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%2384578: AGGER, BEN. - Fast capitalism : a critical theory of significance.
%23222445: AGHION, PHILIPPE., GRIFFITH, RACHEL. - Competition and growth : reconciling theory and evidence.
%23248467: AGMON, TAMIR, ROBERT G. HAWKINS, RICHARD M. LEVICH. - The Future of the international monetary system.
%23212687: AGNEW, JOHN HARDMAN. - Competition law.
%23163705: AGO, ROBERTO. - L'opera scientifica di Arrigo Cavaglieri.
%2362522: AGÓCS, SÁNDOR. - The troubled origins of the Italian Catholic Labor Movement, 1878-1914.
%2396344: AGOLLA, MATHIAS. - Zedelycke sermoonen op de sondagen van het jaer. Seer dienstigh voor alle predicanten ende ziel-bestierders, om de geloovige te verwecken tot afstandt van sonden, en aen te moedigen tot een christelijck leven. Deel I-II.
%23205340: D'AGOSTINO, FRED. - Incommensurability and commensuration : the common denominator.
%23261241: AGRASANCHEZ JR., ROGÉLIO. - !Mas! : cine Mexicano : sensational Mexican movie posters 1957-1990 = Carteles sensacionales del cine mexicano 1957-1990.
%23143492: AGRESTO, JOHN. - The Supreme Court and constitutional democracy.
%23132114: AGRICULTURE. - Convolute.
%2312763: AGT, A.A.M. VAN & J.J.M. VAN DER VEN. - Recht en Normbesef. Preadviezen.
%23202320: AGUILAR JR., F.V. - Clash of Spirits : the history of power and sugar planter hegemony on a Visayan island.
%23149038: AGUILAR JR., F.V. - Clash of Spirits. The history of power and sugar planter hegemony on a Visayan island.
%23251961: AGUIRRE, CARLOS. - The criminals of Lima and their worlds : the prison experience , 1850-1935.
%2349175: AGUIRRE, JOSÉ ANTONIO DE. - Escape via Berlin : eluding Franco in Hitler's Europe.
%23210157: AHANOTU, AUSTIN METUMARA (ED.) - Religion, state and society in contemporary Africa : Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Zaire and Mozambique.
%23207361: AHAUS, C.T.B. - Balanced scorecard & model Nederlandse kwaliteit.
%23140608: AHEARN JR., DANIEL J. - Wages of Farms and Factory Laborers, 1914-1944.
%23241697: AHL, FREDERICK., SENECA, LUCIUS ANNAEUS, CA. 4 B.C.-65 A.D. - Phaedra.
%2398318: AHLGREN, GREGORY & STEPHEN MONIER. - Crime of the Century : the Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax.
%23175112: AHMAD, MIRZA TAHIR. - Revelation, rationality, knowledge and truth.
%23135106: AHMAD, HAZRAT MIRZA BASHIRUDDIN MAHMUD. - Ahmadiyyat or the true Islam.
%2331152: AHMAD, FEROZ - The Young Turks: The Committee of Union and Progress in Turkish Politics, 1908-1914 (Columbia/Hurst).
%23108982: AHMAD ALI, H.A. - De Toescheidingsovereenkomst inzake nationaliteiten tussen Nederland en Suriname.
%23231741: AHMAD OF QUADIAN, HAZRAT MIRZA GHULAM. - The essence of Islam : extracts from the writings of the promised messiah.
%237792: AHMED, ARIF. - Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical investigations' : a reader's guide.
%2374140: AHMED, ARIF. - Saul Kripke (Bloomsbury Contemporary American Thinkers).
%2343031: AHMED, JAMAL MOHAMMED. - The intellectual origins of Egyptian nationalism.
%23224704: AHMED, NIZAM. - The Parliament of Bangladesh..
%23181145: AHMED, AKBAR S. - Islam today : a short introduction to the Muslim world.
%23197124: AHMED, MONISHA. - Living fabric : weaving among the Nomads of Ladakh Himalaya.
%23198622: AL-AHRAM (PUBLISHER) - Al-Tali'a : tariq al-munadilin ila al-fikr al-tawri al-mu'asir [Al-Talia; the Vanguard].
%2376123: AHRENS, HEINRICH. - Naturrecht oder Philosophie des Rechts und des Staates auf dem Grunde des ethischen Zusammenhanges von Recht und Kultur.
%2335383: AHSMANN, MARGREET J.A.M. - Collegia en colleges : juridisch onderwijs aan de Leidse Universiteit 1575-1630 in het bijzonder het disputeren.
%2386631: AHSMANN, MARGREET. - Over meesters in de rechten en priesters van het recht : feit en fictie in hun opleiding.
%23181561: AI, WEIWEI - Ai Weiwei: Circle of Animals.
%2333591: AICHINGER, ERIC - Ingo Mittelstaedt - Pictorial.
%23201443: AIGRISSE, GILBERTE. - Psychanalyse de Paul Valery.
%23130231: AIKEMA, BERNARD - Jacopo Bassano and His Public: Moralizing Pictures in an Age of Reform, ca. 1535-1600
%23231932: AIKEMA, BERNARD & BOUDEWIJN BAKKER. - Schilders van Venetie : oorsprong en bloei van de Venetiaanse vedute.
%23260907: AIKHENVALD, ALEXANDRA Y. - The Manambu language of East Sepik, Papua New Guinea.
%23232557: AIKK, JUHA. - Do we need minority rights? : conceptual issues.
%23137923: AILLY, A.E. D' - Historische Gids van Amsterdam : [18 wandelingen].
%2359539: AILLY, A.E. D' - Historische gids van Amsterdam.
%2371032: AILSBY, CHRISTOPHER - SS: Roll of infamy.
%23143620: AIRAKSINEN, TIMO - Ethics of coercion and authority: a philosophical study of social life.
%2374573: AISENBERG, NADYA. - Ordinary heroines: transforming the male myth.
%2370877: AISENSTEIN, LEO. - Staries et surestaries en droit Français et comparé.
%23139949: AĎT-KACI, HASSAN. - Warren's abstract machine : a tutorial reconstruction.
%23208243: AITKEN, JONATHAN. - Heroes and contemporaries.
%2381090: AITKEN, C.B. A.O. ED. - The origin of modern humans and the impact of chronometric dating.
%23270720: AITKENHEAD, MARILYN ... [ET AL.] - Law and lawyers in European integration : a comparative analysis of the education, attitudes and specialisation of Scottish and Dutch lawyers.
%23247986: AJALA, ADEKUNLE. - Pan-Africanism : Evolution, Progress and Prospects.
%23265340: AJURIAGUERRA, J. DE (ED.) - Monoamines et systčme nerveux central : Symposium Bel-Air, Genčve, Septembre 1961.
%23119149: AJZENBERG-SELOVE, FAY. - A matter of choices : memoirs of a female physicist.
%23229699: AKAHA, TSUNEO (ED.) - The future of North Korea.
%23140249: AKAR, P. A.O. - The Industrial Challenge of Nuclear Energy. Research-Uses-Social Problems. Papers given during the second Information Conference on Nuclear Energy for Management.
%23199173: AKBAR, M.J. - Nehru : the making of India.
%23196963: AKBARZADEH, SHAHRAM. - Uzbekistan and the United States : authoritarianism, islamism & Washington's security agenda.
%23134464: AKBULUT, SELMAN & JOHN D. MCCARTHY - Casson's Invariant for Oriented Homology 3-Spheres. An Exposition.
%23225012: AKE, CLAUDE. - Democracy and Development in Africa.
%2322493: AKE, CLAUDE. - Democracy and development in Africa.
%2325698: AKEHURST, MICHAEL. - A modern introduction to international law.
%2331110: AKEHURST, MICHAEL. - A modern introduction to international law.
%2338498: AKEN, HEINRIC VAN. - Die rose van Heinric van Aken : met de fragmenten der tweede vertaling.
%23130002: AKENSON, DON - At Face Value. The Life and Times of Eliza McCormack/John White.
%23242722: AKENSON, DONALD H. - An Irish history of civilization. 2 Volumes.
%2392946: AKENSON, DONALD HARMAN - Small differences: Irish catholics and Irish protestants 1815-1922.
%23240615: AKERMAN, ACHIM VON. - Die Namen der Kindheit : Gedichte.
%23173504: ĹKERMAN, JOHAN. - Ekonomisk teori. I : De ekonomiska kalkylerna ; II : Kausalanalys av det ekonomiska skeendet.
%23173515: ĹKERMAN, JOHAN. - Ekonomiskt skeendet och politiska förändringar.
%23199084: ĹKERMAN, DIETER VON. - Das Diskriminierungsverbot im EWG-Vertrag und seine Bedeutung für multilaterale und bilaterale Handelsabkommen aus der Sicht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
%232557: AKERS, CHARLES W. - The divine politician : Samuel Cooper and the American Revolution in Boston.
%2361545: AKHAVAN, PAYAM & ROBERT HOWSE (EDS.) - Yugoslavia , the former and future : reflections by scholars from the region.
%23217632: AKHAVI, SHAHROUGH - Religion and Politics in Contemporary Iran: Clergy-State Relations in the Pahlavi Period.
%23204360: AKIBA, OKON - Constitutionalism And Society In Africa (Contemporary Perspectives on Developing Societies).
%2328105: AKIBA, OKON - Nigerian Foreign Policy Towards Africa: Continuity and Change.
%23240276: AKINRINADE, BABAFEMI - Human Rights and State Collapse in Africa.
%23264041: AKINTAN, S. A. - The law of international economic institutions in Africa.
%23261041: AKKERMAN, ROBERT J., PETER J. VAN KRIEKEN & CHARLES O. PANNENBORG (EDS.) - Declarations on principles : a quest for universal peace : [Liber amicorum discipulorumque Prof. Dr. Bert V.A. Röling at his retirement as professor of international law and peace research, Groningen State University, The Netherlands].
%2396600: AKKERMAN, TJITSKE. - Women's vices, public benefits. Women and commerce in the French Enlightenment.
%232989: AKKERMANS, ARNO & EDWARD BRAUNS (EDS.) - Aansprakelijkheid en schadeverhaal bij rampen.
%2399863: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - De Grondwet : een artikelsgewijs commentaar.
%23259094: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Staatsrechtconferentie 1985 : staatsrecht: geleerdheid, wetenschap?
%23207168: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Grondrechten : grondrechten en grondwetsbescherming in Nederland.
%237039: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. - Onderwijs als constitutioneel probleem.
%23164588: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Grondrechten : grondrechten en grondwetsbescherming in Nederland.
%23240359: AKKERMANS, P.W.C., D.J. ELZINGA & E. PIETERMAAT-KROS (EDS.) - Constitutionalism in the Netherlands : the Dutch contributions to the fourth World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law in Tokyo (September 1995).
%23178282: AKKERMANS, M.J.W.M. - Gelijk hebben en gelijk krijgen : tien jaar Advies - en Arbitragecommissie Rijksdienst.
%23207183: AKKERMANS, A.J. - Privaatrecht als opdracht. 7e druk 2006.
%2358017: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Een nieuwe universitaire bestuursvorm.
%2367360: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Twee eeuwen grondwetgeving in Nederland.
%2352526: AKKERMANS, P.W.C. ... [ET AL.] - Algemene begrippen van staatsrecht, deel 1.
%23259665: AKMAJIAN, ADRIAN ... [ET AL.] - Linguistics : an introduction to language and communication. 3rd edition.
%23259667: AKMAJIAN, ADRIAN ... [ET AL.] - Linguistics : an introduction to language and communication. 2nd edition.
%23260588: AKMAJIAN, ADRIAN ... [ET AL.] - Linguistics : an introduction to language and communication. 5th edition.
%23238895: AKMAN, M. SAIT (ED.) - Catalyst? : TTIP's impact on the rest.
%2388186: AKSAR, YUSUF - Implementing International Humanitarian Law: From The Ad Hoc Tribunals to a Permanent International Criminal Court.
%23240938: AKSU, MERYEM. - Straatsburgse kaders voor terrorismebestrijding : EVRM, strafrecht en terrorisme.

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