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%23147005: ITOH, FUMIO (ED.) - China in the twenty-first century politics , economy , and society.
%23240856: ITRIAGO-CHACÍN, PEDRO. - Algunos apuntes sobre los tratados : De 'Esbozos literaios y juridicos.?--Edición especial. 24 de julio de 1934.
%23182921: ITTERBEEK, EUGČNE VAN. - Socialisme et poésie chez Péguy de la 'Jeanne d'Arc' ŕ l'affaire Dreyfus.
%23251738: ITTIG, THOMAS. - D. Thomae Ittigii de Bibliothecis et catenis patrum variisque veterum scriptorum ecclesiasticorum collectionibus... Tractatus variis observationibus & animadversionibus refertus.
%23270699: ITTMANN, H.C. - Registratiewet 1917 : artikelsgewijze bewerkt. 2e druk.
%23122286: IVANHOE, PHILIP J. (ED.) - Chinese language, thought, and culture : Nivison and his critics.
%23185495: IVANOVICH, GRUJICA S. - Salyut the first space station : triumph and tragedy.
%23192137: IVENS, W.G. (ED.) - Bugotu-English / English-Bugotu concise dictionary.
%2374407: IVERS, GREGG. - To build a wall: American Jews and the separation of church and state.
%2358447: IVERSEN, BENT. - Danish business law.
%23263652: IVERSEN, LESLIE L. - Biology of mood and antianxiety drugs (Handbook of psychopharmacology. Section 3. Vol. 13).
%23272560: IVES, CHRISTOPHER. - Imperial-Way Zen: Ichikawa Hakugen's Critique and Lingering Questions for Buddhist Ethics.
%23212254: IVINSKAYA, OLGA. - A captive of time : my years with Pasternak : the memoirs of Olga Ivinskaya.
%2321346: IVISON, DUNCAN. - Postcolonial liberalism.
%23256415: IVISON, DUNCAN. - Postcolonial liberalism.
%2360714: IVO, SIGRID. - Bags : a selection from The Museum of Bags and Purses, Amsterdam : tassen, bolsos, sacs.
%23263264: IVR. - Haftungsvorschriften für die Binnenschiffahrt, (Fassung juni 2008).
%23200392: IWAARDEN, JOS VAN. - Changing quality controls : the effects of increasing product variety and shortening product life cycles.
%23208897: IWANAGA, KAZUKI (ED.) - Women's political participation and representation in Asia : obstacles and challenges.
%23208723: IWANAGA, KAZUKI (ED.) - Women and politics in Thailand : continuity and change.
%239582: IWANAGA, KAZUKI (ED.) - Women and politics in Thailand : continuity and change.
%23119975: IWASAKI, MINEKO. - Geisha of Tokyo : the memoir of Mineko Iwasaki.
%23243008: IWASKIW, WALTER R. (ED.) - Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: Country Studies.
%23163529: JABAVU, NONI. - The ochre people.
%23259650: JABLONSKY, THOMAS J. - Pride in the jungle : community and everyday life in Back of the Yards Chicago.
%23230754: AL-JABRI, MOHAMMAD ABED. - Democracy, Human Rights and Law in Islamic Thought.
%2348209: JACK, DANA CROWLEY - Silencing the self : women and depression.
%23157834: JACKALL, ROBERT. - Wild cowboys : urban marauders & the forces of order.
%23222430: JACKENDOFF, RAY. - Languages of the mind : essays on mental representation.
%23262584: JACKENDOFF, RAY. - The architecture of the language faculty.
%23245527: JACKENDOFF, RAY. - Patterns in the mind : language and human nature.
%23253206: JACKMAN, I.M. - The varieties of restitution.
%23116157: JACKSON, JOHN HUGHLINGS. - Selected writings. I. On epilepsy and epileptiform convulsions; II. Evolution and dissolution of the nervous system, Speech, Various papers, addresses and lectures.
%23102942: JACKSON, HOLBROOK. - The Eighteen Nineties : a review of art and ideas at the close of the nineteenth century.
%23258905: JACKSON, BERNARD S. - Semiotics and legal theory.
%23115139: JACKSON, JOHN H. - World Trading System : law and Policy of International Economic Relations.
%23229693: JACKSON, MARK. - Allergy : the history of a modern malady.
%2388386: JACKSON, JOHN H. - The World Trading System: Law and Policy of International Economic Relations.
%23243750: JACKSON, JASON BAIRD. - Yuchi ceremonial life : performance , meaning , and tradition in a contemporary American Indian community.
%23156791: JACKSON, JOHN HUGHLINGS. - Eine Studie über Krämpfe.
%23234471: JACKSON SR., JESSE, JESSE JACKSON JR. & BRUCE SHAPIRO, - Legal lynching : the death penalty and America's future.
%23131212: JACKSON, J.R. DE J. - Method and Imagination in Coleridge's Criticism.
%2380337: JACKSON, ROBERT. - Introduction to International Relations: Theories and Approaches.
%2374205: JACKSON, DONALD DALE. - Judges.
%234930: JACKSON, GORDON. - The British whaling trade. [With a new introduction].
%23223398: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Spectrum bieratlas.
%23116153: JACKSON, JOHN HUGHLINGS. - Selected writings. I. On epilepsy and epileptiform convulsions; II. Evolution and dissolution of the nervous system, Speech, Various papers, addresses and lectures.
%23136828: JACKSON, MONICA & ELISABETH STARK. - Tents in the clouds : the first women's Himalayan expedition.
%23235063: JACKSON, STANLEY W. - Care of the psyche : a history of psychological healing.
%23209031: JACKSON, GERALD. - Getting published : a companion for the humanities and social sciences.
%23228454: JACKSON, FRANK, PHILIP PETIT AND MICHAEL SMITH. - Mind, Morality and Explanation. Selected Collaborations
%2399397: JACKSON, LAMBERT LINCOLN. - The educational significance of sixteenth-century arithmetic : from the point of the present time.
%2374180: JACKSON, ROBERT H. - The Supreme Court in the American System of Government.
%2369306: JACKSON, CHARLES JAMES. - English goldsmiths and their marks : a history of the goldsmiths and plate workers of England, Scotland and Ireland.
%2329953: JACKSON, J. HUGH. - Audit working papers. Their preparation and content.
%236281: JACOB, PIERRE (ED.) - Épistémologie.
%23223123: JACOB-DUVERNET, LUC - Le miroir des princes: Essai sur la culture strategique des elites qui nos gouvernent.
%2377017: S' JACOB, H.K. (ED.) - De Nederlanders in Kerala 1663-1701 : de memories en instructies betreffende het commandement Malabar van de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie.
%23154979: JACOB, HERBERT. - Silent revolution : the transformation of divorce law in the United States.
%2312498: 'S JACOB, E.H. - Vrijheid en recht : opstellen aangeboden aan prof.mr. E.H. s'Jacob.
%23223518: JACOB, WALTER & MOSHE ZEMER (EDS.) - Crime and punishment in Jewish law : essays and responsa.
%23191289: 'S JACOB, E.H. - Landsdomein en adatrecht.
%23180494: JACOB, WILLIAM. - An historical inquiry into the production and consumption of the precious metals. 2 Volume set.
%2359011: 'S JACOB, E.H. - Landsdomein en adatrecht.
%23199139: JACOBI, WALTHER. - Der Streit um den Kapitalsbegriff : seine geschichtliche Entwicklung und Versuche zu seiner Lösung.
%2397932: JACOBS, FRANCIS G. - The European Convention on Human Rights.
%23229723: JACOBS, SCOTT H. - Regulatory reform in Japan .
%23229725: JACOBS, SCOTT H. - Regulatory reform in Korea .
%23192366: JACOBS, B.C.M. - Justitie en politie in 's-Hertogenbosch voor 1629 : de bestuursorganisatie van een Brabantse stad.
%235551: JACOBS, LESLEY A. - Pursuing equal opportunities : the theory and practice of egalitarian justice.
%23262228: JACOBS, DANY. - Creatief innovatiebeleid?
%23108002: JACOBS, ANTOINE T.J.M. - Ontslagrecht en flexibele arbeidsrelaties.
%236298: JACOBS, JAMES B. - Drunk driving : an American dilemma.
%2361112: JACOBS, B.C.M. (ED.) - De rechtspraktijk in beeld : Van Justinianus tot de Duitse bezetting : handelingen van het XIVde Belgisch-Nederlands rechtshistorisch congres, Katholieke Universiteit Brabant, Tilburg, 24 en 25 januari 1997.
%23244561: JACOBS, ANTOINE T.J.M. - (red.). Arbeid en discriminatie.
%2346298: JACOBS, ANTOINE T.J.M. - (red.). Arbeid en discriminatie.
%23101414: JACOBS, J.Y.H.A. - Joan Christiaan van Erckel (1654-1734), pleitbezorger voor een locale kerk.
%23107638: JACOBS, ANTOINE J.T.M. (E.A.) - Titel 7.10 De arbeidsovereenkomst.
%23153428: JACOBS, W.A. - ADR en consument : een rechtsvergelijkende studie naar de mogelijkheiden van alternatieve geschillenoplossing.
%23202896: JACOBS-STAM, C. M - Getekend door de oorlog: Feiten en meningen over burger-oorlogsslachtoffers 1940-1945.
%23219348: JACOBS, WALTER R. - Speaking the lower frequencies : students and media literacy.
%23113361: JACOBS, M. - Herman Johannes Lam (1892-1977) : the Life and Work of a Dutch Botanist.
%23260163: JACOBS, ANTOINE T.J.M. - The European Constitution : how it was created, what it will change.
%23245327: JACOBS, STEF. - Purmerend : zo was het.
%23195726: JACOBS, MARIA JOHANNA. - Subsidieovereenkomsten : een onderzoek naar de rechtsvormen van subsidies, in het bijzonder overeenkomsten.
%23196086: JACOBS, PSZIZKO. - Henk Eikeboom, anarchist : een biografie.
%2329327: JACOBS, MORRIS B. (ED.) - The Chemistry and Technology of Food and Food Products. 3 Vols.
%23265883: JACOBS, FRANS. - Ten overstaan van allen : universalisering in de ethiek.
%23252707: JACOBS, FRANS & DORIEN PESSERS (RED.) - Stof en blik : opstellen, aangeboden aan Cees Maris van Sandelingenambacht.
%23200482: JACOBS, HERMAN. - De loonstructuur : een analyse naar de oorzaken van verschillen in beloning tussen werknemers in het bedrijfsleven in westerse geďndustrialiseerde landen, met name in de landen der Europese Gemeenschappen en in Nederland.
%23190038: JACOBSEN, FRODE F. - Theories of sickness and misfortune among the Hadandowa Beja of the Sudan : narratives as points of entry into Beja cultural knowledge.
%23163247: JACOBSEN, REINDERT. - Carel van Mander (1548-1606) : dichter en prozaschrijver.
%23251931: JACOBSEN, NILS. - Political cultures in the Andes , 1750-1950.
%23239999: JACOBSOHN, GARY JEFFREY - The wheel of law: India's secularism in comparative constitutional context.
%234659: JACOBSON, EDITH. - Depression : comparative studies of normal, neurotic and psychotic conditions.
%23264043: JACOBSON, HAROLD K. (ED.) - Democratic Accountability and the Use of Force in International Law.
%2374526: JACOBSON, SID - Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography.
%23123393: JACOBSON, NOLAN PLINY - The Heart of Buddhist Philosophy.
%23247626: JACOBSON, JACK. - Memo 13 Introducing...The Sky Blazers: The Adventures of a Special Band of Troops That Entertained the Allied Forces During World War II
%23870: JACOBSZ, CASPAR PHILIPS. - Uitvoerig onderwys in de perspectiva, of doorzichtkunde, voor alle liefhebbers dezer aangename en nutte weetenschap ... naar eene zeer gemakkelyke en verstaanbare methode opgesteld, en in 60 konst-plaaten afgehandeld.

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