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%23116017: WARNECK, JOH. - Toba-Batak-Deutsches Wörterbuch.
%23198566: WARNER, MARINA. - Monuments & maidens : the allegory of the female form.
%23181111: WARNER, JAYNE L. - Elmali-Karatas II: The Early Bronze Age Village of Karatas.
%2370521: WARNER, HOMER R. - Computer--assisted medical decision-making.
%2367452: WARNICK, BARBARA. - The sixth canon: belletristic rhetorical theory and its French antecedents.
%23227069: WARNICKE, RETHA M. - The marrying of Anne of Cleves : royal protocol in early modern England.
%23172785: WARNKE, GEORGIA. - Legitimate differences interpretation in the abortion controversy and other public debates.
%2341209: WARNKOENIG, L.A. & P.A.F. GERARD. - Histoire des Carolingiens.
%2379410: WARNKÖNIG, LEOPOLD AUGUST. - Rechtsphilosophie als Naturlehre des Rechts.
%2379412: WARNKÖNIG, LEOPOLD AUGUST; TH.A. WARNKÖNIG & LORENZ VON STEIN. - Französische Staats- und Rechtsgeschichte.
%23253210: WARNOCK, G.J. - Contemporary moral philosophy.
%23253144: WARNOCK, MARY - Ethics since 1900. Third edition.
%23218711: WARREN, EARL. - The memoirs of Chief Justice Earl Warren.
%23184140: WARREN, SYBRANDUS JOHANNES. - Over de godsdienstige en wijsgeerige begrippen der Jaina's
%2341978: WARREN, DAVID S. - Syntactica: NeXTStep Edition.
%2369852: WARREN, CAROL A,, JACK ZUSMAN & STEPHAN J. MORSE (EDS.) - Court of Last Resort: Mental Illness and the Law
%23236566: WARREN, CAROL & JOHN F. MCCARTHY (EDS.) - Community, Environment and Local Governance in Indonesia: Locating the commonweal.
%234737: WARREN, H.C. (ED.) - Dictionary of psychology.
%2342913: WARRINER, DOREEN. - Land reform and development in the Middle East : a study of Egypt, Syria and Iraq. 2nd edition.
%2376074: WARSHAW, DAN. - Paul Leroy-Beaulieu and established liberalism in France.
%23173381: WARTNA, B.S.J. & N. TOLLENAAR. - Bekenden van justitie : een verkennend onderzoek naar de ' veelplegers ' in de populatie van vervolgde daders.
%2344559: WARTNA, J.A. - Bouw en gebruik van econometrische modellen.
%2325403: WARTNA, B.S.J. & MARISCA BROUWERS. - De deconcentratie van D&J : wijzigingen in de organisatie van het Nederlandse gevangeniswezen.
%23247643: WARTNA, B.S.J. - In de oude fout : over het meten van recidive en het vaststellen van het succes van strafrechtelijke interventies.
%23214797: WARWICK, DONALD P. - A theory of public bureaucracy : politics, personality, and organization in the State Department.
%2330842: WARWICK, PAUL. - The French Popular Front. A Legislative Analysis.
%2391039: WASCH, E.P.J. (ED.) - Hoofdzaken milieuheffingen.
%2376657: WASCHKE, HILDEGARD. - Juristisches Taschenwörterbuch in deutscher und französischer Sprache. Unter Mitberücksichtigung der diplomatischen Sprache. 1. Teil : Deutsch-Französisch; 2. Teil : Französisch-Deutsch.
%23239965: WASHINGTON, LINN. - Black Judges on Justice: Perspectives from the Bench (New Press Law in Context).
%2331841: WASIK, MARTIN. - Crime and the computer.
%23142567: WASMANN, ERICH. - Die moderne Biologie und die Entwicklungstheorie.
%23231378: WASSENAER VAN CATWIJCK, A.J.O. - Naar een Europees verkeersschaderecht.
%2322699: WASSENAER VAN CATWIJCK, A.J.O. - Produktenaansprakelijkheid in Europees verband.
%2345796: WASSENAER VAN CATWIJCK, A.J.O. - Eigen schuld en medeschuld volgens BW en NBW.
%2317812: WASSENAER VAN CATWIJCK, A.J.O. - Verkeersverzekering.
%23143929: WASSENAER VAN CATWIJCK, A.J.O. - Verkeersverzekering in Nederland : is no-fault geschikt voor export naar Nederland ? : verslag van een Noord Amerikaanse studiereis.
%239808: WASSENBERGH, H.A. - Aspects of Air Law and Civil Air Policy in the seventies.
%23192230: WASSERFALL, RAHEL R. (ED.) - Women and water : menstruation in Jewish life and law.
%2379414: WASSERMANN, RUDOLF. - Begriff und Grenzen der Kriminalstatistik : eine logische Untersuchung.
%23151527: WASSERMANN, RUDOLF. - Justiz im sozialen Rechtsstaat.
%2379416: WASSERSCHLEBEN, HERMANN. - Die irische Kanonensammlung.
%2379418: WASSERSCHLEBEN, HERMANN. - Sammlung deutscher Rechtsquellen. Band 1: Sammlung deutscher Rechtsquellen; Band 2: Deutsche Rechtsquellen des Mittelalters.
%23258404: WASSERSCHLEBEN, HERMANN. - Sammlung deutscher Rechtsquellen. Band 2: Deutsche Rechtsquellen des Mittelalters.
%2392184: WASSERSTEIN, B. & GREEN, M.J. (ED). - With justice for some : an indictment of the law by young advocates.
%2310578: WASSING, AART. - Het tuchtrecht van het publiekvoetbal.
%23250381: WASSMANN, JÜRG (ED.) - Pacific answers to Western hegemony : cultural practices of identity construction.
%23249523: WASZAK, TOMASZ. - Das zerstreute Kunstwerk und die Zusammenleser über Multitextualität als literarisches Motiv , theoretisches Konzept und empirische Rezeptionspraxis , mit besonderer Berücksichtigung eines Bernhardschen Multitexts.
%23199974: WASZINK, J.H. - Verzamelde opstellen.
%2361309: WATANABE, MASAO. - The Japanese and Western science.
%23255382: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - World report 2010 : events of 2009.
%23230743: MIDDLE EAST WATCH. - Human Rights in Iraq.
%2357646: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Slaughter among neighbors : the political origins of communal violence.
%23161732: AMERICAS WATCH. - El Salvador's decade of terror : human rights since the assassination of Archbishop Romero.
%23228311: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Angola Unravels: The Rise and Fall of the Lusaka Peace Process.
%23228299: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Cuba's Repressive Machinery: Human Rights Forty Years After the Revolution.
%23228314: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Justice in the Balance: Recommendations for an Independent and Effective International Criminal Court.
%23228408: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - U.S.: Cold Storage -- Supermaximum Security in Indiana.
%23229262: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Rwanda: Shattered Lives-- Sexual Violence During the Rwandan Genocide.
%2365904: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Landmine Monitor Report 2000: Toward a Mine-Free World.
%2388893: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Dangerous Minds: Political Psychiatry in China Today and Its Origins in the Mao Era.
%2386004: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - The Unfair Advantage: Workers' Freedom of Association in the United States Under International Human Rights Standards.
%2383556: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - From the household to the factory : sex discrimination in the Guatemala Labor Force.
%23224247: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Justice in the Balance: Recommendations for an Independent and Effective International Criminal Court..
%23217311: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Hidden in Plain View: Refugees Living without Protection in Nairobi and Kampala.
%2365909: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Landmine Monitor Report 2001: Toward a Mine-Free World.
%23228645: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - War Without Quarter: Columbia and International Humanitarian Law.
%2372791: WATER, R.L. VAN DE. - De eenzijdige regeling. Een commentaar op het besluit voorkoming dubbele belasting.
%23102653: WATERBOLK, H.T. - Tussen Rhee en Rolde: verslag van een archeologische zoektocht.
%23146993: WATERBURY, JOHN - Egypt: burdens for the past, options for the future.
%23231604: WATERS, JOHN - Pink Flamingos and Other Filth: Three Screenplays by John Waters.
%23150459: WATERS, KRISTIN (ED.) - Women and Men political theorists : enlighted conversations.
%238131: WATERS, MAURICE. - The Ad Hoc Diplomat : a study in municipal and international law.
%2343185: WATERS, EVERETT - Caregiving, Cultural, and Cognitive Perspectives on Secure-Base Behavior and Working Models: New Growing Points on Attachment Theory and Research ... Society for Research in Child Development).
%23253985: WATERS, DONALD. - Operations Management : Producing Goods and Services
%23204149: WATERS, KRISTIN. - Women and men political theorists : enlightened conversations.
%23198035: WATERSON, MICHAEL. - Economic theory of the industry.
%2360079: WATKIN, THOMAS GLYN. - The nature of law.
%23171897: WATKIN, THOMAS G. (ED.) - Legal record and historical reality : proceedings of the Eighth British Legal History Conference Cardiff 1987.
%23190491: WATKIN, JULIA. - Kierkegaard.
%23130494: WATKINS, E. SIEGEL - On the Pill : a Social History of Oral Contraceptives, 1950-1970
%2364411: WATSON, GEORGE RONALD. - The Roman soldier.
%23115175: WATSON, JAY. - Forensic fictions : the lawyer figure in Faulkner.
%23110702: WATSON, STEPHEN H. - Extensions : essays on interpretations, rationality and closure of modernism.
%23201261: WATSON, J. WREFORD AND SISSONS, J.B. (EDS.). - The British Isles: A Systematic Geography.
%23149722: WATSON, R.S. & EBREY, P. BUCKLEY - Marriage and Inequality in Chinese Society.
%23175672: WATSON, STEVEN. - Prepare for saints : Gertrude Stein, Virgil Thomson, and the mainstreaming of American modernism.
%23234894: WATSON, STEVEN. - Strange bedfellows : the first American avant-garde.
%23253116: WATSON, JOHN B. - Behaviorism.
%238346: WATSON, RICHARD A. - Representational ideas : from Plato to Patricia Churchland.
%23241703: WATSON, GEORGE RONALD. - The Roman soldier.
%23263367: WATSON, MARK W. (ED.) - Business Cycles, Indicators, and Forecasting (National Bureau of Economic Research Studies in Income and Wealth).
%2379419: WATSON, ALAN. - Contract of mandate in Roman law.
%2379421: WATSON, ALAN. - The law of obligations in the later Roman Republic.
%2379422: WATSON, ALAN. - The law of persons in the later Roman Republic.
%2379423: WATSON, ALAN. - The law of property in the later Roman Republic.
%23147042: WATSON, STEPHEN H. - Tradition(s) : refiguring community and virtue in classical German thought.
%23187526: WATSON, RICHARD A. - Cogito, ergo sum : the life of René Descartes.
%23156521: WATSON, STEPHEN H. - Extensions. Essays on interpretations, rationality and closure of modernism.
%23152464: WATSON, ALAN. - Joseph Story and the comity of errors : a case study in the conflict of laws.
%2361350: WATSON, ADAM, - Diplomacy : the dialogue between states.
%23185575: WATSON, TONY J. - Sociology, work and industry.
%2392025: WATSON, R.A. & DOWNING, R.G. - The politics of the bench and the bar. Judicial selection under the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan.
%23111526: WATT, JEFFREY R. - The making of modern marriage : matrimonial control and the rise of sentiment in Neuchâtel, 1550-1800.
%23256056: WATTEL, P.J. - Dividendbelasting.
%2341411: WATTEL, P.J. - De fiscale behandeling van het wederrechtelijke.
%23100316: WATTENBERG, MARTIN P. - The decline of American political parties , 1952-1994.
%23111831: WATTENBERG, MARTIN P. - The decline of American political parties , 1952-1980.
%23128951: WATTERICH, JOHANN MATTHIAS. - Pontificum Romanorum vitae, qui fuerint inde ab exeunte saeculo ix usque ad finem saeculi xiii, ab aequelibus conscriptae, quas ex archivi pontificii, Bibliothecae Vaticanae aliarumque codicibus, adiectis suis cuique ex annalibus et documentis graviorbus editae.
%23144139: WATTERS, R. F. - Poverty and peasantry in Peru & Southern Andes, 1963-90.
%2387041: WATTROUS, LIVINGSTONE VANCE. - The late bronze age pottery (Kommos : an excavation on the South coast of Crete by the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Vol. III).
%23129297: WATTS MILLER, W. - Durkheim : Morals and Modernity.
%23217863: WAUGH, PROFESSOR EARLE - The Muslim Community in North America.
%2341831: WAUTISCHER, HELMUT - Ontology of Consciousness: Percipient Action (Bradford Book).
%23239056: WAUTISCHER, HELMUT (ED.) - Ontology of consciousness : percipient action.
%2351708: WAUWERMANS. - Histoire de l´école cartographique belge et anversoise du XVIe siècle. Tome second : La Cartographie Belge; La décadence.
%23171903: WAWN, ANDREW (ED.) - Northern Antiquity : the post-medieval reception of Edda and Saga.
%23105701: VAN WAYENBURG, G.A.M. - De beteekenis van reflectorische bewegingen voor de zintuiglijke waarneming in verband met de wetten van Weber en Fechner door...
%23233942: WEALE, ADRIAN - Army of Evil: A History of the SS.
%23149750: WEAMYS, ANNA - A Continuation of Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia.
%23110722: WEAR, ANDREW A.O. (EDS.). - Doctors and ethics: The earlier historical setting of professional ethics.
%2376358: WEARING, J.P. (ED.) - G.B. SHAW. 3 Volumes.
%2368217: WEATHERBY,W.J. - Salman Rushdie. Sentenced to death.
%2348437: WEATHERSTONE, JOHN. - Tea--A Journey in Time: Pioneering and Trials in the Jungle.
%23150905: WEAVER, WARREN. - Wetenschap en verbeeldingskracht : een keuze uit het werk van Warren Weaver.
%23248067: WEAVER, KIMBERLY. - The violent universe : joyrides through the x-ray cosmos.
%23148715: WEAVER, R. KENT. - The Collapse of Canada ?.
%23210816: WEBB, SIDNEY & BEATRICE WEBB. - Dertig jaren 1890-1920 : eene voortzetting van De geschiedenis van het Britsche vakvereenigingswezen.
%23231126: WEBB, MICHAEL - Steven Ehrlich: A Dynamic Serenity----House Design.
%23211738: WEBB, SIDNEY & BEATRICE WEBB. - The decay of capitalist civilisation. Seond edition.
%23110552: WEBB, BYRON HORTON. - Fundamentals of dairy chemistry.
%2349259: WEBB, STEPHEN H. - Dylan Redeemed: From Highway 61 to Saved.
%23155378: WEBB, THOMAS E. - The intellectualism of Locke. An essay.
%2329342: WEBB, A. DINSMORE (ED.) - Chemistry of Winemaking.
%23249468: WEBB, JAMES L. A. - Tropical pioneers : human agency and ecological change in the highlands of Sri Lanka , 1800-1900.
%2357503: WEBB, R.C. & WEBB, S.A. - Jean Genet and his Critics: An Annotated Bibliography 1943-1980.
%23140918: WEBB, JOHN - A Roll of the Household Expenses of Richard de Swinfield, Bishop of Hereford, During Part of the Years 1289 and 1290.
%2340274: WEBB, BYRON HORTON. - Fundamentals of dairy chemistry. 2nd edition.
%23169919: WEBB, BYRON HORTON. - Byproducts from milk.
%23148366: WEBEL, CHARLES. - Terror, terrorism, and the human condition.
%2347959: WEBER, LUC - Reinventing the research university.
%2315642: WEBER, B.N. & H. HEINEN. - Bertolt Brecht : political theory and literary practice.
%23131597: WEBER, WILHELM. - Princeps : Studien zur geschichte des Augustus.
%23111304: WEBER, MAX. - Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft : Grundriss der verstehende Soziologie. 1. & 2. Halbband.
%23254804: WEBER, ADOLF. - Hochkonjunktur und Produktivität in weltwirtschaftlicher Sicht.
%2379425: WEBER, WERNER. - Die politische Klausel in den Konkordaten. Staat und Bischofsamt.
%2317875: WEBER, HEIDI - Le Corbusier - The Graphic Work / Le Corbusier - Das grafische Werk
%23241384: WEBER, THOMAS - Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War.
%23253217: WEBER, W.M. - De meningen van filosofen : 9 dwarse doorsneden door de westerse filosofie. Deel 3-I. Boek I : Geloven en weten; Boek II. Het bestaan van God.
%2393435: WEBER, MAX. - Methodologische Schriften. Studienausgabe.
%2373860: WEBER, MAX. - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie I.
%23617: WEBER, ADOLPH DIETERICH. - Systematische Entwickelung der Lehre von der natürlichen Verbindlichkeit und deren gerichtlichen Wirkung : mit einer vorläufigen Berichtigung der gewöhnlichen Theorie der Verbindlichkeit überhaupt.
%2341500: WEBER, ALFRED. - Kulturgeschichte als Kultursoziologie.
%23254504: WEBER, MARCEL. - Philosophy of experimental biology.
%23253215: WEBER, W.M. - De meningen van filosofen : 9 dwarse doorsneden door de westerse filosofie. Deel 1. Boek 1 : Het bestaan van de buitenwereld; Boek 2 : De ruimte.
%2332131: WEBER, ADOLF. - Depositenbanken und Spekulationsbanken : ein Vergleich deutschen und englischen Bankwesens.
%2379424: WEBER, MAX. - Ehefrau und Mutter in der Rechtsentwicklung: eine Einführung.
%2379427: WEBER, WOLFGANG. - Die Constitutiones Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae des Kardinals Aegidius Albornoz von 1357 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Strafrechtsnormen.
%23173480: WEBER, ROLF. - Pflanzengewürze und Gewürzpflanzen aus aller Welt.
%2379533: WEBER, MAX. - The theory of social and economic organization.
%23234131: WEBER, WOLFGANG. - Die Constitutiones Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae des Kardinals Aegidius Albornoz von 1357 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Strafrechtsnormen.
%23137411: WEBER, MAX. - Zur Geschichte der Handelsgesellschaften im Mittelalter. Nach Südeuropäischen Quellen.
%23155420: WEBER, MAX. - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Wissenschaftslehre.
%23157424: WEBER, REINHOLD W. - Die Entstehungsgeschichte des Hitler-Stalin-Paktes 1939.
%23118110: WEBER, MAX. - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Wissenschaftslehre.
%2376694: WEBER, TOM. - All the heroes are dead: the ecology of John Steinbeck's Cannery Row.
%23148426: WEBER, ALFRED. - Kulturgeschichte als Kultursoziologie.
%23247043: WEBER, ADOLF. - Ende des Kapitalismus?
%23102655: WEBER, R.E.J. - De seinboeken voor Nederlandse oorlogsvloten en konvooien tot 1690.
%2363469: WEBSTER, DANIEL. - The Papers of Daniel Webster : Legal papers.
%23141048: WEBSTER, CHARLES. - The art and practice of diplomacy.
%234558: WEBSTER, M. & SOBIESZEK. B. - Sources of self-evaluation: a formal theory of significant others & social influence.
%235135: WECHSLER, DAVID. - Die Messung der Intelligenz Erwachsener. Textband zum Hamburg-Wechsler-Intelligenztest für Erwachsene.
%23211841: WEDDIGEN, WALTER. - Wirtschaftsethik : System humanitärer Wirtschaftsmoral.
%23212577: WEDEKIND, W.G.PH.E. - Aan Wil besteed : bundel opstellen aangeboden op 22 mei 2003 aan prof. mr. W.G.Ph.E. Wedekind ter gelegenheid van zijn vijfenzestigste verjaardag op 26 mei 2003.
%2379306: WEDEL, WALDO R. - Prehistoric man on the great plains.
%23132447: WEDZINGA, W. - Openlijke Geweldpleging.
%2356115: WEDZINGA, W. - Openlijke Geweldpleging.
%23195029: WEEBERS, A.J.M. - Controle op internationale kartels : over de volkenrechtelijke grenzen van nationale en internationale kartelcontrole.
%2392904: WEEBERS, A.J.M. - Controle op internationale kartels. Over de volkenrechtelijke grenzen van nationale en internationale kartelcontrole.
%23172625: WEED, ELIZABETH, - Feminism meets queer theory.
%23210911: WEEDE, RUDOLF EVERARD WILLEM. - Eenige opmerkingen over de vereenigde-zittingen van de beide kamers der Staten-Generaal.
%23185657: WEEGEN, ANTOON J. H. VAN. - Preek en dictaat bij Sint Augustinus : Syntactisch-stilistische studie over de Tractatus in Ioannis Evangelium.
%23135121: WEEKLAD VOOR PRIVAATRECHT, NOTARIS-AMBT, EN REGISTRATIE (WPNR). - Registers 1936-1945 en staat der protocollen die in dat tijdvak zijn overgegaan.
%23135140: WEEKLAD VOOR PRIVAATRECHT, NOTARIS-AMBT, EN REGISTRATIE (WPNR). - Registers 1946-1955 en staat der protocollen die in dat tijdvak zijn overgegaan.
%23135119: WEEKLAD VOOR PRIVAATRECHT, NOTARIS-AMBT, EN REGISTRATIE (WPNR). - Registers 1956-1970 en staat der protocollen die in dat tijdvak zijn overgegaan.
%2323119: WEEKS, KENT. - Mastabas of Cemetery G 6000. Including G 6010 (Neferbauptah); G 6020 (Iymery); G 6030 (Ity); G 6040 (Shepseskafamkh).
%2395972: WEEL, A.H. VAN DER. - Paul-Louis de Mondrian, 1734-1795. Un chanoine homme d'esprit du dix-huitième siècle d'après des documents inédits. Diss.
%23204095: WEEL, BASTIAAN JOHAN TER. - The computerization of the labour market.
%23249312: WEELE, CORNELIA NEELTJU VAN DER. - Images of development : environmental causes in ontogeny.
%2345497: WEELE, J.J. VAN DER. - Wet gelijke behandeling van mannen en vrouwen.
%23185851: WEENEN, JOHANNES CORNELIS VAN. - Waste prevention: theory and practice.
%2341508: WEENER, J. - Bij de bron : korte overdenkingen.
%2355434: WEERAMANTRY, C.G. (ED.) - Human rights and scientific and technological development : studies on the affirmative use of science and technology for the furtherance of human rights.
%23255011: WEERAMANTRY, C.G. - The slumbering sentinels: law and human rights in the wake of technology.
%2372167: WEEREPAS, M.J.G.A.M. - Beginselen van de inkomstenbelasting en de praktijk van de wetgeving.
%23108362: WEERNEKERS, JAN. - De theologie van Angelus Merula, met name onderzocht op invloeden vanuit de reformatie.
%2322643: WEERS, A.J.M. VAN - Publieke verantwoording.
%2390781: WEERS, A. VAN. - Staat en persoon : de politieke filosofie van Emmanuel Mounier.
%23115554: WEEVERS, TH. - Coornhert's dolinghe van Ulysse : de eerste Nederlandsche Odyssee.
%23102656: WEEVERS, TH. - Beeldspraak, klank en bouw van De nieuwe geboort
%23191566: WEGE, JOACHIM. - Positives Recht und sozialer Wandel im demokratischen und sozialen Rechtsstaat.
%23131596: WEGELE, FRANZ XAVER VON. - Geschichte der Universität Würzburg. Im Auftrag des akademischen Senats verfasst.
%23213250: WEGELIN, E.A. - Urban low-income housing and development: A case study in Peninsular Malaysia (Studies in Development and Planning).
%23190749: WEGELIN,MARGREET M. - Moeders en vaders, scheiden en delen : constructies van gelijkheid in de verdeling van het ouderschap na echtscheiding.
%2379463: WEGENER, CHARLES. - The discipline of taste and feeling.
%23201226: WEGGEMAN, JOHAN. - Controversiële besluitvorming : opkomst en functioneren van groen polderoverleg.
%23159106: WEGMAN, CORNELIS. - Psychoanalyse en cognitieve psychologie: een formalisering van Freuds vroegste theorie in het licht van de moderne cognitieve psychologie.
%23152417: WEGMANN, KONRAD ... [ET AL. - Studien zum chinesischen Recht. Band 2: Theoretische Grundlagen zum Staatsrecht, Strafverfahrensrecht und zur Kriminologie in der VR China.
%23127322: WEGNER, G. (ED.) - White Dwarfs.
%2392268: WEGNER, JUDITH ROMNEY. - Chattel or person? The status of women in the Mishnah.
%23251075: WEGNER, PETER (EDITOR) - Research Directions in Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming.
%23249604: WEHINGER, BRUNHILDE (ED.) - Plurale Lektüren Studien zu Sprache , Literatur und Kunst ; Festschrift für Winfried Engler.
%23219234: WEHRLI, MAX. - Formen mittelalterlicher Erzählung : Aufsätze.
%23263741: WEI, YEHUA DENNIS - Regional Development in China: States, Globalization and Inequality.
%23240566: WEIBEL, PETER (ED.) - Rosalie Light-Art: the Universal Theater of Light.
%23131240: WEICHARD, JÜRGEN (ED.) - Alois Janak
%23235100: WEIDE, J.A. VAN DER. - Mobiliteit van goederen in het IPR : tussen situsregel en partijautonomie.
%2386491: WEIDELENER, JOHANNES. - Der richterliche Vertragsschutz am Modell des nachvertraglichen Wettbewerbsverbots des GmbH-Geschäftsführers.
%23149563: WEIDENFELD, WERNER. - America and Europe : is the break inevitable ?.
%23148595: WEIDENFELD, WERNER (ED.) - From alliance to coalitions : the future of transatlantic relations.
%23162452: WEIDLICH, KARL. - Die Polizei als Grundlage und Organ der Strafrechtspflege in England, Schottland und Irland.
%23181102: WEIDLICH, THOM. - Appointment denied : The inquisition of Bertrand Russell.
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%2343233: WIJNGAARDEN, M.A. VAN & M.A.B. CHAO-DUIVIS. - Aanbestedingsrecht : volgens ARW, UAR en UAR-EG, Geschiktheidseisen, Selectiecriteria, Gunningscriteria. (Hoofdstukken Bouwrecht. 17).
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%23195697: WIJNOOGST, H.C.J. - Automatic wrapping and packaging machinery : coca, chocolate, confectionary and biscuits.
%23195698: WIJNOOGST, H.C.J. - Empaquetado mecanico y automatico de cacao- chocolates y dulces.
%2375551: WIJNOOGST, H.C.J. - Les enormes progres de la fabrication du cacao et du chocolatdepuis 1960.
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%2373979: WIJNVELDT, J. - Neutraliteitsrecht te land.
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%2349310: WIJSENBEEK, THERA. - Zieke lieverdjes : 125 jaar kinderzorg in het Emma Kinderziekenhuis.
%234518: WIJTING, W. - Infrastructurele verkeersvoorzieningen : enige aspecten van rechtsbescherming bij de realisering van infrastructurele verkeersvoorzieningen, mede beschouwd in historisch perspectief.
%23100958: WILBANKS, JAN. - Hume's theory of imagination.
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%23189003: WILDE, OSCAR - Kritik als Kunst.
%23228159: WILDE, RALPH. - International territorial administration : how trusteeship and the civilizing mission never went away.
%23207066: WILDE, CLEMENS JULIUS MARIA. - Het rechtskarakter der schuldbevrijding door consignatie.
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%23254364: WILDE, OSCAR - More letters of Oscar Wilde.
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%2320611: WILDEMAN, RALPH. - The art of grouping maintenance.
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%2360450: WILHELM, KURT. - Richard Strauss : an intimate portrait.
%23106159: WILK, RICHARD R. - Home cooking in the global village : Caribbean food from buccaneers to ecotourists.
%23202143: WILKE, H.A.M. - Coalitieformatie in triade.
%2368349: WILKE, M.I. - Zijn arbeidsverhoudingen bij de overheid marktconform?
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%23263510: WILKES, MAURICE V. - Memoirs of a Computer Pioneer.
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%2357525: WILKIE, CHRISTINE. - Through the narrow gate. The mythological consciousness of Russell Hoban.
%23240349: WILKIE, CHRISTOPHER M.D. - Special drawing rights (SDRs) : the first international money.
%23241361: WILKIE, CHRISTOPHER - Special Drawing Rights: The First International Money.
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%23250722: WILKINS, MIRA (ED.) - The Growth of multinationals.
%2320284: WILKINSON, DAVID R. M. - The comedy of Habit. An essay on the use of courtesy literature in a study of restoration comic drama.
%23221987: WILKINSON, VEGA. - Spode-Copeland-Spode : the works and its people, 1770-1990.
%23246816: WILKINSON, RICHARD G. - The impact of inequality : how to make sick societies healthier.
%23154209: WILKINSON, T.J. - Town and Country in Southeastern Anatolia. Volume I: Settlement and Land Useat Kurban Hoyuk and Other Sites in the Lower Karababa Basin.
%23242693: WILL, BARBARA. - Gertrude Stein, Modernism, and the problem of genius.
%23120472: WILL, FREDERIC. - The Fact of Literature. Three Essays on Public Material.
%2320079: WILLARD, CHARITY CANNON - Christine de Pizan: Her Life and Works
%23251981: WILLARD, CHARITY CANNON - The Livre de la paix of Christine de Pizan : a critical edition with introduction and notes.
%2360678: WILLARD, CHARLES ARTHUR. - Liberalism and the problem of knowledge : a new rhetoric for modern democracy.
%2339619: WILLBERG, HANS PETER. - Typolemik Typophilie : Streiflichter zur typographical correctness.
%23248632: WILLEKENS, HARRY. - Vrouwelijkheid, mannelijkheid en recht : theoretische verkenningen.
%237736: WILLEME, F.P.M. - Overmacht in het strafrecht.
%23173127: WILLEMEN, KEES (ED.) - Het heilig vuur : de kern van het universitaire bestaan.
%23129619: WILLEMS, PIERRE. - Le Sénat de la République romaine : sa composition et ses attributions.
%23259019: WILLEMS, JAN C.M. - Developmental and autonomy rights of children : empowering children, caregivers and communities.
%23253880: WILLEMS, JAN C.M. - A world fit for children : van liefdadigheid naar gedeelde verantwoordelijkheid.
%23137659: WILLEMSE, NICO - Arctic Natural Archives. Lake and Eolian Sedimentary Records from West Greenland. Diss.
%23146936: WILLEMSE, ROLF - Het Bestaansrecht van de Nederlandse Gemeente: eigen initiatief en integraal bestuur in de periode 1960-1996.
%23136630: WILLEMSEN, GLENN. - Koloniale politiek en transformatieprocessen in een plantage-economie, Suriname 1873-1940.
%2343115: WILLEMSEN, CEES. - Van God los : geschiedenis van de psychiatrische inrichting Sint-Antonius 1902-1967.
%23229967: WILLEMYNS, ROLAND - Dutch: Biography of a Language.
%23204009: WILLENBORG, GIJSBERTUS BERNARDUS WILLIBRORDUS. - An integrated conceptual model of cooperative consumer relationships in services : development and test.
%23131588: WILLERS, HEINRICH. - Geschichte der römischen Kupferprägung vom Bundesgenossenkrieg bis auf Kaiser Claudius : nebst einleitendem Überblick über die Entwicklung des antiken Münzwesens.
%2319456: WILLEUMIER-SCHALIJ, JOHANNA MARIE. - Dat boec der minnen (Die Rede von den 15 Graden).
%23215285: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE. - Selected letters of Tennessee Williams. Volume I : 1920-1945.
%23232811: WILLIAMS, RICHARD. - The blue moment : Miles Davis's Kind of Blue and the remaking of modern music.
%23222641: WILLIAMS, ROBERT ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - Controlling corruption [The politics of corruption, 4].
%23154489: WILLIAMS JR., WALTER L. - Intergovernmental Military Forces and World Public Order.
%23189328: WILLIAMS, GEOFF & ANNABELLE LUKIN (EDS.) - The development of language functional perspectives on species and individuals.
%23189776: WILLIAMS, CHARLES G.S. - Valincour.
%2380869: WILLIAMS, ROBERT G. - States and social evolution : coffee and the rise of national governments in Central America.
%2385330: WILLIAMS, TREVOR A. - Computers, work and health: a socio-technical approach.
%23145975: WILLIAMS, JOHN SHARP - Thomas Jefferson : his Permanent Influence on American Institutions.
%23177416: GREG WILLIAMS. - On Set.
%23219859: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY (ED.) - The institution of literature.
%23232883: WILLIAMS, ERIC. - From Columbus to Castro : the history of the Caribbean, 1492-1969.
%23123770: WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS. - The specialized agencies and the United Nations : the system in crisis.
%2391282: WILLIAMS, DAVID. - Japan and the enemies of open political science.
%23106843: WILLIAMS, GEORGE C. - The pony fish's glow: and other clues to plan and purpose in nature
%23156776: WILLIAMS, BRUCE BEYER. - Noubadian X-Group Remains from Royal Complexes in Cemeteries Q and 219 and Private Cemeteries Q, R, V, W, B, J and M at Qustul and Ballena. (Excavations between Abu Simbel and the Sudan Frontier).
%23156779: WILLIAMS, BRUCE BEYER. - Meroitic Remains from Qustul Cemetery Q, Ballana Cemetery B and a Ballena Settlement. (Excavations between Abu Simbel and the Sudan Frontier). 2 Vols.
%2347816: WILLIAMS, IOAN (ED.). - Meredith: the critical heritage.
%23222770: WILLIAMS, ROBERT ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - Corruption in the developed world [The politics of corruption, 3].
%23222780: WILLIAMS, ROBERT ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - Explaining corruption [The politics of corruption, 1].
%23235010: WILLIAMS, PATRICIA J. - The Rooster's Egg: on the persistence of prejudice.
%23253145: WILLIAMS, BERNARD. - Ethics and the limits of philosophy.
%2398627: WILLIAMS, TONY. - Structures of desire : British cinema, 1939-1955.
%23223264: WILLIAMS, ROBERT ... [ET AL.] (EDS.) - Corruption in the developing world [The politics of corruption, 2].
%23224967: WILLIAMS, DAVID. - A people's history of the Civil War : struggles for the meaning of freedom.
%23253212: WILLIAMS, BERNARD. - Ethics and the limits of philosophy.
%23223663: WILLIAMS, LUCY (ED.) - Law and poverty : the legal system and poverty reduction.
%23157683: WILLIAMS, DEREK. - Romans and Barbarians: four views from the empire's edge, 1st. Century AD.
%23260249: WILLIAMS, EDWIN. - Thematic structure in syntax.
%23166212: WILLIAMS, BRUCE BEYER. - C-Group, Pan Grave, and Kerma Remains at Adindan Cemeteries T, K, U, and J.
%23205779: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Pétain : how the hero of France became a convicted traitor and changed the course of history.
%23186996: WILLIAMS, SEAN. - The sound of the ancestral ship : highland music of West Java.
%23145685: WILLIAMS, ELGIN - The Animating Pursuits of Speculation. Land Traffic in the Annexation of Texas.
%23222238: WILLIAMS, CAROLINE. - Contemporary French philosophy : modernity and the persistence of the subject.
%23203075: WILLIAMS, ALAN (ED.) - Film and nationalism.
%23246523: WILLIAMS, EDWIN. - Representation theory.
%23156795: WILLIAMS, BRUCE BEYER. - Twenty Fifth Dynasty and Napatan Remains at Qustul Cemeteries W and V. (Excavations between Abu Simbel and the Sudan Frontier, Part 7).
%23156797: WILLIAMS, BRUCE BEYER. - New Kingdom Remains from Cemeteries R, V, S and W at Qustul and Cemetery K at Adindan (Excavations between Abu Simbel and the Sudan Frontier, Part 6).
%2374445: WILLIAMS, BRACKETTE F. - Stains on my name, war in my veins: Guyana and the Politics of Cultural Struggle.
%2374696: WILLIAMS, DAVID RICARDO. - Just lawyers : seven portraits.
%2387714: WILLIAMS, A.E. - Gelatine desserts and table jellies.
%23233714: WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY. - Naomi Leff : interior design
%23253108: WILLIAMS, T.C. - The concept of the categorical imperative : a study of the place of the categorical imperative in Kant's ethical theory.
%2333363: WILLIAMSON, JEFFREY G. - The New Comparative Economic History: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey G. Williamson.
%23185388: WILLIAMSON, EDWIN. - Borges : a life.
%2388906: WILLIAMSON, RAJKUMARI (ED.) - The making of physicists.
%2387117: WILLIAMSON, JOHN (ED.) - IMF conditionality.
%23257121: WILLIGEN, J. DE. - De wijnwet. Wet van 20 juli 1870, S. No. 127, V.v.V. No. 434 I.
%23177212: WILLIGEN, ARIJ DE. - Martin Kähler.
%2329804: TJEENK WILLINK. - Een bundel gedachten. Jubileum-uitgave 1838- 1 mei -1963. N.V. Uitgevers-mij. W.E.J. Tjeenk Willink.
%2326346: WILLINK, BASTIAAN. - Burgerlijk Sciëntisme en Wetenschappelijk Toponderzoek : sociale grondslagen van nationale bloeiperioden in de 19e eeuwse bètawetenschappen. Diss.
%23207161: WILLINK, LUC. - Film.
%232922: WILLIS, F. ROY. - France, Germany, and the New Europe 1945-1963.
%23196873: WILLIS J.C. - A dictionary of the flowering plants and ferns.

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