurasie : une histoire de l'empire russe de 1552 à nos jours.
%2358274: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - The great challenge. Nationalities and the Bolshevik State, 1917-1930.
%23202874: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - Lenin.
%23248023: CARRÈRE D'ENCAUSSE, HÉLÈNE. - La gloire des nations ou la fin de l'empire soviétique.
%23236825: CARRIER, MICHAEL A. - Innovation for the 21st Century: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law.
%23143584: CARRINGTON, PAUL D. - Stewards of Democracy : law as a Public Profession.
%23216434: CARRITHERS, MICHAEL & CAROLINE HUMPHREY (EDS.) - The Assembly of listeners : Jains in society.
%23165989: CARROLL, EILEEN - International mediation : the art of business diplomacy.
%23263668: CARROLL, JOHN M. (ED.) - Interfacing Thought: Cognitive Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction (Bradford Books).
%23178961: CARROLL, MICHAEL P. - Veiled threats : the logic of popular Catholicism in Italy.
%2341664: CARROLL, RAYMONDE - Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience.
%23226481: CARROLL, LEWIS. - Alice through the looking-glass.
%23254301: CARRUTHERS, SUSAN L. - Cold war captives: imprisonment, escape, and brainwashing.
%23140212: CARSON, THOMAS L. - The status of morality.
%2379071: CARSON, MINA. - Settlement folk: social thought and the American settlement movement, 1885-1930.
%2344927: CARSON, DAVID - Fotografiks - David Carson.
%23181177: CARSON, THOMAS L. & PAUL K. MOSER (EDS.) - Morality and the good life.
%2370655: CARSTAIRS, G. - The Great Universe of Kota: Stress Change and Mental Disorder in an Indian Village.
%23171908: CARSTEN, F.L. - Essays in German history.
%234358: CARSTEN, ERNST. - Die Geschichte der Staatsanwaltschaft in Deutschland bis zur Gegenwart.
%23124940: CARTELLIERI, ALEXANDER. - Philipp II, August : König von Frankreich.
%23124941: CARTELLIERI, ALEXANDER. - Weltgeschichte als Machtgeschichte.
%2369116: CARTER, ALICE CLARE. - The Dutch republic in Europe in the Seven Years War.
%23253688: CARTER, ASHTON B. & WILLIAM J. PERRY. - Preventive defense : a new security strategy for America.
%23206791: CARTER, FRANCIS W. & DAVID TURNOCK (EDS.) - The states of Eastern Europe. Vol. I: North-Eastern Europe; Vol. 2: South-Eastern Europe.
%2345643: CARTER, JENNIFER & DONALD WITHRINGTON (EDS.) - Scottish univeristies : distinctiveness and diversity.
%23253622: CARTER, ASHTON W., WILLIAM J. PERRY & JOHN D. STEINBRUNER (EDS.) - A new concept of cooperation security.
%23160712: CARTER, PAUL ALLAN. - Revolt against destiny.
%23243793: CARTER, ROBERT L. - A matter of law : a memoir of struggle in the cause of equal rights.
%23228740: CARTER, EDWARD C., ROBERT FORSTER & JOSEPH N. MOODY. - Enterprise and entrepreneurs in nineteenth- and twentieth-century France.
%23238942: CARTER, MICHAEL. - Foundations of mathematical economics.
%23272616: CARTLEDGE, PAUL - After Thermopylae: The Oath of Plataea and the End of the Graeco-Persian Wars (Emblems of Antiquity).
%23272113: CARTWRIGHT, RICHARD. - Philosophical Essays.
%23200617: CARTY, ANTHONY - The Decay of International Law: a Reappraisal of the Limits of Legal Imagination in International Affairs.
%23164529: CARUS, PAUL. - Philosophie als Wissenschaft.
%23172568: CARUSO, FRANCESCO. - Le Società nella Comunità Economica Europea : contributo alla teoria della nazionalità della società
%23201194: CARVALHO, LUIS. - Knowledge locations in cities : emergence and development dynamics.
%2329536: CARVALHO, SONIYA - Implementing Projects for the Poor: What Has Been Learned?.
%2360664: CARVEN, JOHN W. - Napoleon and the Lazarists.
%23189335: CARVER, THOMAS GILBERT. - Carver's Carriage of goods by sea.
%23112540: CARVER, THOMAS GILBERT. - Carver's Carriage by sea.
%2361221: CASAD, ROBERT C. - Civil Judgement Recognition and the Integration of Multiple-State Associations. Central America, the U.S.A., and the European Economic Community.
%23229002: CASADIO, C.., P.J. SCOTT & R.A.G. SEELY (EDS.) - Language & grammar : studies in mathematical linguistics and natural language.
%23175177: CASAS-VAZQUEZ, J. & D. JOU (ED.) - Rheological modelling : thermodynamical and statistical approaches : proceedings of the meeting held at the Bellaterra School of Thermodynamics, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain ... 1990.
%23248928: CASATI, ROBERTO. - Insurmountable simplicities : 39 philosophical conundrums.
%23202837: CASATI, ROBERTO. - The shadow club : the greatest mystery in the universe - shadows - and the thinkers who unlocked their secrets.
%23272109: CASATI, ROBERTO. - Holes and Other Superficialities.
%23272110: CASATI, ROBERTO. - Parts and Places: The Structures of Spatial Representation.
%23169682: CASCALÈS, CHARLES. - L'humanisme d'Ortega Y Gasset.
%23244567: CASE, TED. J., MARTIN L. CODY & EXEQUIEL EZCURRA (EDS.) - A new island biogeography in the Sea of Cortéz II.
%23243746: CASE, JAMES H. - Competition : the birth of a new science.
%23116500: CASE, LYNN M. - Franco-Italian Relations, 1860-1865. The Roman Question and the Convention of September.
%2331380: CASEBEER, WILLIAM D. - Natural Ethical Facts: Evolution, Connectionism, and Moral Cognition (Bradford Books).
%23272132: CASEBEER, WILLIAM D. - Natural ethical facts : evolution, connectionism, and moral cognition.
%2318165: CASERTA, SILVIA. - Extreme values in auctions and risk analysis.
%23134018: EUROPEAN EMPLOYMENT LAW CASES (EELC). - Compilation of EU regulations and directives relevant to employment law.
%23175088: CASEY, JOHN. - The language of criticism.
%23143622: CASEY, EDWARD S. & DONALD V. MORANO (EDS.) - The Life of the Transcendental Ego: Essays in Honor of William Earle.
%23125004: CASEY, E.S. & MORANO, D.V. (EDS.) - The Life of Transcendental Ego: Essays in Honor of William Earle.
%2341090: CASEY, EOGHAN. - Digital evidence and computer crime : forensic science, computers and the Internet.
%2383745: CASEY, ANDREW. - Art Deco ceramics in Britain.
%23265296: CASEY, DANIEL E. (ED.) - Dyskinesia : research and treatment.
%23272692: CASH, SARAH. - Sargent and the sea.
%2349732: CASIMIR, H.B.G. - Waarneming en visie : over wetenschap en maatschappij.
%23233111: CASIMIR, H.B. G. - Haphazard Reality: Half a Century of Science.
%23156770: CASKEY, MIRIAM E. - The Temple at Ayia Irini: The Statues (Keos II, part 1).
%23238783: CASKEY, JILL. - Art and patronage in the medieval Mediterranean : merchant culture in the region of Amalfi.
%23129085: CASPER, GRETCHEN. - Fragile Democracies : legacies and Authoritarian Rule.
%2321605: CASPER, M.E. - Energy-saving techniques for the food industry.
%238896: CASPER, J.D. - Lawyers before the Warren Court : civil liberties and civil rights, 1957-'66.
%23140995: CASPI, MISHAEL (ED.) - Jewish Tradition in the Diaspora: Studies in Memory of Professor Walter J. Fischel.
%2326565: CASSAM, QUASSIM. - The possibility of knowledge.
%23238539: CASSAM, QUASSIM. - The possibility of knowledge.
%23258567: CASSARA, SILVIO., MEIER, RICHARD. - Richard Meier: Recent works.
%23258569: CASSARA, SILVIO., MEIER, RICHARD. - Richard Meier: Recent works.
%2327615: COUR DE CASSATION = HOF VAN CASSATIE. - Cour de Cassation : année judiciaire 2006-2007 = Hof van Cassatie : gerechtelijk kaar 2006-2007.
%2343452: CASSEDY, JAMES H. - Medicine & American growth 1800-1860.
%2318450: CASSEL, GUSTAV. - Theoretische Sozialökonomie.
%23240618: CASSEL, WOLFGANG VAN. - Wolf van Cassel 1946-1994 : seine gesammelten und hinterlassenen Gedichte.
%2342325: CASSEL, GUSTAV. - Theoretische Sozialökonomie.
%23228718: CASSESE, ANTONIO. - International criminal law.
%23123511: CASSESE, ANTONIO. - International criminal law.
%2331681: CASSESE, ANTONIO. - Change & Stability in International Law-Making European University Institute, Series A (Law) No. 9.
%23210284: CASSESE, ANTONIO ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - Human rights and the European Community : the substantive law.
%2362386: CASSESE, ANTONIO. - The Human Dimension of International Law: Selected Papers of Antonio Cassese.
%2331566: CASSESE, ANTONIO. - Terrorism, Politics and Law: Achille Lauro Affair.
%239675: CASSESE, ANTONIO. - Violence and law in the modern age.
%23210770: CASSESE, ANTONIO ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - Human rights and the European Community : methods and protection.
%23194324: CASSIAN, JOHN (JOHANNES CASSIANUS 360-435 A.D.) - Ioannis Cassiani Opera Omnia cum commentariis D. Alardi Gazaei, Coenobitae Vedastini, ordinis Sancti Benedicti. Nova editio, ab eodem denuo recognita, & à mendis quae irrepserant in priori, repurgata: commentariis ipsis tertia parte auctioribus illustrior reddita: novoque insuper in libros de incarnatione, qui desiderabatur, commentario locupletata.
%23270126: CASSIN, RENÉ. - René Cassin : Amicorum discipulorumque liber : 4 Volumes. Vol. I: Problèmes de protection internationale des droits de l'homme; Vol. II: Jean Graven. Le difficile progrès du règne de la justice et de la paix internationales par le droit : des origines à la société des nations; Vol. III: La protection des droits de l'homme dans les rapports entre personnes privées; Vol. IV: Methodologie des droits de l'homme.
%23235927: CASSIN, RENÉ, POLYS MODINOS & KAREL VASAK. - Conférence internationale de Dakar sur la Namibie et les droits de l'homme, d'hier à demain.
%23247203: CASSIODORUS, FLAVIUS MAGNUS AURELIUS. - Magni Aurelii Cassiodorii Senatoris ... Opera omnia : in duos tomos distributa ad fidem Mss. Codd. emendata & aucta, notis et observationibus illustrata.
%23118824: CASSIRER, RICHARD. - Die vasomotorisch-trophischen Neurosen : eine Monographie.
%2365071: CASSIRER, ERNST. - Substanzbegriff und Funktionsbegriff : Untersuchungen über die Grundfragen der Erkenntniskritik.
%2365072: CASSIRER, ERNST. - Das Erkenntnisproblem in der Philosophie und Wissenschaft der neueren Zeit. 3 Bände.
%23192963: CASSIRER, ERNST. - The logic of the cultural sciences : five studies.
%23271731: CASSIRER, ERNST. - The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms: Volume 4: The Metaphysics of Symbolic Forms.
%23272088: CASSIRER, ERNST. - The question of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
%23122404: CASSIRER, ERNST. - Idee und Gestalt. Goethe - Schiller - Hölderlin - Kleist.
%23152192: CASSON, MARK. - Unemployment: a disequilibrium approach.
%23218740: CASSUTO, LEONARD - The inhuman race : the racial grotesque in American literature and culture.
%23198549: CASTAÑEDA, JORGE G. - The Mexican shock : its meaning for the United States.
%23251959: CASTAÑEDA, CLAUDIA. - Figurations : child, bodies, worlds.
%2361529: CASTAÑEDA, JORGE. - Mexico and the United Nations.
%2360892: CASTAÑEDA, JORGE. - Legal effects of United Nations resolutions.
%2365176: CASTBERG, FREDE. - The European convention on human rights.
%23236338: CASTEL DE SAINT-PIERRE, CHARLES IRENÉE [MR. L'ABBÉ DE ST. PIERRE]. - Discours sur la polysynodie : où l'on démontre que la polysynodie, ou pluralité des conseils, est la forme de ministère la plus avantageuse pour un roi, et pour son royaume.
%23146862: CASTELLAN, G. - A History of the Romanians.
%2398749: CASTELLANI, BRIAN. - Pathological gambling : the making of a medical problem.
%23245898: CASTELLINO, JOSHUA - Minority Rights in the Pacific Region: A Comparative Legal Analysis.
%23214458: CASTELLUCCI, LEONARDO. - Journey to the Chianti : getting to know an ancient Tuscan region.
%23270601: CASTENMILLER, PETER G. - De levende werkzaamheid : politieke betrokkenheid van burgers bij het lokaal bestuur.
%23107705: CASTEREN, M.J.W. VAN. - Schadevergoeding bij rechtmatig EG-optreden.
%23238205: CASTEREN, M.J.W. VAN. - Schadevergoeding bij rechtmatig EG-optreden.
%23193143: CASTEREN, M.J.W. VAN. - Schadevergoeding bij rechtmatig EG-optreden.
%23187647: CASTERMANS-HOLLEMAN, MONIQUE C. - Het Nederlands mensenrechtenbeleid in de Verenigde Naties.
%23122670: CASTERMANS, A.G. (ED.) - BW-Krant, Jaarboek 1992 : het Nieuw BW in Functie : de Invloed van het Nieuwe Vermogensrecht op Tien Bijzondere Rechtsgebieden.
%23180213: CASTERMANS, A.G. (E.A.) - BW-krant, Jaarboek 1988 : oud en nieuw.
%23122630: CASTERMANS, A.G. (ED.) - BW-Krant, Jaarboek 1991 : Practicum Nieuw BW. Enkele Praktische Wenken bij de Invoering van het Nieuw Burgerlijk Wetboek.
%23122683: CASTERMANS, A.G. (E.A.) - BW-Krant, Jaarboek 1989 : een Internationale Code.
%2367293: CASTERMANS, A.G. (E.A.) - BW-krant, Jaarboek 1987 : schadeverhaal.
%2348824: CASTERMANS, A.G. - Mededelingsplicht in de onderhandelingsfase.
%23220300: CASTERMANS, A.G. - Ik en mijn recht in Europa.
%2370927: CASTIGLIONI, LUIGI. - Luigi's Castiglioni's Viaggio. Travels in the United States of North America 1785-87. (with Natural History Commentary and Luigi's Castiglioni's Botanical Observations.)
%23252902: CASTILLION, JOANNIS BAPTISTAE LUDOVICI DE. - Sacra Belgii chronologia : in duas partes distributa.
%23238005: CASTILLIONEI, JOHANNIS. - Oratio in connexionarios
%23244275: CASTLE, JENNIFER - The Methodology and Practice of Econometrics: A Festschrift in Honour of David F. Hendry.
%23235075: CASTLE, IAN. - Austerlitz 1805 : the fate of empires.
%23229741: CASTLE, MARJORIE & RAY TARAS. - Democracy in Poland.
%23208832: CASTLES, FRANCIS G. (ED.) - The comparative history of public policy.
%23220813: CASTRO, FIDEL. - The prison letters of Fidel Castro.
%23251933: CASTRONOVO, RUSS. - Necro citizenship : death, eroticism, and the public sphere in the nineteenth-century United States.
%2312281: CATALANO, N. ... [ET AL.] - Droit communautaire et droit national = Community law and national law : semaine de Bruges 1965.
%23272092: CATALANO, JOSEPH S. - A Commentary on Jean-Paul Sartre's Critique of Dialectical Reason, Volume 1: Theory of Practical Ensembles.
%23265778: CATALANO, NICOLA. - Manuel de droit des Communautés Européennes.
%23231336: AUCTION CATALOGUE. - Collection Dr. Kurt Zander, geh. Regierungsrat Berlin : art mahométan, tapis persans, faïences et arts textiles de l'Orient, manuscrits persans, sculptures grecques et romaines, terres cuites : la vente ... le 14 mai 1914 ... à Amsterdam ... direction Frederik Muller & Cie.
%23135984: CATANO, JAMES V. - Language, history, style : Leo Spitzer and the critical tradition.
%23210586: CATE, ARTHUR TEN - Waarnemers op heilige grond : Nederlandse officieren bij UNTSO, 1956-2003.
%23250759: CATE, FRED H. - Privacy in the information age.
%23135483: CATHCART, KEVIN J. & MICHAEL MAHER (EDS.) - Targumic and Cognate Studies. Essays in Honour of Martin McNamara.
%23256190: CATHER, KIRSTEN. - The art of censorship in postwar Japan.
%23218355: CATHERINE, LUCAS. - Islam voor ongelovigen.
%23216887: CATHERS, DAVID M. - Gustav Stickley.
%23143551: CATHREIN, VICTOR. - Moralphilosophie : eine wissenschaftliche Darlegung der sittlichen, einschiesslich der rechtlichen Ordnung.
%23106898: CATHREIN, VICTOR. - Der Sozialismus : eine Untersuchung seiner Grundlagen und seiner Durchführbarkeit.
%23239205: CATON, STEVEN CHARLES. - Yemen chronicle : an anthropology of war and mediation.
%23271452: CATTON, BRUCE. - Grant Moves South: 1861 - 1863.
%2316175: CATZ, E.W. - Bemiddelende rechtstoepassing bij de nakoming van overeenkomsten. Diss.
%2310007: CATZ, PAUL. - Onwaarheid in wissels.
%2347613: CAUCHON, JOSEPH. - L'union des provinces de l'Amérique Brittannique du Nord.
%23263665: CAUDILL, MAUREEN & CHARLES BUTLER. - Naturally Intelligent Systems.
%23219813: CAUDILL, DAVID S. - Disclosing tilt : law, belief and criticism.
%23247560: CAUDILL, MAUREEN - Understanding Neural Networks.
%23200052: CAUDRI, JOHAN FERDINAND MAURITS. - Over de snelheid der hydrolyse en alcoholyse in mengsels van twee en drie oplosmiddelen.
%23229900: CAVAGNARO-STUIJT, ELENA. - Aristotele e il tempo : analisi di Physica, IV, 10-14.
%2360757: CAVALLINI, EMILIO. - Emilio Cavallini : Hosiery and Art.
%23254480: CAVALLORO, RAFFAELE (ED.) - Influence of environmental factors on the control of grape pests, diseases and weeds : proceedings of a meeting of the EC Experts' Group, Thessaloniki, 6-8 October 1987.
%2361990: CAVAZOS, EDWARD A. & GAVINO MORIN. - Cyberspace and the Law : your rights and duties in the on-line world.
%23178538: CAVAZZA, ALBERTINA & ANNA RESTA BARRILE (EDS.) - Lexicon Livianum et Naevianum.
%23237435: CAVELAARS, ADRIANA ELISABETH JOHANNA MARIA. - Cross-national comparisons of socio-economic differences in health indicators = Internationale vergelijkingen van sociaal-economische verschillen in gezondheidsindicatoren.
%23271662: CAVELL, STANLEY. - This new yet unapproachable America : lectures after Emerson after Wittgenstein.
%23271737: CAVELL, STANLEY. - Philosophy the Day after Tomorrow.
%23272083: CAVELL, STANLEY. - Conditions handsome and unhandsome : the constitution of Emersonian perfectionism.
%23272084: CAVELL, STANLEY. - In quest of the ordinary : lines of skepticism and romanticism.
%23272089: CAVELL, STANLEY. - Themes out of school : effects and causes.
%23146294: CAWS, MARY ANN. - The Surrealist Look : an Erotics of Encounter.
%233977: CAWS, MARY ANN (ED.) - Surrealist painters and poets : an anthology.
%23176307: CAWS, PETER. - Yorick's world : science and the knowing subject.
%23263657: CAWSEY, ALISON - Explanation and Interaction: The Computer Generation of Explanatory Dialogues (ACL-MIT Series in Natural Language Processing).
%23140747: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL - The Art of the Aztecs.
%23176626: CAZACU, C. ANDREIAN - Complex analysis : fifth Romanian-Finnish seminar : proceedings of the seminar held in Bucharest , June 28 - July 3, 1981.
%2383476: CAZAUX, YVES - De geboorte van een natie : de Nederlanden in de 16de en 17de eeuw.
%23251957: CAZDYN, ERIC M. - The flash of capital : film and geopolitics in Japan.
%23205335: LA CAZE, MARGUERITE. - The analytic imaginary.
%23175845: CAZELLES, BRIGITTE. - The unholy Grail : a social reading of Chrétien de Troyes's Conte du Graal.
%2358292: CAZELLES, BRIGITTE. - The lady as saint : a collection of French hagiographic romances of the thirteenth century.
%23228812: WETENSCHAPPELIJK INSTITUUT VOOR HET CDA. - Gaven in overvloed : Europees cultuurbeleid in christen-democratisch perspectief.
%23185236: CEASER, JAMES W. - Liberal democracy and political science.
%23267265: CECCHETTO, STEFANO., SAINT PHALLE, NIKI DE. - Niki de Saint Phalle.
%2347494: CECI, STEPHEN - On Intelligence . . . More or Less: A Biological Treatise on Intellectual Development, Expanded Edition.
%23232537: CEDE, FRANZ & LILLY SUCHARIPA-BEHRMANN (EDS.) - The United Nations : law and practice.
%2394316: CELADA, DIEGO DE. - Judith illustris perpetuo commentario litterali et morali. Cum tractatu appendice de Judith figurata, in quo Virginis Deiparae laudes in Juditha adumbratae praedicantur ... Editio ultima a mendis expurgata.
%23221808: CELANT, GERMANO (ED.), OLDENBURG, CLAES & COOSJE VAN BRUGGEN. - Claes Oldenburg, Coosje van Bruggen.
%2319502: ÇELIK, NURI. - Die Schadenstragung der Reeder beim Zusammenstoss von Schiffen durch gemeinsames Verschulden der Besatzungen im deutschen und türkischen Recht historisch entwickelt.
%23238678: CÉLINE, LOUIS-FERDINAND. - London Bridge : Guignol's Band II.
%23257829: CELLIER, RÉMY. - L'histoire générale des auteurs sacrés et ecclésiastiques. Avec : Table générale des matières continues dans les XIV volumes de L'histoire générale des auteurs sacrés et ecclésiastiques, composée par Remy Ceillier : avec l'indication des principaux articles parallèles qui se trouvent dans L'histoire littéraire de la France, donnée par les Bénédictins de la Congrégation de Saint-Maur.
%23238338: CELLIER, ANDRÉ. - La viticulture française et les projets d'office national du vin.
%2352469: CENIK, YESEN - Bijzondere gevallen van werknemersschade : de werkgeversaansprakelijkheid voor ongevallen tijdens dienstreizen, bedrijfsuitjes en deelname aan het verkeer.
%2369283: CENSER, JACK R. - On the Trail of the D.C. Sniper: Fear and the Media.
%23247748: CENTO BULL, ANNA & PAUL CORNER. - From peasant to entrepreneur : the survival of the family economy in Italy.
%2334440: CENTORE, F.F. - Robert Hooke's contributions to mechanics : a study in seventeenth century natural philosophy.
%23258226: STATISTISKA CENTRALBYRÅ . - Minnesskrift med anledning av den Svenska befolkningsstatistikens 200-åriga bestånd [= Mémoir à l'occasion du deuxième centenaire de la statistique démographique suédoise].
%23256861: CENTRE DE DROIT DE LA CONSOMMATION, LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE. - The consumer and new information technology : Brussels, 30 and 31 March 1981.
%23263929: CENTRE, INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH - A Decade of Reform: Science & Technology Policy in China.
%23113007: CAIRO DEMOGRAPHIC CENTRE - Demographic aspects of manpower in Arab countries.
%2314260: CAIRO DEMOGRAPHIC CENTRE - Urbanization and migration in some Arab and African countries.
%23186213: CENTRUM VOOR POLITIEWETENSCHAPPEN, VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT AMSTERDAM. - Sturing en toetsing van politiële rechtshandhaving : onderzoeksprogramma 1995-2000.
%23271281: CERA, DEANNA FARNETI. - Fashion jewellery : made in Italy.
%2333370: CERIZZA, LUCA - Alighiero e Boetti: Mappa.
%2319097: CERRUTTI, F.F.X. (E.A.). - De geneesheer en het recht.
%2349237: CERRUTTI, F.F.X. & F.A. BREKELMANS. - (ed.). Middeleeuwse rechtsbronnen van stad en heerlijkheid Breda. Deel I: Inleiding - rechtsbronnen tot 1405; Deel II: Rechtsbronnen 1405-1477; Deel III: Rechtsbronnen 1477-1504. Supplement op delen I en II. Indices.
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%23131807: COLEMAN, ARTHUR P. - Humor in the Russian Comedy from Catherine to Gogol.
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%2323172: COLES, ROBERT. - Erik H. Erikson. The growth of his work.
%23188551: COLES, ROBERT. - The secular mind.
%23158127: COLIJN, H. - Colijn in de caricatuur : honderd uitgezochte caricaturen.
%2333789: COLIJN, A.J. - Het verkeersstrafrecht en de vertrouwensregel.
%2315432: COLIJN, A.J. - De vertrouwensregel in het wegenverkeersrecht.
%2355178: COLIJN, H. - Op de grens van twee werelden.
%23252468: COLIJN, H., H.C.A. VAN KAMPEN ... [ET AL.] - De Zuiderzee : een herinneringswerk.
%23241041: COLIJN, H. - Neerlands-Indië: land en volk, geschiedenis en bestuur, bedrijf en samenleving. 2 Delen.
%2353952: COLIN, AMBROISE & HENRI CAPITANT. - Cours élémentaire de Droit Civil Français. 3 Tomes.
%23209264: COLIVER, SANDRA (ED.) - Striking a Balance: Hate Speech, Freedom of Expression, and Non-Discrimination.
%23255009: COLKER, RUTH. - Pregnant men : Practice, theory, and the law.
%23238868: COLL, STEVE - The Bin Ladens: the story of a family and its fortune.
%23210156: COLLA, ENRICO. - La grande distribuzione in Europa : evoluzione delle formule distributive, strategie e strutture aziendali, rapporti con l'industria.
%23130409: COLLANDER, RUNAR. - The History of Botany in Finland 1828-1918.
%23216864: COLLECTIF - L'Europe de Robert Schuman.
%23130340: COLLET, P. & ECKMANN, J.-P. - Instabilities and Fronts in Extended Systems.
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%2324928: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN. - The rise of Selfishness in America.
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%2340068: COLLIER, PAUL - Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy (Policy Research Reports).
%23212560: COLLIER, PAUL - Trade Shocks in Developing Countries: Volume 2: Asia and Latin America.
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%2317261: COLLINS, HANNAH - The fragile feast : routes to Ferran Adrià.
%23140293: COLLINS, C.M. & D. COHEN (EDS.) - The African Americans.
%23218618: COLLINS, BRAD. - Gwathmey Siegel : buildings and projects, 1992-2002.
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%23192177: GUY COLLINS. - Europe in space.
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%23271646: COLLINS, JOHN DAVID. - Causation and counterfactuals.
%2363156: COLLINSON, SARAH. - Beyond borders : West European migration policy towards the 21st century.
%23253617: COLLINSON, SARAH. - Shore to shore : the politics of migration in Euro-Maghreb relations.
%23146342: COLLINSON, SARAH. - Beyond borders : West European migration policy towards the 21st century.
%23253616: COLLINSON, SARAH. - Beyond borders : West European migration policy towards the 21st century.
%2357059: COLLISON BLACK, R.D. - A Catalogue of Pamphlets on Economic Subjects published between 1750 and 1900 and now housed in Irish Libraries.
%23263317: COLMERAUER, ALAIN (EDITOR) - Constraint Logic Programming: Selected Research.
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%2390348: COLOMBOTOS, JOHN & CORINNE KIRCHNER. - Physicians and Social Change.
%23199888: COLOMO, PABLO IBANEZ - European Communications Law and Technological Convergence. Deregulation, Re-regulation and Regulatory Convergence in Television and Telecommunications.
%23187594: COLONIA, DOMINIQUE DE (1660-1741). - Dictionnaire des livres Jansénistes ou qui favorisent le Jansénisme.
%2372290: COLONNA, EGIDIO (ÄGIDIUS ROMANUS / GILLES DE ROME / GILES OF ROME) - De regimine principum libri III. Per Fr. Hieronymum Samaritanium recogniti et una cum vita autoris in lucem editi.
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%2372295: COLORNI, VITTORE. - Die drei verschollenen Gesetze des Reichstages bei Roncaglia, wieder aufgefunden in einer Pariser Handschrift (Bibl. Nat. Cod. Lat. 4677.) Deutsch von Gero Dolezalek.
%2333358: COLTMAN, LEYCESTER - The Real Fidel Castro.
%23253466: COLTON, TIMOTHY J. - Growing Pains: Russian Democracy and the Election of 1993
%23183113: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER. - Accounts and letters of the second, third, and fourth voyages.
%23253909: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER. - The Voyages of Christopher Columbus : [being the journals of his first and third, and the letters concerning his first and last Voyages, to which is added the account of his second voyage written by Andres Bernaldez].
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%23165282: COMIJS, D.E. - Europese structuurfondsen : uitvoering en handhaving in Nederland.
%23225204: COMIJS, D.E. - Europese structuurfondsen : uitvoering en handhaving in Nederland.
%23227736: COMING OUT OF OUR SHELLS., MÜLLER, CHRISTINE. - Local knowledge and gender in Ghana.
%23246829: COMINO-JAMES, JOHN. - A few streets , a few people : photographs from Cayo Hueso , Havana , 2002-2005 = Pocas calles , pocas personas : fotografias de Cayo Hueso , la Habana , 2002-2005.
%23239768: COMINS, NEIL F. - Heavenly errors : misconceptions about the real nature of the universe.
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%2329463: COMMISSION., EUROPEAN - Manual para las relaciones europeo-latinoamericanas : Tomo II: Instituciones y organizaciones en America Latina y el Caribe =: Handbook for European-Latin American relations : Volume II : Institutions and organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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%23265687: COMMONS, JOHN R. - Legal foundations of capitalism. [1924].
%23140007: COUR DE JUSTICE DES COMMUNAUTÉS EUROPÉENNES = COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES. - Conventions de Bruxelles et de Lugano : édition multilingue = Brussels and Lugano Conventions : multilingual edition.
%23185994: COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES. - Television without frontiers : green paper on the establishment of the common market for broadcasting, especially by satellite and cable : communication from the Commission to the Council. (COM (84) 300 final).
%23214823: STUDIES AND RESEARCH DIVISION OF THE] GENERAL SECRETARIAT [OF THE] ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES. - European interest groups and their relationships with the Economic and Social Committee.
%2355189: EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. - Treaty establishing The European Economic Community and connected documents.
%2341698: COMPAINE, BENJAMIN M. - The Digital Divide: Facing a Crisis or Creating a Myth?
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%2383924: CENTRE INTERUNIVERSITAIRE DE DROIT COMPARÉ. - Rapports belges au VIIIe Congres international de droit comparé.
%2312772: THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE OF THE SYMPOSIUM: DUTCH AND JAPANESE LAWS COMPARED DUTCH AND JAPANESE LAWS COMPARED (ED.) - Proceedings of the symposium: Dutch and Japanese laws compared, 9-10 November 1992.
%2381623: COMPARINI, FRANCESCA CAMPANA & SERGIO RISALTI. - Jackson Pollock : the figure of the fury.
%23265679: COMPAYRÉ, GABRIEL. - L'évolution intellectuelle et morale de l'enfant.
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%23259026: COMTE, AUGUSTE. - Principes de philosophie positive.
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%23269413: COMTOLS, SUZANNE & KARS DE GRAAF (EDS.) - On lawmaking and public trust.
%2354864: CONAC, GÉRARD (ED.) - Les Institutions constitutionnelles des Etats d'Afrique francophone et de la Republique malgache (La Vie du droit en Afrique) (French Edition).
%23165964: CONANT, ROGER. - Mercer's belles : the journal of a reporter.
%2358301: CONANT, MICHAEL. - The constitution and the economy. Objective theory and critical commentary.
%2330387: CONCINA, DANIELE. - Theologia Christiana dogmatico-moralis auctore F. Daniele Concina ordinis praedicatorum. [Tomus primus - decimus] (FOLLOWED BY:) Ad theologiam Christianam dogmatico-moralem apparatus...accedunt plures constitutiones...[Tomus primus-secundus]
%23167035: CONCIOLI OF CANTIANO (1602-1680), ANTONIO - De haerede tam simplici, quam beneficiato quando teneatur solvere debita Defuncti, Tractatis. Antonii Concioli I.C. Cantianen, pronotarij Apostolici...etc.
%23188025: CONDÉ, MARYSE. - Tim tim , bois sec [Mandala ; jrg. 3, no. 3].
%23236319: CONDÉ, H. VICTOR. - A Handbook of International Human Rights Terminology.
%23212809: CONDIA, BOB. - Roesling Nakamura Architects : objectives in practice.
%23253221: CONDITT, MARION WITHERSPOON. - More acceptable than sacrifice : ethics and election as obedience to God's will in the theology of Calvin.
%23184118: CONDON, THOMAS J. - New York Beginnings. The commercial origins of New Netherland.
%23263672: CONDON, ANNE - Computational Models of Games (ACM Distinguished Dissertation).
%23107343: CONDORCET, MARIE-JEAN-ANTOINE-NICOLAS CARITAT MARQUIS DE. - Beschouwingen over de negerslavernij [Réflexions sur l'esclavage des nègres].
%23180409: CONDORCET, MARIE-JEAN-ANTOINE-NICOLAS CARITAT MARQUIS DE. - Esquisse d'un tableau historique des progrès de l'esprit humain.
%23237045: CONDORCET, MARIE-JEAN-ANTOINE-NICOLAS CARITAT MARQUIS DE. - Esquisse d'un tableau historique des progrès de l'esprit humain.
%23150377: CONEFREY, M. & T. JORDAN. - Icemen: a history of the Artic and its explorers.
%23147623: CONEN DE PRÉPÉAN, LOUIS-FÉLIX. - Sténographie, ou L'art d'écrire aussi vite que parle un orateur. Méthode qui n'omet aucun des éléments de la parole [...].
%23165171: PENNSYLVANIA MANIFACTURING CONFECTIONERS' ASSOCIATION. - Proceedings of the Annual Production Conference.
%2341167: CONFINO, MICHAEL. - Systemes agraires et progres agricole. L'assolement triennal en Russie aux XVIIIe-XIXe siecles. Etude d'economie et de sociologie rurales.
%23232554: CONFORTI, BENEDETTO. - Law and practice of the United Nations.
%23248967: CONGDON, TIM. - Keynes, the Keynesians and monetarism.
%23247825: CONGLETON, ROGER D. & BIRGITTA SWEDENBORG (EDS.) - Democratic constitutional design and public policy : analysis and evidence.
%23272780: RÉPUBLIQUE DU CONGO. - Les guerres civiles du Congo-Brazzaville : novembre 1993-janvier 1994, 5 juin-15 octobre 1997. [Tome 1]. Documents pour l'histoire.
%2363813: JONGE BALIE CONGRES. - Nieuw BW, confronteer je ermee! Congresbundel Jonge Balie Congres 1981.
%23116170: VERENIGING HET BINNENSCHEEPVAART CONGRES. - De K.S.G. en het vervoer. Verslag van het verhandelde op het 17e Binnenscheepvaartcongres, gehouden op dinsdag 28 sept. 1954 in het Groothandelsgebouw te Rotterdam.
%23116180: VERENIGING HET BINNENSCHEEPVAART CONGRES. - De Internationale betekenis van de Nederlandse binnenvloot. Verslag van het verhandelde op het 16e Binnenscheepvaartcongres gehouden op 27 en 28 mei 1952.
%23176641: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. - A list of geographical atlases in the Library of Congress : with bibliographical notes.
%2321234: MOLDENHAUER ARCHIVES AT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. - The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial : Music History from Primary Sources : a Guide to the Moldenhaur Archives.
%23140868: CONISBEE, PHILIP - Georges de La Tour and His World.
%23253639: CONLAN, TIMOTHY J. - New federalism : intergovernmental reform from Nixon to Reagan.
%23226679: CONLEY, PATRICK T. & JOHN P. KAMINSKI (EDS.) - The Bill of Rights and the states : the colonial and revolutionary origins of American liberties.
%23225595: CONLEY, PATRICK T. & JOHN P. KAMINSKI (ED.) - The Bill of Rights and the States : the colonial and revolutionary origins of American liberties.
%23246265: CONLEY, JOHN J. - The suspicion of virtue : women philosophers in neoclassical France
%2320679: CONNAH, ROGER (ED.) - 40/40 : Young architects from Finland.
%23190514: CONNAH, GRAHAM. - Kibiro : the salt of Bunyoro, past and present.
%23240043: O'CONNELL, MARY ELLEN - The Power and Purpose of International Law.
%2393728: CONNELL, GEORGE. - To be one thing: personal unity in Kierkegaard's thought.
%23221692: CONNEW, BRUCE. - Stopover.
%23223697: O'CONNOR, JOHN. - Shakespearean afterlives : ten characters with a life of their own.
%2372906: O'CONNOR, SANDRA DAY. - The majesty of the law : reflections of a Supreme Court Justice.
%23182317: O'CONNOR, JAMES. - Accumulation crisis.
%2389663: O'CONNOR, JAMES. - The fiscal crisis of the state.
%23269600: CONNOR, W. ROBERT. - The new politicians of fifth-century Athens.
%23270303: CONNOR, JAMES. - The sociology of loyality.
%23267878: O'CONNOR, BRIAN. - Adorno's negative dialectic : philosophy and the possibility of critical rationality.
%23271639: CONNOR, PETER TRACEY. - Georges Bataille and the mysticism of sin.
%23209093: CONNORS, MICHAEL KELLY. - Democracy and national identity in Thailand.

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