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%23281414: AGAMBEN, GIORGIO. - Profanaties.
%23271728: AGAMBEN, GIORGIO. - Profanations.
%23129332: AGASSI, JOSEPH. - Towards a Rational Philosophical Anthropology.
%23248718: AGASSI, JOSEPH. - Science in flux.
%2384451: AGASSI, JOSEPH. - The gentle art of philosophical polemics.
%23256732: AGASSI, JOSEPH & ABRAHAM MEIDAN. - Philosophy from a skeptical perspective.
%23248379: AGASSI, JOSEPH & R.S. COHEN (ED.). BUNGE, MARIO. - Scientific Philosophy Today: Essays in Honor of Mario Bunge.
%23135042: AGATHANGELOU, ANNA M. - The global political economy of sex : desire , violence , and insecurity in Mediterranean nation states.
%23114014: AGBETI, J.K. - West African Church History.
%23245725: AGEE, WILLIAM C. AND AUSAN C. FAXON. - Coming of Age. American Art, 1850s to 1950s
%2390158: AGEE, WILLIAM C., IRVING SANDLER, & KAREN WILKIN. - American vanguards : Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning, and their circle, 1927-1942.
%23280821: AGEEB, OSMAN A. - Wheat production and improvement in the Sudan : proceedings of the National Research Review Workshop, 27-30 August 1995, Agricultural Research Corporation, Wad Medani, Sudan.
%2342708: AGÉNOR, PIERRE-RICHARD - Development Macroeconomics.
%23189364: AGÉNOR DE GASPARIN, GRAAF. - Een groot volk dat zich verheft : de Vereenigde Staten in 1861.
%23208520: AGERHOLM, EDVARD & VALDEMAR BERGGREEN. - Den danske Skueplads : 1722-1922.
%23110320: AGES, ARNOLD. - The Diaspora Dimension.
%23259012: AGES-VAN WEEL, ALEID. - Godslampje.
%2384578: AGGER, BEN. - Fast capitalism : a critical theory of significance.
%23222445: AGHION, PHILIPPE., GRIFFITH, RACHEL. - Competition and growth : reconciling theory and evidence.
%23248467: AGMON, TAMIR, ROBERT G. HAWKINS, RICHARD M. LEVICH. - The Future of the international monetary system.
%23212687: AGNEW, JOHN HARDMAN. - Competition law.
%23163705: AGO, ROBERTO. - L'opera scientifica di Arrigo Cavaglieri.
%2396344: AGOLLA, MATHIAS. - Zedelycke sermoonen op de sondagen van het jaer. Seer dienstigh voor alle predicanten ende ziel-bestierders, om de geloovige te verwecken tot afstandt van sonden, en aen te moedigen tot een christelijck leven. Deel I-II.
%23205340: D'AGOSTINO, FRED. - Incommensurability and commensuration : the common denominator.
%23132114: AGRICULTURE. UILKENS, J.A. ... [ET AL.] - Convolute. Beknopte handleiding voor alle eigenaars en administrateurs van vaste goederen; Uilkens, J.A. Handboek van de Vaderlandse Landhuishoudkunde; Voorschrift on de Rupsen van de Vruchtboomen te weren; Wardenburg, B.D.G. De Tusschenteelt op Bouwlanden. Tiel,1852; Jennes, J. Het stelsel van F. Guenon, om aan de uitwendige kenmerken te kunnen zien: de hoeveelheid en hoedanigheid der Melk, ...
%23202320: AGUILAR JR., F.V. - Clash of Spirits : the history of power and sugar planter hegemony on a Visayan island.
%23149038: AGUILAR JR., F.V. - Clash of Spirits. The history of power and sugar planter hegemony on a Visayan island.
%23251961: AGUIRRE, CARLOS. - The criminals of Lima and their worlds : the prison experience , 1850-1935.
%2349175: AGUIRRE, JOSÉ ANTONIO DE. - Escape via Berlin : eluding Franco in Hitler's Europe.
%233117: AGUNG, IDE ANAK AGUNG GDE. - 'Renville' als keerpunt in de Nederlands-Indonesisiche onderhandelingen.
%23276223: AGUSTÍN, ANTONIO. - Corpus juris civilis [emendationibus Antonii Augustini], volume [1-4]. [1]. Digestorvm sev Pandectarvm tomus primus, complectens libros XXIIII. priores. Vulgo Digestum vetus inepte vocatur : multa sunt restituta cum doctorum virorum opera, tum verò maximè Antonij Augustini emendationibus; [2] : Digestorum seu Pandectarum tomus alter : quod vulgo` Digestum Infortiatum appellitant, sexcentis locis Antonij Augustini beneficio restitutus; [3] : Digestorvm sev Pandectarum iuris ciuilis tomus tertius : quod uulgo` Digestum nouum appellant : ex Emendationibus Antonij Augustini restitutus, scholiisque illustratus; [4] : Codicis Dn. Iustiniani sacratissimi principis ex repetita praelectione libri XII : ex fide antiq. exempl. sexcentis locis restituti : additi sunt etiam multis constitutionibus consules, qui in omnibus hactenus, quotquot extent, impressis desiderrabantur exemplarib. : quin & in glossematis haud pauca restituta sunt, quae perperam priu`s citabantur : catalogum item consulum ad discernenda constitutionum tempora adprime vtilem in fine totius operis collocauimus : notas porro` literarum prout per hosce Codicis libros legendae sunt statim post indices habes.
%23280813: AGYEMANG, K. - Village N'Dama cattle production in West Africa: Six years of research in the Gambia.
%23210157: AHANOTU, AUSTIN METUMARA (ED.) - Religion, state and society in contemporary Africa : Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Zaire and Mozambique.
%23207361: AHAUS, C.T.B. - Balanced scorecard & model Nederlandse kwaliteit.
%23140608: AHEARN JR., DANIEL J. - Wages of Farms and Factory Laborers, 1914-1944.
%23280711: AHERN, DANIEL R. - The Smile of Tragedy: Nietzsche and the Art of Virtue.
%23241697: AHL, FREDERICK., SENECA, LUCIUS ANNAEUS, CA. 4 B.C.-65 A.D. - Phaedra.
%2398318: AHLGREN, GREGORY & STEPHEN MONIER. - Crime of the Century : the Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax.
%23108982: AHMAD ALI, H.A. - De Toescheidingsovereenkomst inzake nationaliteiten tussen Nederland en Suriname.
%23175112: AHMAD, MIRZA TAHIR. - Revelation, rationality, knowledge and truth.
%23135106: AHMAD, HAZRAT MIRZA BASHIRUDDIN MAHMUD. - Ahmadiyyat or the true Islam.
%23231741: AHMAD OF QUADIAN, HAZRAT MIRZA GHULAM. - The essence of Islam : extracts from the writings of the promised messiah.
%2331152: AHMAD, FEROZ - The Young Turks: The Committee of Union and Progress in Turkish Politics, 1908-1914 (Columbia/Hurst).
%23272988: AHMAD, HAZRAT MIRZA BASHIRUDDIN MAHMUD (ED.) - De Heilige Qor'aan : met Nederlandse vertaling.
%23224704: AHMED, NIZAM. - The Parliament of Bangladesh..
%2343031: AHMED, JAMAL MOHAMMED. - The intellectual origins of Egyptian nationalism.
%23181145: AHMED, AKBAR S. - Islam today : a short introduction to the Muslim world.
%237792: AHMED, ARIF. - Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical investigations' : a reader's guide.
%2374140: AHMED, ARIF. - Saul Kripke (Bloomsbury Contemporary American Thinkers).
%23280885: AHNERT, THOMAS. - The Moral Culture of the Scottish Enlightenment: 1690-1805 (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History).
%23198622: AL-AHRAM (PUBLISHER) - Al-Tali'a : tariq al-munadilin ila al-fikr al-tawri al-mu'asir [Al-Talia; the Vanguard].
%2376123: AHRENS, HEINRICH. - Naturrecht oder Philosophie des Rechts und des Staates auf dem Grunde des ethischen Zusammenhanges von Recht und Kultur.
%2331074: AHSMANN, MARGREET & ROBERT FEENSTRA. - Bibliografie van Hoogleraren in de Rechten aan de Leidse Universiteit tot 1811.
%2313676: AHSMANN, MARGREET J.A.M. - Collegia en colleges : juridisch onderwijs aan de Leidse Universiteit 1575-1630 in het bijzonder het disputeren.
%2386631: AHSMANN, MARGREET. - Over meesters in de rechten en priesters van het recht : feit en fictie in hun opleiding.
%2335383: AHSMANN, MARGREET J.A.M. - Collegia en colleges : juridisch onderwijs aan de Leidse Universiteit 1575-1630 in het bijzonder het disputeren.
%23181561: AI, WEIWEI - Ai Weiwei: Circle of Animals.
%2333591: AICHINGER, ERIC - Ingo Mittelstaedt - Pictorial.
%23273996: AIDOVA, MARINA (EDITOR) - From Newbury With Love: Letters of Friendship Across the Iron Curtain
%23201443: AIGRISSE, GILBERTE. - Psychanalyse de Paul Valery.
%23231932: AIKEMA, BERNARD & BOUDEWIJN BAKKER. - Schilders van Venetie : oorsprong en bloei van de Venetiaanse vedute.
%23130231: AIKEMA, BERNARD - Jacopo Bassano and His Public: Moralizing Pictures in an Age of Reform, ca. 1535-1600
%23260907: AIKHENVALD, ALEXANDRA Y. - The Manambu language of East Sepik, Papua New Guinea.
%23232557: AIKK, JUHA. - Do we need minority rights? : conceptual issues.
%2359539: AILLY, A.E. D' - Historische gids van Amsterdam.
%23143620: AIRAKSINEN, TIMO - Ethics of coercion and authority: a philosophical study of social life.
%2374573: AISENBERG, NADYA. - Ordinary heroines: transforming the male myth.
%2370877: AISENSTEIN, LEO. - Staries et surestaries en droit Français et comparé.
%2381090: AITKEN, C.B. A.O. ED. - The origin of modern humans and the impact of chronometric dating.
%23208243: AITKEN, JONATHAN. - Heroes and contemporaries.
%23247986: AJALA, ADEKUNLE. - Pan-Africanism : Evolution, Progress and Prospects.
%23281222: AJURIAGUERRA, J. DE (ED.) - Cycles biologiques et psychiatrie.
%23265340: AJURIAGUERRA, J. DE (ED.) - Monoamines et système nerveux central : Symposium Bel-Air, Genève, Septembre 1961.
%23229699: AKAHA, TSUNEO (ED.) - The future of North Korea.
%23140249: AKAR, P. A.O. - The Industrial Challenge of Nuclear Energy. Research-Uses-Social Problems. Papers given during the second Information Conference on Nuclear Energy for Management.
%23216179: AKASHI, KINJI. - Cornelius van Bynkershoek : his role in the history of international law.
%23199173: AKBAR, M.J. - Nehru : the making of India.
%23196963: AKBARZADEH, SHAHRAM. - Uzbekistan and the United States : authoritarianism, islamism & Washington's security agenda.
%23134464: AKBULUT, SELMAN & JOHN D. MCCARTHY - Casson's Invariant for Oriented Homology 3-Spheres. An Exposition.
%23279729: AKCAM, TANER. - A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility.
%23225012: AKE, CLAUDE. - Democracy and Development in Africa.
%2331110: AKEHURST, MICHAEL. - A modern introduction to international law.
%2325698: AKEHURST, MICHAEL. - A modern introduction to international law.
%23130002: AKENSON, DON - At Face Value. The Life and Times of Eliza McCormack/John White.
%23242722: AKENSON, DONALD H. - An Irish history of civilization. 2 Volumes.
%23279756: AKERLOF, GEORGE. - Explorations in Pragmatic Economics.
%23240615: AKERMAN, ACHIM VON. - Die Namen der Kindheit : Gedichte.
%23173515: ÅKERMAN, JOHAN. - Ekonomiskt skeendet och politiska förändringar.
%23173504: ÅKERMAN, JOHAN. - Ekonomisk teori. I : De ekonomiska kalkylerna ; II : Kausalanalys av det ekonomiska skeendet.
%23199084: ÅKERMAN, DIETER VON. - Das Diskriminierungsverbot im EWG-Vertrag und seine Bedeutung für multilaterale und bilaterale Handelsabkommen aus der Sicht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
%2361545: AKHAVAN, PAYAM & ROBERT HOWSE (EDS.) - Yugoslavia , the former and future : reflections by scholars from the region.
%23217632: AKHAVI, SHAHROUGH - Religion and Politics in Contemporary Iran: Clergy-State Relations in the Pahlavi Period.
%2328105: AKIBA, OKON - Nigerian Foreign Policy Towards Africa: Continuity and Change.
%23204360: AKIBA, OKON - Constitutionalism And Society In Africa (Contemporary Perspectives on Developing Societies).
%23240276: AKINRINADE, BABAFEMI - Human Rights and State Collapse in Africa.
%2369478: AKINS, KATHLEEN (ED.) - Perception.
%23264041: AKINTAN, S. A. - The law of international economic institutions in Africa.
%23281554: AKKER, N. VAN DEN & NISSEN, P.J.A. - Wegen en dwarswegen : de geschiedenis van tweeduizend jaar christendom in hoofdlijnen.
%23278989: AKKER, PAUL VAN DEN. - Looking for lines : theories on the essence of art and the problem of mannerism.
%23261041: AKKERMAN, ROBERT J., PETER J. VAN KRIEKEN & CHARLES O. PANNENBORG (EDS.) - Declarations on principles : a quest for universal peace : [Liber amicorum discipulorumque Prof. Dr. Bert V.A. Röling at his retirement as professor of international law and peace research, Groningen State University, The Netherlands].
%2396600: AKKERMAN, TJITSKE. - Women's vices, public benefits. Women and commerce in the French Enlightenment.
%23240359: AKKERMANS, P.W.C., D.J. ELZINGA & E. PIETERMAAT-KROS (EDS.) - Constitutionalism in the Netherlands : the Dutch contributions to the fourth World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law in Tokyo (September 1995).
%232989: AKKERMANS, ARNO & EDWARD BRAUNS (EDS.) - Aansprakelijkheid en schadeverhaal bij rampen.
%23281380: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. (ED.) - Zorg voor onderwijs : beschouwingen over de juridische grondslagen van het Nederlands stelsel van onderwijsvoorzieningen : essay-bundel.
%23207168: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Grondrechten : grondrechten en grondwetsbescherming in Nederland.
%2399863: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - De Grondwet : een artikelsgewijs commentaar.
%23281709: AKKERMANS, D.H.M. - Economic power and labour market segmentation : transfer and the creation of labour market structure.
%23164588: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Grondrechten : grondrechten en grondwetsbescherming in Nederland.
%2358017: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Een nieuwe universitaire bestuursvorm.
%2352526: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Algemene begrippen van staatsrecht, deel 1.
%23259667: AKMAJIAN, ADRIAN ... [ET AL.] - Linguistics : an introduction to language and communication. 2nd edition.
%23259665: AKMAJIAN, ADRIAN ... [ET AL.] - Linguistics : an introduction to language and communication. 3rd edition.
%23238895: AKMAN, M. SAIT (ED.) - Catalyst? : TTIP's impact on the rest.
%2388186: AKSAR, YUSUF - Implementing International Humanitarian Law: From The Ad Hoc Tribunals to a Permanent International Criminal Court.
%23240938: AKSU, MERYEM. - Straatsburgse kaders voor terrorismebestrijding : EVRM, strafrecht en terrorisme.
%23142751: AKVELD, J.E.M. (EDS.) - Hoofdstukken Handelsrecht.
%23188767: AKWEENDA, S. - International Law and the Protection of Namibia s Territorial Integrity : Boundaries and Territorial Claims.
%23107707: AKYÜREK-KIEVITS, H.E. - Tussen protectie en concurrentie : marktwerking of regulering voor bedrijven met een taak van algemeen belang.
%23278763: AKYÜREK-KIEVITS, H.E. - Tussen protectie en concurrentie : marktwerking of regulering voor bedrijven met een taak van algemeen belang.
%23280688: ALAERTS, G.J. & N.L. DICKINSON (EDS.). - Purpose and structure of the Proceedings.
%2364326: ALAIN, TOURAINE - L'apres Socialisme.
%2363753: ALAIN. - Lettres sur la philosophie première.
%23280674: ALARCON, JORGE. - The Social accounting framework for development : concepts, construction and application.
%23196920: ALBA - Kostbarkeiten ferner Laender.
%23190601: ALBADA, JOAN VAN ... ET AL. - De verdwenen Mediene : Dordrecht.
%239921: ALBARDA, HORATIUS. - Stellingen, ter verkrijging van den graad van doctor in de rechtswetenschap aan de Rijks-Universiteit te Utrecht.
%23281199: ALBARET, CÉLESTE. - Monsieur Proust : Souvenirs recueillis par Georges Belmont.
%23207768: ALBEDA, WILLEM. - De nadagen van de verzorgingsstaat : kansen en perspectieven voor morgen.
%23156883: ALBERDINGK THIJM, JOS. A. (ED.) - Karolingsche verhalen.
%23280418: ALBEREGTSE, D.A. - Buitengewone lasten. 2e druk.
%23280415: ALBEREGTSE, D.A. - Buitengewone lasten.
%23232240: ALBERS, P. ... [ET AL.] - Evaluatieprogramma Herziening rechterlijke organisatie.
%23176303: ALBERS, MARTIN OTTO. - Het ontslag van Bismarck.
%23173443: ALBERS, LUCIA H. - Het gewichtloze gewogen : cultuurhistorische betekenis van landgoederen geëvalueerd met behulp van multicriteria analyse.
%23268758: ALBERS, C.L.G.F.H. - Bestuursrecht begrepen.
%23119253: ALBERS, H.S.J. - Europees gemeenschapsrecht en cultuur: eenheid en verscheidenheid.
%2358206: ALBERS, O. ... {ET AL.] - De ambtenarenstakingen. Grenzen in het kort geding.
%23246114: ALBERS, JOSEF. & LÁSZLÓ MOHOLY-NAGY. - Albers and Moholy-Nagy : from the Bauhaus to the new world.
%2346549: ALBERS, O. ... {ET AL.] - Deeltijdarbeid.
%23282125: ALBERS, C.L.G.F.H.; M.L. VAN EMMERIK, C.M. SARIS & FRANS-JOZEF HAAS. - Boetes en andere bestraffende sancties : een nieuw perspectief? : preadviezen.
%2326344: ALBERS-DINGEMANS, R.L. ... [ET AL.] - Incidenten bij de afwikkeling van verkoop en overdracht : preadvies.
%23278355: ALBERT, HANS. - Traktat über kritische Vernunft. 4. verbesserte Auflage.
%23278354: ALBERT, HANS. - Die Wissenschaft und die Fehlbahrkeit der Vernunft.
%23278362: ALBERT, HANS. - Ökonomische Ideologie und politische Theorie.
%23176639: ALBERT, CLAUDE (ED.) - Géométrie symplectique et mécanique : colloque international , La Grande Motte , France , 23 - 28 mai , 1988.
%2385700: ALBERT, HANS. - Traktat über rationale Praxis.
%23191747: ALBERT, HANS. - Marktsoziologie und Entscheidungslogik : zur Kritik der reinen Ökonomik.
%23131292: ALBERT, WOLF-DIETER. - Darstellungen des Eros in Unteritalien.
%23210956: HEINRICH. ALBERT (ED.) - Bibliographie Verlag C.H. Beck, 1913-1988 : Biederstein Verlag, 1946-1988, Verlag Franz Vahlen, 1970-1988.
%23133100: ALBERT, HANS. - Traktat über Kritische Vernunft.
%23169388: ALBERT, HANS. - Rationaliteit in wetenschap en samenleving : opstellen over wetenschap, ideologie en politiek.
%2362465: ALBERT, HANS. - Theorie en kritiek : opstellen over theorievorming, hermeneutiek en waardenvrijheid in de sociale wetenschappen.
%2362358: ALBERT, HANS & ERNST TOPITSCH (EDS.) - Werturteilsstreit.
%23199573: ALBERTINI, ANDREAS VON. - Der Steuerbetrug im System der Steuerstrafnormen behandelt am Beispiel der Zürcher Steuergesetzgebung.
%2371353: ALBERTS, G. & H.J. ZUIDERVAART (EDS.) - De KNAW en de Nederlandse wetenschap tussen 1930 en 1960.
%23176660: ALBEVERIO, SERGIO, COMBE, PHILIPPE & SIRUGUE-COLLIN, MADELEINE. - Stochastic aspects of classical and quantum systems : proceedings of the 2nd French-German Encounter in Mathematics and Physics, held in Marseille, France, March 28-April 1, 1983.
%23201977: ALBI, ANNELI. - The European Constitution and national constitutions: Ratification and Beyond.
%23276048: ALBIN, JOHANN GEORG. - Tractatio ivridica de ivre miserabilivm: von Rechte der Armseligen und Noth-bedrängten Personen
%23103177: ALBLAS, J.B.H. - Johannes Boekholt (1656-1693), the first Dutch publisher of John Bunyan and other English authors.
%23143135: ALBRECHT, HANS-JÖRG. - Strafzumessung bei schwerer Kriminalität : eine vergleichende theoretische und empirische Studie zur Herstellung und Darstellung des Strafmasses.
%23154349: ALBRECHT, HANS-JÖRG & ANTON VAN KALMTHOUT (EDS.) - Drug policies in Western Europe.
%23255714: ALBRECHT, ANDREA. - Kosmopolitismus : Weltbürgerdiskurse in Literatur, Philosophie und Publizistik um 1800.
%2376124: ALBRECHT, WILHELM EDUARD. - Die Gewere als Grundlage des älteren deutschen Sachenrechts.
%23117453: ALBRECHT, H.U. - Die Röntgendiagnostik des Verdauungskanals.
%23279246: ALBRECHTSEN, NICKY. - Scarves.
%23163249: ALBREGTS, A.H.M. ... [ET AL.] - De Europese Gemeenschap en de industriepolitiek.
%23280379: ALBREGTSE, D.A. - De persoonsgebonden aftrek.
%2321012: ALBREGTSE, DIRK ADRIAAN. - Fiscaal-economische aspecten van internationale belastingvermijding : onderzoek naar internationale belastingverschillen en reacties vanuit economisch perspectief.
%23143278: ALBRITTON, CLAUDE C. - The abyss of time : changing conceptions of the earth's antiquity after the sixteenth century.
%23217046: ALCALÁ, LUISA ELENA., ESTERAS MARTÍN, CRISTINA., HECHT, JOHANNA., PHIPPS, ELENA. - The colonial Andes : tapestries and silverwork , 1530-1830.
%23145205: ALCALAY, AMMIEL. - Memories of our future : selected essays 1982-1999.
%2322731: ALCERI, FRANCO. - Managing Security in Europe: The European Union & Challenges of Enlargement Strategies for Europe.
%23218143: ALCES, PETER A. - A theory of contract law : empirical understandings and moral psychology.
%2388269: ALCORN, M.W. - Narcissism and the literary libido : rhetoric, text, and subjectivity.
%23136987: ALDCROFT, DEREK H. - The Inter-war Economy: Britain, 1919-1939.
%23236504: ALDEN, CHRIS - Apartheid's Last Stand: The Rise and Fall of the South African Security State.
%23279684: ALDER, KEN. - The Lie Detectors: The History of an American Obsession.
%23137573: ALDERS, PETER - Family Ties in an Aging World. Causes and Consequences of Fertility Shifts. Diss.
%23277908: ALDERS, LUCAS W. - Internationale rechtspraak tussen Indonesische rijken en de V.O.C. tot 1700.
%2359856: ALDERS, KOOS; KEES, KOEDIJK; CLEMENS KOOL & CARLO WINTER (EDS.) - Monetary policy in a converging Europe : papers and proceedings of an internationl workshop organised by De Nederlandsche Bank and the Limburg Institute of Financial Economics of the University of Limburg, 1995.
%2367118: ALDERSE BAAS-BUDWILOWITZ, PEGGY. - Blijvend in verbeelding : de verwerking van de Tweede Wereldoorlog in de beeldende kunst.
%2357750: ALDERSEY-WILLIAMS, HUGH. - The most beautiful molecule : an adventure in chemistry.
%23176293: ALDOUS, D.J., I.A. IBRAGIMOV, J. JACOD. - École d'été de probabilités de Saint Flour XIII - 1983.
%23176655: ALDOUS, D.J. , I.A. IBRAGIMOV & J. JACOD. - École de Éte de Probabilités de Saint-Flour XIII - 1983.
%2356730: ALDRETE, GREGORY S. - Gestures and acclamations in early imperial Rome : methods of interactive communication between emperor and plebs at mass public gatherings.
%2373925: ALDRICH, BRIAN C. - Housing the Urban Poor: A Guide to Policy and Practice in the South (Urban Studies).
%23281001: ALDRIDGE, SUSAN. - Seeing Red and Feeling Blue: The New Science of Mood and Emotion.
%23256970: ALEBEEK, ROSANNE VAN. - The immunity of states and their officials in the light of international criminal law and international human rights law.
%23253463: ALEINIKOFF, ALEXANDER T. (ED.) - From migrants to citizens: membership in a changing world.
%23277199: ALEJANDRO, ROBERTO. - Nietzsche and the drama of historiobiography.
%23276379: ALEJANDRO, ROBERTO. - Nietzsche and the drama of historiobiography.
%23229145: ALEKSANDAR, FATIC. - Reconciliation via the war crimes tribunal ?.
%23106381: ALEN, A. & W. DEVROE. - Verzelfstandiging van bestuurszaken in België. Preadviezen.
%23112342: ALER, JAN (ED.). - Martin Heidegger 1889-1976 : filosofische Weerklank in de Lage Landen.
%23247767: ALESINA, ALBERTO & FRANCESCO GIAVAZZI. - The future of Europe : reform or decline.
%2322572: D'ALESSANDRO, STEPHANIE - Picasso and Chicago : 100 years, 100 works.
%23231302: ALETRINO, A. - Is celstraf nog langer geoorloofd en gewenscht?
%2328261: ALEXANDER, HARTLEY BURR. - The problem of metaphysics and the meaning of metaphysical explanation : an essay in definitions.
%23233643: ALEXANDER, WILLIAM HARDY. - The Tacitean non liquet on Seneca.
%23118728: ALEXANDER, WILLY. - The EEC Rules of Competition.
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%23213161: ARMSTRONG, CAROL - Edgar Degas: The Late Work.
%23235646: ARMSTRONG, KAREN. - Islam : a short history.
%23235648: ARMSTRONG, KAREN. - Muhammad : a biography of the Prophet.
%2343193: ARMSTRONG, SUSAN - Using Large Corpora (ACL-MIT Series in Natural Language Processing).
%23235025: ARMSTRONG, SARAH & LESLEY MCARA. - Perspectives on punishment : the contours of control.
%23210610: ARMSTRONG, KAREN. - Islam: A Short History.
%234825: ARMSTRONG, JOHN. - The vital spark : British coastal trade 1700-1930.
%23270193: ARMSTRONG, KAREN. - Een geschiedenis van God : vierduizend jaar jodendom, christendom en islam.
%23273501: ARMSTRONG, KAREN. - Mohammed : een westerse poging tot begrip van de islam
%23263802: ARMSTRONG, WARWICK & JAMES ANDERSON (EDS.) - Geopolitics of European Union Enlargement: The Fortress Empire.
%23189948: ARMSTRONG, STEPHEN (A.O). - Inside out : underwear and style in the UK.
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%23249618: ARNAU I SEGARRA, PILAR (ED.) - Narrative Neuanfänge : der katalanische Roman der Gegenwart ; Einzelinterpretationen.
%23139273: D'ARNAUD, GEORGE. - Variarum Coniecturarum libri duo. In quibus plurima juris civilis aliorumque auctorum loca emendantur et explicantur. Accendunt duae dissertationes de Iure Servorum, ...
%23277623: ARNAUD, CLAUDE. - Jean Cocteau : a life.
%23212825: ARNAUDO, GIANNI & MAURIZIO VOGLIAZZO. - Gianni Arnaudo : opacity and transparency.
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%23203582: ARNAULD, ANTOINE & PIERRE NICOLE - La Logique ou l'Art de Penser : contenant, outre les Régles communes, plusieurs observations nouvelles propres à former le jugement.
%23208772: ARNAUNÉ, AGUSTE. - La monnaie, le crédit et le change.
%23244191: ARNBAK, JENS (ED.) - ISDN in Europe: Innovative services or innovative technology?
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%23279022: ARNDT, MATTHIAS. - Sip! : Indonesian art today.
%23282012: ARNDT, RUDOLF. - Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie für Ärzte und Studirende.
%23269675: ARNDT, HELMUT (ED.) - Lohnpolitik und Einkommensverteilung : Verhandlungen auf der Tagung des Vereins für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften in Berlin, 1.- 4. Oktober 1968.
%23270431: ARNDT, KLAUS FRIEDRICH. - Parlamentarische Geschäftsordnungsautonomie und autonomes Parlamentsrecht.
%23235907: ARNDTS VON ARNESBERG, LUDWIG. - Festgabe für Ludwig Arndts von Arnesberg : Festgabe zum 50. Doktorjubiläum des Herrn Hofrats und Professors Dr. Ludwig Arndts Ritter von Arnesberg im Auftrag der Juristenfakultät zu München.
%23260675: ARNER, DOUGLAS W. - Financial stability, economic growth, and the role of law.
%23219629: ARNETT, RONALD C. & PAT ARNESON. - Dialogic civility in a cynical age community , hope , and interpersonal relationships.
%23173540: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF. - The split and the structure : twenty-eight essays.
%23158105: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF. - Parables of Sun Light: Observations on Psychology, the Arts and the Rest.
%2332265: ARNHEM, W. VAN ... [ET AL.] - Internationale kinderontvoering door een van de ouders : ervaringen en perspectieven in verband met de komende bekrachtiging van de verdragen van Luxemburg en 's-Gravenhage.
%23254028: ARNOLD, EVE. - Handbook (with footnotes).
%2318065: ARNOLD, CHRISTIANUS J. C. - Oorzaak en schuld van den Tweeden Punischen Oorlog.
%23223430: ARNOLD, FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN VON. - Beiträge zum deutschen Privatrecht. 1. Theil: Familienrecht und Erbrecht; 2. Theil ; Dinglisches und persönliches recht.
%2376101: ARNOLD, WILHELM. - Zur Geschichte des Eigentums in den deutschen Städten.
%2376100: ARNOLD, WILHELM. - Kultur und Recht der Römer.
%2358229: ARNOLD, MORRIS S. - Unequal laws unto a savage race : European legal traditions in Arkansas, 1686-1836.
%2323003: ARNOLD, DEAN E. - Ecology and Ceramic Production in an Andean Community.
%23192583: ARNOLD, GUY. - Historical dictionary of aid and development organizations.
%23248212: ARNOLDS, F.M.A. - Bossche legenden en verhalen. 4 Delen.
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%23255604: ARNOLDT, DANIEL HEINRICH. - Ausführliche und mit Urkunden versehene Historie der Königsberger Universität. Band C. Zusätze zur Historie der Königsbergischen Universität. Mit 250 Lebensbeschreibungen preussischer Gelehrter. Fortgesetzte Zusätze zur Historie der Königsb. Universität nebst Nachrichten von 311 preussischen Gelehrten;
%23255605: ARNOLDT, DANIEL HEINRICH. - Ausführliche und mit Urkunden versehene Historie der Königsberger Universität. Band D. Goldbeck, Johann Friedrich, Nachrichten von der kgl. Universität zu Königsberg i. Pr. und den daselbst befindlichen Lehr-, Schul- und Erziehungsanstalten. (1782). Metzger, Johann Daniel, Über die Universität zu Königsberg. Ein Nachtrag zu Arnoldt und Goldbeck. (1804).
%23238223: ARNOLDT, DANIEL HEINRICH. - Ausführliche und mit Urkunden versehene Historie der Königsberger Universität. Band A. Ausführliche und mit Urkunden versehene Historie der Königsbergischen Universität (Teil 1).
%2379549: ARNOLDT, DANIEL HEINRICH. - Ausführliche und mit Urkunden versehene Historie der Königsberger Universität.
%2363537: ARNOLDUSSEN, PAUL - Verdachte portretten : rechtbanktekeningen.
%23220800: ARNON, YA'EL D., STIEGLITZ, R. RAPHAEL. - Tel Tanninim : excavations at Krokodeilon Polis , 1996-1999.
%2331131: ARNOTT, RICHARD - Economics for an Imperfect World: Essays in Honor of Joseph E. Stiglitz.
%23245023: ARNOU, ANDRÉ. - La participation des travailleurs à la gestion des entreprises : la collaboration ouvrière.
%23249510: ARNOUX-FARNOUX, LUCILE & ANNE-RACHEL HERMETET (EDS.) - Questions de réception.
%23249367: ARNOVE, ANTHONY. - Iraq : the logic of withdrawal.
%23190017: ARNSCHEIDT, JULIA. - Debating' Nature Conservation: Policy, Law and Practice in Indonesia: A Discourse Analysis of History and Present.
%23281897: ARNSWALDT, ALBRECHT VON. - De vicariatus controversia : Beiträge Hermann Conrings in der Diskussion um die Reichsverfassung des 17. Jahrhunderts.
%23182152: ARNULL, ANTHONY. - The general principles of EEC law and the individual.
%23282184: ARNULL, ANTHONY. - The European Union and its Court of Justice.
%23176740: AROCA, J.M ... [ET AL.] - Algebraic geometry : proceedings of the international conference on algebraic geometry held at La Rábida, Spain, January 7 - 15, 1981
%23171122: ARON, RAYMOND. - Penser la guerre, Clausewitz. I. L'âge européen; II. L'âge planétaire.
%23244215: ARON-BELLER, KATHERINE - Jews on Trial: The Papal Inquisition in Modena, 1598-1638.
%23275670: ARONSON, RONALD. - Sartre's second Critique.
%23236398: ARONSTEIN, CLAUDE SERGE (ED.) - International handbook on contracts of employment.
%2326259: ARP, ROBERT - Scenario Visualization: An Evolutionary Account of Creative Problem Solving.
%23277904: VAN CLEEF & ARPELS - Exercise in style : Van Cleef & Arpels.
%23206189: ARRIBAS, ALFREDO. - Alfredo Arribas: Works 92 -> 2000.
%23253189: ARRINGTON, ROBERT L. - Rationalism, realism, and relativism : perspectives in contemporary moral epistemology.
%23223213: ARROM, SILVIA MARINA. - Containing the poor : the Mexico City Poor House, 1774-1871.
%23228586: ARROW, KENNETH J. & MICHAEL D. INTRILIGATOR (EDS.) - Handbook of mathematical economics. Volume 1.
%23149793: ARROW, KENNETH J. - Studies in linear and non-linear programming.
%2357339: ARROW, KENNETH J. - Arrow and the ascent of modern economic theory. Ed. by George R. Feiwel.
%2331965: ARROW, KENNETH JOSEPH - Social choice and individual values.
%2326335: ARROW, KENNETH J. - (ed.). Issues in Contemporary Economics. Vol. 1: Markets & Welfare.
%23202985: ARROWSMITH, SUE & ARWEL DAVIS (EDS.) - Public procurement : global revolution.
%23244872: ARROWSMITH, CAROL & RUPERT MCNEIL (EDS.) - Reward governance for senior executives.
%23278976: ARS, BRIGITTE - De sprong van de Maleise tijger. Verhalen uit Kampong Longhouse en Supercorridor.
%2342824: ARSCHINOW, PETER. - Anarchisten im Freiheitskampf : die Geschichte der Machno-Bewegung, 1918-1921.
%23212829: ARSENE, VLADIMIR. - Westfourth Architecture : New York calls Bucharest.
%23248865: ART, ROBERT J. - A Grand Strategy For America.
%23238751: ART, DAVID. - The politics of the Nazi past in Germany and Austria.
%23176818: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK) - Fifteenth- to eighteenth-century European drawings : Central Europe, the Netherlands, France, England.
%23280705: ARTHOS, JOHN. - The Inner Word in Gadamer's Hermeneutics.
%2382808: ARTHUR, JETT C. - Textile and paper chemistry and technology.
%23197884: ARTHUR, PAIGE - Unfinished Projects: Decolonization and the Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre.
%23281896: ARTNER, MICHAEL. - Agere praescriptis verbis. : Atypische Gescha¨ftsinhalte und klassisches Formularverfahren.
%23261071: ARTS, BAS. - The political influence of global NGOs : case studies on the climate and biodiversity conventions.
%23148043: ARTS, KARIN. - Integrating Human Rights into Development Cooperation: The Case of the Lomé Convention.
%2351611: ARTS, J. - Jan Jansen.
%23199682: ARTS, ANTONIUS JOHANNES MARIA. - Het dubbelklooster Dikninge.
%23177764: ARUMAEUS, DOMINICUS. - Disputatio De Iurisdictionis Secularis Origine, definitione & divisione.
%2311154: ARUP, CHRISTOPHER. - The new World Trade Organization agreements : globalizing law through services and intellectual property.
%23247008: ARURI, NASEER H. - Jordan : a study in political development (1921-1965).
%23101533: ARZOUMANIAN, Z., F. VAN DER HOOFT & E.P.J. VAN DEN HEUVEL. - Pulsar Timing, General Relativity and the Internal Structure of Neutron Stars. : Proceedings of the colloquium, Amsterdam, 24-27 September, 1996.
%23203977: AS-SJAIKH, HANAAN. - Vrouwen tussen hemel en zand.
%2352684: AS, G.G. VAN. - November-alarm. De revolutie-bedreiging in Nederland November 1918. Gedenkboek.
%23281911: ASAD, MUHAMMAD. - The road to Mecca.
%23211506: ASAD, MUHAMMAD. - The principles of state and government in Islam.
%23274579: ASALS, FREDERICK. - Flannery O'Connor : the imagination of extremity.
%23179434: ASBECK, F.M. VAN. (E.A.). - United Nations textbook: texts of important U.N. documents with annotations, including constitution of International Labour Organization and texts of modern regional pacts (A.O. treaty of the European Coal and Steel community).
%23101537: ASBECK, F.M. VAN. - Oligarchie en democratie in onze statensamenleving.
%23259293: ASBECK, F.M. VAN. - Onderzoek naar den juridischen wereldbouw.
%23276653: ASBURY, HERBERT. - Sucker's progress; an informal history of gambling in America from the colonies to Canfield.
%23261262: ASCH, PETER. - Economic theory and the antitrust dilemma.
%237668: ASCHAFFENBURG, GUSTAV. - Das Verbrechen und seine Bekämpfung. 3. Aufl.
%2380148: ASCHBACH, JOSEPH VON. - Geschichte Kaiser Sigmunds.
%23160503: ASCHER, CAROL. - Simone de Beauvoir : a life of freedom.
%23230261: ASCHERI, CARLO. - Feuerbachs Bruch mit der Spekulation : Einleitung zur kritischen Ausgabe von Feuerbach : Notwendigkeit einer Veränderung (1842).
%2389184: ASCHHEIM, STEVEN E. - Culture and Catastrophe : German and Jewish confrontations with National Socialism and other crises.
%23179142: ASCHHEIM, STEVEN E. (ED.) - Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem.
%23169150: D'ASCOLI, SYLVIA. - Sentencing in International Criminal Law : the UN ad hoc Tribunals and Future Perspectives for the ICC.
%23154019: ASHALL, FRANK - Remarkable Discoveries!
%2348057: ASHALL, DR FRANK - Remarkable Discoveries!.
%2376102: ASHBURNER, WALTER. - Nomos Rhodioon nautikós : the Rhodian sea-law, edited from the manuscripts.
%23108725: ASHBY-BEACH, GENETTE. - The Song of Roland : a Generative Study of the Formulaic Language in the Single Combat.
%23243135: ASHER, ROBERT., GOODHEART, LAWRENCE B. - Murder on trial : 1620-2002.
%23180289: ASHFORD, JOSE B. - Death Penalty Mitigation: A Handbook for Mitigation Specialists, Investigators, Social Scientists, and Lawyers.
%2348433: ASHIHARA, TARO. - Taro Ashihara : program and style.
%2315273: ASHLEY, W.J. - Surveys : historic and economic.
%23225468: ASHTON, DORE. - Terence La Noue.
%23276654: ASHTON, JOHN. - The history of gambling in England.
%23255163: ASHWORTH, ANDREW. - The criminal process : an evaluative study. 2nd edition.
%23223311: ASHWORTH, ANDREW. - Principles of criminal law. 3rd edition.
%2352452: DAVID BARRY DESMOND ASKER. - Aspects of metamorphosis : fictional representations of the becoming human.
%23277304: ASKIN, KELLY DAWN. - War crimes against women : prosecution in international war crimes tribunals.
%23232818: ASKIN, KELLY D. & DOREAN M. KOENIG (EDS.) - Women and International Human Rights Law. Volume 1: Introduction to Women's Human Rights Issues; Volume 2: International courts, instruments, and organizations and select regional issues affecting women; Volume 3.
%2323518: ÅSLUND, ANDERS & MARTHA BRILL OLCOTT (EDS.) - Russia after communism.
%2387435: ÅSLUND, ANDERS. - Gorbachev's struggle for economic reform.
%2371887: ASMA, STEPHEN T. - On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears.
%23175918: ASMA, STEPHEN T. - Following form and function : a philosophical archaeology of life science.
%23281945: ASMAR, FOUZI EL & DAVIS, URI & KHADR, NAIM (ED). - Towards a socialist Republic of Palestine.
%2335633: ASMUTH, CHRISTOPH (ED.) - Kant und Fichte - Fichte und Kant.
%2395484: ASPASIUS., MICHAEL OF EPHESUS. - On Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics 8 and 9.
%23187566: ASPEREN, GEERTRUIDA MAARTJE VAN. - Het bedachte leven : beschouwingen over maatschappij , zingeving en ethiek.
%23242655: ASPESLAGH, ROB & SUSANNE RAVEN (ED.) - De multiculturele samenleving, een wensdroom? : de integratie van migranten in de samenlevingen van Nederland en Duitsland.
%23274589: ASPESLAGH, ROBERT. - Im historischen Wu?rgegriff : die Beziehungen zwischen Ungarn und der Slowakei in der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft.
%23280509: ASPRAY, WILLIAM. - John von Neumann and the origins of modern computing.
%23240416: D'ASPREMONT, JEAN. - Formalism and the sources of international law : a theory of the ascertainment of legal rules.
%23248364: ASSCHE, FERDINAND VAN. - De consumptie der inlanders te Elizabethstad [Congo] : proeve van onderzoek naar haar structuur en ontwikkelingstendens.
%23107900: ASSCHER-VONK, I.P. (ET AL.) - De zieke werknemer.
%2324828: ASSCHER-VONK, I.P. - Toegang tot de dienstbetrekking.
%2380783: ASSCHER-VONK, I.P. - Equality in Law between Men and Women in the European Community. The Netherlands.
%23184987: ASSCHER-VONK, I.P. (ED.) - Gelijke behandeling: regels en realiteit : een juridische en rechtssociologische analyse van de gelijke-behandelingswetgeving.
%2373271: ASSCHER, A. WILLIAM & ERIC SANDERS. - Farbatlas der Nephrologie.
%23276799: ASSCHER, B.J. - Rechters vragen niet om eerbied.
%2333999: ASSCHER, B.J. ... [ET AL.] - Onverwijlde spoed : het kort geding en andere spoedprocedures in het Nederlands recht : bundel, verschenen ter gelegenheid van het 7e lustrum van de Vereniging De Jonge Balie Utrecht.
%2346570: ASSCHER-VONK, I.P. (ET AL.) - Wet gelijke behandeling van mannen en vrouwen.
%23277537: ASSCHER-VONK, I.P. & A.C. HENDRIKS. - Gelijke behamdeling en onderscheid bij de arbeid. 2e druk.
%23277230: ASSELAIN, JEAN CHARLES. - Planning and Profit in Socialist Economies.
%23101538: ASSELBERGS, W.J.M.A. (BETER BEKEND ALS ANTON VAN DUINKERKEN). - Guido Gezelle's kerkhofblommen, 1858-1958.
%23101540: ASSELBERGS, W.J.M.A. (BETER BEKEND ALS ANTON VAN DUINKERKEN). - Tussen Vosmaer en Tollens
%23201129: ASSELDONK, GERARDUS A. VAN. - De Nederlanden en het westers schisma (tot 1398).
%23207668: ASSELDONK, ANTONIUS GERARDUS MARTINUS VAN. - Mass-individualisation : business strategies applying networked order to create economic value in heterogeneous and unpredictable markets.
%23199620: ASSELDONK, GERARDUS A. VAN. - De Nederlanden en het westers schisma (tot 1398).
%2376104: ASSEMANI, GIUSEPPE SIMONE. - Bibliotheca iuris orientalis canonici et civilis. 1: Codex canonum ecclesiae Graecae; 2: Codex juris civilis ecclesiae Graecae; 3: Appendix I ad Codicem juris canonici et civilis ecclesiae Graecae; 4: Appendix II; 5: Appendix III. (1766).
%23279585: WESTERN EUROPEAN UNION ASSEMBY. - Collected texts adopted during the first, second and third ordinary sessions : 1955-1957 = Recueil des textes adopte´s au cours des premie`re, deuxie`me et troisie`me sessions ordinaires.
%23201631: ASSEN, MARCEL FULCO VAN. - Empirical studies in discrete parts manufacturing management.
%23282187: ASSER, W.H.D. ... [ET AL.] - Procesinnovatie : KEIgoede ideeën?
%23274950: ASSER, CAREL. - Handleiding tot de beoefening van het burgerlijk regt in Nederland. 3e deel - 1e stuk.
%23232215: ASSER, HENDRIK LODEWIJK. - De buitenlandsche betrekkingen 1860-1889 : schets eener parlementaire geschiedenis.
%2375649: ASSER, CAREL. - Het Nederlandsch Burgerlijk Wetboek vergeleken met het Wetboek Napoleon. Nagelaten werk.
%236864: ASSER, T.M.C. - Schets van het Internationaal Privaatregt.
%2356448: ASSER, W.D.H. - In solidum of pro parte : een onderzoek naar de ontwikkelingsgeschiedenis van de hoofdelijke en gedeelde aansprakelijkheid van vennoten tegenover derden.
%2338543: ASSER, CAREL. - Het Nederlandsch Burgerlijk Wetboek vergeleken met het Wetboek Napoleon. Nagelaten werk.
%23248455: ASSER, CAREL. - Het Nederlandsch Burgerlijk Wetboek vergeleken met het Wetboek Napoleon. Nagelaten werk.
%23236259: ASSERI, ALI S. AWAHD. - Combating terrorism : Saudi Arabia's role in the War on Terror.
%23231119: ASSOCIAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE DI DIRITTO DELLA ASSICURAZIONI (A.I.D.A.). - Atti del primo congrasso internazionale di diritto delle assicurazioni : Roma, 4-7 avrile 1962.
%23160656: ASSINK, BASTIAAN F. & DANIELLA A.M.H.W. STRIK. - Verslag van de vergadering van de Vereeniging 'Handelsrecht' van 8 december 2009 inzake Ondernemingsbestuur en riscobeheersing op de drempel van een nieuw decennium: een ondernemingsrechtelijke analyse.
%23275280: ASSIS, 1839-1908 MACHADO DE. - Dom Casmurro : a novel.
%23279252: ASSIS, ARTHUR ALFAIX. - What is history for? : Johann Gustav Droysen and the functions of historiography.
%23263691: ASSOCIATES, O'REILLY & - The Internet and Society.
%23117396: THE JAPAN BRANCH OF THE INTERNATIONAL LAW ASSOCIATION. - The Japanese Annual of International Law, No. 9 (1965).
%23116092: AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION. - The rule of law in the United States. A survey.
%2322296: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (ED.) - Readings in the theory of international trade. Selected by a Committee of The American Economic Association.
%23218429: INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY ASSOCIATION (ISSA). - Sickness Insurance. National Monographs. International Social Security Association. XIIth General Meeting, Mexico City, 23 november to 3 december 1955. Report II.
%23148235: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (ED.) - Readings in the Economics of Taxation.
%2385498: NATIONAL CONFECTIONERS ASSOCIATION. - Straight talk about candy and chocolate.
%2364697: BRITISH OPTICAL ASSOCIATION. - Transactions of the International Ophtalmic Optical Congress, 1961.
%2361556: INTERNATIONAL LAW ASSOCIATION. - Report of the twenty-ninth Conference held at the Town Hall, Portsmouth, England, may 27th-31st, 1920.
%23218470: INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY ASSOCIATION (ISSA). - Relations between social security institutions and the medical profession.
%2396081: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (ED.) - Readings in fiscal policy.
%2348712: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (ED.) - Readings in the theory of income distribution.
%2348714: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (ED.) - Readings in business cycle theory.
%23196425: JAPAN FOOD HYGIENE ASSOCIATION. - The Japanese standards of food additives.

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