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%23208009: CHEYETTE, BRIAN & LAURA MARCUS (EDS.) - Modernity, culture and 'the Jew'.
%23101198: CHEYNE, T. K. - Critica Biblica, or critical, linguistic, literary and historical notes on the text of the Old Testament writings...
%23149413: CHHINA, RAMANDEEP KAUR. - Standby letters of credit in international trade.
%2347146: CHIAPPINI, RUDY - Miquel Barcelo.
%2320248: CHIAPPINI, RUDY - Botero : works 1994-2007
%23156527: CHIBA, MASAJI (ED.) - Asian indigenous law : In interaction with received law.
%23178298: CHICHERIN, BORIS NIKOLAEVICH - Liberty, equality, and the market : essays.
%23128514: CHICK, VICTORIA. - Macroeconomics after Keynes : a reconsideration of the general theory.
%2366210: CHIESA, G. - Transition to democracy : political change in the Soviet Union, 1987-1991.
%23878: CHIFFONNIER. - Physionomie de la presse, ou catalogue complet des journaux, etc. par un chiffonnnier. Réimpr. de l'édition 1848.
%23240331: CHIGARA, BEN - Land Relations Policy in Southern African Development Community States: Southern African Development Community Land Issues: Towards a New Sustainable Land Relations Policy (Volume 1).
%23243869: CHIHARA, CHARLES S. - A structural account of mathematics.
%23198253: CHIHULY, DALE. - Chihuly's Pendletons : and their influence on his work.
%23233558: CHIKAMATSU, MONZAEMON. - Chikamatsu : 5 late plays.
%23215159: BELLAMY & CHILD. - Common market law of competition. 4th edition.
%23129241: BELLAMY & CHILD. - Bellamy & Child common market law of competition. 4th edition.
%23244403: BELLAMY & CHILD. - Materials on European Community law of competition. 2008 edition.
%23240420: BELLAMY & CHILD. - Materials on European Community law of competition. 2013 edition.
%23246447: CHILDERS, JOSEPH W. & GARY HENTZI (EDS.) - The Columbia dictionary of modern literary and cultural criticism.
%23209246: CHILOWA, WYCLIFFE ROBERT & ALISTER MUNTHALI. - Immunization in Malawi : quality of care, social demand and sustainability of immunization services.
%23165450: CHIN-A-FAT, BRIGITTE & MAJONE STEKETEE. - Bemiddeling in uitvoering : evaluatie experimenten scheidings- en omgangsbemiddeling.
%2387901: CHIRELSTEIN, MARVIN A. - Concepts and case analysis in the law of contracts.
%2358278: CHIROT, D. (ED.). - The crisis of Leninism and the decline of the Left.
%23120287: CHISHOLM, RODERICK M. - Philosophische Aufsätze zu Ehren von Roderick M. Chisholm.
%23129488: CHISHOLM, DIANNE - H.D.'s Freudian Poetics. Psychoanalysis in Translation.
%23110760: CHISHOLM, RODERICK M. - Brentano and Meinong Studies.
%23190512: CHITTICK, NEVILLE. - Manda : excavations at an island port on the Kenya coast.
%23139407: CHIVIAN, ERIC (ED.) - Critical condition : human health and the environment.
%23256865: CHLOROS, A.G. (ED.) - The reform of family law in Europe : (the equality of the spouses - divorce - illegitimate children) : a seminar of the University institute of Luxembourg.
%23118038: CHLOROS, A.G. (ED.) - The reform of family law in Europe : (the equality of the spouses - divorce - illegitimate children) : a seminar of the University institute of Luxembourg.
%23214550: CHO, YOUNG-MEE. - Integrated Korean : beginning 2
%2348975: CHODOROW, NANCY J. - The Power of Feelings: Personal Meaning in Psychoanalysis, Gender, and Culture.
%23217255: CHODOROW, NANCY. - The reproduction of mothering : psychoanalysis and the sociology of gender.
%2342468: CHOISY, ABBE DE - The Transvestite Memoirs of the Abbe de Choisy.
%23185233: CHOJNACKI, STANLEY. - Women and men in Renaissance Venice : twelve essays on patrician society.
%23173641: CHOLAKIAN, PATRICIA FRANCIS. - Rape and writing in the Heptaméron of Marguerite de Navarre.
%23215543: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Problems of knowledge and freedom : the Russell lectures.
%23205028: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - At war with Asia.
%2377611: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Rules and representations.
%2370955: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Objectivity and liberal scholarship.
%23229659: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Rogue states : the rule of force in world affairs .
%23226538: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - 9-11.
%2361980: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Cartesian linguistics : a chapter in the history of rationalist thought.
%23262518: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Some concepts of consequences of the theory of government and binding.
%23227559: CHOMSKY, NOAM., JUNKERMAN, JOHN., MASAKAZU, TAKEI. - Power and terror : post-9.
%23259689: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Language and problems of knowledge : the Managua Lectures.
%23235624: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Pirates and emperors, old and new : international terrorism in the real world.
%23229181: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Letters from Lexington : reflections on propaganda.
%23234598: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Radical priorities. Expanded 3rd edition.
%23229824: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - On power and ideology : the Managua lectures.
%23229825: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Powers and prospects : reflections on human nature and the social order.
%23223223: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Rules and representations.
%2377800: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Barriers.
%23215577: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - American power and the new mandarins.
%23246450: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - World orders, old and new.
%23230610: CHONG-HAK, YI. - A collection of the historiography: the forced occupation of Korea by Japan in 1910 = 1910 nyon Hanguk kang-jom charyo-jip.
%23233003: CHONG, ALAN & WOUTER KLOEK. - Het Nederlandse stilleven, 1550-1720.
%23251123: CHONG, ELIZABETH. - The Heritage of Chinese Cooking.
%23159948: CHOPER, JESSE H. - Judicial review and the national political process : a functional reconsideration of the role of the Supreme Court.
%23119777: CHORIN, A.J. & MAJDA, A.J. (EDS.) - Wave Motion: Theory, Modelling, and Computation. Proceedings of a Conference in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Peter D. Lax. ( Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications 7.)
%233727: CHORUS, JEROEN M.J. - Handelen in strijd met de wet : de verboden rechtshandeling bij de Romeinse juristen en de glossatoren. Met enige verbindingslijnen naar het Nederlandse recht. Diss.
%23114732: CHORUS, JEROEN M.J. - Introduction to dutch law for foreign lawyers.
%23252755: CHORUS, BOUDEWIJN & RENÉ VAN DER VELDEN. - Gevangenen : de werkelijkheid achter de tralies.
%23261400: CHORUS, J.M.J.; P.H.M. GERVER; EWOUD H. HONDIUS & A.K. KOEKKOEK. - Introduction to Dutch Law. Fourth revised edition.
%23239218: CHOUDHURY, MITA. - Convents and nuns in eighteenth-century French politics and culture.
%2343512: CHOW, JU-CHIN - Verlobung und Eheschliessung in China: Das Eherecht im IV. Buch des Nankinger BGB «Familienrecht» vom 26.12.1930 (in der Fassung vom 3.6.1985) und das Pekinger Ehegesetz vom 10.9.1980.
%23199902: CHRISPIJN, ROB. - Champignons in de Jordaan : de paddestoelen van Amsterdam.
%23230932: CHRISTENSEN, DAN CH. - Hans Christian Orsted: Reading Nature's Mind.
%23156128: CHRISTIAANSE, ELLEN. - Strategic advantage and the exploitability of information technology. An empirical study of the effects of IT on supplier-distributor relationships in the US airline industry.
%23257757: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT. - The Victorian visitors : culture shock in nineteenth-century Britain.
%2345404: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT. - Paris Babylon : the Story of the Paris Commune.
%23233757: CHRISTIANSEN, KEITH (ED.) - From Filippo Lippi to Piero Della Francesca : Fra Carnevale and the making of a Renaissance master.
%23198655: CHRISTIANSON, SCOTT. - Condemned. Inside the Sing Sing Death House.
%23153470: CHRISTIANSON, GALE E. - Edwin Hubble : Mariner of the Nebulae.
%23235607: CHRISTIE, KENNETH & DENNY ROY. - The politics of human rights in East Asia.
%23190691: CHRISTIE, MAUREEN. - The ozone layer : a philosophy of science perspective.
%2373373: CHRISTIE, BRUCE (ED.) - Human factors of the user-system interface : a report on an ESPRIT preparatory study.
%2385140: CHRISTINE, DE PISAN - Christine de Pizan, Le Livre du duc de vrais amans.
%23168776: CHRISTMAN, ALBERT B. - Target Hiroshima : Deak Parsons and the creation of the atomic bomb.
%23241129: CHRYSOSTOMIDES, KYPROS - The Republic of Cyprus : a Study in International Law.
%2328721: CHU, YIN-WAH - East Asia's New Democracies: Deepening, Reversal, Non-liberal Alternatives (Politics in Asia).
%23209332: CHUAH, J.C.T. - Law of international trade.
%23223627: CHUANG, YIH-CHYI - China and the World Economy: China's Economic Rise after Three Decades of Reform.
%23198125: CHUANG, RICHARD Y. - The international air transport association : a case study of a quasi-governmental organization.
%23250054: CHUBB, JOHN E. & PAUL E. PETERSON (EDS.) - Can the government govern?
%23249795: CHUBB, JOHN E. & TERRY M. MOE. - Politics, markets, and America's schools.
%2358749: CHUBIN, SHAHRAM & SEPEHR ZABIH. - The foreign relations of Iran : a developing state in a zone of Great Power conflict.
%23121735: CHUDNOVSKY, D.V., CHUDNOVSKY, G.V. & NATHANSON, M.B. (EDS.) - Number Theory. New York Seminar 1991-1995.
%2343042: CHUFRIN, GENNADY - ASEAN-Russia Relations.
%23188826: CHUNG, CAROLYN SUSAN KIEMLEN FUNG FEN. - Bewijsmiddelen in het arbitraal geding.
%23148273: CHURCHER, C.S. (ED.) - Athlon : essays on palaeontology in honour of Loris Shano Russell.
%23205749: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S., KIMBALL, WARREN F. (ED.), ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D. - Churchill and Roosevelt : the complete correspondence. I: Alliance emerging: October 1933 - November 1942; II: Alliance forged: November 1942 - February 1944; III: Alliance declining: February 1944 - April 1945.
%23174497: CHURCHLAND, PAUL M. & CHURCHLAND, PATRICIA SMITH. - On the contrary : critical essays , 1987-1997.
%2346895: CHURCHLAND, PAUL M. - Matter and Consciousness: A Contemporary Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind.
%2346903: CHURCHLAND, PAUL M. - Matter and Consciousness: A Contemporary Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind (Bradford Books).
%2374161: CHURCHLAND, PATRICIA & TERRENCE J. SEJNOWSKI. - The computational brain.
%23219002: CHURTON, MEL. - Theory and method.
%2361419: CHUSED, RICHARD H. - Private Acts in Public Places. A social history of divorce in the formative era of American Family law.
%23101200: CHWOLSON, DANIEL. - Über die Überreste der altbabylonischen Literatur in arabischen Übersetzungen...
%23212958: CIAMMITTI, LUISA (ED.) - Dosso's fate : painting and court culture in Renaissance Italy.
%23197580: CIAN, GIORGIO & ALBERTO TRABUCCHI. - Commentario breve al Codice civile.
%23178544: CIANI, MARIA GRAZIA (ED.) - Lexikon zu Lycophron.
%2341757: CIARAMITARO, VIVIAN - A New Look at Some Old Mechanisms in Human Newborns: Taste and Tactile Determinents of State Affect and Action.
%23148484: CIBORRA, CLAUDIO. - The labyrinths of information : challenging the wisdom of systems.
%23254402: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS. - Lotsbeschikking.
%23205030: CICOVACKI, PREDRAG. - Anamorphosis : Kant on knowledge and ignorance.
%2317599: CIESIELSKI, AXEL, CLAUS VON DER OSTEN & SIGMAR POLKE. - Sigmar Polke Plakate : Sammlung Ciesielski.
%23140949: CIESLA-KORYTOWSKA, MARIA (ED.) - Slavs in the Eyes of the Occident, the Occident in the Eyes of the Slavs.
%239065: CIGAR, NORMAN & PAUL WILLIAMS (EDS.) - Indictment at The Hague : the Milosovic' regime and crimes of the Balkan War.
%23101203: CIHAK, VACLAV. - Les Provinces-Unies et la Cour Impériale, 1667-1672.
%2312377: CILLIERS, COLIN. - The power of a testator to dispose of the property of another : a study of the South African law of massing and election, with a comparative look at English, Dutch and German law.
%2321285: CIMENT, MICHEL & LAURENCE KARDISH (EDS.) - Positif 50 Years : Selected writings from the French Film Journal.
%2372254: CIRULLIES, MICHAEL. - Die Rechtsterminologie des Stadtgerichts Babenhausen in der 2. Hälfte des 14. Jahthunderts.
%2385898: CITIZENS' EUROPE?, SMITH, JULIE. - Voice of the people : the European Parliament in the 1990s.
%23231626: CITRON, STEPHEN - Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber: The New Musical (The Great Songwriters).
%23254030: CIUHA, DELIA & RAPHAEL BOUVIER (EDS.), LEGER, FERNAND. - Fernand Leger Paris - New York : [Exhibition: Fondation Beyeler, Riehen / Basel June 1 - September 7, 2008].
%23237676: CIUHA, DELIA (ED.) - The other collection : homage to Ernst and Hildy Beyeler.
%23258387: CIUHA, DELIA & RAPHAEL BOUVIER (EDS.), LEGER, FERNAND. - Fernand Leger Paris - New York : [Exhibition: Fondation Beyeler, Riehen / Basel June 1 - September 7, 2008].
%23112922: CIULEI, GEORGES. - L'équité chez cicéron.
%23242045: CIUTACU, FLORIN. - Drept comercial : culegere de spete : legislatie comerciala, modele de contracte, modele de cereri si modele de actiuni.
%23251128: DIRECTION GENERALE DE L'AVIATION CIVILE. - Manuel du pilote. Vol. A: voile.
%2352121: CIXOUS, HÉLÈNE., ROSSUM-GUYON, FRANÇOISE VAN & MYRIAM DÍAZ-DIOCARETZ (EDS.) - Hélène Cixous, chemins d'une écriture : textes réunis et présentés.
%23110618: CIXOUS, HÉLÈNE. - Chemins d'une écriture.
%23152424: CLACK, ROBERT J. - Bertrand Russell's philosophy of language.
%23165191: CLAESSEN, M.S. - Enkele beschouwingen naar aanleiding van de vertaling van het artikel Monopolie en Monopolist door Condorcet.
%23213228: CLAESSENS, STIJN. - The international financial architecture : what is new (s)?.
%2384608: CLAIR, JEAN - Line by Line: The Drawings of Henri Cartier-Bresson (Painters & sculptors).
%23263670: CLANCEY, WILLIAM J. - Knowledge-Based Tutoring: The GUIDON Program (MIT Press Series in Artificial Intelligence).
%2343256: CLANCY, SUSAN A. - Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens.
%23210264: CLAPHAM, ANDREW - Human rights and the European Community : a critical overview.
%23115693: CLARA VAN GROENENDAEL, V. - Java en Madura in de uitvoerende kunsten.
%23225247: CLARIDGE, GORDON. - Origins of mental illness : temperament, deviance, and disorder.
%23250413: CLARK, PETER & KATHERINE HAWLEY (EDS.) - Philosophy of science today.
%23211359: CLARK, EUGENE FRANKLIN. - The secrets of Inchon : the untold story of the most daring covert mission of the Korean War.
%23261477: CLARK, NOBBY - Nobby Clark's Theatre. 25 years of photographs.
%2370484: CLARK, CAL & K.C. ROY. - Comparing development patterns in Asia.
%2388234: CLARK, CHARLES GRANT. - A colour atlas of upper gastrointestinal surgery.
%23110317: CLARK, MALCOLM. - Perplexity and knowledge : an inquiry into the structures of questioning.
%2362793: CLARK, FRANCIS - The Cookery Book of Lady Clark of Tillypronie (Southover Historic Cookery & Housekeeping S).
%23156412: CLARK, GORDON L. - Judges and the cities : interpreting local autonomy.
%23101690: CLARK, E.V. - Word Choice and Conceptual Perspective.
%23193552: CLARK, JOHN R. K. - Hawaiian surfing : traditions from the Past.
%2344881: CLARK, CINDY DELL - Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith: Children's Myths in Contemporary America.
%233413: CLARK, ROGER S. & MADELEINE SANN (EDS.) - The prosecution of international crimes.
%23240983: CLARK, RICHARD. - Capital punishment in Britain.
%2371650: CLARK, DOUGLAS - Patent Litigation in China.
%2388175: CLARK, KATHLEEN CLARA & JAMES MACINNES. - Positioning in radiography.
%23264047: CLARK, IAN. - Legitimacy in International Society.
%23263659: CLARK, ANDY. - Microcognition: Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Parallel Distributed Processing.
%23212900: CLARK, PETER A. - Action research and organizational change.
%23129794: CLARK, H.N.B. - Francis W. Edmonds. American Master in the Dutch Tradition.
%23255654: CLARK, ANDREW J. - Corpus vasorum antiquorum : Fascicule. 25 / The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu : Fascicule 2: Molly and Walter Bareiss Collection: Attic black-figured oinochoai, lekythoi, pyxides, exaleiptron, epinetron, kyathoi, mastoid cup, skyphoi, cup-skyphos, cups, a fragment of an undetermined closed shape, and lids from neck-amphorae.
%237173: CLARK, ROGER S. & MADELEINE SANN (EDS.) - The prosecution of international crimes.
%2331561: CLARK, ROGER S. - The United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program: Formulation of Standards and Efforts at Their Implementation (Procedural Aspects of International Law).
%23238999: CLARK, THOMAS RALPH. - Defending rights : law, labor politics, and the state in California, 1890-1925.
%23221741: CLARK, JOHN R. K. - Guardian of the sea : Jizo in Hawai'i.
%2318130: CLARK, JOHN G. - Energy and the federal government : fossil fuel policies, 1900-1946.
%23192390: CLARK, GEOFFREY A. - The Asturian of Cantabria : early Holocene hunter-gatherers in Northern Spain.
%2361359: CLARK, R.P. - Negotiating with ETA : obstacles to peace in the Basque Country, 1975-1988.
%2332577: MICHAEL (ED.) CLARKE - Corruption, causes, consequences, and control.
%23256430: CLARKE, KAMARI MAXINE. - Fictions of justice : the International Criminal Court and the challenge of legal pluralism in Sub-Saharan Africa.
%23243743: CLARKE, RICHARD A. - Defeating the Jihadists : a blueprint for action : the report of a task force.
%23158187: CLARKE, JOHN J. (EDITOR). - Voices of the Earth: An Anthology of Ideas and Arguements.
%23213602: ROGER CLARKE. - Industrial economics.
%23224383: CLARKE, ROBERT B. - An order outside time : a Jungian view of the higher self from Egypt to Christ
%23131054: CLARKE, D.S. - Philosophy's Second Revolution. Early and Recent Analytic Philosophy
%2379560: CLARKE, MALCOLM A. - International carriage of goods by road : CMR. 4th edition.
%23161233: CLARKE, RONALD V. & DAVID LESTER. - Suicide : closing the exits.
%2332003: CLARKE, PETER - Keynes: The Rise, Fall, and Return of the 20th Century's Most Influential Economist.
%2373081: CLARKE, DAVID J. - Hong Kong art : culture and decolonization.
%23248245: CLARKE, KAMARI MAXINE. - Fictions of justice : the International Criminal Court and the challenge of legal pluralism in Sub-Saharan Africa.
%2372261: CLASS, WILHELM. - Grenzen des Tatbestandes. (Versuch eines Abrisses der Tatbestandstheorie. 1. [einziger] Teil: Die Lehre vom Tatbestand.)
%23110630: CLASSEN, ALBRECHT. - Die autobiographische Lyrik des europäischen Spätmittelalters. Studien zu Hugo von Montfort, Oswald von Wolkenstein, Antonio Pucci, Charles d'Orléans, Thomas Hoccleve, Michel Beheim, Hans Rosenplüt und Alfonso Alvarez de Villasandino.
%2333415: CLASTRES, PIERRE. - Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians.
%23208759: CLAUS, HUGO. - De geruchten : roman.
%23132280: CLAUS, HUGO. - Het verdriet van België.
%23208789: CLAUSEN, A.W. - The development challenge of the eighties : A. W. Clausen at the World Bank : major policy addresses, 1981-1986.
%23223118: CLAUSING, P. (E.A.) - Mr. C. Asser's Handleiding tot de beoefening van het Nederlands burgerlijk recht. V. Bijzondere overeenkomsten. Deel 6: De verzekeringsovereenkomst.
%2310864: CLAUSING, P. - De verzwegen lumbago. Rede.
%2326889: CLAUSING, P. - Het vermogensrecht Nieuw BW sedert de operatie stofkam.
%2384630: CLAUSING, P. - Verzekeren en vertrouwen. Afscheidscollege.
%23227535: CLAWSON, DAN. - The next upsurge : labor and the new social movements.
%23869: CLAY, EDWARD & OLAV STOKKE (EDS.) - Food aid reconsidered : assessing the impact on Third World countries.
%2365292: CLAY, MARIE M. - Quadruplets and higher multiple births
%23156042: CLAYTON, D.J. (EO). - Trade, devotion and governance: papers in later medieval history.
%23263653: CLEEREMANS, AXEL - Mechanisms of Implicit Learning: Connectionist Models of Sequence Processing.
%23160255: CLEGERN, WAYNE M. - Origins of liberal dictatorship in Central America : Guatemala, 1865-1873.
%23220587: CLEGG, BRIAN. - The man who stopped time : the illuminating story of Eadweard Muybridge : pioneer photographer , father of the motion picture , murderer.
%23194008: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafvordering.
%23131343: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafrecht : De tekst van het Wetboek van Strafrecht en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 3e druk.
%23141971: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafrecht : De tekst van het Wetboek van Strafrecht en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 4e druk.
%2361088: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafrecht : De tekst van het Wetboek van Strafrecht en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 7e druk.
%23122047: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafvordering.
%23253939: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & G.K. SCHOEP (EDS.) - Rechterlijke samenwerking.
%2356653: CLEIREN, C.P.M. ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafvordering : de tekst van het Wetboek van Strafvordering en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 10e druk.
%2345181: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Internationaal strafrecht : de tekst van het Wetboek van Strafvordering Boek IV Titel X en XI en andere voor het enkele internationaal strafrecht relevante nationale en internationale regelgeving voorzien van commentaar, aangevuld met aanverwante regelgeving.
%23216856: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafvordering : de tekst van het Wetboek van Strafvordering en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 5e druk.
%23216857: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Internationaal strafrecht : de tekst van het Wetboek van Strafvordering Boek IV Titel X en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar, aangevuld met aanverwante nationale en internationale regelgeving.
%2319031: CLEIREN, C.P.M. (ED.) - Jurisprudentie Strafrecht Select.
%2322495: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafvordering : De tekst van het Wetboek van Strafvordering en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 3e druk.
%23226450: CLEIREN, C.P.M. ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - Nieuwsbrief strafrecht select.
%23251774: CLEIREN, C.P.M. - Beginselen van een goede procesorde.
%2334960: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Internationaal strafrecht : de tekst van het Wetboek van Strafvordering Boek IV Titel X en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar, aangevuld met aanverwante nationale en internationale regelgeving.
%23261924: CLEIREN, C.P.M. - Evolueren naar meer horizontale en multidimensionale verhoudingen in het strafrecht : voordracht gehouden aan de Universiteit te Gent, Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid op 23 februari 2010.
%2356175: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafrecht : De tekst van het Wetboek van Strafrecht en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 6e druk.
%23216854: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & J.F. NIJBOER (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafvordering : de tekst van het Wetboek van Strafvordering en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 4e druk.
%237314: CLEIREN, C.P.M. (ED.) - Op zoek naar samenhang : het Algemeen kader herziening strafvordering nader beschouwd.
%2334955: CLEIREN, C.P.M. & M.J.M. VERPALEN (EDS.) - [Tekst & Commentaar] Strafrecht : De tekst van het Wetboek van Strafrecht en enkele aanverwante wetten voorzien van commentaar. 8e druk.
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%23246691: DARR, ASAF. - Selling technology : the changing shape of sales in an information economy.
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