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%23218292: TARIFA, FATOS & MAX SPOOR (EDS.) - The first decade and after : Albania's democratic transition and consolidation in the context of Southeast Europe.
%23210590: TARIFA, FATOS - Breakdown of State Socialism and the Emerging Post-Socialist Order.
%2398606: TARLÉ, E. - Germinal und Prairial.
%2372271: TARLING, NICHOLAS. - A Sudden Rampage: The Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia, 1941-1945.
%2334848: TARTAGLIA, H. - l'Histoire de la pharmacie en Yougoslavie et sa situation actuelle.
%23262868: TARUFFI, CESARE. - Hermaphrodismus und Zeugungsunfähigkeit : eine systematische Darstellung der Missbildungen der menschlichen Geschlechtsorgane.
%23278253: TARVER, MARSHA. - Multicultural issues in the criminal justice system.
%23261716: TASCHKE, J. & F. BREIDENSTEIN (HRSG.) - Die Genomanalyse im Strafverfahren.
%23279525: TASHJIAN, DICKRAN,. - A boatload of madmen : Surrealism and the American Avant-Garde, 1920-1950.
%2372080: TASMAN, A.J. - Afwenteling van belastingen.
%2310806: TASSEY, GREGORY. - Technology infrastructure and competitive position.
%23170375: TATE, D.J.M. - The making of modern South-East Asia. Volume 1: The European conquest.
%2335175: TATOM, JACQUELINE (ED.) - Making the metropolitan landscape : standing firm on middle ground.
%2337765: TAUB, GADI - The Settlers and the Struggle over the Meaning of Zionism.
%2378879: TAUBENSCHLAG, RAFAEL. - Das Strafrecht im Rechte der Papyri.
%23181041: TAUBES, TIMOTHY. - Art & philosophy.
%2379867: TAUSK, M. - Driehonderd jaar rachitis onderzoek. De Engelsche ziekte in de geneeskunde voorheen en thans, 1645-1945.
%23147990: TAUSSIG, F.W. - Principles of economics.
%2323875: TAVERNE, ED. - Franziska Linkerhand (1974) : een architectuurhistorische beschouwing over een roman van Brigitte Reimann.
%2332727: TAVERNER, DERYCK. - The impending medical revolution.
%23279753: TAWNEY, R. H. - The Acquisitive Society.
%23154518: TAX, KARL. - Das Janota-Officium. Geschichte und Sprache eines ripuarischen Stundenbuches.
%2323747: TAYLER, BARRY. - Vagrant writing : social and semiotic disorders in the English Renaissance.
%23274057: TAYLOR, MICHAEL A. - General Hospital Psychiatry
%23276351: TAYLOR, DEREK J. - Magna Carta in 20 Places.
%23248704: TAYLOR, MICHAEL (ED.) - Pragmatism, education and children : international philosophical perspectives.
%23114956: TAYLOR, ALASTAIR M. - Indonesian independence and the United Nations.
%23231607: TAYLOR, MARTIN - Martin Taylor: The Autobiography of a Travelling Musician (Sanctuary Encores).
%23275694: TAYLOR, MARK C. - Deconstruction in context : literature and philosophy.
%23280839: TAYLOR, JACQUELINE. - Reflecting Subjects: Passion, Sympathy, and Society in Hume's Philosophy.
%23275695: TAYLOR, KENNETH ALLEN. - Reference and the rational mind.
%23100908: TAYLOR, C. (ED/TR) - Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, Sefer Dibre Aboth ha-Olam. Comprising Pirque Aboth in Hebrew and English,
%23130417: TAYLOR, ASTRA. - Examined life : excursions with contemporary thinkers.
%23235733: TAYLOR, LANCE. - The Rocky Road to Reform. Adjustment, income distribution, and growth in de developing world.
%23210812: TAYLOR,LEIGHTON R.. - Sharks of Hawaii : their biology and cultural significance.
%23220623: TAYLOR, STUART ROSS. - Destiny or chance : our solar system and its place in the cosmos.
%23150542: TAYLOR, TREVOR (ED.) - The Collapse of the Soviet empire : managing the regional fall-out.
%23260140: TAYLOR, JOHN G. - The race for consciousness.
%2390449: TAYLOR, BRON RAYMOND. - Affirmative action at work : law, politics and ethics.
%23151944: TAYLOR, TREVOR. - European security and the former Soviet Union : dangers , opportunities and gambles.
%23275285: TAYLOR, MARTIN. - Martin Taylor : autobiography of a travelling musician.
%23231001: TAYLOR, ROGER - Impressed by Light: British Photographs from Paper Negatives, 1840-1860.
%23274164: TAYLOR, BRUCE T. & IRVING J. TAYOR (EDS.) - Psychiatry: Past Reflections--Future Visions
%23129961: TAYLOR, B.B. - Education and the Law. A Dictionary.
%2358180: TAYLOR, K.F. - In the theater of criminal justice : the Palais de Justice in Second Empire Paris.
%2355233: TAYLOR, JOHN N. - A treatise on American Law of Landlord and Tenant; embracing the statutory provisions and judicial decisions of the several United States in reference thereto. With a selection of precedents.
%2355039: TAYLOR, STEVEN L. & RICHARD A. SCANLAN (EDS.) - Food Toxicology : a perspective on the relative risks
%23246738: TAYLOR, RONALD. - Kurt Weill : composer in a divided world.
%23239209: TAYLOR, FRED. - The Berlin Wall : 13 August 1961-9 November 1989.
%23274215: TAYLOR, WILLIAM - The Geography of Law: Landscape, Identity and Regulation.
%23279527: TAYLOR, PETER. - Indentured to Liberty: Peasant Life and the Hessian Military State, 1688-1815.
%23272725: TAYLOR, BRANDON. - After constructivism.
%23279526: TAYLOR, JAY. - The Generalissimo: Chiang Kai-shek and the Struggle for Modern China.
%23263909: TAYLOR, J. EDWARD & ANTONIO YÚNEZ-NAUDE. - Development Centre Studies Education, Migration and Productivity: An Analytic Approach and Evidence from Rural Mexico.
%23239874: TAYLOR, RONALD. - Kurt Weill. Composer in a divided world.
%23230938: TAYLOR, SCOTT K. - Honor and Violence in Golden Age Spain.
%23219253: TAYLOR, JOHN G. - The race for consciousness.
%2375328: TAZIEFF, HAROUN. - Le Gouffre de la Pierre Saint-Martin.
%23192769: TAZÓN SALCES, JUAN E. & ISABEL CARRERA SUÁREZ (EDS.) - Post/imperial encounters : Anglo-Hispanic cultural relations.
%2374016: TCHEREVKOFF, MICHEL - Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy.
%23252712: TEALE, A.E. - Kantian ethics.
%23152676: CRISIS ONDERZOEK TEAM. - Jongerendemonstratie in Den Haag. Onderzoek en evaluatie van de gebeurtenissen van 8 mei 1993.
%23257419: CRISIS ONDERZOEK TEAM. - Reforger '87 : een crisis die geen crisis werd : observatie en analyse van een civiel-militaire operatie.
%2365665: TEBBS, C. (ED.) - Global constitutional law collection. Vol. I: Europe A-EST (Albania-Estonia).
%23276362: TEBBUTT, SUSAN (ED.) - Sinta and Roma : gypsies in German-speaking society and literature.
%23279671: TEBBUTT, SUSAN (EDITOR). - Role of the Romanies: Images and Counter Images of 'Gypsies'/Romanies in European Cultures.
%2354233: TEBRAKE, WILLIAM H. - Medieval frontier : culture and ecology in Rijnland.
%23277838: TEC, NECHAMA. - Resilience and courage : women, men, and the holocaust.
%2359772: TEDING VAN BERKHOUT, GOVERT. - De Volkenbond : christelijk-nationale staatspolitiek en het geloof aan staat en Volkenbond van binnen bekeken.
%23185809: TEEKENS, RUDOLF. - Prediction methods in multiplicative models.
%23262243: TEERLINCK, HILDE (ED.) - The suspended moment : H&F collection.
%23273966: TEETER, EMILY - Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals and Seal Impressions from Medinet Habu.
%23102547: TEEUW, A. - De ontwikkeling van een woordenschat : het Indonesisch 1945-1995.
%23115762: TEEUW, A. - A man of Indonesian letters : essays in honour of Professor A. Teeuw.
%23115979: TEEUW, A. ... [ET AL.] - Siwaratrikalpa of Mpu Tanakung : an Old Javanese poem, its Indian source and Balinese illustrations.
%23235423: TEEUW, WOUTER B., VEDDER, ANTON - Security applications for converging technologies : impact on the constitutional state and the legal order.
%23223865: TEEUW, A. - Modern Indonesian literature.
%23181883: TEEUW, ANDRIES. - Het Bhomakawya. Een oudjavaans gedicht.
%23280874: TEEUWEN, MARIGO. - Verraderlijk gewoon licht verstandelijk gehandicapte jongeren, hun wereld en hun plaats in het strafrecht.
%23178608: TEFF, HARVEY. - Reasonable care: legal perspectives on the Doctor/Patient relationship.
%2385472: TEGGE, GUENTHER. - Stärke und Stärkderivate.
%23213219: TEHRANIAN, MAJID (ED.) - Bridging a Gulf: Peace-Building in West Asia.
%2390910: TEICHMANN, H. - George S. Kaufmann. An intimate portrait.
%23128772: TEICHMÜLLER, GUSTAV - Aristotelische Forschungen. Band 1: Beiträge zur Erklärung der Poetik des Aristoteles; Band 2: Aristoteles Philosophie der Kunst, erklärt; Band 3: Geschichte des Begriffs der Parusie.
%23160387: TEICHOVA, ALICE; MAURICE LEVY-LEBOYER, HELGA NUSSBAUM (EDS.) - Multinational enterprise in historical perspective.
%23212801: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE. - Science et Christ (Oeuvres de Teilhard de Chardin).
%23102549: TEITLER, GERKE. - Vlootvoogd in de knel : vice-admiraal A.S. Pinke tussen de marinestaf, Indië en de Indonesische revolutie.
%23229135: TEITLER, GERKE. - De wording van het professionele officierskorps : een sociologisch-historische analyse.
%2377366: TEITLER, G. ... [ET AL.] - Dagboekaantekeningen van vice-admiraal F. Pinke, commandant zeemacht in Nederlands-Indië, 1914-1916.
%2362451: TEITLER, GERKE. - Toepassing van geweld : sociologische essays over geweld, verzet en militaire organisatie.
%235692: TEITLER, GERKE. - Ambivalentie en aarzeling : het beleid van Nederland en Nederlands-Indië ten aanzien van hun kustwateren, 1870-1962.
%23225187: TEIXEIRA, R.M. - Atlas van de Nederlandse broedvogels.
%23200871: TEIXEIRA DE VASCONCELOS, MANUEL. - Agency costs, firm value and corporate investment.
%2388741: TEIXEIRA, RUY A. - The disappearing American voter.
%23122984: TEJADA, FRANCISCO ELIAS DE. - La Filosofia del derecho y del Estado en Rumania.
%23281333: COMMISSIE DER DELFTSE STUDENTEN-TEKENAARS. - Volle Maan : brochure.
%23281332: COMMISSIE DER DELFTSE STUDENTEN-TEKENAARS. - Ander inzicht : de studentenverklaring onder de loupe.
%23109531: TEKSTRA, A.J. - Fiscale aspecten van insolventies.
%23185061: TELBAN, BORUT. - Dancing through time : a Sepik cosmology.
%23150493: TELHAMI, SHIBLEY & MICHAEL BARNETT (EDS.) - Identity and foreign policy in the Middle East.
%23102729: TELLA, GUIDO DI & D. CAMERON WATT (EDS.) - Argentina between the great powers, 1939-46.
%23279528: TELLA, GUIDO DI. - The Political Economy of Argentina, 1946-83.
%23268479: TELLEGEN-COUPERUS, O.E. - Korte geschiedenis van het romeinse recht.
%2366171: TELLEGEN-COUPERUS, O.E. - Korte geschiedenis van het romeinse recht.
%232220: TELLEGEN, EGBERT. - Groene herfst : een halve eeuw milieu.
%23268480: TELLEGEN-COUPERUS, O.E. - Korte geschiedenis van het romeinse recht.
%23259335: TELLEGEN, EGBERT. - Het utopisme van de drugsbestrijding.
%23227819: TELLEGEN, NINA - Rural Enterprises in Malawi: Necessity or Opportunity?.
%23203373: TELLEGEN, EGBERT (RED.) - Milieu-aktie in Nederland.
%23200094: TELLEGEN, FRANCSICUS P. A. - Dioxaan en derivaten.
%2314278: TELLER, EDWARD. - Better a shield than a sword : perspectives on defence and technology.
%23262655: TELSER, LESTER G. - Economic Theory and the Core.
%2351050: TELTING, L.R. - Deelbare en ondeelbare verbintenissen.
%23239815: TELTSCHER, KATE. - The high road to China : George Bogle , the Panchen Lama , and the first British expedition to Tibet.
%23173648: TELUSHKIN, DVORAH. - Master of dreams : a memoir of Isaac Bashevis Singer.
%23156946: TEMIN, PETER. - Lessons from the Great Depression.
%23243818: TEMKIN, ANN. - Contemporary voices : works from the UBS Art Collection.
%2366830: TEMMAM, ABU (ED.) - Hamasa oder die ältesten arabischen Volkslieder. Erster und zweiter Teil.
%238412: TEMPEL, A.J. VAN DEN ... [ET AL.] - Tributen aan het recht : bundel t.g.v. 100-jarig bestaan Weekblad voor Fiscaal Recht.
%23198672: TEMPEL, B. VAN DEN. - The evolution of social systems in Europe.
%23231128: TEMPERLEY, ROBERT. - Carriage of goods by Sea Act, 1924 : (including the rules relating to bills of lading).
%23239680: TEMPLE, KATHRYN. - Scandal nation : law and authorship in Britain , 1750-1832.
%23257626: TEMPLE, RICHARD CARNAC., VARTHEMA, LUDOVICO DI. - The itinerary of Ludovico di Varthema of Bologna.
%23202659: TEMPLEMAN, FREDERICK & C.T. GREENACRE. - Marine insurance : its principles and practice.
%23100745: PROKOP VON TEMPLIN - Encaeniale, das ist: hundert Kirch-Tag-Predigen, Salzburg 1671.
%2322162: TENDELOO, N.P. - Kennis, wetenschap en kunst.
%23249328: TENENBAUM, SHELLY. - A credit to their community : Jewish loan societies in the United States , 1880-1945.
%23118532: TENHAEFF, N.B. (ED.) - Bisschop David van Bourgondië en zijn stad. Utrechtsch-Hollandsche jaarboeken 1481-1483 van de hand van een onbekenden gelijktijdigen schrijver.
%2324988: TENNANT, EMMA. - Strangers : a family romance.
%23162372: TENNANT, PAUL. - Aboriginal peoples and politics : the Indian land question in British Columbia, 1849-1989.
%2341828: TENNEKES, J. - Anthropology, relativism and method : an inquiry into the methodological principles of a science of culture.
%2372510: TÉPHANY, JOSEPH-MARIE (ED.) - Vie et oeuvres de Mgr. Joseph-Marie Graveran : évêque de Quimper et de Léon.
%2366620: TEPLÀ, K. - Accounting for the quality of work-life. Putting price tags on sources of job (dis)satisfaction.
%23181353: TERADA, ALICE M. - The magic crocodile and other folktales from Indonesia.
%23138319: TERBORGH-DUPUIS, HELEEN. - Medische ethiek in perspectief : een onderzoek naar normen en argumentaties in de (medische) ethiek.
%23266990: TERENTIUS AFER, P. - Terentivs, in quem triplex edita est P. Antesignani Rapistagnensis commentatio. Primvm exemplar Commentariolum est ex omni interpretationum genere: in quo affixi sunt ad singula vocabula hyperdisyllaba accentvs, appositae que ad singulos versus dimensiones, & multiplicia, copiosáque ad omnes com dias singulásque scenas argvmenta, variae insuper annotationes, & exactae castigationes. Secvndvm exemplar praeter singula contenta in primo, omnium ferè, quotquot sunt qui in Terentium aliquid ediderunt, commentarios, expositiones, annotationes que complectitur. Tertium exemplar ex omnium interpretum commentariis compe[n]diosam expositionem, omnéque primi exemplaris argume[n]tum, Gallicam Praeterea translationem ad verbum in tres priores com dias (in quo vno galliae pueris praecipue? inseruitum est:) tum etiam huius authoris peculiares annotationes, plenioresque interpretationes continet. Horum omnium ratio in praefatione reddita est.
%23278975: TERHAL, PIET; RUYTER VAN STEVERINCK, THIJS (EDS.) - Out of the darkness light! Proceedings of the Memorial Symposium for Jan Tinbergen on 17 december 1994 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam
%23275271: TERKEL, STUDS. - Touch and Go : a Memoir.
%23247781: TERKEL, STUDS. - The Spectator: Talk about Movies and Plays with the People Who Make Them.
%23246777: TERKEL, STUDS. - Race : how blacks and whites think and feel about the American obsession.
%23248172: TERKEL, STUDS. - The Studs Terkel reader : my American century.
%23248171: TERKEL, STUDS. - Giants of jazz.
%23248169: TERKEL, STUDS. - Hope dies last : keeping faith in difficult times.
%23275347: TERKEL, STUDS. - The Studs Terkel interviews : film and theater.
%23243843: TERKEL, STUDS. - Touch and go : a memoir.
%23105031: TERMEER, H.J.C. - Historische bibliografische gids : apparaat voor het vinden van gepubliceerde en ongepubliceerde informatie uit heden en verleden. 3e druk.
%23219522: TERMORSHUIZEN, GERARD. - Journalisten en heethoofden : een geschiedenis van de Indisch-Nederlandse dagbladpers 1744-1905.
%23279940: TERN;, LOUIS W. &THOMAS L EOVALDI - Legal aspects of marketing strategy : antitrust and consumer protection issues
%2318200: TERNAUX, ELODIE - Material World 3
%23200291: TERPSTRA, JACOBA LOUISA ALETTA. - Nijmegen in de Middeleeuwen.
%23280497: TERPSTRA, H. - De Nederlanders in Voor-Indië.
%23210820: TERPSTRA, H. - Jacob van Neck : Amsterdams admiraal en regent.
%23261898: TERPSTRA, JOHANNES JAN. - Psychopathologie in hofjesgemeenschap : (over involutie paranoia).
%23192772: TERPSTRA, L.E. - Publiek geheim : jeugdprostitutie : negen portretten.
%2341025: TERQUEM, FRANCIS. - Le coup d'état judiciaire.
%23219480: TERRAROLI, VALERIO. - Skira dictionary of modern decorative arts : 1851-1942.
%23242530: TERRASSON, ANTOINE. - Histoire de la jurisprudence romaine : contenant son origine et ses progrès depuis la fondation de Rome jusqu'à présent... Avec un recueil de ce qui nous reste de contrats, testamens et autres actes judiciaires des anciens Romains. Pour servir d'introduction à l'étude du Corps de droit civil, à la lecture des commentateurs du droit romain et à l'ouvrage intitulé; Les Loix civiles dans leur ordre naturel.
%23179111: TERRASSON, ANTOINE. - Histoire de la jurisprudence romaine, contenant son origine et ses progrès depuis la fondation de Rome jusqu'à présent... Avec un recueil de ce qui nous reste de contrats, testamens et autres actes judiciaires des anciens Romains. Pour servir d'introduction à l'étude du Corps de droit civil, à la lecture des commentateurs du droit romain et à l'ouvrage intitulé; Les Loix civiles dans leur ordre naturel.
%23274775: TERRE, FRANCOIS. - Droit civil : les biens.
%23120508: TERRICABRAS, JOSEP-MARIA (ED.) - A Wittgenstein Symposium (Girona, 1989).
%23124290: TERRY, SARAH MEIKLEJOHN (ED.) - Soviet policy in Eastern Europe.
%23279641: TERRY, PATRICIA. - Lancelot and the Lord of the Distant Isles: Or, the Book of Galehaut Retold.
%2343450: TERRY, JENNIFER - An American obsession : science, medicine, and homosexuality in modern..
%23173364: TERVOOREN, W. - Die Finanzierung von Kautschukplantagen.
%239329: TERWEE-VAN HILTEN, C.A. - Alimentatie.
%23279727: TESH, SYLVIA NOBLE. - Uncertain Hazards: Environmental Activists and Scientific Proof.
%23237954: TESSER, J.H.M. - Petrus Canisius als humanistisch geleerde.
%23247177: TESSER, J.H.M. - Petrus Canisius als humanistisch geleerde.
%23192580: JOHN TESSITORE. - A Global Agenda : issues before the 51st General Assembly of the United Nations.
%2351669: TESSMANN, GÜNTHER. - Die Bubi auf Fernando Poo : völkerkunliche einzelbeschreibunb eines westafrikanischen Negerstammes.
%23111514: TESTE, PAULIN. - Le précuseur.
%23223618: TETLOW, ELISABETH MEIER. - Women, crime, and punishment in ancient law and society : Volume 2 : Ancient Greece.
%23279573: TÉTOT, - Répertoire des traités de paix, de commerce, d'alliance, etc. : conventions et autres actes conclus entre toutes les puissances du globe principalement depuis la paix de Westphalie jusqu'a` nos jours ; Table générale des recueils de Dumont, Wenck, Martens ... : donnant l'indication du volume et de la page du recueil ou` se trouve le texte de chaque traité. 1. Partie chronologique 1493-1866; 2, Partie alphabe´tique : 1493-1867..
%23280346: TETS, G.C.W. VAN. - Eenige opmerkingen n.a.v. de Nederlandsche Neutraliteitsproclamaties uit den laatsten tijd. Diss.
%237150: TETS, G.C.W. VAN. - Eenige opmerkingen n.a.v. de Nederlandsche Neutraliteitsproclamaties uit den laatsten tijd. Diss.
%23236652: N.V. LETTERGIETERIJ AMSTERDAM VOORHEEN N. TETTERODE. - Selección de tipos modernos; Colecção de tipos modernos.
%2313726: TEUBEN, H.N. - Recht op Arbeid in historie en in verklaring van mensenrechten.
%23259456: TEUBEN, REINSKE. - Verhandelbare emissierechten : juridische aspecten van emissiehandel voor CO2 in Nederland en de Europese Unie.
%23114643: TEUBEN, REINSKE. - Verhandelbare emissierechten : juridische aspecten van emissiehandel voor CO2 in Nederland en de Europese Unie.
%23198639: TEUBEN, H.N. - Recht op Arbeid in historie en in verklaring van mensenrechten.
%23128775: TEUFFEL, WILHELM SIGMUND. - Geschichte der römischen Literatur.
%23245633: TEULINGS, COEN; LANS BOVENBERG & HARRY VAN DALEN. - De cirkel van goede intenties : de economie van het publieke belang.
%23235632: TEUNIS, NIELS & GILBERT H. HERDT (EDS.) - Sexual inequalities and social justice.
%23223586: TEUNISSEN, JAN JOOST - A regional approach to financial crisis prevention : lessons from Europe and initiatives in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
%23228994: TEUNISSEN, JAN JOOST & AGE AKKERMAN. - HIPC debt relief : myths and reality.
%2329947: TEUNISSEN, JAN JOOST & AGE AKKERMAN (EDS.) - Helping the poor? : the IMF and low-income countries.
%23278171: TEUNISSEN, J.M.H.F. - Aspecten van ordehandhaving : een beschouwing over taak en bevoegdheden van de politie bij ordeverstoringen.
%23229056: TEUNISSEN, ANKE & IRIS PRONK. - Nestblijvers : volwassenen die thuis wonen.
%23180480: TEUNISSEN, JAN JOOST - Reforming the International Financial System Crisis Prevention and Response.
%2383696: TEUNISSEN, J.M.H.F. - Het burgerlijk kleed van de staat. Beschouwingen over de tweewegenleer.
%2370789: TEUNISSEN, JAN JOOST & AGE AKKERMAN (EDS.) - Protecting the poor : global financial institutions and the vulnerability of low-income countries.
%23212138: TEUNISSEN, JAN JOOST & AGE AKKERMAN (EDS.) - Global Imbalances and the US Debt Problem: Should Developing Countries Support the Us Dollar?.
%23263898: TEUNISSEN, JAN JOOST & AGE AKKERMAN (EDS.) - The crisis that was not prevented : lessons for Argentina, the IMF, and globalisation.
%2375532: TEUNTER, LINDA HARMINA - Analysis of sales promotion effects on household purchase behavior.
%2395823: TEUTSCH, G.M. (ED.) - Soziologie der pädagogoschen Umwelt.
%2335846: TEWARIE-MUNGRA, C.S.B. - Schistosomiasis in Surinam. A clinico-pathological and epidemiological survey. Diss.
%23125243: TEX, C.J. DEN. - Bijdragen tot de kennis der gemeente-financiën.
%23236156: TEX, EMILE DEN. - Een voorspel van de moderne vulkaankunde in West-Europa : met nadruk op de Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden.
%2399176: TEX, JAN DEN. - Nederlandse studenten in de rechten te Padua 1545-1700.
%23273091: TEX, JAN DE, - Locke en Spinoza over de tolerantie.
%23232072: TEX, C.A. DEN; G.W. VREEDE; R.W.J.C. BAKE; H.A. WIJNNE; E. VAN VOORTHUYSEN. - Konvoluut. [1] : Twee voorlezingen over graanwetten en graanhandel : gehouden bij de School voor Koophandel en Nijverheid te Amsterdam, op 12 en 19 december 1846 / C.A. den Tex; [2] : Neêrlands vroegere alliantiën : eene voorlezig / G.W. Vreede; [3] : De doorgraving der landengte van Suez en hare gevolgen voor Nederland en zijne koloniën : twee voorlezingen .../ R.W.J.C. Bake; [4] : Iets over de scheepvaart en afwateringskanalen in de provincie Groningen : twee voorlezingen ... / H.A. Wijnne; [5] : Werkverschaffing : eene voorlezing / E. van Voorthuysen : eene voorlezing.
%23255173: TEZEL, GÜLBAHAR. - Alfred Marshall on methodology : tensions and teachings.
%2370915: TEZNER, FRIEDRICH. - Das freie Ermessen der Verwaltungsbehörden : kritisch-systematisch erörtert auf Grund der österreichischen verwaltungsgerichtlichen Rechtsprechung.
%23143758: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - William Makepeace Thackeray Library
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%23201137: TRYFONIDOU, ALINA - Reverse Discrimination in EC Law.
%23195585: TRZECIAKOWSKI, WITOLD. - Indirect management in a centrally planned economy : system constructions in foreign trade.
%23135356: TSAFRIR, NURIT. - The history of an Islamic school of law : the early spread of Hanafism.
%23279666: TSAI, KELLEE S. - Capitalism without Democracy: The Private Sector in Contemporary China.
%2324422: TSAI, KELLEE S. - Back-alley banking : private entrepreneurs in China.
%2361002: TSAI, ROBERT L. - Eloquence and reason : creating a First Amendment culture.
%23128783: TSCHACKERT, PAUL. - Dr. Eberhard Weidensee (+1547): Leben und Schriften.
%23254805: TSCHADEK, OTTO. - Über die Grenzen der Gerechtigkeit.
%2348069: TSCHANZ, MARTIN - Schnittwerk: An Exhibition Featuring a Selection of Current Projects by Guiliani/Honger Architects.
%2375062: TSCHEPE, AXEL. - Gerichtsverfassung und Prozess des Stadtgerichts Butzbach im 15. Jahrhundert.
%2324719: TSCHIRGI, DAN - The Arab World Today.
%2367220: TSCHUMI, REGULA. - Die vergrabenen Schätze der Ga - Sargkunst aus Ghana.
%2367179: TSCHUMI, REGULA. - The buried treasures of the Ga : coffin art in Ghana.
%2318939: TSCHUMI, RAYMOND. - Thought in Twentieth-century English Poetry.
%23179598: TSE-HUI, TENG. - Report on the multiple-purpose plan for permanently controlling the Yellow River and exploiting its water resources.
%23201163: TSEKOURAS, DIMITRIOS. - No pain, no gain : the beneficial role of consumer effort in decision-making.
%23230339: TSERONIS, ASSIMAKIS. - Qualifying standpoints : stance adverbs as a presentational device for managing the burden of proof.
%23224873: TSHITEKU, JULIE NDAYA. - 'Prendre le bic' : 'Le Combat Spirituel' congolais et les transformations sociales = 'Pak je pen' : de Congolese 'Combat Spirituel' en maatschappelijke veranderingen.
%23224411: TSHOSA, ONKEMETSE. - National Law and International Human Rights Law: Cases of Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.
%23181820: TSIRIDE, POLICHRONE P. - Ta ptocheutika adikemata [Die Konkursdelikte].
%23271033: TSJECHOW, ANTON P. - De nacht voor de rechtszitting : het verhaal van de beklaagde.
%23271311: TSJECHOW, ANTON P. - Verzamelde werken. Deel 7 : Notities en brieven.
%23271312: TSJECHOW, ANTON P. - Verzamelde werken : verhalen en novellen.
%23229996: TSOUKALIS, LOUKAS & JANIS A. EMMANOUILIDIS (EDS.) - The Delphic Oracle on Europe : is there a future for the European Union?
%23267437: TSOUTSOS, ATHOS. - Politique et droit dans les relations internationales : études sur l'évolution de l'ordre juridique international.
%23215608: TU, PIERRE N.V. - Introductory Optimization Dynamics. Optimal Control with Economics and management Science Applications.
%23260203: TUAN, YI-FU. - Dominance and affection : the making of pets.
%23217528: TUANA, NANCY (ED.) - Feminism and science.
%23166229: TUBB, JONATHAN N. - Excavations at the Early Bronze Age Cemetery of Tiwal Esh-Sharqi.
%23274420: TUBBS, ROBERT - What is a number? : mathematical concepts and their origins
%2370395: VEREENIGING TOT BESTRIJDING DER TUBERCULOSE. - Eerste t/m Vijfde Jaarverslag der Vereeniging tot Bestrijding der Tuberculose te Rotterdam; mei 1903-1907.
%2359031: TUCK, RICHARD. - Hobbes. [Kopstukken filosofie].
%23131185: TUCKER, JOSIAH. - Josiah Tucker. A Selection from his Economic and Political Writings with an Introduction by Robert Livingston Schuyler.
%23206837: TUCKER, JOHN C. - Trial and Error: The Education of a Courtroom Lawyer.
%23114754: TUCKER, WALLACE & KAREN. - The Cosmic Inquirers : modern telescopes and their makers.
%23137984: TUCKER, MARTIN. - The Critical temper : a survey of modern criticism on English and American literature from the beginnings to the twentieth century. Volume 2 : From Milton to Romantic Literature.
%2334228: TUCKER, JOSIAH. - A treatise concerning civil government.
%23149882: TUCKERMANN, WALTHER. - Die geographische Lage der Stadt Köln und ihre Auswirkungen in der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart
%23152475: TUDGE, COLIN. - In Mendel's footnotes : an introduction to the science and technologies of genes and genetics from the Nineteenth Century to the Twenty-Second.
%23246355: TUELL, STEVEN SHAWN. - The law of the temple in Ezekiel 40-48.
%2353993: TUFTS, JAMES HAYDEN. - The individual and his relation to society as reflected in British ethics.
%23205106: TUGGLE, MELVIN. - The evolution of John Dewey's conception of philosophy and his notion of truth.
%23119221: TUIJN, K.E. VAN. - Botsende belangen : de afweging tussen mobiliteit en verkeersveiligheid bij intrekking van de rijbevoegdheid.
%23200163: TUIJN, JOHANNES FRANCISCUS VAN. - Le Couvinien et la partie supérieure de l'Eodévonien du bord oriental du synclinorium de Dinant entre l'Ourthe et Ferrières.
%2360478: TUINIER, SIEGFRIED. - De Psychiater en de Wilde Man : een veldstudie over de relatie psychiatrisch syndroom en criminaliteit. Diss.
%2319149: TUINSTRA, JARINDE PETRA WILLEMIEN TEMMINCK. - Defence counsel in international criminal law.
%23280385: TUINTE, G.H.J. - De landbouwvrijstelling.
%238097: TUKE, D.H. - Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles.
%2377240: TULCHIN, JOSEPH S. & ALLISON M. GARLAND (EDS.) - Social development in Latin America : the politics of reform.
%23229062: TULDER, ROLAND VAN & FRANS J.L.G. HUPSCH. - De echo van een eeuw : [Honderd jaar Amsterdamse stadsgezichten].
%2358886: TULDER, F.P. VAN. - Van Misdaad tot Straf : een economische benadering van de strafrechtelijke keten.
%23188257: TULDER, ROLAND VAN. - Kinnesinne-ijs & Berliner Bol : Amsterdam in de jaren dertig.
%234161: TULKENS, FRANÇOISE & HENRI-D. BOSLY (EDS.) - La justice pénale et l'Europe : travaux des XVe journées d'études juridiques Jean Dabin, organise´es par le Département de criminologie et de droit pénal.
%23273480: TULLENERS, HANS - Het Singel in Amsterdam: 23 monumenten aan een voormalige verdedigingsgracht (Dutch Edition)
%23203593: TULLOCH, JOHN. - Rational Theology and Christian Philosophy in England in the 17th Century.
%23252728: TULLY, JAMES. - Prisoner 1167 : the madman who was Jack the Ripper.
%23128784: TÜMPEL, LUDWIG. - Entstehung des brandenburgisch-preussischen Einheitsstaates im Zeitalter des Absolutismus (1609-1806).
%23187412: TUNICK, MARK. - Practices and principles : approaches to ethical and legal judgement.
%23281430: TUNNICIUS, ANTONIUS. - Tunnicius : die älteste niederdeutsche Sprichwörtersammlung : gesammelt und in lateinische verse übersetzt.
%23168785: TUNSTALL, JEREMY. - The Anglo-American media connection.
%23233469: TUOR, P. - Das schweizerische Zivilgesetzbuch : eine systematische Darstellung mit Berücksichtigung der Rechtsprechung des Schweizerischen Bundesgericht.
%23210819: TUOR, P. - Das schweizerische Zivilgesetzbuch : eine systematische Darstellung mit Berücksichtigung der Rechtsprechung des Schweizerischen Bundesgerichts.
%23265433: TUOR, P. - Das schweizerische Zivilgesetzbuch : eine systematische Darstellung mit Berücksichtigung der Rechtsprechung des Schweizerischen Bundesgerichts.
%23256512: TUPITSYN, MARGARITA. - Malevich and film.
%23193580: TUPITSYN, MARGARITA. - Glaube, Hoffnung - Anpassung : Sowjetische Bilder 1928-1945.
%2318426: TURBAN, EFRAIM & PAUL R. WATKINS - Applied expert systems.
%23104871: TURCAN, ROBERT. - Les religions de l'Asie dans la Vallée du Rhône.
%23275268: TURGENEV, IVAN SERGEEVICH. - Literary reminiscences and autobiographical fragments.
%23148511: TURGOT, ANNE-ROBERT-JACQUES. - Réflexions sur la Formation et la Distribution des Richesses.
%23102566: TURIN, H., J. HAECK AND R. HENGEVELD. - Atlas of the Carabid Beetles of the Netherlands.
%2363025: TURK, EDWARD - Child of Paradise: Marcel Carné and the Golden Age of French Cinema.
%2320551: TURKSMA, LEO. - Socioloog en geschiedenis : een sociologisch-methodologische benadering van de historische ontwikkeling van de jongste tijd als bijdrage tot de theorie der sociale verandering.
%23263901: TURKSTRA, JAN - Urban development and geographical information: Spatial and temporal patterns of urban development and land values using integrated geo-data, Villavicencio, Colombia (ITC publication series).
%23278115: TURLEY, HUGH & DAVID MARTIN. - The martyrdom of Thomas Merton : an investigation.
%23205718: TURNBULL, COLIN M. - The forest people : [a study of the Pygmies of the Congo].
%23254297: TURNBULL, STEPHEN R. - The samurai and the sacred.
%23246574: TURNER, CHRISTENA L. - Japanese Workers in Protest: An Ethnography of Consciousness and Experience.
%23170993: TURNER, FREDERICK. - Rebirth of value meditations on beauty, ecology, religion, and education.
%23114161: TURNER, KATHLEEN J. - Lyndon Johnson's dual war : Vietnam and the press.
%23183422: TURNER, JANE (ED.) - Encyclopedia of American art before 1914.
%23171690: TURNER, RALPH V. - Judges, administrators and the common law in Angevin England.
%23225474: TURNER, JOHN. - Leeteg of Tahaiti : paintings from the villa velour.
%23220423: TURNER, ELIZABETH HUTTON. - Calder.
%2311831: TURNER III, W.S. - SDM : system development methodology. Nederlandstalige versie.
%23276398: TURNER, MARK. - The origin of ideas : blending, creativity, and the human spark.
%2367917: TURNER III, W.S. - SDM : system development methodology.
%2352400: TURNER, GERALD L'E. - The Practice of Science in the 19th century. Teaching and apparatus in the Teyler Museum.
%23152206: TURNEY, C., N. WYATT, E. BARNES & T. BOON (EDS.) - Guide to the History of Technology in Europe 2000. Fourth Edition.
%23262578: TURNOVSKY, STEPHEN J. - Workbook for 'methods of macroeconomic dynamics'.
%23235844: TURNOVSKY, STEPHEN J. - Methods of Macroeconomic Dynamics.
%23235857: TURNOVSKY, STEPHEN J. - International Macroeconomic Dynamics.
%2354858: TURNWALS, W. (ED.). - Dokumente zur Austreibung der Sudetendeutschen.
%23246806: TUROW, SCOTT. - Personal injuries.
%23246846: TUROW, SCOTT. - Reversible errors.
%2362117: TUROW, SCOTT. - Cassatie.
%23262923: TUROW, JOSEPH. - Breaking up America : advertisers and the new media world.
%2371084: TURSKI, WLADYSLAW M. - Informatics : a propaedeutic view.
%23159658: TURSKI, W. GEORGE. - Toward a rationality of emotions: an essay in the philosophy of mind.
%23248669: TURSZINSKY, WALTER. - Berliner Theater. (Grossstadt-Dokumente, Band 29).
%23237967: TUSHNET, MARK V. - Out of range : why the Constitution can't end the battle over guns.
%2355199: TUSHNET, MARK V. - A Court divided : the Rehnquist court and the future of constitutional law.
%23205762: TUSSENBROEK, OTTO VAN. - Gedenkboek : samengest. bij het 150-jarig bestaan van de N.V. J.P. Wyers' Industrie en Handelsonderneming.
%23211332: TUSSIE, DIANA - Multilateral Development Banks: Volume 4: Inter-American Development Bank (Multilateral development banks series) (v. 4).
%23150639: TUSSMAN, JOSEPH - The Supreme Court on Church and State.
%23201389: TUTEIN NOLTHENIUS, R.P.J. - Middenstandskernen.
%2341836: TUTEIN NOLTHENIUS, R.P.J. - De Duitsche ongevallen-verzekering in de praktijk.
%2323449: TUTTLE, LESLIE. - Conceiving the old regime : pronatalism and the politics of reproduction in early modern France.
%23115989: TUUK, H.N. VAN DER. - A Grammar of Toba-Batak.
%23129909: TUURENHOUT, M.E. - Parlementaire controle en ambtelijke verantwoordelijkheid.
%23182707: TUYLL VAN SEROOSKERKEN, HENDRIK O.R. VAN. - De strijd om het Ding an sich in eenige na-kantische Beschouwingen.
%23280281: TUYMANS, LUC. - Ensor by Luc Tuymans..
%2382114: TUYMANS, LUC. - Luc Tuymans : Mot dagen = Against the Day.
%23271314: TUYMANS, LUC. - Luc Tuymans : Ende.
%23271315: TUYMANS, LUC. - Luc Tuymans : The Arena.
%23272488: TUYMANS, LUC. - Luc Tuymans.
%23211860: TVEDT, TERJE. - Angels of Mercy or Development Diplomats?: NGOs and Foreign Aid.
%23248749: TVEDT, TERJE. - The River Nile and its economic, political, social and cultural role : an annotated bibliography.
%234691: TVEDT, TERJE. - An annotated bibliography on the Southern Sudan, 1850-2000.
%23278017: TWAIN, MARK. - Tom Sawyer's reisavonturen [Tom Sawyer abroad].
%2390054: TWEYMAN, STANLEY. - Reason and Conduct in Hume and his Predecessors.
%2390010: TWIGG-FLESNER, CHRISTIAN. - The Europeanisation of contract law : current controversies in law.
%23216330: TWINING, WILLIAM. - Karl Llewellyn and the Realist Movement.
%23171369: TWINING, WILLIAM & DAVID MIERS. - How to do things with rules.
%23157089: TWINING, W. & A. STEIN (ED.). - Evidence and proof.
%23275864: TWINING, WILLIAM L. - Globalisation and legal theory.
%23234011: TWINING, WILLIAM. - Human Rights, Southern Voices: Francis Deng, Abdullahi An-Na'im, Yash Ghai and Upendra Baxi.
%2315219: TWIST, J.P. VAN. - Recht en moraal bij H.L.A. Hart.
%23278936: TWOMBLY, CY. - Cy Twombly's things.
%2347760: TYACK, DAVID B. - Public schools in hard times : the Great Depression and recent years /..
%23104006: TYBOUT, R.A. - Aedificiorum figurae : Untersuchungen zu den Architekturdarstellungen des frühen zweiten Stils.
%2331744: TYE, MICHAEL. - Consciousness Revisited: Materialism without Phenomenal Concepts (Representation and Mind series).
%23235862: TYE, MICHAEL. - Consciousness and persons : unity and identity.
%23235879: TYE, MICHAEL. - The imagery debate.
%23229191: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER - Who's who in early medieval England, 1066-1272.
%23217468: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER - Fighting for Christendom : holy war and the Crusades.
%23228778: TYLER, CHRISTIAN. - Wild West China : the taming of Xinjiang.
%23122902: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA (ED.) - Phenomenology of Man and of the Human Condition. Part II: The Meeting Point Between Occidental and Oriental Philosophies.
%23122905: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA (ED.) - Logos and Life. Creative Experience and the Critique of Reason. Book I of 'Treatise on the Introduction to the Phenomenology of Life and the Human Condition'.
%23122906: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA (ED.) - Logos and Life: The Three Movements of the Soul. The Spontaneous and the Creative in Man's Self-Interpretation-in-the-Sacred (Book 2).
%23122460: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA & CALVIN O. SCHRAG (EDS.) - Foundations of Morality, Human Rights and the Human Sciences. Phenomenology in a Foundational Dialogue with the Human Sciences.
%23122464: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA (ED.) - The Essential Coordinate of the Human Condition: Poetic-Epic-Tragic. The Literary Genre.
%233391: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA. - The origins of life. [2]: The origins of the existential sharing-in-life.
%23122447: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA (ED.) - The Crisis of Culture. Steps to Reopen the Phenomenological Investigation of Man.
%23122444: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA (ED.) - The Later Husserl and the Idea of Phenomenology. Idealism-Realism, Historicity and Nature.
%2320709: TYMPII, MATTHAEI. - Admirandum vindictae divinae theatrum.
%23280996: TYRER, PETER. - Models for Mental Disorder: Conceptual Models in Psychiatry.
%2368307: TYRRELL, JOSEPH M. - A history of the estates of Poitou.
%23175467: TYRRELL, ALAN & ZAHD YAQUB (EDS.) - The legal professions in the new Europe : a handbook for practitioners.
%23281501: TYRRELL, G.N.M. - Homo Faber : A Study of Man's Mental Evolution.
%23235092: TYSON, PHYLLIS & ROBERT L. TYSON. - Psychoanalytic theories of development : an integration.
%2386451: TZENG, HUEY-LAN. - Das chinesische Scheidungsrecht auf Taiwan : mit historischer Entwicklung und rechtsvergleichender Analyse.
%23205908: TZERMIAS, PAULOS. - Geschichte der Republik Zypern : mit Berücksichtigung der historischen Entwicklung der Insel während der Jahrtausende.
%23107239: TZONIS, ALEXANDER & LEFAIVRE, LIANE. - Het architectonische denken en andere architectuur : theoretische studies.
%23162322: TZONIS, ALEXANDER. - De taal van de klassicistiese architektuur : het gebod tot orde.
%2376088: TZONIS, ALEXANDER. - Santiago Calatrava: Minimum Series.
%23279534: TZONIS, ALEXANDER. - Santiago Calatrava : the poetics of movement.
%23263501: TZONIS, ALEXANDER. - Hermes and the Golden Thinking Machine.
%23261910: WU CHING-TZU. - The scholars.
%2398721: UBACHS, P.J.H. - Twee heren, twee confessies. De verhouding van staat en kerk te Maastricht, 1632-1673.
%2343071: UBACHS, WINIFRED & SIGISMUND TAGAGE. - De Maastrichtse Cellebroeders en hun kapel.
%23264305: UBALDI, BALDO DEGLI (BALDUS PERUSINUS)., UBALDIS, BALDUS DE. - Convolute. [1]. Super infortiato : Commentario subtila, necnon copiosa. Celeberini Iuris Caesarei et Pomtificij doctoris ... Marginalibus additionibus, et elegantibus summarijs praedari viri Ioannis Thierri Lingonesis.
%23133258: ÜBERLA, K. - Faktorenanalyse. Eine systematische Einführung für Psychologen, Mediziner, Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftler.
%23102568: UBISCH, LEOPOLD VON. - Die Entwicklung der Echiniden.
%23185643: UCHELEN, NICO ADRIAAN VAN. - Abraham de Hebreeër. Een literair- en historisch-kritische studie naar aanleiding van Genesis 14:13.
%23154319: UDE, JOHANNES - Die Autorität des Hl. Thomas von Aquin.
%23277336: UDECHUKU, E.C. - Liberation of dependent peoples in international law.
%2361092: UDELSON, JON. - Arabic tattoos.
%2385092: UDINK, BETSY. - Allah en Eva.
%23182083: UDO DE HAES, LEOPOLD. - Terugvordering van hetgeen betaald is krachtens vonnis.

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