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%23100814: ROBERT, WILLIAM C.H. - Voyage to Cathay, Tartary and the gold- and silver-rich islands East of Japan, 1643.
%2334308: ROBERT, JACQUES. - Libertés Publiques.
%23206958: ROBERT, CHRISTIAN NILS. - La participation du juge à l'application des sanctions pénales.
%2392634: ROBERTS, ADAM & BENEDICT KINGSBURY (ED.) - United Nations, divided world : the UN's roles in international relations.
%23202657: ROBERTS, ADAM & RICHARD GUELFF (ED.) - Documents on the laws of war. 2nd edition.
%23188813: ROBERTS, J.M. - The Far East and a new Europe.
%239772: ROBERTS, L.M. - A bibliography of legal Festschriften.
%23119804: ROBERTS, FRED (ED.) - Applications of Combinatorics and Graph Theory to the Biological and Social Sciences.
%23197469: ROBERTS, ANDREW - Napoleon and Wellington.
%23133005: ROBERTS-CHAPMAN, J. & GATES, M. - Women into wives. The legal and economic impact of marriage.
%2330014: ROBERTS, ADAM. - Law in humanitarian crises = Le droit face aux crises humanitaires. Vol. II: Access to victims: right to intervene or right to receive humanitarian assistance? = L'accès aux victimes: droit d'ingérence ou droit à l'assistance humanitaire?
%23123754: ROBERTS, SPENCER E. - Soviet historical drama. Its role in the development of a national mythology.
%23236968: ROBERTS, JENNIFER A. (ED.) - The economics of infectious disease.
%2371275: ROBERTS, JOHN T. - The Law-Governed Universe.
%2393101: ROBERTS, BRAD (ED.) - U.S. foreign policy after the Cold War.
%2392836: ROBERTS, BRAD (ED.) - U.S. security in an uncertain era.
%2397329: ROBERTS, ADAM. - Nations in arms: the theory and practice of territorial defence.
%2383692: ROBERTS, JAMES DEOTIS. - From Puritanism to Platonism in Seventeenth Century England.
%23267076: ROBERTS, JENNIFER L. - Jasper Johns/in press : the crosshatch works and the logic of print.
%23236998: ROBERTS, BRADLEY HOUSE. - Weapons proliferation and world order.
%23197767: ROBERTS, B.C. - Trade union government and administration in Great Britain.
%2323369: ROBERTSON, A.H. - Human rights in Europe : a study of the European Convention on Human Rights.
%2318335: ROBERTSON, D.H. - Money.
%23203035: ROBERTSON, DAVID - A Dictionary of human rights.
%23199312: ROBERTSON, GEOFFREY. - Crimes against humanity : the struggle for global justice.
%23246752: ROBERTSON, IAN. - Wellington invades France : the final phase of the Peninsular War , 1813-1814.
%23209241: ROBERTSON, A. H. & J.G. MERRILLS. - Human rights in the world : an introduction to the study of the international protection of human rights.
%23221090: ROBERTSON, A. H. & J.G. MERRILLS. - Human rights in the world : an introduction to the study of the international protection of human rights.
%23144675: ROBERTSON, JENNIFER. - Native and newcomer : making and remaking a Japanese city.
%23234623: ROBERTSON, GEOFFREY. - Crimes against humanity : the struggle for global justice. 3rd edition.
%23261222: ROBERTSON, A. H. & J.G. MERRILLS. - Human rights in the world : an introduction to the study of the international protection of human rights.
%2381532: ROBERTSON, DAVID - A Dictionary of Human Rights.
%2363926: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM. - The history of the reign of the Emperor Charles V. ; with a view of the progress of society in Europe, from the subversion of the Roman empire to the beginning of the sixteenth century.
%23185125: ROBEY, DAVID. - Sound and structure in the Divine comedy.
%23142199: ROBIE, BILL - For the Greatest Achievement. A History of the Aero Club of America and the National Aeronautic Association.
%23118281: ROBIJN, FRANK. - Stability of flattened galaxy models.
%23182293: ROBIJNS, MARINUS J. F. - Radicalen in Nederland (1840-1851).
%23179019: ROBILLARD, ALBERT B. - Social change in the Pacific islands.
%23106781: ROBIN, DIANA. - Filelfo in Milan : writings 1451-1477.
%2354935: ROBIN, HARRY. - The scientific image : from cave to computer.
%23124346: ROBINEAU, L. - Turgot. Administration et Oeuvres Économiques.
%23177025: ROBINET, J.F.E. - Condorcet, sa vie, son oeuvre, 1743-1794.
%23240096: ROBINS, PHILIP. - Suits and Uniforms: Turkish Foreign Policy Since the Cold War.
%23177669: ROBINS, ANNA GRUETZNER - Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec : London and Paris 1870-1910.
%2318566: ROBINSON, E.A.G. - The structure of competitive industry.
%231001: ROBINSON, JULIAN PERRY., SIPRI. - The CB weapons today. (The problem of chemical and biological warfare : a study of the historical, technical, military, legal and political aspects of CBW, and possible disarmament measures ; vol. 2).
%2353712: ROBINSON, D.S. & N.A.M. ESKIN (EDS.) - Oxidative enzymes in foods.
%2362014: ROBINSON, MARK - Corruption and Development.
%23158229: ROBINSON, JEFFREY CANE. - The current of romantic passion.
%23130553: ROBINSON, R. (ED.) - Katherine Mansfield, in from the Margin
%23124896: ROBINSON, E.A.G. - Monopoly.
%2315251: ROBINSON, JOAN. - The economics of imperfect competition and employment. Joan Robinson and beyond. Edited by George R. Feiwel.
%23965: ROBINSON, JULIAN PERRY., SIPRI. - The prevention of CBW. (The problem of chemical and biological warfare : a study of the historical, technical, military, legal and political aspects of CBW, and possible disarmament measures ; vol. 5).
%23220663: ROBINSON, DAVE., ZARATE, OSCAR. - Introducing Rousseau.
%23116702: ROBINSON, T.H. - The Decline and Fall of the Hebrew Kingdoms. Israel in the Eight and Seventh Centuries B.C.
%2359521: ROBINSON, HELEN M. - Candy Bibliography.
%2334135: ROBINSON, JACOB. - International law and organization : general sources of information.
%23212068: ROBINSON, JUDITH. - L'analyse de l'esprit dans les cahiers de Valéry.
%23202298: ROBINSON, E.A.G. - The structure of competitive industry. (1958).
%23200371: ROBINSON, ALAN DAVID. - Dutch Organised Agriculture in International Politics 1945-1960.
%23148189: ROBSON, ELEANOR & JACQUELINE A STEDALL. - The Oxford handbook of the history of mathematics.
%2338557: ROBSON, MARK IAN THOMAS. - Ontology and providence in creation : taking ex nihilo seriously.
%23191960: ROBSON, JOHN M. - Marriage or celibacy? : the Daily telegraph on a Victorian dilemma.
%2328135: ROBSON, WILLIAM A. - Justice and administrative law : a study of the British Constitution.
%23196138: ROBSON, JOHN M. - A symposium on carbenoxolone sodium.
%2378740: ROBY, HENRY JOHN. - Roman private law in the times of Cicero and of the Antonines.
%23224853: ROCARD, MICHEL - Strengthening Palestinian Public Institutions: Executive Summary: Independent Task Force Report No. 22.
%23243086: ROCCA, HIERONYMI. - Disputationum juris selectarum : cum decisionibus super eis prolatis.[tomus primus-secundus]
%23146876: ROCCASALVO, JOAN L. - The Plainchant Tradition of Southwestern Rus'.
%23224912: ROCCHI, SIMONA. - Enhancing sustainable innovation by design : an approach to the co-creation of economic social and environmental value.
%2359966: ROCCUS, FRANCESCUS. - Deszelfs merkwaardige aanmerkingen vervat in twee tractaaten, waar van het eene is handelende over schepen en vragtgelderen, en het andere over assurantien ofte verzekeringen, mitsgaders eenige uytgesogten gewysdens, uyt het Latyn en Italiaans, als mede het reglement der assurantien en haveryen van de Stad Hamburg.
%2321153: ROCHA, BOLÍVAR MOURA. - Development financing and changes in circumstances : the case for adaptation clauses.
%23250304: ROCHA, GEISA MARIA. - In search of Namibian independence : the limitations of the United Nations.
%23169054: ROCHE, DANIEL. - France in the enlightenment.
%2351934: ROCHE, EMMANUEL - Finite-State Language Processing.
%2382274: LA ROCHE, SOPHIE VON. - The history of lady Sophia Sternheim.
%2330588: ROCHEFOUCALD, FRANCOIS DE LA; MONTESQUIEU; VAUVENARGUES, LUC DE CLAPIERS. - Maximes du Duc de la Rochefoucauld : précédée d'une notice sur sa vie de Suard; Pensées diverses de Montesquieu; Oeuvres choisis de Vauvenargues.
%23105747: ROCHETTE, RENÉ MARCEAU. - Le Sahel en lutte contre la désertification : leçons d'expériences.
%231802: ROCHLIN, G.I. - Plutonium, power, and politics. International arrangements for the disposition of spent nuclear fuel.
%2315649: ROCHUSSEN, J.J. - Rechtspraak in geschillen tussen Belastingschuldigen en Administratie bij de heffing van 's Rijks Directe Belastingen.
%23218366: ROCHUSSEN, WILLEM FREDERIK. - Ons geld. Proeve eener populaire uiteenzetting van Geldleer en Bimetallisme.
%23199921: ROCHUSSEN, JHR. WILLEM FREDERIK. - Studies over geld- en muntwezen.
%23235878: ROCK, IRVIN. - Indirect Preception.
%234535: ROCK, PAUL. - Deviant behaviour.
%2336609: ROCK, PAUL. - A View from the Shadows. The Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada and the Justice for Victims of Crime Initiative.
%23241574: ROCKAWAY, ROBERT A. - Words of the uprooted : Jewish immigrants in early twentieth-century America.
%23127182: ROCKINGER, LUDWIG - Drei Formelsammelungen aus der Zeit der Karolinger.
%23127180: ROCKINGER, LUDWIG - An der Wiege der bayerischen Mundart-Grammatik und des bayerischen Wörterbuches.
%23265560: ROCKINGER, LUDWIG - Drei Formelsammelungen aus der Zeit der Karolinger.
%23265550: ROCKINGER, LUDWIG (ED.) - Briefsteller und Formelbücher des 11. bis 14. Jahrhunderts.
%2388115: ROCKMAN, ALEXIS. - Guyana.
%23268331: ROCKMORE, TOM. - Hegel, idealism, and analytic philosophy.
%23157349: ROCKOFF, HUGH - Drastic measures: a history of wage and price controls in the United States.
%23155202: RÖD, WOLFGANG. - Descartes : die Genese des Cartesianischen Rationalismus.
%2331280: RODD, E.H. (ED.) - Chemistry of Carbon Compounds. A Modern Comprehensive Treatise, Vol V: Miscellaneous General Index.
%2380522: RODDA, ANNABEL - Women and the Environment.
%23154720: RODDEN, JONATHAN. - Hamilton's paradox : the promise and peril of fiscal federalism.
%2331511: RODE, WALTHER. - Justiz. Fragmente.
%2346595: RODENBURG, PIETER. - Misbruik van bevoegdheid.
%23206734: RODENBURG, J.P. - Mechano-therapie : inrichting voor Heilgymnastiek en massage : voorheen Jan van Essen : J.P. Rodenburg
%23164916: RÖDER-MESSELL, ERNST. - Die Aufsicht über Internetdienstleistungen in der Europäischen Gemeinschaft und in Deutschland. Bestandsaufnahme und Vorschläge zur Verbesserung.
%23121175: RÖDER-BOLTON, GERLINDE. - George Eliot and Goethe : an elective affinity.
%23197655: RODES, JR., ROBERT E. - Law and modernization in the Church of England : Charles II to the welfare state.
%23179986: RODGERS, GERRY - The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice, 1919-2009.
%2321063: RODGERS, GERRY - The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice, 1919-2009.
%23261426: RÖDIG, JÜRGEN. - Die Theorie des gerichtlichen Erkenntnisverfahrens : die Grundlinien des zivil-, straf- und verwaltungsgerichtlichen Prozesses.
%23100817: RÖDING, JOHANN HINRICH. - Allgemeines Wörterbuch der Marine in allen europaeischen Seesprachen nebst vollstaendigen Erklaerungen : mit Kupfern.
%23130459: RODINI, R.J. & DI MARIA, S. - Ludovico Ariosto. An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism, 1956-1980.
%23153734: RODINSON, MAXIME - Les Arabes.
%2321982: RODIS-LEWIS, GENEVIÈVE. - Descartes : his life and thought.
%2394244: RODLEY, NIGEL S. - The Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law. 3rd edition.
%23148154: RODLEY, NIGEL S. - The Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law. 2nd edition.
%23236308: RODLEY, NIGEL S. - The Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law. 3rd edition.
%2335012: RODLEY, NIGEL S. - The Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law.
%23135528: RODLEY, NIGEL S. - The Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law.
%2376407: RODMAN, HYMAN (A.O.) - The Abortion question.
%2384677: RODNEY, SHIRLEY - Courtiers and Cannibals, Angels and Amazons.
%23146756: RODRIGUES LOPES, D.J. - Pacht.
%23132118: RODRIGUES, D.H. - The Netherlands Woman.
%2382516: RODRIGUES, P.R. - Anders niets? Discriminatie naar ras en nationaliteit bij consumententransacties.
%23265010: RODRIGUES DE AREIA, MANUEL LARANJEIRA. - Chokwe and their Bantu neighbours.
%2376480: RODRIGUEZ, RICHARD. - To the promised land : photographs by Ken Light.
%2392808: RODRIGUEZ, EMANUEL. - Summa casuum conscientiae, omnium quae hucusque in lucem exiere copiosissima, confessariis et animarum curam gerentibus ad quascunque materiarum moralium resolutiones utilissima, composita Hispano idiomate; in duas partes divisa, quarum secundae adjicitur ordo judicilais. Hac postrema editione ab authore multis aucta ... translata nunc primum in Latinum ex ultimo authoris exemplari, opera Baltazaris de Canizal.
%23100819: RODRIGUEZ MARIN, F. - Pedro Espinosa (1578-1650), poeta and filósofo español.
%23225061: RODRIK, DANI (ED.) - In Search of Prosperity.
%23257913: RODTSCHENKO, ALEKSANDR M. - Rodtschenko - eine neue Zeit : Bucerius-Kunst-Forum, Hamburg, 8. Juni bis 15. September 2013.
%23190639: ROE, M.F.H. - Logical issues.
%23186174: ROE, M.F.H. - Ethical Issues.
%23185712: ROE, M.F.H. - Semantic Issues.
%2387666: ROE, FRANCIS J.C. - Metabolic aspects of food safety.
%23266865: ROEBROECK, EUGÈNE JOSEPH MARIE GERARDUS. - Het land van Montfort : een agrarische samenleving in een grensgebied, 1647-1820.
%23256576: ROEBUCK, DEREK. - The charitable arbitrator : how to mediate and arbitrate in Louis XIV's France.
%23256572: ROEBUCK, DEREK & BRUNO DE LOYNES DE FUMICHON. - Roman arbitration.
%2371710: ROEBUCK, DEREK. - Early English Arbitration.
%23242021: ROECK, BERND. - Kunstpatronage in der Frühen Neuzeit : Studien zu Kunstmarkt , Künstlern und ihren Auftraggebern in Italien und im Heiligen Römischen Reich ( 15 . -17 . Jahrhundert ).
%2390347: ROEDIGER, VIRGINIA MORE. - Ceremonial Costumes of the Pueblo Indians : their evolution, fabrication, and significance in the prayer drama.
%23199737: ROEFS, VICTOR J.G. - De Egmondsche abtenkroniek van Iohannes a Leydis O. Carm.
%23109917: ROEGHOLT, RICHTER. - Ben Sijes
%23131702: ROEGHOLT, RICHTER. - Amsterdam na 1900.
%23254794: ROEGHOLT, RICHTER. - Modern life : een kleine cyclus gedichten.
%23238901: ROEGIERS, JAN. - De oprichting en de beginjaren van het Bisschoppelijk Seminarie te Gent 1569-1623.
%23267739: ROEGNER, CHRISTIAN GOTTLIEB. - Differentias juris Romani et Germanici in re bafiaria tinctorum den Farbereyen ...
%235739: ROELEVINK, J. - Gedicteerd verleden : het onderwijs in de algemene geschiedenis aan de Universiteit te Utrecht, 1735-1839.
%2377004: ROELEVINK, J. (ED.) - Classicale acta, 1573-1620. Deel II: Classis Dordrecht, 1601-1620; Classis Breda, 1616-1620.
%232526: ROELEVINK, J. (ED.) - Resolutiën der Staten-Generaal : Nieuwe reeks 1610-1670. Deel 5: 1621-1622.
%232020: ROELEVINK, J. (ED.) - Resolutiën der Staten-Generaal : Nieuwe reeks 1610-1670. Deel 7: 1 juli 1624 - 31 december 1625.
%232482: ROELEVINK, J. (ED.) - Resolutiën der Staten-Generaal : Nieuwe reeks 1610-1670. Deel 6: 2 januari 1623 - 30 juni 1624.
%232993: ROELFSEMA, JAN RUDOLPH. - De beteekenis der woorden onrechtmatig en schuld, in art. 1401 B.W.
%2330393: RÖELL, DANIEL. - De bedongen retributie bij het recht van opstal.
%239509: ROELOFFS, L. - Dubbele belastingheffing van dividenden.
%23121187: ROELOFS, HANS. - Man weiss eigentlich wenig von einander. Arthur Schnitzler und die Niederlande 1895-1940.
%2316792: ROELS, A.B. - De anthropologische grondslag van de staatsleer bij Machiavelli en Rousseau.
%234286: ROELS, F. - Handboek der psychologie.
%2327910: ROELS, F. - Psychologie der reclame.
%2344645: ROELVINK, L.J.M. - Het Wilson-blok. Diss.
%2341560: ROEM, H.A.C. - Structuurphenomenologische systematisering van het menszijn door centraalstelling van de vrijheidsbeleving.
%23148863: ROEMEN, H.C.W. - Maastricht : een geografische, hoofdzakelijk economisch-geografische beschrijving en verklaring der agglomeraties in de gemeente Maastricht.
%23255482: ROEMEN, JACQUES H.J. - Van koetjes en kalfjes : een onderzoek naar de relatie tussen melkprijs en melkaanbod in Nederland in de jaren 1969-1984 op basis van beslissingsmodellen.
%23138960: ROEMER, JOHN E. - Democracy, education, and equality : Graz-Schumpeter lectures.
%23268342: ROEMER, JOHN E. - Free to lose : an introduction to Marxist economic philosophy.
%23244525: ROEMER, CAROLUS HENRICUS A. - De Ivribvs Maiestatis Eorvmqve Speciebvs : Dissertatio Ivris Pvblici Vniversalis ...
%233583: ROEMERS, D. - Onze toekomst.
%233581: ROEMERS, D. - Lonen en prijzen.
%23109844: ROEMKENS,R EN MASTENBROEK - Dan hoor je de vissen ademen. Over belaging en bedreiging van vrouwen dooe hun ex-partner en de beveiiging van het Aware-systeem.
%23136104: ROERMOND. - Gelresche landt ende stadt-rechten, int' Over-Quartier van Ruremonde.
%23110142: ROERMUND, G.C.G.J. VAN. - Wetten en Weten : theorie van het recht: een wijsgerige kritiek.
%23105647: ROERMUND, G.C.G.J. VAN. - Themis' terzijde : omtrekken van rechtsfilosofie.
%23152580: ROERMUND, G.C.G.J. VAN. - Wetten en Weten : theorie van het recht: een wijsgerige kritiek.
%23173960: ROES, A. - A drinking horn of the Viking period.
%2313971: ROES, J.B.M. - Hypotheek : een zakelijk recht. Diss.
%2316375: ROESSEL, G.M.J. VAN. - De ontvankelijkheid in geschillen van bestuur.
%23114410: ROESSINGH, M.P.H. & W. VISSER. - Guide to the sources of the history of Africa south of the Sahara in the Netherlands.
%23256868: ROESSINGH, KAREL HENDRIK - Rechts-modernisme.
%2318075: ROESSINGH, KAREL HENDRIK - De godsdienstwijsgerige problematiek in het denken van Martin Heidegger.
%23117612: ROEST, J. - Medezeggenschap van werknemers bij financieel-economische besluiten : met enige beschouwingen naar Duits recht.
%23252843: ROEST, J. - Medezeggenschap van werknemers bij financieel-economische besluiten : met enige beschouwingen naar Duits recht.
%2330295: ROETHOF, H.J. - De norm in het volkenrecht.
%2354620: ROETZEL, BERNHARD. - De gentleman : handboek van de klassieke herenmode.
%23198243: ROEVER, MARGRIET DE. - Amsterdam : Venetië van het Noorden.
%23658: ROEVER, AREND DE. - De jacht op sandelhout : de VOC en de tweedeling van Timor in de zeventiende eeuw.
%23267938: ROEVER, N. DE (ED.) - Amsterdamsch Jaarboekje voor geschiedenis en letteren, 1890.
%23260962: ROGAAR, P.J. - Documentaire credieten.
%23134920: ROGAWSKI, JONATHAN D. - Automorphic Representations of Unitary Groups in Three Variables.
%23174482: ROGER, JACQUES. - Les sciences de la vie dans la pensée française du XVIIIe siècle : la génération des animaux de Descartes à l'Encyclopédie.
%23225344: ROGERS, KIM LACY. - Life and death in the Delta : African American narratives of violence , resilience , and social change.
%23230866: ROGERS, NICHOLAS. - Mayhem : post-war crime and violence in Britain, 1748-53.
%23133444: ROGERS, JOHN D. - Crime, justice and society in colonial Sri Lanka.
%2333347: ROGERS, RAYMOND - Solving history : the challenge of environmental activism.
%23250704: ROGERS, M H. (EDITOR) - Meta-Programming in Logic Programming.
%23213689: ROGERS, SUSAN CAROL. - Shaping modern times in rural France : the transformation and reproduction of an Aveyronnais community.
%2363062: ROGERS, CARL R. - Individuveel : over encounter-groepen.
%2323157: ROGERS, JACKIE KRASAS - Temps: The Many Faces of the Changing Workplace (ILR Press books)
%23218558: ROGERS, CATHERINE A. & ROGER P. ALFORD. - The future of investment arbitration.
%23159722: ROGERS, DOROTHY G. (ED.) - Women in the St. Louis idealist movement, 1860-1925. Volume 1 : Assorted articles and essays / by Anna C. Brackett, Grace C. Bibb and Ellen M. Mitchell -- Volume 2 : Educational issues in the kindergarten / Susan E. Blow -- Volume 3 : Assorted articles and essays / by Eliza R. Sunderland, Caroline K. Sherman, May Wright Sewall and Lucia Ames Mead -- Volume 4 : Institutional ethics / Marietta Kies.
%2377666: ROGERS, C.R. & B. STEVENS - Intermenselijk: Problemen van het Menszijn.
%23189264: ROGERS, JAMES E. THOROLD. - The industrial and commercial history of England : lectures delivered to the University of Oxford.
%2376933: ROGGE, CHRISTIAN. - Der Notstand der heutigen Sprachwissenschaft : eine Einführung in die Psychologie der sprachschaffenden Menschen.
%2345111: ROGGEMANN, HERWIG & JENS LOWITZSCH. - Privatisierungsinstitutionen in Mittel- und Osteuropa : Einführungen, Übersichten, Kommentare.
%2330472: ROGGEMANN, HERWIG - Der Internationale Strafgerichtshof der Vereinten Nationen von 1993 und der Krieg auf dem Balkan.
%2369317: ROGGER, ANDRÉ & BARBARA HATEBUR (EDS.) - Sammlung Credit suisse : Kunst im Geschäftsumfeld = Credit suisse collection : art in a business context.
%23236948: ROGGEVEEN, ARENT. - The burning fen. Part 1 & 2.
%23248328: ROGIER, L.J.J. (RED.) - Commentaren op het voorontwerp Algemene wet bestuursrecht Vierde tranche.
%23102407: ROGIER, L.J. - Herdenking van P. Geyl (15 december 1887-31 december 1966.).
%23102405: ROGIER, L.J. - Het tijdschrift Katholikon 1827-1830.
%2339871: ROGIER, L.J. (E.A.). - Aspecten van caritas en geneeskunde : gedenkschrift zestigjarig bestaan Onze Lieve Vrouwen Gasthuis te Amsterdam, 1958.
%23246299: ROGIER, L.J.J. (E.A.) - Bestuursrechtelijke aanpak van criminaliteit en terrorisme : verslag van de algemene vergadering van de VAR Vereniging voor Bestuursrecht op 11 mei 2007 ter behandeling van de preadviezen.
%2330550: ROGIER, L.J.J. - De wet Mulder : artikelsgewijs commentaar op de Wet administratief rechtelijke handhaving verkeersvoorschriften.
%23154084: ROGIER, L.J.J. - De wet Mulder. Artikelsgewijs commentaar op de Wet administratief rechtelijke handhaving verkeersvoorschriften.
%23226943: ROGIER, L.J.J. (E.A.) - Bestuursrechtelijke aanpak van criminaliteit en terrorisme : preadviezen.
%238005: ROGIER, L.J. - Evolutie der reclassering. Gedenkschrift bij het 50-jarig bestaan der Katholieke Reclasseringsvereniging.
%23102406: ROGIER, L.J. - Schrikbeeld van een staatsgreep in 1853.
%232678: ROGIER, JAN. - Een ernstig woord aan mijn rooms-katholieke medeburgers : pleidooi voor een volwassen politieke keuze van de katholieke Nederlander.
%2324115: ROGMANS, B.G.P. - Verkeersopvattingen. 3e druk.
%23108004: ROGMANS, B.G.P. - Verkeersopvattingen.
%23228272: ROGOW, ARNOLD A. - A fatal friendship : Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
%2356228: ROGRON, JOSEPH-ADRIEN. - Code civil expliqué par ses motifs et par des exemples, avec la solution, sous chaque article, des difficultés ainsi que des principales questions que présente le texte, et la définition de tous les termes de droit.
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%2350254: SADAT, LEILA NADYA. - The International Criminal Court and the transformation of international law : justice for the new milennium.
%2328645: SADEK, S.E.M. - The balance point between local autonomy and national control. Diss.
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%23263562: SADOWSKI, YAHYA M. - Political Vegetables?: Businessman and Bureaucrat in the Development of Egyptian Agriculture.
%2393654: SADOWSKI, YAHYA M. - Scuds or butter ? : the political economy of arms control in the Middle East.
%23268523: SADOWSKY, THORSTEN (ED.) - Georg Baselitz : Besuch bei Ernst Ludwig.
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%2399266: SADRI, AHMAD. - Max Weber's sociology of intellectuals.
%23246318: SADURSKI, WOJCIECH. - Political rights under stress in 21st century Europe.
%23111903: SADURSKI, WOJCIECH (ED.) - Ethical dimensions of legal theory.
%2342916: SAFA, ELIE. - L'Émigration libanaise.
%23151303: SAFADI, YASIN HAMID. - Islamic calligraphy.
%23248324: SAFAK, ELIF. - Het luizenpaleis.
%23263600: SAFER, SAMANTHA ERIN. - Zandra Rhodes : textile revolution : medals, wiggles and pop 1961-1971.
%23193031: SAFFERLING, CHRISTOPH. - International criminal procedure.
%23106304: SAFRAI, S. & M. STERN (EDS.) - The Jewish People in the First Century : historical geography, political history, social, cultural and religious life and institutions.
%23131223: SAFRAN, NADAV. - Saudi Arabia : the ceaseless quest for security.
%23268133: SAFRANSKI, RÜDIGER. - Martin Heidegger : between good and evil.
%23270450: SAFRANSKI, RÜDIGER. - Wieviel Wahrheit braucht der Mensch? : über das Denkbare und das Lebbare.
%2324978: SAGAR, K. - The life of D.H. Lawrence.
%2323355: SAGAY, I.E. - International law and the Southern African situation.
%23244577: SAGEL, J. - Geneesmiddelenwetgeving.
%2335013: SAGEL, J. - Geneesmiddelenwetgeving.
%23243036: SAGEL-GRANDE, IRENE (ED.). - Youth : summer holidays in a Dutch correctional institution for juveniles : the EU Leonardo da Vinci project.
%2375633: SAGEL-GRANDE, IRENE. - Hate crime : comparative law annotations : regarding Bulgaria, England & Wales, Germany, Malta, Northern Ireland.
%23270219: SAGEL-GRANDE, IRENE. - La Systeme de sanctions pénales et de contrôle de la délinquance juvénile aux Pays-Bas : présentation et analyse de projectos HALT - l'alternative.
%23146792: SAGER, ERIC W. & GERALD E. PANTING - Maritime Capital : the Shipping Industry in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914.
%2373760: SAGER, C.J. - Marriage contracts and couple therapy. Hidden forces in intimate relationships.
%23225954: SÄGER, EUGEN. - Die Vertretung der Kirchengeschichte i Freiburg von den Anfängen bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts : ein Beitrag zur Schulgeschichte der Aufklärung.
%23239207: SAGGAR, SHAMIT. - Pariah politics understanding Western radical Islamism and what should be done.
%23131797: SÄGMÜLLER, JOHANN BAPTIST. - Die Papstwahlen und die Staaten von 1447-1555 (Nikolaus V. bis Paul IV) : eine kirchen-rechtlich-historische Untersuchung über den Anfang des staatlichen Rechtes der Exklusive in der Papstwahl.
%2351361: SAGNER-DÜCHTING, KARIN. - Monet and modernism.
%23189087: SAHAGÚN, BERNARDINO DE. - Bernardino de Sahagún's Psalmodia Christiana (Christian Psalmody).
%2389314: SAHLIYEH, EMILE F. - In search of leadership : West Bank politics since 1967.
%23218542: SAHNER, HEINZ ... [ET AL.] - Zur Lage der Freien Berufe 1989 : Empirischer Überblick, soziologische, wirtschaftswissenschaftliche und rechtswissenschaftliche Betrachtung: Teil I.
%23208271: SAHU, B. P. - Iron and social change in early India.

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