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%23263964: PARNWELL, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Environmental Change in South-East Asia: People, Politics and Sustainable Development (Global Environmental Change).
%23184026: PAROLIN, GIANLUCA P. - Citizenship in the Arab World: Kin, Religion and Nation-State.
%23218978: PARR, MARTIN. - Objects.
%23172046: PARRET, HERMAN. - Filosofie en taalwetenschap.
%23141601: PARRISH, THOMAS - Berlin in the Balance: the Blockade : the Airlift : the First Major Battle of the Cold War.
%23257285: PARRY, JONATHAN P. - The politics of patriotism : English liberalism, national identity and Europe, 1830-1886.
%23240558: PARRY, D.L.L. AND PIERRE GIRARD. - France since 1800. Squaring the Hexagon.
%2337404: PARRY, MELANIE (ED.) - Chambers biographical dictionary of women.
%2320234: PARSONS, CRAIG. - A Certain Idea of Europe.
%23241520: PARSONS, CRAIG. - A certain idea of Europe.
%23234046: PARSONS, DEBORAH L. - A cultural history of Madrid : modernism and the urban spectacle.
%23179055: PARSONS, HOWARD L. - Man East and West : essays in East-West philosophy.
%23157508: PARSONS, H.L. - Self, global issues, and ethics.
%23229031: PARTENHEIMER, JÜRGEN. - Varia - Bilder einer Sammlung.
%23155120: PARTINGTON, JONATHAN R. - Linear operators and linear systems : an analytical approach to control theory.
%2363996: PARTOS, GABRIEL. - The world that came in from the cold : perspectives from East and West on the Cold War.
%23109790: PARTRIDGE, COLIN - The making of new cultures: a literary perspective.
%2378920: PARTSCH, JOSEF. - Griechisches Bürgerschaftsrecht. Band 1: Das Recht des altgriechischen Gemeindestaat.
%23237556: PARVIN, PHIL. - Karl Popper.
%2316868: PARYS, JORIS VAN. - Masereel : een biografie.
%2369447: PASQUALETTI, MARTIN J. - The Evolving Landscape: Homer Aschmann's Geography.
%238639: PASSAS, NIKOS (ED.) - Organized crime.
%2384950: PASSET, JOANNE - Sex Variant Woman: The Life of Jeanette Howard Foster.
%23140940: PASTOR, PETER - Revolutions and Interventions in Hungary and Its Neighbor States, 1918-1919.
%23228074: PASTORS, MARCO. - Tot uw dienst : een politiek pamflet.
%23192344: PATAI, RAPHAEL. - The children of Noah : Jewish seafaring in ancient times.
%23147712: PATAKI-SCHWEIZER, K.J. - A New Guinea Landscape : community, Space, and Time in the Eastern Highlands.
%2375911: PATCHEN, MARTIN. - Resolving disputes between nations: coercion and concession.
%2320105: PATEL, RAJ - Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System
%2355291: PATEL, CHANDRA KANT - Fiscal Reforms in the Least Developed Countries.
%23131638: PATERNITI, MICHAEL. - Driving Mr. Albert : a trip across America with Einstein's brain.
%23233: PATERSON, H. E. H. & MCEVEY, SHANE F. - Evolution and the recognition concept of species : collected writings.
%23248684: PATI, ROZA. - Due process and international terrorism : an international legal analysis.
%23210390: PATIJN, S. - Het Europees parlement : de strijd om zijn bevoegdhedem.
%23255360: PATIL, ANJALI V. - The UN veto in world affairs, 1946-1990 : a complete record and case histories of the Security Council's veto.
%23249375: PATOMÄKI, HEIKKI & TEIVO TEIVAINEN. - A possible World : democratic transformation of global institutions.
%23216698: PATRICK, STEWART (EDITOR) - Good Intentions: Pledges of Aid for Postconflict Recovery.
%23120224: PATRONADI, SUTARMAN SOEDIMAN. - Sadrach's Community and its Contextual Roots : a nineteenth-century Javanese Expression of Christianity.
%23240392: PATRY, WILLIAM. - How to fix copyright.
%23210595: PATTEN, CHRISTOPHER (FOREWORD) - The EU & Moldova: On a Fault-Line of Europe (Europe's Eastern Borders).
%23226167: PATTEN, MICHAEL A.; GUY MCCASKIE, AND PHILIP UNITT. - Birds of the Salton Sea : status, biogeography, and ecology.
%23233510: PATTERSON, THOMAS CARL. - Change and development in the twentieth century.
%23141579: PATTERSON, RICHARD - Butch Cassidy. A Biography.
%23166248: PATTERSON, JAMES T. - Brown v. Board of Education: a Civil Rights milestone and its troubled legacy.
%2357471: PATTERSON, A. - Reading between the lines.
%23260980: PATTERSON, BENTON RAIN. - Harold and William : the battle for England, A.D. 1064-1066.
%23219640: PATTI, SALVATORE. - Diritto privato : Introduzione : La famiglia : Le successioni.
%2367364: PATTIPAWAE, C.F. & TAZELAAR, C.A. (RED.). - Met recht discriminatie bestrijden, een juridische handleiding bij de bestrijding van discriminatie op grond van ras en nationaliteit.
%2334653: PATTISON, F.L.M. - Granville Sharp Pattison : anatomist and antagonist, 1791-1851.
%2390240: PATTISON, IAIN. - John McFadyean, founder of modern veterinary research. A great British veterinarean.
%23129953: PATTON-HULCE, V.R. - Environment and the Law : a Dictionary.
%2378922: PATZELT, ERNA. - Entstehung und Charakter der Weistümer in Österreich. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Grundherrschaft, Urbarialreform und Bauernschutzgesetzgebung vor Maria Theresia.
%23125981: PATZELT, ERNA. - Österreich bis zum Ausgang der Babenbergerzeit.
%23125973: PATZELT, ERNA. - Die fränkische Kultur und der Islam : mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der nordischen Entwicklung : eine universalhistorische Studie.
%23150107: PÄTZOLD, DIETER. - Spinoza-Aufklärung-Idealismus : die Substanz der Moderne.
%2378924: PAUCAPALEA (POCAPAGLIA). - Summa über das Decretum Gratiani.
%23253519: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL; JEFFREY PAUL & FRED D. MILLER JR. (EDS.) - Human rights.
%2371661: PAUL, ELLEN FRANKEL - Ownership and Justice. (Social Philosophy and Policy).
%23229663: PAUL, E. C. - Little America : Australia , the 51st state.
%23209895: PAUL, HARRY WILMORE. - Bacchic medicine : wine and alcohol therapies from Napoleon to the French paradox.
%23196444: PAUL, A.A. AND D.A.T. SOUTHGATE. - McCance and Widdowson's The composition of foods. 4th edition.
%23135252: PAULA, A.F. - 'Vrije' Slaven : een Sociaal-Historische Studie over de Dualistische Slavenemancipatie op Nederlands Sint Maarten, 1816-1863.
%2366386: PAULEY, BRUCE F. - From prejudice to persecution : a history of Austrian anti-semitism.
%23174403: PAULSON, ROSS EVANS. - Liberty, equality, and justice : civil rights, women's rights, and the regulation of business, 1865-1932.
%23232899: PAULSSON, JAN ... [ET AL.] - The Freshfields guide to arbitration and ADR : clauses in international contracts.
%23152195: PAULUS, AGGIE. - The feasibility of ecological taxation.
%2366640: PAULUS, AGGIE. - The feasibility of ecological taxation.
%23255379: PAULY, ALEXIS (ED.) - Schengen en panne.
%2317728: PAULY, DANIELE - Le Corbusier: the Chapel at Ronchamp (Le Corbusier Guides (engl.))
%2342290: PAULY, ROGER - Firearms: The Life Story of a Technology.
%23229678: PAUPP, TERRENCE EDWARD. - Exodus from empire : the fall of America's empire and the rise of the global community.
%2350247: PAUST, JORDAN J., M. CHERIF BASSOUNI, ... [ET AL.] - International criminal law : cases and materials.
%2359302: PAUW, WILLEM. - Observationes tumultuariae novae. Tom. I-III.
%2362600: PAUWELS, JOHAN M. - Beginselen van personen- en familierecht. Boekdeel 1: personenrecht.
%23100597: PAVET DE COURTEILLE, ABEL. - Miradj-nameh : récit de l'ascension de Mahomet au ciel, composé a.h. 840 (1436/1437), texte turk-oriental, publié pour la première fois d'après le manuscript ouïgour de la Bibliothèque nationale et traduit en français, avec une préf. analytique et historique, des notes, et des extraits du Makhzeni Mir Haïder.
%23100591: PAVET DE COURTEILLE, ABEL. - Dictionnaire turk-oriental destiné principalement à faciliter la lecture des ouvrages de Bâber, d'Aboul-Gâzi et de Mir-Ali-Chir-Nevâï,
%2384121: PAVLOCK, BARBARA - Eros, Imitation and the Epic Tradition.
%23193410: PAVORD, ANNA. - The tulip.
%2387608: PAVORD, ANNA. - The naming of names : the search for order in the world of plants.
%23233307: PAYET, MARIE-STÉPHANE. - Droit de la concurrence et droit de la consommation.
%23213076: PAYNE, ROBERT. - De blanke radja's van Sarawak : een romantische droom , Borneo 1841-1946.
%2326372: PAYNE, T.R. - S.L. Rubenstejn and the philosophical foundations of Soviet psychology.
%23178596: PAYNE, LEIGH A. - Uncivil movements: the armed right wing and democracy in Latin America.
%2381803: PAZANIN, ANTE. - Wissenschaft und Geschichte in der Phänomenologie Edmund Husserls.
%2396028: BROOKINGS STUDY GROUP ON ARAB-ISRAELI PEACE. - Toward Arab-Israeli peace : report of a study group .
%23170547: PEACHEY, J.E. (ED.) - Nematodes of tropical crops : [papers presented at the Caribbean Symposium on Nematodes of Tropical Crops held in Trinidad from 31 March to 5 April 1968].
%23125088: PEACOCK, ALAN T. - Public choice analysis in historical perspective.
%23238831: PEACOCKE, CHRISTOPHER. - Truly understood.
%23109173: PEARCE, SHIRLEY & JANE WARDLE (EDS.) - The practice of behavioural medicine.
%2377906: PEARCE, ROY H. - Gesta humanorum: Studies in the historicist mode.
%23131009: PEARSON, C.E. & HOFFMAN, P.E. - The Last Voyage of El Nuevo Constante : the Wreck and Recovery of an Eighteenth-Century Spanish Ship off the Louisiana Coast.
%2399225: PEARSON, MARGARET M. - China's new business elite : the political consequences of economic reform.
%23254299: PEARY, ROBERT E. - The North Pole : its discovery in 1909 under the auspices of the Peary Arctic Club.
%2366894: PEASLEE, AMOS J. - Constitutions of Nations. Vol. II: Asia, Australia & Oceania. Part 1 [Afghanistan-Nepal].
%2321601: PECCHIOLI, ELEANORA - Painted Facades of Florence: XV-XIX Centuries
%23228825: PECHERSKAYA, NATALIA A. (ED.) - Vyssee obrazovanie v kontekste russkoi kul'tury XXI veka : khristianskaia perspektiva : Mezhdunarodnaia konferentsiia , Sankt-Peterburg , 24-26 maia , 1999 = Higher education in XXI century Russian culture: a Christian perspective.
%2321881: PECHLER, EDWARD BERNARD. - Ombudsvoorzieningen en fiscaliteit = (Ombudsman provisions and taxation matters).
%23263474: PECHMAN, JOSEPH A. - World Tax Reform: A Progress Report.
%2335208: PECHSTEIN, MAX., SCHILLING, JÜRGEN (ED.) - Max Pechstein.
%2344789: PECK, RUSSELL A. - Chaucer's lyrics and Anelida and Arcite : an annotated bibliography 1900 to 1980.
%236366: PEDDEMORS, ARIE & LEO SAMAMA (EDS.) - Mozart and the Netherlands : a bicentenarian retrospect.
%23229979: PEDERSEN, OLAF & MOGENS PHIL. - Early physics and astronomy: a historical introduction.
%23263700: PEDRYCZ, WITOLD - An Introduction to Fuzzy Sets: Analysis and Design (Complex Adaptive Systems).
%23120242: PEECK-O'TOOLE, MAUREEN. - Aspects of Lyric in the Poetry of Emily Brontë.
%2322152: PEEL, MARK - The Gamble House Cookbook
%23207244: PEELEN, ED. - Loden letters en letters van licht : media, vroeger, nu en in de toekomst.
%2383335: PEERDEMAN, H. & F. PANHOLZER. - Uittreksels arresten straf- en strafprocesrecht.
%23248794: PEERENBOOM, RANDALL. - China's long march toward rule of law.
%2344600: PEERS, STEVE - EU Justice and Home Affairs Law (Oxford EC Law Library).
%2320843: PEERS, STEVE & ROGERS, NICOLA (ED.) - EU immigration and asylum law: text and commentary.
%2336253: PEERS, STEVE - EU Justice and Home Affairs Law (Oxford EC Law Library).
%23187106: PEET, JOHANNES MARIA & ELISE VAN NEDERVEEN MEERKERK. - 'Rente zonder bijsmaak' : een geschiedenis van de Algemene Spaarbank voor Nederland en van haar ontwikkeling naar een ethische bedrijfsvoering , 1960-2000.
%2311729: PEET, RICHARD. - Theories of development.
%23193752: PEET, J.M. (RED.) - Honderd jaar sociaal : 1891-1991 : teksten uit honderd jaar sociale beweging en sociaal denken in Nederland.
%2337564: PEET, CORJAN VAN DER & GUIDO STEENMEIJER (EDS.) - De Rijksbouwmeesters : twee eeuwen architectuur van de Rijksgebouwendienst en zijn voorlopers.
%23213876: PEET, J.M. - Over leven op de markt : de fusies van NOG Verzekeringen : structuurverandering in het verzekerings - en bankbedrijf in Nederland in de jaren 1960-2000.
%23238297: PEETERS, E.M. - De Woningwet.
%23253797: PEETERS, RONALD. - De Paap van Gramschap : vier eeuwen schrijven en drukken in Tilburg.
%2334257: PEETERS, J.F.M. - Medeaansprakelijkheid voor invoerrechten en accijnzen.
%2337019: PEETERS, MARGA. - Time-to-build and interrelated investments and labour demand under rational expectations. Applications to six OECD countries.
%23187220: PEETERS, H.F.M. - Historische gedragswetenschap : theorieën, begrippen en methoden : een bijdrage tot de studie van menselijk gedrag op de lange termijn.
%23156201: PEETERS, RALF. - System identification based on Riemannian geometry theory and algorithms.
%23189629: PEETERS, LEON W.P. - Cyclic railway timetable optimization.
%23172953: PEIJ, S.C. - Handboek corporate governance.
%2371718: PEIJ, S.C. - Juridische kwaliteitszorg : een organisatiekundige handleiding.
%2313337: PEIJPE, TACO VAN. - De ontwikkeling van het loonvormingsrecht.
%23263835: PEIMANI, HOOMAN - The Caspian Pipeline Dilemma: Political Games and Economic Losses.
%23126035: PEIPERS, DAVID. - Die Erkenntnistheorie Platos : mit besonderer Rücksicht auf den Theäter.
%23122368: PEIRCE, CHARLES S. - Selected writings (Values in a Universe of Change).
%23242879: PEKELDER, JACCO. - Sympathie voor de RAF : de Rote Armee Fraktion in Nederland 1970-1980.
%23188255: PEKELHARING, JAN MAARTEN. - Voor twee cent een kooltje vuur : Amsterdam in de jaren twintig.
%23120249: PELCKMANS, PAUL - Le Sacre du Père. Fictions des Lumières et Historicité d'Oedipe 1699-1775.
%23199236: PELEG, ILAN (ED.) - The Middle East peace process : interdisciplinary perspectives.
%2325566: PELEG, ILAN. - The legacy of George W. Bush's foreign policy : moving beyond neoconservatism.
%23246785: PELEG, ILAN. - Democratizing the hegemonic state : political transformation in the age of identity.
%23176963: PELETIER, W.M. (ED.) - 100 jaar preadviezen : overzicht, chronologisch gerangschikt op het Juridisch Instituut van de Universiteit van Amsterdam,
%23193222: PELETIER, ELVIRA MARIA-GABRIELLA. - Rechterlijke vrijheid en partij-autonomie : over de toepassing van discretionaire wijzigingsbevoegdheden in het contractenrecht.
%23139059: PÉLISSIER, JEAN. - La réforme du licenciement.
%23258494: PÉLISSIER, JEAN. - Le nouveau droit du licenciement.
%23217546: PELKMANS, JACQUES & MONIKA SIE DHIAN HO. - Nederland en de Europese grondwet.
%23113943: PELLETIER, ANDRÉ. - Le sanctuaire métroaque de Vienne (France).
%23250341: PELLETIER, HERVÉ & JEAN PERFETTI. - Code pénal 2006.
%23230704: PELLETIERE, STEPHEN C. - Iraq and the International Oil System: Why America Went to War in the Gulf.
%2331004: PELLICER, OLGA (ED.) - La seguridad internacional en America Latina y El Caribe: El debate contemporaneo (Cuadernos de politica internacional) (Spanish Edition).
%23127118: PELLIKAAN, HUIB. - Anarchie, staat en het prisoner's dilemma.
%23241801: PELLOW, DAVID N. - Garbage wars : the struggle for environmental justice in Chicago.
%23144515: PELRINE, DIANE M. - Affinities of Form : arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.
%23258029: PELS, DICK. - Een zwak voor Nederland : ideeën voor een nieuwe politiek.
%2314245: PELS RIJCKEN, L.D. - De hanteerbaarheid van het recht : bundel opstellen opgedragen aan mr. L.D. Pels Rijcken.
%23166204: PEMBERTON, ELIZABETH G. - The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore : the Greek Pottery.
%2332704: PEMPEL, T. J. - Remapping East Asia: The Construction of a Region (Cornell Studies in Political Economy).
%23102346: PEN, JAN. - Wat zijn maatschappelijke structuren?
%23181440: PEN, JAN. - Tegenspraak : 11 sceptische stukjes.
%2349787: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - XVIIIe Congrès international de droit pénal : colloque préparatoire = XVIIIth International congress of penal law : preparatory colloquium = XVIII Congreso internacional de derecho penal : coloquio preparatorio.
%23258061: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - Les systèmes comparés de justice pénale : de la diversité au rapprochement = Comparative criminal justice systems : from diversity to rapprochement.
%231052: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - XVIIe Congrès international de droit pénal : colloque préparatoire : Section II: La corruption et les délits apparentés dans les transactions commerciales internationales : 11-12 novembre 2002, Tokyo (Japon) = XVIIth International Congress of Penal Law : preparatory colloquium : Corruption and related offences in international economic activities : November 11-12, 2002, Tokyo (Japan) = XVII Congreso internacional de derecho penal : coloquio preparatorio ; La corrupción y los delitos emparentados con ella en las transacciones comerciales internacionales : 11-12 noviembre, 2002, Tojyo (sic) (Japón).
%2349786: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - XVIIe Congrès international de droit pénal : colloque préparatoire = XVIIth International Congress of Penal Law : preparatory colloquium = XVII Congreso internacional de derecho penal : coloquio preparatorio.
%2362455: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - La révision du Statut de la Cour Pénale Internationale: meilleures pratiques et défis futurs = Review of the ICC Statute: best practices and future challenges = La revisión del Estatuto de la Corte Penal Internacional: mejores prácticas y retos futuros.
%2343941: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - Compte rendu du congrès / XVIIIe Congrès International de Droit Pénal : 20-27 septembre, 2009, Istanbul (Turquie /Turkey).
%2331686: ASSOCIATION TURQUE DE DROIT PÉNAL. - XVIIè Congrès International de Droit Pénal : (Istanbul, Turquie, Septembre 2009).
%23260063: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - La lutte contre le racisme : conference des Nations Unies, Durban (Afrique du Sud), 31 août - 7 septembre 2001 = The fight against racism : United Nations conference, Durban ... = La lucha contra el racismo : conferencia de las Naciones Unidas, Durban (2001).
%2363059: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - Le jury dans le procès pénal au XXIe siècle : conférence internationale, Syracuse, Italie, 26-29 mai 1999 = The lay participation in the criminal trial in the XXIst century.
%232686: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - Cour pénale internationale : ratification et mise en oeuvre dans les législations nationales = International Criminal Court : ratification and national implementing legislation = La Corte Penal Internacional : ratificación y applicación por las legislaciones nacionales.
%23230061: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - Multiculturalisme, droits de l'homme, droit pénal internationale = Multiculturalsm, human rights, international criminal law = Multiculturalismo, derechos humanos, derecho penal internacional.
%23225929: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - XVIIe Congrès international de droit pénal : colloque préparatoire : Section III: Les principes du procès pénal et leur mise en oeuvre dans les procédures disciplinaires : 20-25 septembre 2003, Santiago (Chili) = XVIIth International Congress of Penal Law : preparatory colloquium. Section III: Principles of criminal procedure and their application in disciplinary proceedings : September 20-25, 2003, Santiago (Chili) = XVII Congreso internacional de derecho penal : coloquio preparatorio. Sección III: Los principios del derecho penal y su aplicación a los procesos disciplinarios : 20-25 Septiembre, 2003, Santiago (Chile).
%23182716: ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DE DROIT PENAL. - La Convention des Nation Unies contre la Criminalité Transnationale Organisé = The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.
%2331939: PEÑALVER, EDUARDO M & SONIA K KATYAL. - Property outlaws : how squatters, pirates, and protesters improve the law of ownership.
%2366292: PENAUD, GUY. - Dictionnaire Biographique du Perigord.
%2354447: PENCK, A.R. - A.R. Penck at Mitchell Innes & Nash : New York, 5 May - 17 June 2006.
%23224657: PENDERS, C. L. M. - The West New Guinea debacle : Dutch decolonisation and Indonesia , 1945-1962.
%2365301: INTERNATIONAL PENAL AND PENITENTIARY FOUNDATION = FONDATION INTERNATIONALE PÉNALE ET PÉNITENTIAIRE. - Standard minimum rules for the implementation of non-custodial sanctions and measures involving restriction of liberty = Règles minima pour la mise à exécution des sanctions et des mesures non carcérales comportant une restriction de liberté.
%23237054: PENKA, DORIS. - Negative indefinites.
%23258819: PENKALA, MARIA. - European pottery : a handbook for the collector.
%23258812: PENKALA, MARIA. - European porcelain : a handbook for the collector.
%23248081: PENKOWER, MONTY NOAM - The Federal Writers' Project : a study in Government patronage of the arts
%23129104: PENNINGS, FRANS & JAN WEERDENBURG (ED.) - Een deurtje in de toren. Tien jaar Wetenschapswinkels.
%23262374: PENNINGS, F.J.L. - Heeft het werklandbeginsel zijn langste tijd gehad?
%23170302: PENNINGS, F.J.L. - Grondslagen van het Europese socialezekerheidsrecht.
%2354218: PENNINGTON, JAMES. - The currency of the British colonies.
%23187713: PENNINX, RINUS & BORIS SLIJPER. - Voor elkaar? : integratie, vrijwilligerswerk en organisaties van migranten.
%23217469: PENNOCK, ROBERT T. - Tower of Babel : the evidence against the new creationism.
%2351409: PENNOCK, J.R. & CHAPMAN, J.W. (ED.). - Religion, morality, and the law.
%2379208: PEPALL, ROSALIND M (ED.) - Tiffany : color and light.
%23132951: PEPER, BRAM (E.A.) - Bemiddelen bij conflicten tussen Buren. Een sociaal-wetenschappelijke evaluatie van experimenten met Buurtbemiddeling in Nederland.
%23250167: PEPERZAK, ADRIAAN T.B. - Vrijheid: Inleiding in de wijsgerige antropologie I.
%23179216: PEPERZAK, A.TH. - Filosofie en christendom.
%23201649: PEPPEL, R.A. VAN DE. - Naleving van milieurecht : toepassing van beleidsinstrumenten op de Nederlandse verfindustrie.
%23111270: PEPPEL, R.A. VAN DE. - Naleving van milieurecht : toepassing van beleidsinstrumenten op de Nederlandse verfindustrie.
%2343384: PEPPEL, R.A. VAN DE ... [ET AL.] - Afstemmingsregelingen in de Wet milieubeheer : verslag van de vierenvijftigste ledenvergadering van de Vereniging voor Milieurecht op 17 september 1996.
%23231881: PEPPER, THOMAS (ED.) - The place of Maurice Blanchot.
%23233776: PEPPER, TERENCE. - Angus McBean : portraits.
%23208327: PERE, HENK M. - Tussen arbeidsmarkt en individueel welzijn : een historische analyse van de beroepskeuzevoorlichting in Nederland vanuit beroepensociologisch perspektief.
%23214005: PEREIRA, PAOLO C. - Omkoping van buitenlandse ambtenaren : opsporing, rechtsmacht en berechting van misdrijven tegen het openbaar gezag.
%23230151: PERENZE, VALERIA; ROSSELLA SAVIO & GAIL SWERLING (EDS.) - Mapping the studio : artisti dalla collezione François Pinault = artists from the François Pinault collection = artistes de la collection François Pinault.
%2352363: PERES, SHIMON. - For the future of Israel.
%23256762: PERIN, CASEY. - The demands of reason : an essay on Pyrrhonian scepticism.
%2392849: PERINBAM, B. MARIE. - Family identity and the state in the Bamako Kafu, c.1800-c.1900.
%23154693: PERKINS, KATHY A. & JUDITH L. STEPHENS (EDS.) - Strange Fruit : plays on Lynching by American Women.
%23239571: PERKINS, FRANKLIN. - Leibniz : a guide for the perplexed.
%23219794: PERL, SONDRA. - On Austrian soil : teaching those I was taught to hate.
%2351977: PERLMUTTER, DAVID M. - Studies in Relational Grammar 2.
%2351959: PERLMUTTER, DAVID M. - Studies in Relational Grammar 1.
%2324993: PERLOFF, MARJORIE. - Poetic License : essays on Modernist and Postmodernist Lyric.
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%23221475: PRESLER, GERD. - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner : seine Frauen, seine Modelle, seine Bilder.
%23222007: PRESS, CARL JUSTI - Velazquez and His Times
%23203466: PRESSER, JACQUES. - Night of the Girondists.
%23180651: PREST, WILFRID. - William Blackstone: Law and Letters in the Eighteenth Century.
%23126937: PRESTEL, GEORG. - Die antidemocratische Strömung im Athen des 5. Jahrhunderts bis zum Tode des Perikles.
%23263227: PRESTON, PAUL. - Mother father deaf : living between sound and silence.
%23132536: PRESTON, P.W. - Pacific Asia in the global system : an introduction
%2378947: PRESTON, P.W. - Pacific Asia in the global system : an introduction.
%23180305: PRESTON, LEE E. (ED.) - International and comparative studies in corporation and society research.
%23249982: PRETECEILLE, EDMOND. - Jeux, modèles et simulations : critique des jeux urbains.
%231089: PREUSCHE, REINHARD. - Juristische Generalklausel und Argumentationspraxis : die italienische Rechtsprechung zur Anwendbarkeit ausländischen Rechts (Ordre public).
%2378953: PREUSS, HUGO. - Die Entwicklung des deutschen Städtewesens. 1. Band: Entwicklungsgeschichte der deutschen Städteverfassung.
%23235443: PREUSS, ULRICH KLAUS. - Politische Verantwortung und Bürgerloyalität : von den Grenzen der Verfassung und des Gehorsams in der Demokratie.
%23216873: PREVAS, JOHN. - Envy of the Gods : Alexander the Great's ill-fated journey across Asia.
%23252338: PREVENIER, W. & J.G. SMIT (EDS.) - Bronnen voor de geschiedenis der dagvaarten van de Staten en steden van Holland voor 1544. Deel I : 1276-1433. Eerste stuk: Inleiding, lijsten en indices.
%23252335: PREVENIER, W. & J.G. SMIT (EDS.) - Bronnen voor de geschiedenis der dagvaarten van de Staten en steden van Holland voor 1544. Deel I : 1276-1433. Tweede stuk : Teksten.
%23232462: PRÉVOST, MARIE DENISE. - Balancing trade and health in the SPS agreement : the development dimension.
%23253722: PREWO, WILFRIED ... [ET AL.] - Die Neuordnung der Meere : eine ökonomische Kritik des neuen Seerechts.
%2379474: O'PREY, KEVIN P. - A farewell to arms ? : Russia's struggles with defense conversion.
%23146106: PRIBRAM, KARL H. - Geschichte des ökonomischen Denkens. 2 Bände.
%23105640: PRICE, DANIEL. - Without a woman to read : toward the daughter in postmodernism.
%2371788: PRICE, DON K. - America's unwritten constitution : science , religion , and political responsibility.
%23175880: PRICE, H. MARCUS. - Disputing the dead : U.S. law on aboriginal remains and grave goods.
%23224835: PRICE, RICHARD & ESSAM AL TAMIMI. - United Arab Emirates Court of Cassation judgements 1989-1997.
%23141547: PRICE, MORGAN PHILIPS - Dispatches from the Weimar Republic. Versailles and German Fascism.
%23219159: PRICE, TRAVIS. - The archaeology of tomorrow : architecture and the spirit of place.
%23255208: PRICHARD, H.A. - Moral obligation and duty and interest : essays and lectures.
%23160523: PRICK VAN WELY, MAX ARTHUR. - De bloeitijd van het Nederlandse volkslied : vanaf het ontstaan tot aan de tweede helft van de zeventiende eeuw : met 30 meest onbekende liederen.
%23208221: PRIEMUS, HUGO. - Volkshuisvesting : begrippen , problemen , beleid.
%23208224: PRIEMUS, HUGO. - Volkshuisvesting in de verdrukking : kritische notities over het Nederlandse woonbeleid.
%23114541: PRIES-HEIJKE, A.P. - De zaak Suchovo-Kobylin.
%2377623: PRIESTLEY, J. - The History and Present State of Discoveries relating to Vision, Light, and Colours.
%23249295: PRIGGE, WALTER. - Ikone der Moderne : das Bauhausgebäude in Dessau = Icon of modernism : the Bauhaus building Dessau.
%23118603: PRIMORATZ, IGOR (ED.) - Civilian immunity in war.
%23146514: PRINCE, YVONNE M. - Price-cost margins in Dutch manifacturing with an emphasis on cyclical and firm-size effects.
%2379658: PRINCE, MORTON. - The Nature of Mind and Human Automatism.
%2385630: PRINCEN, JEROEN G. - Faillissement en vastgoed. Insolad jaarboek 2012..
%23238855: PRINCEN, SEBASTIAAN. - The California effect in the transatlantic relationship.
%23169956: PRINGLE, HEATHER. - The mummy congress : science, obsession, and the everlasting dead.
%23102374: PRINS, W.F. - Fugitieven en passanten.
%23168170: B.M.J. VAN KLINK & J.E.J. PRINS (ED.) - Law and Regulation: Scenarios for the Information Age
%2311334: PRINS, J.H. - Over representatie en identiteit.
%2358593: PRINS, MARIJKE C.J. - Emancipatie van vrouwen in beweging : emancipatie als (be)sturingsvraagstuk (1974-1989).
%23261275: PRINS, DAJO DE ... [ET AL.] - De staatsrechtelijke positie van de politieke partijen ; Materieelrechtelijke aspecten van mensenhandel ; Schade van derden in het aansprakelijkheidsrecht.
%236653: PRINS, W.F. - De mens in het recht. Opstellen aangeboden aan prof.mr. W.F. Prins.
%2317442: PRINS, CORIEN. - Computer program protection in the USSR : a new era for socialist copyright law.
%23212884: PRINS, JAN - De informatiemarkt : de zakelijke mogelijkheden van Internet.
%2324925: PRINS, YOPIE. - Victorian Sappho.
%23182493: PRINS, ADRIAAN H. J. - East African Age-Class Systems. An Inquiry into the Social Order of Galla, Kipsigis and Kikuyu.
%23190158: ESCHM R.E. VAN & C. PRINS. - Recht en EDI : juridische aspecten van elektronisch berichtenverkeer.
%23244495: PRINS, SONJA. - Weegschaal de aarde : verzameld werk. Deel 2: Gedichten 1921-1957.
%23194849: PRINSEN, JOCHEM. - Converteerbare obligaties : omzetting van schuld in eigen vermogen.
%23158698: PRINSSEN, J.M. & A. SCHRAUWEN (EDS.), SCHRAUWEN, A. - Direct effect : rethinking a classic of EC legal doctrine.
%23126939: PRINZ, HUGO. - Funde aus Naukratis. Beiträge zur Archäologie und Wirtschaftsgeschichte des 7. und 6. Jahrh. vor Chr.
%23260324: PRIOR, ARTHUR N. - Logic and the basis of ethics.
%2359830: PRIOR, WILLIAM J. - Unity and development in Plato's metaphysics.
%23176022: PRIOVOLOS, THEOPHILOS & RONALD C. DUNCAN (EDS.) - Commodity risk management and finance.
%23104577: PRITCHETT, W. K. - Thucydides' Pentekontaetia and Other Essays.
%23141403: MAX-PLANCK-INSTITUT FÜR AUSLÄNDISCHES UND INTERNATIONALES PRIVATRECHT. - Deutsche zivil-, kollisions- und wirtschaftsrechtliche Beiträge zum X. Internationalen Kongress für Rechtsvergleichung in Budapest, 1978.
%231300: MAX-PLANCK-INSTITUT FÜR AUSLÄNDISCHES UND INTERNATIONALES PRIVATRECHT. - Deutsche zivil-, kollisions- und wirtschaftsrechtliche Beiträge zum IX. Internationalen Kongress für Rechtsvergleichung in Teheran, 1974.
%23126941: PROBST, MARIA. - Die Familienpolitik des bayerischen Herrscherhauses zu Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts.
%23117760: PROCHASKA, F.K. - Philanthropy and the Hospitals of London. The King's Fund, 1897-1990.
%23173642: PROCTER, BEN H. - William Randolph Hearst : the early years, 1863-1910.
%23198427: PROCTOR, DAVID. - Music of the sea.
%23180614: THE MEMBERS OF THE ACE PROGRAM (AIDS COUNSELING AND EDUCATION OF THE BEDFORD HILLS CORRECTIONAL FACILITY). - Breaking the walls of silence : AIDS and women in a New York State maximum-security prison.
%23204419: THE SPHERE PROJECT. - Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster response.
%23258739: PROKOFIEV, SERGEI. - Diaries 1915-1923: Behind the Mask
%23258738: PROKOFIEV, SERGEI. - Diaries 1907-1914: Prodigious Youth.
%23205915: PROKOP, URSULA. - Rudolf Perco, 1884-1942 : von der Architektur des Roten Wien zur NS-Megalomanie.
%2356672: PROKOPCZYK, C. - Truth and reality in Marx and Hegel : a reassessment.
%23255985: PROLL, ASTRID (ED.) - Goodbye to London : radical art and politics in the 70s.
%23201191: PRONKER, ESTHER SOPHIA. - Innovation paradox in vaccine target selection.
%231500: PRONT-VAN BOMMEL, S., H.D. STOUT & I.C. VAN DER VLIES. - Juridische kwaliteiten van onderhandelend bestuur : onderhandelend bestuur en tegenstellingen in belangen.
%23239961: PRONT-VAN BOMMEL, SIMONE. - Bestuursrechtspraak : voorstellen voor modernisering van de bestuursrechtspraak.
%2384109: PROPERTIUS, S. - Elegieën.
%2350650: PRÖPPER, I.M.A.M. & M. HERWEIJER. - Effecten van plannen en convenanten.
%23243796: PROSSER, TONY. - The limits of competition law : markets and public services.
%23250518: PROST, ANTOINE. - Republican identities in war and peace : representations of France in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
%23223543: PROTEVI, JOHN. - The Edinburgh dictionary of continental philosophy.
%2345114: PROTHERO, IORWERTH. - Radical Artisans in England and France 1830-1870.
%2382730: PROTT, LYNDEL V. - Law and the cultural heritage. Volume 3: Movement.
%232935: PROTT, LYNDEL V. - Der internationale Richter im Spannungsfeld der Rechtskulturen : eine rechtssoziologische Studie über die Elemente des Selbstverständnisses des Internationalen Gerichtshofs.
%23262751: PROTT, LYNDEL V. - Law and the cultural heritage. Volume 1: Discovery and excavation.
%23220446: PROUDHON, PIERRE-JOSEPH. - Philosophie der Staatsökonomie oder Notwendigkeit des Elends.
%2378957: PROUDHON, PIERRE-JOSEPH. - Philosophie der Staatsökonomie oder Notwendigkeit des Elends.
%2384691: PROUST, JOËLLE. - Questions of form : logic and the analytic proposition from Kant to Carnap.
%23146245: PROUST, JOËLLE. - Questions of form : logic and the analytic proposition from Kant to Carnap.
%23212291: PROVOST, FOSTER. - Columbus : an annotated guide to the scholarship on his life and writings, 1750 to 1988.
%2372605: PROZAN, CHARLOTTE KRAUSE. - The technique of feminist psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
%23193494: PRUCHER, JEFF (ED.) - Brave new words : the Oxford dictionary of science fiction.
%2333419: PRUNIER, GÉRARD. - Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide.
%23137307: PRUNIER, GÉRARD. - Darfur : the ambiguous genocide.
%23211147: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID. - The war that never was : the fall of the Soviet Empire , 1985-1991.
%23205864: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID. - Betrayal : France, the Arabs, and the Jews.
%2361952: PRYOR, FREDERIC L. - Economic systems of foraging, agricultural, and industrial societies.
%2390534: PRYOR, FREDERIC L. - Public expenditures in communist and capitalist nations.
%2315389: PRZETACZNIK, FRANCISZEK. - Protection of officials of foreign states according to international law.
%2321534: BIS PUBLISHERS. - Dutch Architects 7. Documentation of recently executed projects of Dutch architects, interior architects, urban planners and landscape architects.
%23232698: PUCHINGER, G. - Colijn en het einde van de coalitie. I. De geschiedenis van de kabinetsformaties 1918-1925.
%23234579: PUCHINGER, G. - Nederlandse minister-presidenten van de twintigste eeuw.
%23232699: PUCHINGER, G. - Colijn en het einde van de coalitie. III. De geschiedenis van de kabinetsformaties 1933-1939.
%2364546: PUCHINGER, G. - In gesprek met het kabinet-Van Agt.
%2382487: PUCHINGER, G. - In gesprek met het kabinet-Van Agt.
%23256261: PUDENZ, ANSGAR & HORST F. LEHMANN. - Käthe Kruse : 100 Jahre, kaum zu glauben : Käthe-Kruse-Puppen erzählen zum 100sten Geburtstag einer grossen liebevollen Idee.
%23174438: PUDENZ, MARTIN. - Licht im Himmel : Fotografien = Light in the heavens : photographs.
%23249713: PUGH, EMERSON W. - Memories that Shaped an Industry: Decisions Leading to IBM System/360 (History of Computing).
%2337631: PUGH, MICHAEL C. - The United Nations & Regional Security: Europe and Beyond.
%23161540: PUGH, DAVID. - Dialectic of love : platonism in Schiller's aesthetics.
%2368271: PUGLIS, LUIGI PRESTINENZA - Italian Interiors.
%23252033: PUGSLEY, DAVID. - Lawyers and precedents.
%23252048: PULLEN, ROBERT & STEPHEN TAYLOR. - Montserrat Caballé : casta diva.
%23239831: PUMFREY, STEPHEN. - Lattitude & the Magnetic Earth. The true story of queen Elizabeth's most distinuished man of science.
%2398950: PUMFREY, STEPHEN. - Latitude and the Magnetic Earth
%2332370: PUNCH, MAURICE. - Fout is fout! : gesprekken met de politie in de binnenstad van Amsterdam.
%23241195: PUNCH, MAURICE, KEES VAN DER VIJVER & NIC VAN DIJK. - Searching for a Future: Reappraising the Functioning of the Police.
%2343513: PUNT, H.G. - Produktenaansprakelijkheid: de voorgestelde regeling in het BW.
%23246925: PUNT, HENDRIK MARTIJN. - Het vennootschapsrecht van Holland : het vennootschapsrecht van Holland, Zeeland en West-Friesland in de rechtspraak van de Hoge Raad van Holland, Zeeland en West-Friesland.
%2345828: PUNT, P.C., H.W. SAMSON-GEERLINGS & C. WALING - Het milieustrafrecht nader beschouwd: Verslag van de achtendertigste ledenvergadering van de Vereniging voor Milieurecht op 28 januari 1993 ... Vereniging voor Milieurecht) (Dutch Edition).
%2312531: PUNT, B.C. - Ontvankelijkheid en omvang van het beroep tegen administratieve beschikkingen.
%235740: PUNTEL, L. BRUNO. - Wahrheitstheorien in der neueren Philosophie : eine kritisch-systematische Darstellung.
%23109685: PUNTER, DAVID. - Blake, Hegel and Dialectic.
%2378958: PUNTSCHART, VALENTIN. - Die Entwicklung des grundgesetzlichen Zivilrechts der Römer: für Juristen, Philologen und Historiker dargestellt.
%23178492: PURANEN, JORMA. - Jorma Puranen : icy prospects.
%2394654: PURDON, LIAM O. & CINDY L. VITTO (EDS). - The rusted hauberk: feudal ideas of order and their decline.
%23224310: PURDY, DANIEL L. - The tyranny of elegance : consumer cosmopolitanism in the era of Goethe.
%23229998: PURDY, JEDEDIAH. - The meaning of property : freedom, community, and the legal imagination.
%23230884: PURDY, JEDEDIAH. - The Meaning of Property: Freedom, Community, and the Legal Imagination.
%2314121: PURSELL, CAROLL W. (ED.) - Technology in America : a history of individuals and ideas.
%2323671: PURVES, DALE - Body and Brain: A Trophic Theory of Neural Connections
%23182311: PURVIS, ALSTON W. - H.N. Werkman.
%23178603: PURYEAR, JEFFREY M. - Thinking politics: intellectuals and democracy in Chile, 1973-1988.
%23217988: PUSTIENNE, JEAN-PIERRE. - Ernest Hemingway.
%23263960: PUT, MARCEL. - Innocent Farmers? A Comparative Evaluation into a Government and an NGO Project Located in Semi-arid Andhra Pradesh (India), Meant to Induce Farmers to Adopt innovations for Dryland Agriculture.
%23243557: PUT, EDDY. - Verloren schapen, schurftige herders : de helse dagen van bisschop Mathias Hovius (1542-1620).
%2384461: PUTNAM, HILARY. - The many faces of realism.
%23129758: PUTTEN, MAARTJE VAN. - 'Policing the world' : accountability mechanisms for multilateral financial institutions and private financial institutitions.
%23192748: PUTTEN, FRANS-PAUL VAN DER & CHU SHULONG (EDS.) - China, Europe and international security : interests, roles and prospects.
%2390492: PUTTEN, JAN VAN. - Politieke stromingen.
%23234224: PUTTEN, CORNELIS VAN. - No reflective guarantees : epistemological scepticism and luck in light of empirical psychology.
%2352897: PUTZEL, MAX. - Genius of place. William Faulkner's triumphant beginnings.

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