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%23258404: WASSERSCHLEBEN, HERMANN. - Sammlung deutscher Rechtsquellen. Band 2: Deutsche Rechtsquellen des Mittelalters.
%2310578: WASSING, AART. - Het tuchtrecht van het publiekvoetbal.
%23250381: WASSMANN, JÜRG (ED.) - Pacific answers to Western hegemony : cultural practices of identity construction.
%23249523: WASZAK, TOMASZ. - Das zerstreute Kunstwerk und die Zusammenleser über Multitextualität als literarisches Motiv , theoretisches Konzept und empirische Rezeptionspraxis , mit besonderer Berücksichtigung eines Bernhardschen Multitexts.
%23199974: WASZINK, J.H. - Verzamelde opstellen.
%2361309: WATANABE, MASAO. - The Japanese and Western science.
%23255382: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - World report 2010 : events of 2009.
%2357646: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Slaughter among neighbors : the political origins of communal violence.
%23161732: AMERICAS WATCH. - El Salvador's decade of terror : human rights since the assassination of Archbishop Romero.
%233567: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Death by default : a policy of fatal neglect in China's state orphanages.
%2388893: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Dangerous Minds: Political Psychiatry in China Today and Its Origins in the Mao Era.
%23228311: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Angola Unravels: The Rise and Fall of the Lusaka Peace Process.
%23228299: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Cuba's Repressive Machinery: Human Rights Forty Years After the Revolution.
%23228314: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Justice in the Balance: Recommendations for an Independent and Effective International Criminal Court.
%23228408: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - U.S.: Cold Storage -- Supermaximum Security in Indiana.
%23229262: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Rwanda: Shattered Lives-- Sexual Violence During the Rwandan Genocide.
%2342485: HELSINKI WATCH. - Towards the rule of law : Soviet legal reform and human rights under Perestroika.
%23230743: MIDDLE EAST WATCH. - Human Rights in Iraq.
%2386004: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - The Unfair Advantage: Workers' Freedom of Association in the United States Under International Human Rights Standards.
%2383556: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - From the household to the factory : sex discrimination in the Guatemala Labor Force.
%23224247: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Justice in the Balance: Recommendations for an Independent and Effective International Criminal Court..
%23217311: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Hidden in Plain View: Refugees Living without Protection in Nairobi and Kampala.
%2365904: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Landmine Monitor Report 2000: Toward a Mine-Free World.
%2365909: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - Landmine Monitor Report 2001: Toward a Mine-Free World.
%23228645: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. - War Without Quarter: Columbia and International Humanitarian Law.
%23102653: WATERBOLK, H.T. - Tussen Rhee en Rolde: verslag van een archeologische zoektocht.
%2343185: WATERS, EVERETT - Caregiving, Cultural, and Cognitive Perspectives on Secure-Base Behavior and Working Models: New Growing Points on Attachment Theory and Research ... Society for Research in Child Development).
%23253985: WATERS, DONALD. - Operations Management : Producing Goods and Services
%23204149: WATERS, KRISTIN. - Women and men political theorists : enlightened conversations.
%2360079: WATKIN, THOMAS GLYN. - The nature of law.
%23171897: WATKIN, THOMAS G. (ED.) - Legal record and historical reality : proceedings of the Eighth British Legal History Conference Cardiff 1987.
%23190491: WATKIN, JULIA. - Kierkegaard.
%23130494: WATKINS, E. SIEGEL - On the Pill : a Social History of Oral Contraceptives, 1950-1970
%2364411: WATSON, GEORGE RONALD. - The Roman soldier.
%23187526: WATSON, RICHARD A. - Cogito, ergo sum : the life of René Descartes.
%23115175: WATSON, JAY. - Forensic fictions : the lawyer figure in Faulkner.
%23185575: WATSON, TONY J. - Sociology, work and industry.
%23110702: WATSON, STEPHEN H. - Extensions : essays on interpretations, rationality and closure of modernism.
%23152464: WATSON, ALAN. - Joseph Story and the comity of errors : a case study in the conflict of laws.
%23149722: WATSON, R.S. & EBREY, P. BUCKLEY - Marriage and Inequality in Chinese Society.
%23175672: WATSON, STEVEN. - Prepare for saints : Gertrude Stein, Virgil Thomson, and the mainstreaming of American modernism.
%23263367: WATSON, MARK W. (ED.) - Business Cycles, Indicators, and Forecasting (National Bureau of Economic Research Studies in Income and Wealth).
%23234894: WATSON, STEVEN. - Strange bedfellows : the first American avant-garde.
%23241703: WATSON, GEORGE RONALD. - The Roman soldier.
%2379419: WATSON, ALAN. - Contract of mandate in Roman law.
%2379421: WATSON, ALAN. - The law of obligations in the later Roman Republic.
%2379422: WATSON, ALAN. - The law of persons in the later Roman Republic.
%2379423: WATSON, ALAN. - The law of property in the later Roman Republic.
%23147042: WATSON, STEPHEN H. - Tradition(s) : refiguring community and virtue in classical German thought.
%23156521: WATSON, STEPHEN H. - Extensions. Essays on interpretations, rationality and closure of modernism.
%2361350: WATSON, ADAM, - Diplomacy : the dialogue between states.
%23218392: WATSON, KATHERINE. - Poisoned lives : English poisoners and their victims.
%23111526: WATT, JEFFREY R. - The making of modern marriage : matrimonial control and the rise of sentiment in Neuchâtel, 1550-1800.
%23261766: [GRASSELLI, MARGARET MORGAN ... ET AL.], WATTEAU, JEAN ANTOINE. - Watteau, 1684-1721 : National Gallery of Art, Washington, 17 juin - 23 septembre 1984, Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, 23 octobre 1984 - 28 janvier 1985, Château de Charlottenbourg, Berlin, 22 février - 26 mai 1985.
%23100316: WATTENBERG, MARTIN P. - The decline of American political parties , 1952-1994.
%23111831: WATTENBERG, MARTIN P. - The decline of American political parties , 1952-1980.
%23128951: WATTERICH, JOHANN MATTHIAS. - Pontificum Romanorum vitae, qui fuerint inde ab exeunte saeculo ix usque ad finem saeculi xiii, ab aequelibus conscriptae, quas ex archivi pontificii, Bibliothecae Vaticanae aliarumque codicibus, adiectis suis cuique ex annalibus et documentis graviorbus editae.
%23144139: WATTERS, R. F. - Poverty and peasantry in Peru & Southern Andes, 1963-90.
%23129297: WATTS MILLER, W. - Durkheim : Morals and Modernity.
%23217863: WAUGH, PROFESSOR EARLE - The Muslim Community in North America.
%2341831: WAUTISCHER, HELMUT - Ontology of Consciousness: Percipient Action (Bradford Book).
%23239056: WAUTISCHER, HELMUT (ED.) - Ontology of consciousness : percipient action.
%23171903: WAWN, ANDREW (ED.) - Northern Antiquity : the post-medieval reception of Edda and Saga.
%2373420: WAX, STEVEN T. - Kafka Comes to America: Fighting for Justice in the War on Terror - A Public Defender's Inside Account.
%23233942: WEALE, ADRIAN - Army of Evil: A History of the SS.
%23149750: WEAMYS, ANNA - A Continuation of Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia.
%23110722: WEAR, ANDREW A.O. (EDS.). - Doctors and ethics: The earlier historical setting of professional ethics.
%2376358: WEARING, J.P. ... [ET AL.] (ED.) - G.B. Shaw : an annotated bibliography of writings about him. Volume 1: 1871-1830; Vol. 2: 1931-1956; Vol. 3: 1957-1978.
%2348437: WEATHERSTONE, JOHN. - Tea--A Journey in Time: Pioneering and Trials in the Jungle.
%23150905: WEAVER, WARREN. - Wetenschap en verbeeldingskracht : een keuze uit het werk van Warren Weaver.
%23248067: WEAVER, KIMBERLY. - The violent universe : joyrides through the x-ray cosmos.
%23148715: WEAVER, R. KENT. - The Collapse of Canada ?.
%23231126: WEBB, MICHAEL - Steven Ehrlich: A Dynamic Serenity----House Design.
%23155378: WEBB, THOMAS E. - The intellectualism of Locke. An essay.
%2329342: WEBB, A. DINSMORE (ED.) - Chemistry of Winemaking.
%23249468: WEBB, JAMES L. A. - Tropical pioneers : human agency and ecological change in the highlands of Sri Lanka , 1800-1900.
%2349259: WEBB, STEPHEN H. - Dylan Redeemed: From Highway 61 to Saved.
%2340274: WEBB, BYRON HORTON. - Fundamentals of dairy chemistry. 2nd edition.
%23169919: WEBB, BYRON HORTON. - Byproducts from milk.
%23148366: WEBEL, CHARLES. - Terror, terrorism, and the human condition.
%2347959: WEBER, LUC - Reinventing the research university.
%2315642: WEBER, B.N. & H. HEINEN. - Bertolt Brecht : political theory and literary practice.
%23131597: WEBER, WILHELM. - Princeps : Studien zur geschichte des Augustus.
%23111304: WEBER, MAX. - Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft : Grundriss der verstehende Soziologie. 1. & 2. Halbband.
%2379425: WEBER, WERNER. - Die politische Klausel in den Konkordaten. Staat und Bischofsamt.
%23241384: WEBER, THOMAS - Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War.
%23253217: WEBER, W.M. - De meningen van filosofen : 9 dwarse doorsneden door de westerse filosofie. Deel 3-I. Boek I : Geloven en weten; Boek II. Het bestaan van God.
%23253881: WEBER, DENNIS (ED.) - Traditional and alternative routes to European tax integration : primary law, secondary law, soft law, coordination, comitology and their relationship.
%235585: WEBER, MAX. - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Wissenschaftslehre.
%23254504: WEBER, MARCEL. - Philosophy of experimental biology.
%23253215: WEBER, W.M. - De meningen van filosofen : 9 dwarse doorsneden door de westerse filosofie. Deel 1. Boek 1 : Het bestaan van de buitenwereld; Boek 2 : De ruimte.
%23137411: WEBER, MAX. - Zur Geschichte der Handelsgesellschaften im Mittelalter. Nach Südeuropäischen Quellen.
%23102655: WEBER, R.E.J. - De seinboeken voor Nederlandse oorlogsvloten en konvooien tot 1690.
%235500: WEBER, MAX. - The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism with other writings on the rise of the west.
%2379424: WEBER, MAX. - Ehefrau und Mutter in der Rechtsentwicklung: eine Einführung.
%2379427: WEBER, WOLFGANG. - Die Constitutiones Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae des Kardinals Aegidius Albornoz von 1357 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Strafrechtsnormen.
%2379533: WEBER, MAX. - The theory of social and economic organization.
%23155420: WEBER, MAX. - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Wissenschaftslehre.
%23157424: WEBER, REINHOLD W. - Die Entstehungsgeschichte des Hitler-Stalin-Paktes 1939.
%2376694: WEBER, TOM. - All the heroes are dead: the ecology of John Steinbeck's Cannery Row.
%2359903: WECHEM, T.H.M. VAN & J.A. PONTIER. - Europese conflictregels voor de overeenkomst en de onrechtmatige daad: Rome I en II : zicht op zekerheid nog ver weg : preadviezen.
%23212577: WEDEKIND, W.G.PH.E. - Aan Wil besteed : bundel opstellen aangeboden op 22 mei 2003 aan prof. mr. W.G.Ph.E. Wedekind ter gelegenheid van zijn vijfenzestigste verjaardag op 26 mei 2003.
%23132447: WEDZINGA, W. - Openlijke Geweldpleging.
%2356115: WEDZINGA, W. - Openlijke Geweldpleging.
%23172625: WEED, ELIZABETH, - Feminism meets queer theory.
%2323119: WEEKS, KENT. - Mastabas of Cemetery G 6000. Including G 6010 (Neferbauptah); G 6020 (Iymery); G 6030 (Ity); G 6040 (Shepseskafamkh).
%23204095: WEEL, BASTIAAN JOHAN TER. - The computerization of the labour market.
%23249312: WEELE, CORNELIA NEELTJU VAN DER. - Images of development : environmental causes in ontogeny.
%2345497: WEELE, J.J. VAN DER. - Wet gelijke behandeling van mannen en vrouwen.
%2355434: WEERAMANTRY, C.G. (ED.) - Human rights and scientific and technological development : studies on the affirmative use of science and technology for the furtherance of human rights.
%23255011: WEERAMANTRY, C.G. - The slumbering sentinels: law and human rights in the wake of technology.
%23108362: WEERNEKERS, JAN. - De theologie van Angelus Merula, met name onderzocht op invloeden vanuit de reformatie.
%2390781: WEERS, A. VAN. - Staat en persoon : de politieke filosofie van Emmanuel Mounier.
%2381052: WEEZEL, MAX VAN & LEONARD ORNSTEIN. - Frits Bolkestein: Portret van een liberale vrijbuiter.
%23191566: WEGE, JOACHIM. - Positives Recht und sozialer Wandel im demokratischen und sozialen Rechtsstaat.
%23131596: WEGELE, FRANZ XAVER VON. - Geschichte der Universität Würzburg. Im Auftrag des akademischen Senats verfasst.
%23213250: WEGELIN, E.A. - Urban low-income housing and development: A case study in Peninsular Malaysia (Studies in Development and Planning).
%23190749: WEGELIN,MARGREET M. - Moeders en vaders, scheiden en delen : constructies van gelijkheid in de verdeling van het ouderschap na echtscheiding.
%2379463: WEGENER, CHARLES. - The discipline of taste and feeling.
%23201226: WEGGEMAN, JOHAN. - Controversiële besluitvorming : opkomst en functioneren van groen polderoverleg.
%23152417: WEGMANN, KONRAD ... [ET AL.] - Studien zum chinesischen Recht. Band 2: Theoretische Grundlagen zum Staatsrecht, Strafverfahrensrecht und zur Kriminologie in der VR China.
%23251075: WEGNER, PETER (EDITOR) - Research Directions in Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming.
%23127322: WEGNER, G. (ED.) - White Dwarfs.
%2392268: WEGNER, JUDITH ROMNEY. - Chattel or person? The status of women in the Mishnah.
%23263741: WEI, YEHUA DENNIS - Regional Development in China: States, Globalization and Inequality.
%23240566: WEIBEL, PETER (ED.) - Rosalie Light-Art: the Universal Theater of Light.
%23149563: WEIDENFELD, WERNER. - America and Europe : is the break inevitable ?.
%23148595: WEIDENFELD, WERNER (ED.) - From alliance to coalitions : the future of transatlantic relations.
%23181102: WEIDLICH, THOM. - Appointment denied : The inquisition of Bertrand Russell.
%2398885: WEIER, WILFRIED. - Phänomene und Bilder des Menschseins. Grundlegung einer dimensionalen Anthropologie.
%2321550: WEIERMAIR, PETER. - The Nude: Ideal and Reality--Photography
%23128306: WEIERS, MICHAEL (ED.) - Die Mongolen: Beiträge zu Ihrer Geschichte und Kultur.
%23246669: WEIGHTMAN, GAVIN. - The Industrial Revolutionaries: The Making of the Modern World, 1776-1914
%2374056: WEIJ, L.R. VAN DER. - De rechter als dictator? Dynamiek in de trias. Verschuivingen in de verhouding regelgeving, bestuur en rechtspraak. RAIO-congres bundel 18 en 19 maart 1987 Velthoven.
%2341299: WEIJDEN, ROBBERT JAN VAN DER. - De faillissementspauliana.
%23185638: WEIJERMANS, LEOPOLD HENRI. - De genitivus inhaerentiae in het Latijn.
%2317818: WEIJERS, I. - Jeugdige dader, volwassen straf?
%23146497: WEIJERS, OLGA (ED.) - Les Questions de Craton et leurs commentaires.
%23203753: WEIJERS, OLGA - Begrip of tegenspraak? : analyse van een middeleeuwse onderzoekmethode.
%23189822: WEIJLAND, HERMINA JOHANNA WILHELMINA. - Distributive forces in economic development processes : an analysis of the changing structure of income inequality in developing countries.
%23102658: WEIJNEN, A. - Naar aanleiding van de taalkaart van morgen.
%23230024: WEIJNEN, A.A. - Oude woordlagen in de zuidelijk-centrale dialecten.
%23100944: WEIJNEN, A. - Algemene en vergelijkende dialectologie = General and comparative dialectology : een verzameling studies van A. Weijnen : met inleiding, bibliografie en summaries in English bij gelegenheid van zijn vijfenzestigste verjaardag.
%2358972: WEIJNEN, A.A. - Woordvorming in de Noordoostnederlandse dialecten : een verkenning.
%2377722: WEIJS, R.J. DE. - Faillissementspauliana, Insolvenzanfechtung & transaction avoidance in insolvencies : naar een geobjectiveerde regeling van schuldeisersbenadeling.
%23139183: WEIJS, R.J. DE. - Faillissementspauliana, Insolvenzanfechtung & transaction avoidance in insolvencies : naar een geobjectiveerde regeling van schuldeisersbenadeling.
%23173550: WEIJTENS, M.J.P.M. - Nathan en Shylock in de Lage Landen : de Jood in het werk van de Nederlandse letterkundigen uit de negentiende eeuw.
%23119896: WEIL, HENRY. - Mélanges Henri Weil (1808-1909). Recueil de mémoires concernant l'histoire et la littérature Grecques dédié à Henri Weil à l'occasion de son 80e anniversaire.
%2366491: WEIL, SIMONE. - Note sur la suppression generale des partis politiques.
%2331687: WEILER, JOSEPH ... [ET AL.] - International Crimes of State: A Critical Analysis of the ILC's Draft Article 19 on State Responsibility (European University Institute - Series a).
%2375768: WEILER, A.G. (E.A.). - Structuralisme : voor en tegen.
%23250803: WEILER, PAUL C. - Medical malpractice on trial.
%2379428: WEILL, GEORGES. - L'école Saint-Simonnienne : son histoire, son influence jusqu'à nos jours.
%2379429: WEILL, GEORGES. - Un précurseur du socialisme: Saint Simon et son oeuvre.
%23219157: WEILL, GEORGES. - Histoire du mouvement social en France, 1852-1924.
%23158369: WEILNBÖCK, HARALD. - Was die Wange röthet, kann nicht übel seyn : Die Beziehungsanalyse der Entfremdung bei Hölderlin und Heidegger.
%23198017: WEINBERG, GERHARD L. - Visions of victory : the hopes of eight World War II leaders.
%23166210: WEINBERG, SAUL S. - The Southeast Building, the Twin Basilicas, the Mosaic House.
%2361067: WEINBERGER, OTA. - Theorie der Normen : Festgabe für Ota Weinberger zum 65. Geburtstag.
%23234645: WEINER, HERBERT. - Perturbing the organism : the biology of stressful experience.
%23129922: WEINER, JAMES F. - The Lost Drum. The Myth of Sexuality in Papua New Guinea and Beyond.
%23231473: WEINER, SUSAN (ED.) - The French Fifties.
%2337626: WEINER, IRVING B. & ALLEN K. HESS (EDS.) - Handbook of forensic psychology.
%2345462: WEINER, JAMES F. - Mountain Papuans. Historical and comperative perspectives from New Guinea Fringe Highland Societies.
%23153124: WEINER, JONATHAN - Time, love, memory: a great biologist and his quest for the origins of behaviour.
%23120700: WEINGARTNER, PAUL & GEORG J.W. DORN (EDS.) - Studies on Mario Bunge's Treatise.
%23220914: WEINHOLD, ULRIKE. - Emailmalerei an Augsburger Goldschmiedearbeiten von 1650 bis 1750.
%23239631: WEINMAN, MICHAEL. - Pleasure in Aristotle's ethics.
%23250814: WEINREB, LLOYD L. - Oedipus at Fenway Park : what rights are and why there are any.
%23250363: WEINREB, LLOYD L. - Natural law and justice.
%23163270: WEINREICH, OTTO - Ausgewaehlte Schriften. Band 2: 1922-1937. (Philologische Schriften).
%23163275: WEINREICH, OTTO - Ausgewaehlte Schriften. Band 1: 1907-1921. (Philologische Schriften).
%23163295: WEINREICH, OTTO - Ausgewaehlte Schriften. Band 3: 1937 1970. (Philologische Schriften).
%23231897: WEINRIB, ERNEST J. - Corrective justice.
%23179676: WEINRIB, ERNEST (ED.) - Tort Law.
%23227176: WEINSTEIN, CINDY (ED.) - The Cambridge companion to Harriet Beecher Stowe.
%2331410: WEINSTEIN, DAVID. - Utilitarianism and the New Liberalism.
%23209060: WEINSTEIN, MIRIAM. - De gouden sleutel : een biografie van de Jiddische taal.
%2330891: WEINSTEIN, F. - History and theory after the fall. An essay on interpretation.
%23180601: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - MacArthur's war : Korea and the undoing of an American hero.
%23256889: WEIR, J.A. & D.G.T. WILLIAMS - Compensation for personal injuries and death : recent proposals for reform / The accountability of the police : two studies.
%23232920: WEIR, J.A. & D.G.T. WILLIAMS - Compensation for personal injuries and death : recent proposals for reform / The accountability of the police : two studies.
%23134101: WEISE, BERND. - Hubertus Giebe : Malerei 1974-1997.
%23233043: WEISHAUPT, J. TIMO - From the Manpower Revolution to the Activation Paradigm: Explaining Institutional Continuity and Change in an Integrating Europe.
%23260250: WEISLER, STEVEN E. & SLAVKO MILEKIC. - Theory of language.
%23218373: WEISS, THOMAS G. - Military-civilian interactions : intervening in humanitarian crises.
%2357864: WEISS, F. & WOOLDRIDGE, F. - Free Movement of Persons within the European Community. 2nd edition.
%23236789: WEISS, ANITA M. - Islamic Reassertion in Pakistan: The Application of Islamic Laws in a Modern State.
%23243442: WEISS, THOMAS G. - Collective Security in a Changing World (A World Peace Foundation Study).
%23109900: WEISS, THEODORE J. - Food oils and their uses.
%23110712: WEISS, PAUL. - Toward a perfected state.
%23240351: WEISS, THOMAS G. & LARRY MINEAR (EDS.) - Humanitarianism across borders : sustaining civilians in times of war.
%23235358: WEISS, MARGARET., LILY TROKENBERG HECHTMAN & GABRIELLE WEISS. - ADHD in adulthood : a guide to current theory, diagnosis, and treatment.
%2390399: WEISS, DAVID W. - The wings of the dove: Jewish values, science and Halachah.
%23256513: WEISS, JEFFREY S., VALERIE J. FLETCHER, KATHRYN A. TUMA. - Picasso : the cubist portraits of Fernande Olivier.
%2379430: WEISS, EGON. - Griechisches Privatrecht auf rechtsvergleichender Grundlage. 1. Band: Allgemeine Lehren.
%2379432: WEISS, EGON. - Studien zu den römischen Rechtsquellen.
%23131792: WEISS, F. & WOOLDRIDGE, F. - Free Movement of Persons within the European Community.
%23191889: WEISS, LEONARD W. (ED.) - Concentration and price.
%23241506: WEISS, LINDA. - The myth of the powerless state.
%23169959: WEISS, PAUL. - Emphatics.
%23247396: WEISS, BERNHARD. - Michael Dummett.
%2392182: WEISS, PAUL. - Being and other realities.
%23165948: WEISS, PAUL. - Creative ventures.
%23241661: WEISS, ROBERT STUART. - The experience of retirement.
%2388416: WEISSBACH, LEE SHAI. - Child labor reform in nineteenth-century France : assuring the future harvest.
%23220907: WEISSER, ELISABETH. - Georg Lukacs' Heidelberger Kunstphilosophie.
%2312876: WEISSER, MICHAEL R. - Crime and punishment in early modern Europe.
%23176459: WEISSMAN, STEPHEN R. - A culture of deference : Congress's failure of leadership in foreign policy.
%23246599: WEISSMAN, FABRICE (ED). - In the shadow of 'just wars' : violence, politics, and humanitarian action.
%2341906: WEISSMAN, DAVID. - The Cage: Must, Should, And Ought from Is.
%23110670: WEISSMAN, DAVID. - Intuition and ideality.
%23249320: WEISSMANN, GERALD. - Galileo's gout : science in an age of endarkenment.
%23222352: WEISSMANN, GERALD. - Galileo's gout : science in an age of endarkenment.
%23192144: WEISSMANN, GERALD. - Darwin's Audubon : science and the liberal imagination : new and selected essays.
%23262951: WEISSMARK, MONA SUE & DANIEL A. GIACOMO - Doing psychotherapy effectively.
%23160088: WEISWEILER, WILHELM - Geschichte des rheinpreussischen Notariates. 2 Volumes. Band 1.: Die franzoesische Zeit; Band 2.: Die preussische Zeit.
%2325829: WEISZ, GEORGE - Divide and Conquer: A Comparative History of Medical Specialization
%23204669: WEITZ, JOHN - Hitler's Diplomat: The Life and Times of Joachim von Ribbentrop.
%23263216: WEITZMAN, MARTIN L. - The share economy : conquering stagflation
%23262659: WEITZMAN, MARTIN L. - The share economy : conquering stagflation
%2317640: WEIWEI, AI. - Becoming : images of Beijing's air teminal 3
%2317096: WEIWEI, AI. - Ai Weiwei : Interlacing.
%23174643: WEIZÄCKER, RICHARD VON. - Vier tijdperken : herinneringen.
%2341193: WEIZSÄCKER, C.C. V. - Barriers to Entry. A theoretical treatment.
%23121002: WEKKING, JOOP. - Untersuchungen zur Rezeption der nationalsozialistischen Weltanschauung in den konfessionellen Periodika der Niederlande 1933-1940. Ein Beitrag zur komparatistischen Imagologie.
%23224998: WELCH, LARRY D. (FOREWORD) - The Coming Crisis: Nuclear Proliferation, U.S. Interests, and World Order.
%23137715: WELCH, JR. RICHARD E. - George Frisbie Hoar and the Half-Breed Republicans.
%2374092: WELCH, EVELYN S. - Shopping in the Renaissance: Consumer Cultures in Italy, 1400-1600.
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%23192908: WINTERMEYER, ROLF & KARL ZIEGER (EDS.) - Les jeunes viennois ont pris de l'âge : Les oeuvres tardives des auteurs du groupe Jung Wien et de leurs contemporains autrichiens.
%2374119: WINTERS, EDWARD - Aesthetics and Architecture.
%23258847: WINTERS, L. ALAN (ED.) - Foundations of an Open Economy: Trade Laws and Institutions for Eastern Europe.
%23253111: WINTGENS, LUC J. (ED.) - The law in philosophical perspectives : my philosophy of law.
%23256294: WINTHER-TAMAKI, BERT. - Maximum embodiment: Yoga, the western painting of Japan, 1912-1955.
%23181469: WIPPLER, REINHARD. - Sociologie tussen empirie en theorie : een keuze uit het werk, 1970-1996.
%23246268: WIPPMAN, DAVID. - International Law and Ethnic Conflict
%23164275: WIRT, FREDERICK M. - We ain't what we was : civil rights in the new South.
%2379365: WIRTZ, HANS-JOACHIM. - Die Gülte im Babenhausener Recht des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts.
%2317549: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Adrian Schiess : Farbräume : Zusammenarbeit mit den Architekten Herzog & de Meuron und Gigon Guyter 1993-2003 = Colorspaces : coÖperation with the architects Herzog & de Meuron and Gigon/Guyer 1993-2003.
%2317550: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Wasser, Schichte, Horizonte : Henri Bava, Michel Hoessler, Olver Philippe.
%2317515: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Matthias Ackermann.
%2317514: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Steinmann & Schmidt
%2317457: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Durrer Linggi.
%2317579: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Eaux, strates, horizons : Henri Bava, Michel Hoessler, Olver Philippe.
%2317580: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Schweingruber Zulauf.
%2317341: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Tony Fretton Architects : London.
%2317507: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Frei & Ehrensperger.
%2317528: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Althammer Hochuli.
%2317529: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Schneider & Schneider.
%2317508: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Giraudi Wettstein.
%2317306: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Enzmann+Fischer.
%2317304: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Marcel Ferrier.
%2317340: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Buildings : Dieter Jüngling and Andreas Hagmann .
%2317589: WIRTZ, HEINZ (ED.) - Kartesianische Höhlen = Cartesian Caves : Schulhaus / School building Eichmatt, Cham/Hünenberg.
%23110692: WISDO, D. - The life of irony and the ethics of belief.
%2352602: WISE, EDWARD M. - International Criminal Law: Cases and Materials.
%23136016: WISE, MICHAEL OWEN - Thunder in Gemini : and Other Essays on the History, Language and Literature of Second Temple Palestine.
%23235729: WISE, DAVID - The Economics of Aging.
%23207955: WISE, SARAH. - The Italian boy : murder and grave-robbery in 1830s London.
%2345992: WISE, EDWARD M. - International Criminal Law Cases and Materials : Portable Pamphlet.
%23234991: WISE, DAVID - Pensions, Labor, and Individual Choice (National Bureau of Economic Research Project Report)
%232344: WISER, WILLIAM. - The twilight years : Paris in the 1930's.
%2345939: WISHNA, VICTOR - In Their Company: Portraits of American Playwrights.
%2358248: WISHNIA, JUDITH. - The proletarianizing of the fonctionnairies : civil service workers and the labor movement in the Third Republic.
%23259053: WISKERKE, EVERT MATTHIJS. - De waardering voor de zeventiende-eeuwse literatuur tussen 1780 en 1813.
%23239624: WISNEWSKI, JEREMY. - Wittgenstein and ethical inquiry : a defense of ethics as clarification.
%23109990: WISSE, PIETER E. - Het experiment Buitenlandse Zaken : overwegingen rondom geautomatiseerde informatievoorziening.
%2329402: WISSE, PIETER E. - Informatiekundige ontwerpleer : strategieën in objectgerichtheid.
%23194279: WISSE, PIETER E. - Semiosis & sign exchange : design for a subjective situationism, including conceptual grounds of business information modeling.
%233794: WISSELING, M.A. - Privacy en belastingbetaler : aspecten van fiscale strafvordering en fiscale inlichtingenplicht. Diss.
%23117256: WISSEMA, JOHAN G. - De kunst van strategisch management : invoering , toepassing , trends.
%237035: WISSEN, G.J.M. VAN. - Grondrechten.
%23248014: WISSENBURG, MARCEL L.J. - Justice from a distance : an outline of a liberal theory of social justice.
%23125190: ÖSTERREICHISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN (ED.) - Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Österreichs.
%23260823: ÖSTERREICHISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN (ED.) - Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Österreichs. Band 2.
%23260824: ÖSTERREICHISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN (ED.) - Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Österreichs.
%23259345: WISSING, PIETER VAN. - Stookschriften: Pers en politiek tussen 1780 en 1800.
%2397984: WISSINK, WILLEM LUBERT. - Ontworpen en ontstaan : een praktijktheoretische analyse van het debat over het provinciale omgevingsbeleid.
%23253752: WISSINK, M.H. & T.H.M. VAN WECHEM (EDS.) - Betalingsachterstanden bij handelstransacties : de richtlijn betalingsachterstanden in het Nederlandse recht.
%23107908: WIT, M.A.C. DE. - Het goed werkgeverschap als intermediair van normen in het arbeidsrecht.
%23118101: WIT, F.A. DE. - Macht en onmacht van Immanuel Kants natuurconcept; Een filosofische reflectie over een verstoorde relatie met de natuur in het licht van de ecologische crisis.
%2366325: WIT, W. DE. - Nationale milieubelastingen en het EG-Verdrag.
%2366613: WIT, D.P.M. DE. - Portfolio management of common stock and real-estate assets.
%23257212: WIT, DIRK DE. - 60+40 is waarschijnlijk honderd : Ahrend: passers, pennen, potloden en projecten.
%239442: WIT, C.D. DE & W.H. SOMERMEYER. - Bevolking in belastingperspectief.
%2387476: WITKIN, ZARA. - An American engineer in Stalin's Russia. The memoirs of Zara Witkin, 1932-1934.
%23221510: WITT, R.E. - Isis in the graeco-roman world.
%23207347: WITT, MICHAEL A. - The future of Chinese capitalism : choices and chances.
%2340965: WITTE, ELS, ANDRÉ ALEN, HUGUES DUMONT, PIERRE VANDERNOOT & ROEL DE GROOF. - De Brusselse negentien gemeenten en het Brussels model = Les dix-neuf communes bruxelloises et le modèle bruxellois.
%2329400: WITTE, BRUNO E.F.M. & CAROLINE J. FORDER (EDS.) - The common law of Europe and the future of legal education = Le droit commun de l'Europe et l'avenir de l'enseignement juridique.
%23213764: WITTE, BRUNO E.F.M. & CAROLINE J. FORDER (EDS.) - The common law of Europe and the future of legal education = Le droit commun de l'Europe et l'avenir de l'enseignement juridique.
%23102684: WITTE, L. - Taxonomy and Biogeography of West African Beach Ostracods.
%2347444: WITTEBROOD, KARIN., JOHN A MICHON - Nederlanders over criminaliteit en rechtshandhaving.
%23193434: WITTEBROOD, K., J.A. MICHON & M.J. TER VOERT. - Nederlanders over criminaliteit en rechtshandhaving.
%23207070: WITTENBERG, DAVID - Philosophy, revision, critique : rereading practices in Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Emerson.
%2396596: WITTERMANS, TAMME. - Social Organization among Ambonese refugees in Holland
%2363422: WITTEVEEN, W.L. ... [ET AL.] - Strafbaarheid van overheden.
%2369474: WITTEVEEN, W.J. - Het theater van de politiek : publieke retorica en de paspoortaffaire.
%23168827: WITTEVEEN, WILLEM & JONATHAN VERSCHUUREN (EDS.) - De fascinatie : wat wetgevingsonderzoekers bezighoudt : berichten uit het Centrum voor wetgevingsvraagstukken.
%23216766: WITTEVEEN, W. ... [ET AL.] - Alternatieve regelgeving : preadviezen van W.J. Witteveen, I. Giesen, J.L. de Wijkerslooth.
%23146961: WITTEVEEN, W.J. - De Geordende Wereld van het Recht: een inleiding.
%231541: WITTEVEEN, WILLEM & BART VAN KLINK. - De sociale rechtsstaat voorbij : twee ontwerpen voor het huis van de rechtsstaat.
%232639: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG. - Brieven.
%23151184: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG. - Wiener Ausgabe / Vienna Edition. Einführung / Introduction.
%23241116: WITTKOWER, RUDOLF. - Grondslagen van de architectuur in het tijdperk van het humanisme.
%23127219: WITTMANN, F.M. & K.A. MUFFAT. - Schenkungsbücher bayerischen Klöster.
%23249659: WITTMANN, VIOLA. - Das Ende des Kampfes : Kämpfen , Siegen und Verlieren in Wolframs Parzival ; zur Konzeptlogik höfischen Erzählens.
%2379367: WITTMAYER, LEO. - Die Weimarer Reichsverfassung.
%23132439: WLADIMIROFF, M. (ED.) - Facetten van economisch strafrecht.
%23116019: WOELDERS, M.O. - Het sultanaat Palembang 1811-1825.
%2396288: WOENIG, F. - Die Pflanzen im alten Aegypten. Ihre Heimat, Geschichte, Kultur und Verwendung...
%2314959: WOENSEL, A.M. VAN. - In de daderstand verheven : beschouwingen over functioneel daderschap in het Nederlandse strafrecht.
%23243255: WOERKUM, CEES VAN. KUIPER, DICK. BOS, ELROY. - Communicatie en innovatie een inleiding.
%23251414: WOESTENBURG, MARTIN & ARJEN BUIJS. - Wie is bang voor de stad?
%233259: WOESTIJNE, KAREL VAN DE. - Wiekslag om de kim. Deel 2 : commentaar en apparaat.
%23249637: WÖGERBAUER, CHRISTINE. - Borges' Blick auf die deutsche Romantik : eine Ästhetik des Marginalen.
%2376296: WOHLFARTH, H. - (ed.). 40 Jahre Kernspaltung : eine Einführung in die Originalliteratur.
%23242033: WÖHRLE, GEORG. - Telemachs Reise : Väter und Söhne in Ilias und Odyssee oder ein Beitrag zur Erforschung der Männlichkeitsideologie in der homerischen Welt.
%23166582: WOJCIEHOWSKI, DOLORA A. - Old masters, new subjects : early modern and poststructuralist theories of will.
%2366206: WOLCHIK, SHARON L. & ALFRED G. MEYER (EDS.) - Women, state, and party in Eastern Europe.
%2392414: WOLDE, ENITH VAN. - Cliëntenparticipatie in de sociale zekerheid : een onderzoek naar de inrichting en juridische normering van cliëntenparticipatie bij de uitvoering van socialezekerheidswetgeving.
%23105705: WOLDRING, HENK E.S. - Identiteit en tolerantie : Nederlandse filosofen aan het begin van de nieuwe tijd.
%23230147: WOLDRING, HENK E.S. - Grote filosofen over jeugd en ouder worden.
%23228879: WOLDRING, HENK E.S. - Mensenrechten en vrede.
%232674: WOLF, SUSAN - Freedom within reason.
%23213232: WOLF, JAN H.D. - Juwelen in de kroon.
%2365739: WOLF, A.L. DE. - Veranderde omstandigheden.
%2321403: WOLF, KEN - Fish Viruses and Fish Viral Diseases (Comstock Book)
%2370587: WOLF, SHELBY - The Braid of Literature: Children's Worlds of Reading.
%23152151: WOLF, M. - A Thrice-Told Tale. Feminism, Post-Modernism & Ethnographic Responsibility.
%23172029: WOLF, W. - Sorption isotherms and water activity of feed materials.
%23262974: WOLF, MARTIN. - Why globalization works.
%2343113: WOLF, MANFRED. - Albert Verwey and English romanticism : a comparative and critical study with original translations.
%23181289: WOLF, HENK DE. - Open Universiteit in Nederland : beeld van een instelling in de voorhoede van de onderwijsvernieuwing.
%2372558: WOLF, ALEXANDER & IRWIN KUTASH. - The primacy of the individual in psychoanalysis in groups.
%2319300: WOLF, PETER DE. - Marktconcentratie en de gevolgen voor winstgevendheid en prijzen. Toegepast onderzoek in Nederlandse bedrijfsklassen en -groepen in de periode van 1950 t/m 1983. Diss.
%23131583: WOLFART, KARL - Die Augsburger Reformation in den Jahren 1533-34.
%23149161: WOLFE, ALAN. - Marginalized in the middle.
%2327528: WOLFE, HARRY P. & DAVID A. NEWMYER. - Aviation Industry Regulation.
%23191897: WOLFE, LINDA. - The murder of dr. Chapman: the Legendary Trials of Lucretia Chapman and Her Lover.
%23249599: WÖLFEL, UTE. - Rede-Welten : zur Erzählung von Geschlecht und Sozialismus in der Prosa Irmtraud Morgners.
%23232082: WOLFEREN, KAREL VAN. - De ondergang van een wereldorde.
%23136452: WOLFEREN, K.G. VAN - Japan : de onzichtbare drijfveren van een wereldmacht.
%2379374: WOLFF, MARTIN. - Private international law.
%23152890: WOLFF, LARRY. - Child abuse in Freud's Vienna : postcards from the end of the world.
%23255454: WOLFF, JOACHIM PHILIPP. - Production is key in the film industry. Evaluatie van het speelfilmbeleid in het kader van het mediabeleid van de Europese Unie.
%23140957: WOLFF, L. - Vatican and Poland in the Age of the Partitions: Diplomatic and Cultural Encounters at the Warsaw Nunciature.
%23190362: WOLFF, HANS JULIUS. - Theorie der Vertretung : Stellvertretung, Organschaft und Repräsentation als soziale und juristische Vertretungsformen. (Organschaft und juristische Person : Untersuchungen zur Rechtstheorie und zum öffentlichen Recht, Band 2).
%2379373: WOLFF, HANS JULIUS. - Organschaft und juristische Person : Untersuchungen zur Rechtstheorie und zum öffentlichen Recht. Band 1. Theorie der juristischen Person und Staatsperson : (Kritik, Theorie und Konstruktion); Band 2. Theorie der Vertretung. (Stellvertretung; Organschaft und Repräsentation als soziale und juristische Vertretungsformen.
%23260180: WOLFF, PETER H. - The development of behavioral states and the expression of emotions in early infancy : new proposals for investigation.
%23189561: WOLFF, ROBERT PAUL. - Understanding Rawls: a reconstruction and critique of 'A theory of justice'.
%2335156: WOLFF, L.J. DE. (RED.). - De prijs voor gezondheid : het Centraal Orgaan Ziekenhuistarieven 1965-1982.
%2396728: WOLFFRAM, DIRK JAN (RED.) - Om het christelijk karakter der natie Confessionelen en de vernieuwing van de maatschappij.
%2396683: WOLFFRAM, DIRK JAN. - Bezwaarden en verlichten : verzuiling in een Gelderse provinciestad Harderwijk 1850-1925.
%23203604: WOLFGANG, LENORA D. - Bliocadran: A Prologue to the Perceval of Chretien De Troyes: An Edition and Critical Study (= Beihefte Zur Zeitschrift Fur Romanische Philologie, 150).
%23260877: WOLFOWITZ, CLARE. - Language style and social space : stylistic choice in Suriname Javanese.
%23157357: WOLFRAM, STEPHEN - The Mathematica book.
%23235925: WOLFRAM, CHARLES W. - Modern legal ethics. Practitioner's edition.
%23158355: WOLFREYS. JULIAN. JOHN BRANNIGAN, RUTH ROBBINS. (EDS.) - The French connections of Jacques Derrida.
%2344440: WOLFS, G.L.M. - Firm internal labour markets in the Netherlands : a contract-theoretical approach. Diss.
%23102688: WOLFSON, D.J. - Welvaart tussen recht en macht.
%23218782: WOLFSON, D.J. - Transactie als bestuurlijke vernieuwing : op zoek naar samenhang in beleid en uitvoering.
%23200796: WOLFSWINKEL, ROLF. - Tussen landverraad en vaderlandsliefde : de collaboratie in naoorlogs proza.
%23201205: WOLFSWINKEL, MICHIEL. - Corporate governance, firm risk and shareholder value of Dutch firms.
%2380669: WOLLENBERG, PETRA (EDITOR) - Urban Reports: Urban strategies and visions in mid-sized cities in a local and global context.
%23109255: WOLLESWINKEL, M.W. - Gevangen in moederschap : gedetineerde vrouwen en het recht op family life.
%23121587: WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY. - Valperga: or, The Life and adventures of Castruccio, Prince of Lucca.
%23184211: WOLPERT, L.EWIS. - The unnatural nature of science.
%2377715: WOLPERT, STANLEY. - A new history of India.
%2325037: WOLSELEY, ROLAND E. - The black press, USA.
%2349253: WOLSTENHOME, G. & J.F. KERSLAKE. - The Royal College of Physicians of London. Portraits. Catalogue II. With essays by R.E.O. Ekkart and D. Piper.
%23243581: WOLTER, MENNO (ED.) - Democratie en beleid in de Europese Gemeenschap.
%2374554: WOLTERS, MATTHIJS JOHANNES JAN. - The business of modularity and the modularity of business.
%23203839: WOLTERS, MENNO. - The Netherlands and EC membership evaluated.
%23260661: WOLTHEKKER, DIRK (RED.) - Een keten van macht : Amsterdam en zijn burgemeesters vanaf 1850.
%23237519: WOLTJER, GEERT. - De economische manier van denken.
%23237474: WOLTJER, GEERT. - De economische manier van denken.
%23164591: WOLTJER, ALEID J.TH. - Wetgever, rechter en het primaat van de gelijkheid : over primaten in het recht.
%2379377: WOLZENDORFF, KURT. - Staatsrecht und Naturrecht in der Lehre vom Widerstandsrecht gegen rechtwidrige Ausübung des Staatsgewalt.
%23120514: WOLZOGEN, CHRISTOPH VON. - Die autonome Relation. Zum Problem der Beziehung im Spätwerk Paul Natorps. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Theorien der Relation.
%23230492: WOMACK, JOHN. - Rebellion in Chiapas : an historical reader.
%23105389: WOMACK, BRANTLY. - The foundations of Mao Zedong's political thought, 1917-1935.
%23242834: WOMACK, KENNETH. - Long and winding roads : the evolving artistry of the Beatles.
%2310972: WONG, THEO E., D.R. DE VLETTER, L. KROOK, J.I.S. ZONNEVELD AND A.J. VAN LOON. - The history of earth sciences in Suriname.
%23259214: WONG, THEO E., DICK A.J. BATJES, JAN DE JAGER (EDS.) - Geology of the Netherlands.
%23241545: WONG, JOSEPH. - Healthy democracies : welfare politics in Taiwan and South Korea.
%23249676: WONG, JOHN - The political economy of China's changing relations with Southeast Asia.
%23193903: WONG, THEO E. (ED.) - Proceedings of the XVth International Congress on Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy, Utrecht, 1-6 August 2003.
%2389105: WOOD, JAMES B. - The nobility of the 'election' of Bayeux, 1463-1666 : continuity through change.
%234529: WOOD, ADRIAN. - North-South trade, employment and inequality : changing fortunes in a skill-driven world.
%23149230: WOOD, A.T. - Limits to autocracy : From Sung Neo-Confucianism to a doctrine of political rights.
%23258723: WOOD, STEPHEN & IAN DEY. - Redundancy: Case Studies in Co-Operation and Conflict.
%2353858: WOOD, ALLEN W. - Kantian Ethics.
%2337254: WOOD, ELIZABETH A. - Performing Justice: Agitation Trials in Early Soviet Russia.
%23234922: WOOD, NANCY. - Vectors of memory : legacies of trauma in postwar Europe.
%23201569: WOOD, ADRIAN (ED.) - Evaluating internetional humanitarian action : reflections from practitioners.
%23130166: WOODBRIDGE, L. & BERRY, E. (EDS.) - True Rites and Maimed Rites : Ritual and Anti-Ritual in Shakespeare and His Age.
%23237495: WOODCOCK, GEORGE. - Aphra Behn : the English Sappho.
%23233895: WOODCOCK, GEORGE. - The marvellous century : archaic man and the awakening of reason.
%23125280: WOODCOCK, MIKE. - Bedrijven zonder blokkades.
%23229587: WOODCOCK, GEORGE. - The marvellous century : archaic man and the awakening of reason.
%2336306: WOODFORD, F.P. - The Ciba Foundation: an analytic history 1949-1974.
%2323086: WOODFORD, SUSAN. - An Introduction to Greek Art

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