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107346: DAVENPORT, GUY. - The Death of Picasso. New and Selected Writing.
56796: DAVID, YASHA & MOREL, JEAN-PIERRE. - Le siècle de Kafka. Text in French.
76365: DAVIDTS, WOUTER & PAICE, KIM (ED.). - The Fall of the Studio. Artists at Work. * Antennae Series.
104579: DAVIDTS, WOUTER (INLEIDING). - Abstract USA 1958-1968 in the Galleries. No Hero Foundation.
67698: DAVIS, MIKE. - Dead Cities and Other Tales.
101844: DAVIS, DOUGLAS. - The Museum Transformed: Design and Culture in the Post-Pompidou Age.
107801: DAVISON, SUSAN; RYLANDS, PHILIP; BOGNER, DIETER - Peggy Guggenheim & Frederick Kiesler: The Story of Art of this Century. On the Occasion of the Exhibition Peggy and Kiesler: the Collector and the Visionary, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, 10 October 2003 - 9 January 2005. Edited by Susan Davidson and Philip Rylands Essays by Dieter Bogner, Francis V. O'Connor, Don Quaintance, Jasper Sharp and Valentina Sonzogni.
85683: DAVRICHEWY, KÉTHÉVANE. - De eindeloze zee.
107268: DAY, MALCOLM; EDWARDS, SUE - 100 mythologische figuren. Inleiding tot de belangrijkste goden en halfgoden uit het oude Griekenland.
105892: DEAN, DAVID. - Architecture of the 1930s: Recalling the English Scene.
33058: DEBBAUT, JAN & VERHULST, MONIQUE. - Van Abbemuseum: het collectieboek.
38080: DEBEN, LÉON, SALET, WILLEM & THOOR, MARIE-THÉRÈSE VAN. - Cultural Heritage and the Future of the Historic Inner City of Amsterdam.
105935: DEBEN, LÉON; HEINEMEYER, F. W. - Understanding Amsterdam. Essays on Economic Vitality, City Life and Urban Form. In a recent survey on politics, economy, environment, safety, health, education and traffic in central cities, Amsterdam ranked among the ten best places to live. The reasons why can be found in Understanding Amsterdam. Essays by ten prominent social scientists, among them Manuel Castells, Edward Soja and Susan Fainstein, present views on changes in the economy, and the cultural and spatial layout of Amsterdam, suggesting new ways of thinking about Amsterdam. They discuss urban growth and how the city has fared through the ages of suburbanization and globalization. The local situation is explored from different perspectives. The stories depict how a city with an impressive historical past is continuously adapting to change. The local situation is explored from different perspectives. The stories depict how a city with an impressive historical past is continuously adapting to change.
106918: DEBORD, GUY. - Comments on the Society of the Spectacle.
107261: DEBORD, GUY. - Panegyric Volume I. Translated by James Brook.
92661: DECLERCQ, ALAIN. - Alain Declercq. French text/ catalogue.
35545: DEEL, T. VAN. - De komma bij Krol. Essays.
41101: DEELDER, J.A. - Schöne Welt. Verhalen.
106973: DEELDER, J.A. - N.V. Verga. Gedichten.
66412: DEFESCHE, PIETER. - Pieter Defesche. Cover or. lithographed.
100690: DEGENAAR, DANNY. - Ik heb de tijd. Gedichten.
72524: DEKKER, TON. - De Nederlandse volkskunde. De verwetenschappelijking van een emotionele belangstelling.
74893: DEKKER, TON E.A. - Van Aladdin tot Zwaan kleef aan. Lexicon van sprookjes: Ontstaan, ontwikkeling, variaties.
51285: DEKKERS, RAMON (PHOTOGRAPHY) & KOOIJ, ARJEN VAN DER (TEXT). - Doorway to Eternity. Celebrating the Land of Krishna. A Photographic Pilgrimage.
105723: DELAUNAY, ROBERT. - Robert Delaunay. Redaktion: Krystyna Rubinger. German and French texts.
102150: DELEU, JOZEF. - Het liegend konijn / Jaargang 12 nummer 1. Tijdschrift voor hedendaagse Nederlandstalige poëzie. Thema: oorlog.
106998: DELEUZE, GILLES. - Marcel Proust et les signes.
106724: DELISS, CLÉMENTINE; MUTUMBA, YVETTE; - A Labour of Love. A Labour of Love offers a new look at contemporary South African art in the 1980s.The Museum of World Cultures in Frankfurt had, prior to the 'Wind of Change' speech and the culmination of the negotiations to end the apartheid system, already collected 600 artworks by exclusively black South African and nowadays famous artists such as John Muafangejo, David Koloane, Sam Nhlengethwa, Azaria Mbatha and Peter Clarke.This publication contains, alongside recently discovered works by young South African artists, new essays by international art specialists, interviews with artists, previously unpublished archival material, and more than 300 illustrations of artworks. German text!
106870: DELL, CHRISTOPHER - What Makes a Masterpiece? Artists, Writers and Curators on the World's Greatest Works of Art. The stories behind thepaintings and sculpturesthat form our commonartistic heritage, illustratedwith superb reproductionsof the works, as well asdozens of details andcomparative works.
101153: DELORME, JEAN-CLAUDE & COUTURIER, STEPHANE. - Les villas d'artistes à Paris de Louis Süe à Le Corbusier.
106696: DELPHIA, RACHEL; STERN, JEWEL; - Silver to Steel. The Modern Designs of Peter Muller-Munk. This comprehensive book examines the work of celebrated modernist industrial designer Peter Muller-Munk, an international leader in his field during the mid-twentieth century. This groundbreaking book situates Peter Muller-Munk (1904-1967), a German émigré to the U.S., among the most influential designers of his generation. It presents the untold story of a man who rose from anonymity as a young silversmith at Tiffany & Co. to become a crucial postwar designer, promoting the practice of industrial design across the globe through one of the top design consultancies in America: Peter Muller-Munk Associates (PMMA). This generously illustrated book begins with Muller-Munk's remarkable Art Deco silver and provides new context for his best-known designs: the streamlined Normandie pitcher and Waring waterfall blender. But the revelation comes in his previously undocumented work: memorable products like cameras, radios, cocktail shakers, power tools, and refrigerators; and total environments for gas stations, international expositions, and mass-transit vehicles. Muller-Munk's prestigious clients included Bell & Howell, Westinghouse, U.S. Steel, Texaco, and Schick.
108085: DELVOYE, WIM. - Wim Delvoye.
108076: DELVOYE, WIM - Pigs. Perpetrator, prankster, artful butcher, tattoo artist -- Wim Delvoye wears many hats in this book documenting his art projects involving pigs. Delvoye, a Post-Pop Belgian artist, devotes one section of this book to photographs of his tattooed pigs, the other to his elaborate faux-marble floors made with slices of assorted cold cuts. Saving them from their slaughterhouse fate, he uses these pigs as examples of exemplary cleanliness, as living canvases on which he doesn't even paint himself -- he contracts professional tattoo artists to do so. Also included are his original tattoo drawings, his tattoo series made on pigskins, a selected biography and bibliography, photographs recording the tattooing process, and three essays that delve into Delvoye's provocative past and present work.
106980: DEMAEGD, FRANK. - Zeno X Gallery. 25 Years Anniversary.
103404: DEMEESTER, ANN & PITTAS, ANTONIS. - Art Education. A Glossary.
107830: DEMEULENAERE, HANS & HURK, BAS VAN DEN. - Politics of Installation.
46939: DENDERMONDE, MAX. - Op reportage. Journalistieke hoogtepunten uit de jaren vijftig. Samengesteld door Rob Molin. Met een voorwoord van Willem G. van Maanen.
33725: DENVIR, BERNARD. - Het impressionisme: de kunstenaars en hun werk.
66415: DERKOVITS, GYULA. - Derkovits. Catnr. 1961.
57310: DERKSEN, GUIDO. - Hutspot Holland. Gesprekken over de multi-etnische staat van Nederland.
105620: DESEYVE, YVETTE, HARTOG, ARIE & WIEGARTZ, VERONIKA. - Es geht ans Eingemachte. Mensch begegnet Figur: Markus Keuler, Iris Kettner, Jan Ketelaar, Christina Doll.
82757: DESJARDIJN, D.. - Grafiek in Nederland in de achttiende eeuw.
104788: DETHIER, JEAN. - Down to Earth. Adobe Architecture an old idea, a new future.
32826: DEURSEN, A.TH. VAN. - De last van veel geluk. De geschiedenis van Nederland 1555-1702.
40368: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC. - Stalin, een politieke biografie.
106542: DEVENEY, KAYLYNN. - All You Can Lose is Your Heart.
105985: DEVERELL, WILLIAM & HISE, GREG. - Eden by Design. The 1930 Olmsted-Bartholomew Plan for the Los Angeles Region. Fascinating description of a possible Los Angeles that never came to be.
101870: DEVLIN, LUCINDA. - Water Rites. Museum Kurhaus, Kleve.
49132: DEVOLDERE, LUC. - TLC The Low Countries 23. Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands.
104812: DEWEZ, GUY. - Villa Madama. A memoir relating to Raphael's project.
80774: DIAZ MORALES, SEBASTIAN. - In A Not So Distant Future.
107873: DIBBETS, JAN. - Jan Dibbets. Text/ tekst: Erik Verhagen.
104050: DIBBETS, JAN. - Jan Dibbets: Un 'altra fotografia/ Another Photography. Castello di Rivoli, Torino. Text in Italian and English.
107781: DICKHOFF, WILFRIED. - After Nihilism. Essays On Contemporary Art
101935: DICKHOFF, WILFRIED & FLECK, ROBERT. - Dokoupil: Malerei im 21. Jahrhundert/ Painting in the 21st Century. Deichtorhallen Hamburg.
98821: DICORCIA, PHILIP-LORCA. - Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Text in German and English. De Pont, Tilburg.
107007: DIDEROT, DENIS. - Lettres à Sophie Volland. Textes publiés d'après les manuscrits originaux, avec une introduction, des variantes, et des notes par André Babelon.
57472: DIEDEREN, JEF. - Jef Diederen.
67505: DIEDEREN, JEF. - Jef Diederen.
104122: DIEPEN, REMCO VAN. - Teun Koolhaas: Polderperspectieven en waterfronten.
106798: DIEPEN, REMCO VAN. - Voor Volkenbond en Vrede. Nederland en het streven naar een nieuwe wereldorde, 1919-1946. Met extra: een eigentijdse flyer van De Volkenbond.
106273: DIEPVENTS, PHILIPPE. - Vallen in liefde. Roman.
101040: DIERGARTEN, GÖTZ. - Passagen. Fotobilder 1993-2013. Forum Alte Post, Pirmasens.
106175: DIETRICH, MARLENE & NAUDET, JEAN-JACQUES. - Marlene Dietrich. Photographs and Memories From the Marlene Dietrich Collection of the FilmMuseum Berlin. Includes filmography, discography and index.
107806: DIJK, MAITE VAN, BRUTEIG, MAGNE & JANSEN, LEO. - Munch: Van Gogh. Van Goghmuseum, Amsterdam/ Munchmuseum, Oslo. Dutch ed.
47074: DIJK, YRA VAN. - Leegte, leegte die ademt. Het typografisch wit in de moderne poëzie.
103083: DIJKE, CHARLOTTE TEN & MISPELBLOM BEYER, BART E.A. - Prachtig Compact NL. Werkgroep Binnenstedelijk Bouwen.
40163: DIJKGRAAF, MARGOT. - Franstalige literatuur van nu. Een vreemd soort geluk.
104646: DIJKMAN, ERIK JAN. - Het geloof in de hebzucht. Over de betekenis van de vooruitgang voor onze beschaving. Kritische beschouwing over het vooruitgangsgeloof, dat hebzucht zou veroorzaken en op gespannen voet zou staan met het christendom.
106844: DILLENBERGER, JANE DAGGETT. - The Religious Art of Andy Warhol.
108070: DILLON, BRIAN. - Sanctuary.
107613: DILLON, BRIAN. - Objects in This Mirror. Essays
107659: DILTHEY, WILHELM. - Théorie des conceptions du monde. Essai d'une philosophie de la philosophie.
91944: DILWORTH, NORMAN. - Sculptures and Reliëfs 1972 - 1980.
29944: DINE, JIM. - Jim Dine Prints:1970-1977.
104393: DINE, JIM. - Jim Dine.
72399: DIS, ADRIAAN VAN. - Leeftocht. Veertig jaar onderweg.
51734: DIS, ADRIAAN VAN. - De Wandelaar. Roman.
104842: DISCHE, IRENE - En iedere week een brief. In Berlijn is het rond 1940 door de opkomende nazi's zo gevaarlijk dat Peter door zijn vader naar grootvader in Hongarije wordt gestuurd. Ze beloven elkaar elke week een brief te sturen. Vanaf ca. 12 jaar.
105349: DITTRICH, CHRISTIAN & KETELSEN, THOMAS. - Rembrandt: Die Dresdener Zeichnungen 2004.
77850: DIXON, ROGER & MUTHESIUS, STEFAN. - Victorian Architecture. With a short dictionary of architects and 250 ills. * World of Art.
40418: DOBBS, BRIAN & JUDY. - Dante Gabriel Rossetti. An Alien Victorian.
90170: DOBLER, RALPH-MIKLAS. - Die Juristenkapellen Rivaldi, Cerri und Antamoro. Form, Funktion und Intention römischer Familienkapellen im Sei- und Settecento. Römische Studien der Bibliotheca Hertziana, Band 22.
101637: DOCTOROW, E.L. - Andrews hersenen.
106450: DODION, LOTTE. - Kanonnenvlees. Gedichten.
104136: DOEDENS, BRUNO - Temporary Landscapes/ Tijdelijke landschappen. This publication is a selection of SLeM projects, experiments with art forms that influence.
33364: DOES, ROBERT DE (VERTALING). - Van liefde en van dood. Dichters van de Franse Renaissance.
91053: DOIG, PETER. - Peter Doig: Charley's Space. Text in English and French. Carré d'Art - Musée d'art contemporain de Nîmes.
103246: DOKOUPIL, JIRI GEORG. - Elke wolk is een weg/ Every Cloud is a Way.
44965: DOLDINGER, FRIEDRICH. - Weisheit der wolken. Gedanken und Gedichte vom Erleben des Wolkenreichs.
98752: DOLDINGER, INGE. - Fänger des Lichts/ Catchers of Light.
105002: DOLEN, HEIN L. VAN. - Passie, intriges en politiek.
107296: DOLEN, HEIN L. VAN - De klassieke canon. Nawoord Kees Fens.
108057: DOLRON, LAURA VAN - Liefhebben. Bundel van vaak persoonlijk getinte korte verhaaltjes en anekdotes over de betekenis van liefde.
86860: DOMBROVSKI, JOERI. - De faculteit van de onnodige kennis. Uit het Russisch vertaald door Aai Prins en Gerard Rasch.
104744: DOMS, PAMELA. - Keizer Trajanus en zijn bouwprogramma in Rome. Proefschrift.
25239: DONA, HANS. - Sport en socialisme. De geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Arbeiderssportbond 1926-1941.
106939: DONGEN, KEES VAN. - Rembrandt. Holland, vrouwen, kunst.
107222: DONIGER, WENDY. - Holocaust, terreur en galgenhumor. Huizinga-lezing 2001.
104071: O'DONOGHUE, HUGHIE. - Hughie O'Donoghue: Lost Histories, Imagined Realities. Exhibition Catalogue James Hyman Gallery, London. English/ Dutch text.
79024: DOOREN, NOËL VAN A.O. - Alle Hosper Landschapsarchitect 1943-1997.
882: DOORMAN, MAARTEN. - Steeds mooier. Over vooruitgang in de kunst.
97130: DOORMAN, MAARTEN. - Je kunt bellen. Gedichten.
38385: DOORMAN, MAARTEN & POTT, HELEEN. - Filosofen van deze tijd.
63654: DOORMAN, MAARTEN. - Paralipomena. Opstellen over kunst, filosofie en literatuur.
99698: DOORN, JOHNNY VAN. - Dagdromen. Bevat Mijn kleine hersentjes, De geest moet waaien en Gevecht tegen het zuur.
5810: DOORN, JOHNNY VAN. - Langzame wals. Kronieken.
88142: DORÉ, GUSTAVE. - Bijbel. Het Oude Testament/ De deuterocanonieke boeken/ Het Nieuwe Testament/ Toelichtingen. In de Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling. Met alle prenten van Gustave Doré.
4360: DOS PASSOS, JOHN. - Manhattan Transfer. Vertaald door Guido Golüke.
43081: DOSS, ERIKA. - Benton, Pollock, and the Politics of Modernism. From Regionalism to Abstract Expressionism.
43988: DOSTOJEVSKI, FJODOR MICHAJLOVITSJ. - Verzamelde werken Deel X . Dagboek van een schrijver. * De Russische Bibliotheek.
14942: DOSTOJEVSKI, FJODOR MICHAJLOVITSJ. - Verzamelde werken Deel II. Witte nachten. Njetotsjka Njezwanowa. Een kleine held. Oom's droom. Het dorp Stepantsjikowo en zijn bewoners.
14941: DOSTOJEVSKI, FJODOR MICHAJLOVITSJ. - Verzamelde werken Deel I. Romans en verhalen. Vertaald door A. Voogd. * De Russische Bibliotheek.
102494: DOUCET, JACQUES. - Jacques Doucet: Le Cobra française. French/ english/ Dutch text. Cobra Museum, Amstelveen.
31090: DOURADO, AUTRAN. - Opera der doden. Roman. Vertaling en nawoord Harrie Lemmens.
98450: DOV KULKA, OTTO. - Landschappen van de metropool van de dood.
106981: DOWSON, ERNEST. - De hof der schaduw. Gedichten. Tweetalig. Vertaald door P.B. Kempe.
75317: DRAAISMA, DOUWE. - De heimweefabriek. Geheugen, tijd & ouderdom.
96854: DRAAISMA, DOUWE. - Vergeetboek.
56877: DRAAK, MAARTJE. - Het feestgelag van Bricriu. Vertaald uit het Oudiers door Maartje Draak en Frida de Jong. Met opdracht van Frida de Jong op schutblad.
106355: DRAGOMAN, GYÖRGI. - Vuurstapel. Roman.
102791: ELMGREEN & DRAGSET. - Elmgreen & Dragset Biography. English text.
108083: DRECHSLER, WOLFGANG & FUCHS, RAINER. - The Collection. Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien.
97902: DREHMANNS, PETER. - De man die brak. Roman.
105670: DRESSEN, WOLFGANG, KUNZELMANN, DIETER & SIEPMANN, ECKHARD. - Nilpferd des höllischen Urwalds. Spuren in eine unbekannte Stadt. Situationisten, Gruppe SPUR, Kommune I. Ein Ausstellungsgeflecht des Werkbund-Archivs Berlin.
106001: DREYSSE, DW. - May-Siedlungen: Architekturführer durch acht Siedlungen des neuen Frankfurt 1926 - 1930. Praunheim, Römerstadt, Westhausen, Bornheimer Hang, Riederwald, Hellerhof, Niederstadt, Heimatsiedlung. ISBN: 3881840923
81376: DRIEL, MELS VAN. - Met de hand. Een culturele geschiedenis van de soloseks.
93463: DRIEL, JOOST VAN EN RICK HONINGS (RED.). - Pornografie in de Nederlandse literatuur.
107206: DRIEL, C.M. VAN. - Schermen in de schemering. Vijf opstellen over modernisme en orthodoxie.
102350: DRIESSEN, HENK. - Het hart van de wetenschap. Over de waarde van veldwerk.
41421: DRIJVERS, PIUS & HAWINKELS, PÉ. - Job/ Prediker. Met commentaar en verklarende aantekeningen.
107934: DROIT, ROGER-POL - 101 alledaagse filosofische avonturen. Ruim honderd absurdistisch getinte, maar troostrijke filosofische oefeningen, waarbij de filosofie als praktische levensleer wordt opgevat.
20928: DROIT, ROGER-POL. - In gezelschap van filosofen. Vertaald door Frans de Haan.
54542: DROIT, ROGER-POL. - In gezelschap van tijdgenoten. Gesprekken met hedendaagse filosofen. Vertaald door Frans de Haan.
20372: DROSTE, MAGDALENA. - Bauhaus 1919-1933. Text in Dutch.
21732: DRUICK, DOUGLAS W. E.A. - Odilon Redon 1840-1916. English text.
90631: DUBBELDAM, WINKA. - Archi-Tectonics.
105368: DUBROWSKI, BERING BEVIN - Shelley Calton: Concealed. She's Got A Gun. Calton's photo series depicts the handgun as everyday companion of modern American women.
101871: DUBUFFET, JEAN. - Works on Paper from 1943 to 1985.
99553: DUBUFFET, JEAN & BASQUIAT, JEAN-MICHEL. - Dubuffet Basquiat: Personal Histories.
104621: DUBUFFET, JEAN. - Jean Dubuffet: Monumental Sculpture from the Hourloupe Cycle.
106041: DUBY, GEORGES & LOBRICHON, GUY. - L'histoire de Paris par la peinture.
106379: DUCAL, CHARLES & RICHELIEU VAN LONDERSELE, ROEL. - Het gezeefde gedicht.
102896: DUCHAMP, MARCEL & ZAUNSCHIRN, THOMAS. - Faux Vagin: Marcel Duchamp's Last Readymade/ Letztes Readymade. Poiesis III.
100884: DUCREY, MARINA & POLETTI, KATIA. - Félix Valloton: Het vuur onder het ijs. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.
106680: DUDEK, MARCIN. - The Department of Subterranea.
79763: DUDOK VAN HEEL, S.A.C. - Dossier Rembrandt/ The Rembrandt Papers. Documenten, tekeningen en prenten/ Documents, drawings and prints.
90956: DUENAS, MARÍA. - Het geluid van de nacht. Roman.
101096: DUIKER, J. - J. Duiker bouwkundg ingenieur. Constructeur in stuc en staal. Duikergroep Delft -th Delft.
47312: DUINKER, ARJEN & HEESEN, BERNARD. - De wereld van de glasblazer.
31051: DUITS, THIMO TE (RED.). - Het ontstaan der dingen. Schetsen, modellen en prototypes.
56609: DUKKERS, ED. - Ed Dukkers, schilder/tekenaar.
64170: DULLEMEN, INEZ VAN. - De komst van een rustverstoorder. Roman.
101556: DUMAS, VINCENT. - De stalen vuist van de Blitzkrieg. De 1ste Panzerdivision 1939-1941.
69458: DUMAS, MARLENE. - Maar wie ik ben gaat niemand wat aan. Kunstprojecten 1989-1993 Het Hooghuys, Etten-Leur. De Halte, Breda. De Wissel, Breda. PCO, Oosterhout.
107063: DUNCAN, CHARLES & LITTMAN, BRETT. - Richard Pousette-Dart 1930s.
36145: DUNCKER, PATRICIA. - Zeven verhalen over seks en dood.
52435: DUNCKER, VEENA. - A personal touch. The Seawolf collection. Late 19th- and 20th-century silver.
107098: DUNK, H.W. VON DER. - Twee buren, twee culturen. opstellen over Nederland en Duitsland.
107149: DUNK, THOMAS VON DER - De schaduw van het Teutoburgerwoud. Een Duitse politieke zedenschets van tien eeuwen. Schets van de Duitse politieke geschiedenis.. Schets van de Duitse politieke geschiedenis..
17051: DUNK, H.W. VON DER. - De verdwijnende hemel I/II. Over de cultuur van Europa in de twintigste eeuw.
107915: DUPPEN, LEO & DUISTER, FRANS. - Jan Montyn: Het grafisch werk.
53199: DUPRÉ, JUDITH & SMITH, ADRIAN. - Skyscrapers. A History of the World's Most Extraordinary Buildings.
100528: DURIBREUX, GASTON. - Spiegel & Bokswant.
91458: DUTTON, DENIS. - The Art Instinct. Zit kunst in onze genen?
29878: DUVE, THIERRY DE. - Look, 100 Years of Contemporary Art. Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 23 november 2000 - 28 januaryu 2001.
51505: DUYN, EDNA VAN (ED.). - If Walls Had Ears/ Als muren oren hadden. De Appel Amsterdam 1984-2005. Text in English & Dutch.
106366: DUYNS, DON. - Het lelijkste meisje van de klas. Verhalen.
105447: DUYVENDIJK, MARCO VAN. - Love Doll Factory Xiaoxiao Xu.
101900: DYBSKY, EVGENI. - Evgeni Dybsky. Text in Russian, English and German. With unique signed in pen and typewritten letter from the artist to a collector.
107689: DYER, GEOFF - The Ongoing Moment. An idiosyncratic study of the fine art of photography analyzes the signature styles of Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Walker Evans, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Diane Arbus, and William Eggleston, describing how each photographer depicted subjects, what the images reveal about the underlying idea, and the power and impact of photography on viewers.
78458: DYER, GEOFF. - But Beautiful. De binnenkant van de jazz.
77142: D'EBNETH, LAJOS. - Ébneth. 307.
104437: ECCHER, DANILO. - Firmament James hd Brown.
104610: ECCHER, DANILO. - Eroi (Heroes). English text. To mark the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.
86629: ECCHER, DANILO. - Christian Boltanski. Text in Italian and English. With dedication by Christian Boltanski on flyleaf.
102298: ECHENOZ, JEAN. - 14.
107370: ECHOLS, ALICE - Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture. Reveals the ways in which disco permanently transformed popular music and influenced rap, techno and trance music, in a book that also examines the complex relationship between disco and the era's major movements, including gay liberation, feminism and African American rights. By the author of Scars of Sweet Paradise.
103827: ECKHARDT, PIETER; HOLMAN, MARSCHA; - Meisjes in de oorlog. De tweede wereldoorlog in dagboeken. Anne Frank was niet de enige die een dagboek bijhield tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Honderden NederUlandse meisjes vertrouwden hun gevoelens, gedachtes en angsten toe aan het papier in een tijd waarin niet alleen zijzelf maar ook de wereld om hen heen langzaam maar zeker drastisch veranderde. In 'Meisjes in de oorlog' zijn fragmenten van 1940 tot 1945 verzameld uit overgeleverde dagboeken van hen die in die periode nog meisjes waren, sommigen nog jong, verliefd of naïef, anderen al vroegwijs. Zeventig jaar na het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog geven de dagboeken een indringend en uniek beeld van het leven in oorlogstijd.
39739: ECO, UMBERTO, GOULD, STEPHEN JAY, CARRIÈRE, JEAN-CLAUDE & DELUMEAU, JEAN. - Gesprekken over het einde der tijden.
105980: EDENS, CATJA; TILMAN, HARM - Dutch realist. De Zwarte Hond, Karelse Van der Meer, Architecten. A tendency towards specialisation in the current practice of building is threatening to curtail the architect's influence on building projects. An increasing number of consultants and specialists deal with various aspects of the project, leaving architects to be no more than designers. In many cases, little interaction occurs among the disciplines involved, responsibility for the finished product is fragmented, and the design itself receives scant attention.
43222: EDGERTON, SAMUEL Y. - The renaissance rediscovery of linear perspective.
98062: EDMAIER, BERNHARD AND ANGELIKA JUNG-HÜTTL (TEXT). - Earth on Fire. How volcanoes shape our planet.
106520: EDMAIER, BERNHARD - Water. The latest book by the award-winning photographer Bernhard Edmaier presents his stunning vistas of water in awe-inspiring views of our planet. In his seminal photography books, Bernhard Edmaier captures dreamy, color-saturated, seemingly abstract images of earth from above. In this new volume, Edmaier looks at water--from both the air and the ground--as a source of life and one of the most important landscape-shaping forces on earth. Readers will be enthralled by Edmaier's stunning shots of water in all its forms--rivers and streams, deltas and floodplains, surging on the coasts, frozen in glaciers, as vaporous clouds, and the spray over erupting volcanoes. Edmaier covers familiar and farflung locations on every continent: from Alaska to the American Southwest; Costa Rica to Chile and Argentina; Canada, Greenland, and Russia; from Germany and Switzerland, to Italy, Croatia, Iceland, and Norway; from Djibouti to Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo; along with Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica.
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102160: EISENDLE, HELMUT. - De rede voorbij of gesprekken over het menselijk verstand.
104503: EISLER, BENITA - O'Keeffe and Stieglitz. An American Romance. Almost 24 years his junior, Georgia O'Keeffe became for Alfred Stieglitz a near icon of American art--as well as his wife. In a marvelous, multileveled biography, Benita Eisler traces the epic and stormy relationship of these incomparable artists, from their consuming ambition to their sexual experimentation.
107741: ELDERFIELD, JOHN, REED, PETER & CHAN, MARY. - ModernStarts: People, Places, Things.
57410: ELDERS, FONS, PONS, FLAVIO & ZEVEN, JAN. - Landscape Project De Zeevang/ Landschap Projekt De Zeevang. Land Art/ Landkunst. Uitnodiging/ Invitation August 1st 1975 18.00-20.00 h.
103027: ELENGA, R. MAUREEN - Seattle Architecture. A Walking Guide to Downtown. Opening with an historical overview and timeline featuring the people and events that have shaped the Seattle that we know today, the guidebook is divided into nine tours beginning where Seattle did, at Pioneer Square, and ending at Seattle Center, the location of the futuristic-themed Century 21, 1962 World's Fair.
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102109: MÜLLER-EMIL. - Multiples - Objekte - Bilder.
102108: MÜLLER-EMIL. - etüden. No. 163 of 300 numbered and signed copies.
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5747: ENDT, DAVID. - De Godenzonen van Ajax.
105976: ENGEL, HENK - Vernieuwing van de stadsvernieuwing. Pleidooi voor ontwerpkracht. Beschrijving van geschiedenis en toekomst van de stadsvernieuwing en de opgave voor het ruimtelijke ontwerp in de verandering van de bestaande stad aan de hand van onderzoek in vier woonbuurten in de Randstad.
103048: ENGELFRIET, ALEXANDRA. - Gestolde Beweging 1990-2002, Geboortegrond 1991, Sneeuw 1995, Zand 1994-1995, Huid van Aarde 1996, Pakhuis Afrika 1997-1998, Stromend Zand 1998, Het Wad Zandbodem 1998, Het Wad - Slikbodem 2000, en nog twee foto's van werken in galeries.
107789: ENGELMANN, INES JANET - Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. For more than a decade Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner devoted their lives to each other, serving in turn as muse, critic, companion, lover, friend, and alter ego. Their romance was stormy-their raucous arguments are the stuff of legend-and their talents were prodigious. Filling the pages of this book are examples of the contributions both artists made to the world of modern art. Readers will learn how Pollock and Krasner's artistry evolved and how they influenced each other's success. Recent developments, such as a revealing biopic and the art world's designation of Pollock as the most expensive artist in the world, bring their portrait fully up to date. While the author acknowledges history's sensationalization of their lives, it is the paintings themselves-revolutionary, innovative, and daring-that tell the most compelling story.
105243: ENGELS, PIETER & FOPPE, HAN. - Pieter Engels Ontregeld ( ). engels formulations 1964-1966/ 2008-2014. Geen poëzie, maar wat dan wel.
91881: ENGLANDER, NATHAN. - Waar we het over hebben wanneer we het over Anne Frank hebben.
100453: ENNING, BRAM. - Spreken over fout. Hoe kinderen van collaborateurs het zwijgen verbraken, 1975-2000.
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37891: ENQUIST, ANNA. - De gedichten 1991-2000.
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106709: ENWEZOR, OKWUI - Hanne Darboven: Enlightenment - Time Histories. A Retrospective. This book presents the first comprehensive monograph of Hanne Darbovens sophisticated oeuvre.
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104201: ERFTEMEIJER, ANTOON. - 100 jaar Frans Hals Museum.
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40071: ERNST, MAX. - Max Ernst.
15846: ERWITT, ELLIOTT. - Geschlechtertanz.
107577: ESCHE, CHARLES, NIEMANN, KERSTIN & SMITH, STEPHANIE. - Heartland. Throughout the vast interior of the United States, contemporary artists are responding to the world around them and reshaping it in unexpected ways. Published to coincide with an exhibition of the same name that first appeared last year in the Netherlands and will open in fall 2009 at the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art, Heartland offers an idiosyncratic look at innovative forms of cultural production taking place across the region. This engaging book is part critical reader, part catalogue. Contributors-including novelist Dave Eggers, scholar Hasan Kwame Jeffries, and journalist Rebecca Solnit-explore the region through topics ranging from art to music to urban farming to political history. An illustrated section introduces over twenty artists featured in Heartland, including both established figures like Kerry James Marshall and exuberant newcomers like the group Whoop Dee Doo. An appendix surveys the lively state of independent and artist-run cultural initiatives from New Orleans to Detroit. Produced by the Van Abbemuseum and the Smart Museum of Art, Heartland challenges expectations of place and illuminates a diverse assembly of artists who are redefining the cultural terrain of the American heartland.
107757: ESKILDSEN, UTE - Street & studio. An urban history of photography. The street allows photographers to conceal cameras and catch subjects unaware, in informal settings. By contrast, the studio permits both photographers and subjects to present carefully composed images to the world through elaborate staging and technical tricks. In recent years, with celebrities posing in the street and the studio being used for more informal, intimate shots, both traditions have undergone a transformation. This stunning collection features many of the greatest street hotographers of all time--Atget, Brassai, Cartier-Bresson, Arbus, Frank, as well as studio-based artists such as Carlo Ponti, Edward Steichen, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, and Jurgen Teller.
107937: ESSEN, ROB VAN. - Kind van de verzorgingsstaat. Opgroeien in een tijdloos paradijs.
76800: ESSL, KARLHEINZ. - Overlapping Voices. Israeli and Palestinian Artists.
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73919: EVERS, DAVID, HOORN, ANTON VAN & OORT, FRANK VAN. - Winkelen in Megaland.
102565: EVERS, JOSEPH J.M. - Kleine handleiding tot financieel-economisch herstel.
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108088: EYO, EPKO. - Two thousand years Nigerian art.
28518: FAASSEN, SJOERD VAN (BEZORGD DOOR). - Een Friesche Forsythe-Sage. De briefwisseling tussen Theun de Vries en uitgeverij Van Lohjum Slaterus rond Stiefmoeder Aarde en de overige delen uit de Wiarde-cyclus (1934-1958). * Achter Het Boek 38.
10700: FAASSEN, SJOERD VAN, SLEUTELAAR, HANS & JANSSEN, JAC.. - De nieuwe stijl 1959-1966. Nul & de Nieuwe Poëzie. Documenten, commentaren, interviews.
107986: FABER, MICHEL. - Het boek van wonderlijke nieuwe dingen.
107961: FABER, MICHEL - Tot leven. Een liefdesgeschiedenis. Gedichten.
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32350: FAGIOLO DELL'ARCO, MAURIZIO & GIANELLI, IDA. - Sipario/ Staged Art. Balla DeChirico Savinio Picasso Paolini Cucchi. Castello di Rivoli, February 20 - May 25, 1997.
106611: FAHN, MONIKA; KÜNZLI, OTTO; VEITEBERG, JORUNN; ZAHARIAS-DOFF, GABRIELLA; - Mari Ishikawa. Jewellery & Photography. Where Does the Parallel World Exist?.
102014: FAIFERRI, MASSIMO, ARETS, WIEL & BITTER, JAN. - Wiel Arets: Works and Projects.
107465: FARKAS, KIKO. - Cartazes musicais/ Musical posters. Portuguese/ English ed.
18823: FARSON, DANIEL. - With Gilbert & George in Moscow.
107919: FARTHING, STEPHEN - Kunst in het juiste perspectief. Een compleet overzicht van de belangrijkste kunstwerken, kunstenaars en stromingen door de eeuwen heen. Een wereldwijd overzicht van de kunstgeschiedenis geplaatst in het geheel van historische en technische ontwikkelingen.
107562: FAUTRIER, JEAN. - Écrits publics. Préface de Castor Seibel.
95977: FAVELLI, FLAVIO. - The Book by Flavio Favelli.
97482: FAVOLE, PAOLO. - Squares in Contemporary Architecture.
41570: FEARN, NICHOLAS. - Filosofen van nu. Nieuwe antwoorden op oude vragen.
107164: FEBBRARO, FLAVIO - De wereldgeschiedenis in de kunst. Chronologisch overzicht van hoogtepunten uit de wereldgeschiedenis zoals ze in beeldende kunst weergegeven werden.
26515: FEBRUARI, M. (SAM.). - God, een collage.
104633: FEDERLE, HELMUT. - Bilder, Zeichnungen. Textbeiträge von Jörg Zutter, Flip Bool, Dieter Koepplin.
102679: FEHLMANN, MARC & LIEBERMANN, MAX. - Max Liebermann und die Schweiz. Meisterwerke aus Schweizer Sammlungen. Oskar Reinhart Museum, Winterthur.
106507: FEHLMANN, MARC - Hodler, Anker, Giacometti. Meisterwerke der Sammlung Christoph Blocher. Der Fokus liegt auf Ferdinand Hodlers Landschaften und den Gemälden von Albert Anker, von dem es auch in öffentlichen Sammlungen keine vergleichbare Werkgruppe gibt. Hinzu kommen gewichtige Ensembles von Giovanni Giacometti und Adolf Dietrich sowie herausragende Einzelwerke von Max Buri, Alexandre Calame, Edouard Castres, Giovanni Segantini, Benjamin Vautier, Robert Zünd und Félix Vallotton. Der Band präsentiert sämtliche Bilder der Ausstellung sowie weitere bisher noch nie publizierte Gemälde der Sammlung Blocher. Die zahlreichen Beiträge stammen von den führenden Forschern der jeweiligen Maler. Exhibition: Museum Oskar Reinhart, Winterthur, Switzerland (11.10.2015-31.01.2016).
104525: FEIREISS, LUKAS & BOUMAN, OLE. - Testify! The Consequences of Architecture.
103331: FEIYU, BI. - Krekel krekel.
80571: FENS, KEES. - Nabij.
101604: FENS, KEES. - Een leven lang Elsschot. WEG Cahier 14. Bezorgd en toegelicht door Koen Rymenants.
107052: FENTON, JAMES - Leonardo's Nephew. Essays on Art and Artists. Culled from the The New York Review of Books, a collection of essays by a poetry professor at Oxford University, complemented by black-and-white illustrations, offers unusual approaches to the byways of art history.
65323: FERDI. - Hortisculpture Ferdi. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr. 439.
104807: FERINO-PAGDEN, SYLVIA. - Der späte Tizian und die Sinnlichkeit der Malerei.
106451: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE. - Coney Island van de verbeelding. Gedichten Engels/ Nederlands.
106243: FERNANDA, JOSÉ - Weerstand. Het turbulente leven van een moeder die vecht voor haar kinderen.
107997: FERNHOUT, MEINE. - De blinde kamer.
103408: FERREIRA, ÂNGELA. - Revolutionary Traces. Het boek gaat dieper in op de achtergrond van twee nieuwe sculpturen van de Portugees/Zuid-Afrikaanse kunstenaar Ângela Ferreira, die de woningbouwprojecten van architect Álvaro Siza Vieira in de Haagse Schilderswijk (‘85-‘93) en in Porto verbinden ('73-‘77).
28682: FERRON, LOUIS. - Het overspelige gras. Roman.
15136: FEST, JOACHIM. - Hitlers laatste dagen. Het einde van het Derde Rijk.
105266: FEUTH, THIJS. - Zwarte ogen. Roman.
461: FEYERABEND, PAUL. - Over kennis. Twee dialogen. Original title: Dialoghi sulla conoscienza/ Dialogues on knowledge (1989/1991). Translation: Maarten van der Marel.
100241: FIGES, KATE. - Bedrog. Liefde en list, lust en leugens
106081: FILIPOVIC, ELENA & FOGLE, DOUGLAS A.O. - Creamier: Contemporary Art in Culture. 10 international curators select 100 emerging artists.
98225: FINESSI, BEPPE & NOVEMBRE, FABIO. - Fabio Novembre.
33647: FINKIELKRAUT, ALAIN & SLOTERDIJK, PETER. - De hartslag van de wereld.
93031: FINKIELKRAUT, ALAIN. - Een intelligent hart. Hoe romans je helpen in het leven.
94337: FISCHER, VOLKER & GLEININGER, ANDREA. - Stefan Wewerka. Architect, Designer, Object Artist/ Architekt, Designer, Objektkünstler.
104618: FISCHER, BERTA. - Berta Fischer. Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin.
94409: FISHER, JOEL. - Joel Fisher.
106934: FISHER, HELEN E. - Waarom wij liefhebben. De aard en chemie van verliefdheid.
96097: FISKE, LARS. - Herr Merz. Kurt Schwitters: nu noem ik mijzelf Merz.
107291: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT. - Bedankt voor het vuurtje. Verhaal. Vertaling David Koppernik.
104159: FLANAGAN, BARRY. - Early Works 1965-1982.
26733: FLAP, HENK (RED.). - Wat toeval leek te zijn, maar het niet was. De organisatie van de jodenvervolging in Nederland.
75831: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE. - Woordenboek van pasklare ideeën. Een bloemlezing uit Dictionnaire des idées recues.
25923: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE. - Bouvard en Pécuchet. Vertaald door Edu Borger.
94095: FLAVIN, DAN. - Untitled (for Lucie Rie, master potter) 1990 themes and variations.
107623: FLETCHER, SAUL. - Saul Fletcher: Photographs. UNTITLED #72 - 87. Text: Neville Wakefield.
102051: FLINT, LUCY, CHILDS, ELIZABETH C. & MESSER, THOMAS M.. - Handbook: Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
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108043: FOENKINOS, DAVID. - Charlotte. Roman.
107270: FOER, JONATHAN SAFRAN; EGGERS, DAVE; - Future Dictionary of America. Imagine what a dictionary might look like about thirty years hence, when all of the world's problems are solved and our current dictionaries are a distant memory. Dave Eggers, Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss have lined up an incredible array of writers to bring you that futuristic dictionary and a vision of the world as it might be. Think of it as a dictionary of language for describing what the future could look like a dictionary that is both useful and romantic, hopeful and necessary, pragmatic and idealistic, and frequently funny. This is science fiction but with a difference.
83888: FOGTELOO, MARGREET E.A. - I have a dream. Belangrijke en bijzondere redevoeringen uit de wereldgeschiedenis.
12386: FOKKE, ERIK, EVERDINGEN, J.J.E. VAN & MEULENBERG, FRANS. - De Broze Muze. Creativiteit en ziekte.
45546: FOKKEMA, REDBAD. - Aan de mond van al die rivieren. Een geschiedenis van de Nederlandse poëzie sinds 1945.
103359: FOLEY, MICHAEL. - Lang leve het gewone. De lessen van het alledaagse leven.
107693: FONTAINE, ANDRÉ. - Het rode gevaar. De geschiedenis van de Koude Oorlog 1917-1991.
50197: FONTIJN, JAN. - Tweespalt. Het leven van Frederik van Eeden tot 1901.
90229: FONTIJN, JAN. - Tederheid en storm. De persoonlijkheid van Jacob Israël de Haan.
103456: FOQUÉ, RICHARD. - Hier staan wij. Gedichten.
107194: FORD, LUKE - A History of X. 100 Years of Sex in Film. This in-depth, comprehensive history of cinematic pornography is the first book of any kind to detail sex in film. It probes the earliest attempts of a century ago and chronicles the proliferation of porn to the present, concentrating on the last quarter-century since the legendary Deep Throat, when porn penetrated popular culture. Luke Ford is the best-known source on the contemporary world of pornography - the only journalist writing about the industry, yet not employed by the industry. It is this unique position that gives Ford the objectivity he needs to successfully complete a project such as this.
27656: FORD, FORD MADOX. - De goede soldaat. Een verhaal van hartstocht.
91002: FÖRG, GÜNTHER. - Masken.
107515: FORSTER, KURT W. & LOCHER, HUBERT. - Theorie der Praxis: Leon Battista Alberti als Humanist und Theoretiker der bildenden Künste.
102680: FORTI, SIMONE & BREITWIESER, SABINE. - Mit dem Körper denken. Museum der Moderne, Salzburg.
104259: FORTUNATO, PADRE ENZO. - Basilica di Assisi. 750 anni di incontri e dialogo; rassegna fotografica/ 750 years of encounters and dialogue; a photographic account.
104628: FORTUYN/ O'BRIEN & VRIENDS, ARNO. - Slachthuisterrein Den Haag. Voorstel Openbare Ruimte.
107714: FOSTER, HAL - The First Pop Age. Painting and Subjectivity in the Art of Hamilton, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Richter, and Ruscha. Who branded painting in the Pop age more brazenly than Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, and Ed Ruscha? And who probed the Pop revolution in image and identity more intensely than they? This book presents an interpretation of Pop art through the work of these Pop Five.
108002: FOUAD, GAMAL - Oneindig eiland. Roman.
102729: FOUCAULT, MICHEL. - Freedom and Knowledge. Interview by Fons Elders.
94380: FRAMPTON, SAUL. - Speel ik met mijn kat of speelt ze met mij? Montaigne en de kunst van het leven.
105926: FRAMPTON, KENNETH & RYKWERT, JOSEPH. - Richard Meier Architect 1985/1991.
51010: FRANCE, MIRANDA. - De waanideeën van Don Quichot. Een reis door het Spanje van Cervantes.
107727: FRANCIS, MARK - Les années pop, 1956-1968.
104118: FRANCIS, MARK. - The Show Is Over.
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106581: FRIEDRICHS, HORST; CROMPTON, SIMON; - Best of British: The Stories Behind Britain's Iconic Brands Featuring hundreds of photographs, this lavishly illustrated guide to some of the most distinguished British brands takes a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at their enduring success. Classic style and British manufacturing are both experiencing a boom in demand--driven by a desire among consumers for authentic, quality products. Britain is uniquely placed to benefit from this resurgence, given the number of heritage companies still producing at the top of their game. From the world-famous Barbour in South Shields in the north of England to John Lobb in London, many of these fine businesses remain in family ownership, protective of their traditions and justifiably proud of their products. Many are the bearers of warrants from the British Royal family, and all are over 100 years old. Horst Friedrichs explores the historic places where these British brands have become some of the strongest in the world: Johnston's of Elgin in the north of Scotland, Corgi socks in southern Wales, and John Smedley in Derbyshire. By highlighting the stories of these legendary brands--both new and old, grand and humble-- Friedrichs and Crompton show how relevant these companies and their traditional production techniques still are.
25249: FROMKIN, DAVID. - De Laatste Zomer. Waarom de wereld in 1914 ten oorlog trok.
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6036: GABRIËLS, RENÉ. - Intellectuelen in Nederland. Publieke controversen over kernenergie, armoede en Rushdie.
65321: GACHNANG, JOHANNES. - Johannes Gachnang Etsen. Cat. nr. 497.
105322: GAENSHEIMER, SUSANNE; GORSCHLÜTER, PETER; - Kostas Murkudis. A comprehensive monograph on the work of the internationally acclaimed fashion designer Kostas Murkudis. The son of Greek parents, Kostas Murkudis grew up in Dresden and studied fashion design in Berlin. His early career was marked by an intensive collaboration with Helmut Lang. After winning the Phillip Morris Design award, Murkudis struck out on his own. This book shows thirty years of his creativity, inviting the reader for the first time to get as close as possible to his artistic approach. The book is centered around particular aspects of Murkudis' designs, such as color, material, and form. Illustrations and photographs taken from the artist's lookbooks, fashion shows, and sketches, along with an extensive interview make this the definitive resource on an exciting designer whose influence spans continents and decades. The publication includes personal contributions by many influential people from the world of fashion and culture, such as Mark Borthwick, Terry Jones, and Helmut Lang.
105300: GAERTRINGEN, HANS GEORG HILLER VON. - Das Amerika Haus im Wandel der Zeit. Pop, Politik und Propaganda.
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106408: GAMBAROTTA, MARTÍN. - Punctum. Gedichten vertaald uit het Spaans. Met nieuw nawoord van de schrijver.
102990: GAMEREN, VAN DICK - Studentenhuisvesting/ Housing the Student. Dash 10. Due to the internationalization of university and higher education, there are very many design assignments for student housing, and offering good quality housing is important when it comes to attracting students. Transience, modularity and transformation are recurring themes in the design of student housing. A new development is the conversion of empty buildings that were originally designed for other purposes into student housing. This issue of DASH on Student Housing features an extensive documentation of plans and shows the development of student housing at all different scales.
108013: GAPPAH, PETINA. - Het boek van Memory.
106681: GARABEDIAN, MEKHITAR. - To a Stranger From a Stranger.
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48576: GARRATY, J.A & GAY, P. - The university history of the world.
106713: GARRETT, BRADLEY L. - Subterranean London. Cracking the Capital. Now available in a new expanded edition, this collection of extraordinary images from beneath London's streets will fascinate anyone interested in what lies under the surface of one of the world's greatest cities. Peel back the layers under a London street and you'll discover a haunting, dreamlike world of hand-laid brick sewers, forgotten tube stations, World War II evacuation shelters, secret government bunkers, and tunnel boring machines laying new sewer, communication, and transport grids. Bradley L. Garrett has worked with explorers of subterranean London to collect an astonishing array of images documenting forbidden infiltrations into the secret bowels of the city. This book takes readers through progressively deeper levels of London's historical and contemporary architecture below the streets. Beautifully designed to allow for detailed viewing and featuring bespoke illustrations by artist Stephen Walter, Subterranean London reveals the locations few dare to go, and even fewer succeed in accessing.
106577: GARRETT, BRADLEY L., MOSS, ALEXANDER & CADMAN, SCOTT. - London Rising. Illicit Photos from the City's Heights. In this book, an intrepid crew of city explorers share dizzying photos and stories collected while journeying up, over, and into the London skyline. Over the course of seven years, a well-respected team of adventurers has embarked on scores of not-quite-legal investigations inside, below, and above the city's hidden infrastructures. Their first book published by Prestel, Subterranean London: Cracking the Capital, took readers under the city. Now, they reveal the results of their expeditions scaling the city's heights. Jaw-dropping photographs offer extraordinary views from vantage points that most of us will never reach. Divided into thematic chapters, the book offers personal accounts of various excursions, including travels up freestanding masts, pylons, and chimneys; the tops of public spaces such as council blocks, the Barbican Centre, and the British Museum.
104056: GASENBEEK, BERT. - Piet Spigt. Humanist onder de vrijdenkers en vrijdenker onder de humanisten. Teksten, beschouwingen en biografische gegevens van en over de vrijdenker, humanist en Multatulikenner Piet Spigt (1919-1990).
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107148: GELLATELY, ROBERT - Pal achter Hitler. Openheid en onderdrukking in Nazi-Duitsland. Studie naar de betrokkenheid van het Duitse volk bij het naziregime in de periode 1933-1945.
97979: GELLINGS, PAUL. - Augustusland. Roman.
50847: GELLNER, ERNEST. - Naties en nationalisme.
105541: GELTNER, GUY - De gesel en de ander. Lijfstraffen en culturele identiteit van oudheid tot heden. Overzicht van de ontwikkeling van en het denken over lijfstraffen in verschillende culturen vanaf de Oudheid tot heden.
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106668: GERD, HARRY; CARSTEN, NICOLAI; - Carsten Nicolai: Parallel Lines Cross at Infinity.
106731: GERGEL, JOSEPH. - Africa Under the Prism. Contemporary African Photography from Lagos Photo Festival. This publication documents the first international art festival of photography in Nigeria-the Lagos Photo Festival, initiated in 2010. The festival serves as a platform for the fostering and establishment of contemporary photography in Africa, as well as within a wider, international community.
64866: GERHARDT, IDA. - Verzamelde gedichten.
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108118: GIELEN, PASCAL - Institutional attitudes. instituting art in a flat world.
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106494: GIERSTBERG, FRITS. - Europese Portretfotografie sinds 1990. FACES NOW, BOZAR, Brussels.
105965: GILARDI, PIERO; BOVIER, LIONEL; DIRIÉ, CLÉMENT; - Piero Gilardi. Piero Gilardi is a pioneer of Arte Povera and a proud advocate of an ecologically concerned undertaking in the visual arts. He is a peripatetic artist who gathered information about experimental art and creators in the 1960s, promoting the work of Richard Long and Jan Dibbets, and introducing Bruce Nauman and Eva Hesse to Europe. Piero Gilardi is emblematic of the evolution of art and society in the last five decades. He is an artist whose works and theoretical research are still relevant to map what art can achieve and how art can be useful in the 'real world'.
37530: PIERRE ET GILLES. - Pierre et Gilles. Text in French, German and English.
100719: GILLIGAN, RICHARD. - DIY/ Underground Skateparks.
16873: GINNEKE, INEKE VAN & SOTTSASS, ETTORE. - Kho Liang le. Interieurarchitect/ industrieel ontwerper.
70325: GINSBERG, ALLEN. - Me and my peepee. Vertaling Simon Vinkenoog. Samenstelling en selectie Coen de Jonge.
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107414: GIRGUS, SAM B. - The Films of Woody Allen. This revised and updated edition includes two new chapters that examine Allen's work since 1992.
103079: GIROUARD, MARK - Big Jim. The life and work of James Stirling.
41858: GLADWELL, MALCOLM. - Intuïtie. De kracht van denken zonder erbij na te denken.
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18583: GOGH, RUBEN VAN. - Aan het eind van het begin. Gedichten. De man van taal & De hemel in, de hemel uit.
103506: GOGH, RUBEN VAN. - Hier begint het leven. Gedichten.
97079: GOGH, VINCENT VAN. - Van Gogh: strijd & succes. 2 CD Audioboek.
69942: GOGH, THEO VAN. - De verzameling van Theo van Gogh/ La collection de Theo van Gogh. Met uitzondering van de werken van zijn broer/ excepté les oeuvres de son frère Vincent.
5953: GOGH, THEO VAN. - Er gebeurt nooit iets.
10479: GOGOL, NIKOLAJ. - De mantel. De neus. Dagboek van een gek.
50984: GOGOL, NIKOLAJ. - Dagboek van een gek/ De neus/ De mantel.
22443: GOHR, SIEGFRIED & GACHNANG, JOHANNES. - Bilderstreit. Widerspruch, Einheit und Fragment in der Kunst seit 1960. Eine Ausstellung des Museums Ludwig in den Rheinhallen der Kölner Messe.
106036: GOHR, SIEGFRIED. - Über Baselitz. Aufsätze und Gespräche 1976-1996.
107650: GOLDBERG, VICKI. - Bourke-White. Accompanying exhibition Bourke-White: A Retrospective. English text.
101211: GOLDBERGER, PAUL. - The Houses of the Hamptons.
62044: GOLDBLATT, DAVID. - Intersections. South African Intersections. With an interview by Mark Haworth-Booth and essays by Christoph Danelzik-Brüggemann and Michael Stevenson.
23967: GOLDEN, DAAN VAN. - Daan van Golden Werken - Works 1962-1991. Catalogue design: Hard Werken.
106051: GOLDHILL, SIMON - The Temple of Jerusalem. Few buildings in the world have had such a power over the imagination as the Temple in Jerusalem. Yet it has not existed for nearly 2000 years. This magnificent book tells the history of that monument of the imagination and its significance for Jews and Christians and Muslims. The Temple was the central religious site of the ancient Jews, a wonder of the ancient world. It was destroyed in the 1st Century AD by the Roman Emperor Titus as part of the crushing of revolt in Judaea. Since then the Temple and its site have had a unique hold on our imagination - a longing for the Jews; a central metaphor of Christian thought (the Holy Sepulchre); an icon for Muslims (the Dome of the Rock). Simon Goldhill explores its history and its changing use in a religious, political and cultural context: a story that from the Crusades onwards has helped form the modern political world. The Wonders of the World is a series of books that focuses on some of the world's most famous sites or monuments. Their names will be familiar to almost everyone: they have achieved iconic stature and are loaded with a fair amount of mythological baggage. These monuments have been the subject of many books over the centuries, but our aim, through the skill and stature of the writers, is to get something much more enlightening, stimulating, even controversial, than straightforward histories or guides.
80560: GOLDSCHMIDT, TIJS. - Kloten van de engel. Beschouwingen over de natuurlijkheid van cultuur.
42679: GOLDSCHMIDT, TIJS. - De andere linkerkant. Links en rechts in de evolutie.
101323: GOLDSCHMIDT, TIJS. - Vis in bad.
94062: GOLDSTEIN, ANN. - Stedelijk in de pocket.
107921: GOLDSTEIN, ANN & RUTTEN, BART. - Kazimir Malevich and the Russian Avant-Garde. Featuring Selections from the Khardziev and Costakis Collections. With Dutch inlay.
108059: GOLDWATER, ROBERT; TREVES, MARCO - Artists on art, from the XIV to the XX century. An anthology of excerpts from the writings of prominent painters and sculptors discussing styles and techniques from the Renaissance to the present.
46462: GOMBRICH, E.H. - Een kleine geschiedenis van de wereld.
106626: GOMRINGER, NORA & HERZAU, ANDREAS. - Bamberg Symphony. German/ English text/
3370: GONTSJAROV, I. - De Petersburgse pest. Novelle. Vertaald uit het Russisch en van een nawoord voorzien door Arthur Langeveld. Oorspr. titel: Lichaja bolest.
7550: GONZALES-CRUSSI, F. - Mijn anatomische lessen. Aantekeningen van een patholoog-anatoom.
106059: GONZALEZ, JULIO. - Julio Gonzalez 1876-1942. Les matériaux de son expression volume 1 & 2. Préface de Josephine Withers. Text in German/ French/ English.
95068: GOOD, PAUL. - Hermes oder die Philosophie der Insel Hombroich/ Hermes or the philosophy of the island of Hombroich.
106682: GOODALL, HOLLIS - Living for the Moment. Japanese Prints from the Barbara S. Bowman Collection. Spanning the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the exquisite examples of Japanese prints included in this book offer insights into the history of an art form and vision that is distinctively Japanese and was highly inspirational to later European painters. Polychrome prints, or ukiyo-e, first appeared in Japan in the late 18th century. Delicately hued and intricate, they depicted landscapes, scenes, and figures that epitomized the country's idea of thefloatingworld: a place whose denizens lived for the moment and appreciated the pleasures of the natural world. This volume surveys the prominent Barbara S. Bowman collection of prints notable for a number of reasons: an excellently preserved print of Lucky Dream for the New Year: Mount Fuji, Falcon, and Eggplants by Suzuki Harunobu; a number of surimono, or privately published prints that were created with unusually luxurious materials; and numerous works by Hiroshige and Hokusai, who are considered the masters of the art form. Each of the over one hundred prints in this book is reproduced in large color plates that highlight their subtle beauty and charm and are accompanied by extensive analysis of the pieces' remarkable qualities. This comprehensive overview of the collection by LACMA curator Hollis Goodall addresses the significance and history of the Bowman collection and the many ways it enhances the museum's extensive holdings of Japanese art.
105398: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS. - Team of Rivals. The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. The bestselling and prize-winning study of one of the most legendary American Presidents in history, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin is the book that inspired Barack Obama in his presidency. When Barack Obama was asked which book he could not live without in the White House, his answer was instant: Team of Rivals. This monumental and brilliant work has given Obama the model for his presidency, showing how Abraham Lincoln saved America by appointing his fiercest rival to key cabinet positions. As well as a thrilling piece of narrative history, it's an inspiring study of one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.
98646: GOOS, ULRIKE & PREUSS, SEBASTIAN. - German Art in São Paulo. German/ English text.
104627: GORDILLO, LUIS. - Luis Gordillo. Räume für neue Kunst/ Rolf Hengesbach, Wuppertal. 26 October 1997 - 19 Januar 1998.
105932: GORDON, DOUGLAS. - Déjà-vu. Questions & Answers. Volume 1 1992-1996, Volume 2 1997-1998, Volume 3 1999-2000. Texts in French and English.
104206: GORMLEY, ANTONY, ANKERMAN, KAREL & GERREWEY, CHRISTOPHE VAN. - Exposure. Scupture near Lelystad. English/ Dutch text.
101998: GORMLEY, ANTONY. - Ataxia II. ISBN 9783901935404
100628: GÖRNER, VEIT. - Back to Black: Black in Current Painting/Schwarz in der aktuellen Malerei. Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover.
106043: GORTER, HERMAN. - Mei. Een gedicht.
12165: GORTZAK, HENK JAN (VOORWOORD). - A Public Space: Nieuwe Kunst/ New Art in Amsterdam.
68663: GOSLING, SAM. - De geheime taal van dingen. Hoe je spullen verraden wie je bent.
65717: GOSLINGA, RINGEL. - Family Tree. With dedication by the photographer.
107640: GOSLINGA, RINGEL. - City People.
10432: GÖSSEL, PETER & LEUTHÄUSER, GABRIELE. - Architectuur van de 20e eeuw.
104821: GOTT, TED. - The Enchanted Stone: The Graphic Worlds of Odilon redon.
104589: GOTTLIEB, ADOLPH. - Gravity, Suspension, Motion. Paintings 1954-1972.
103302: GOUD, JOHAN E.A. - Het leven volgens Oek de Jong. Terug naar een naaktheid.
106993: GOUDSBLOM, JOHAN. - Fire and civilization.
102000: GOUDSBLOM, J. - Stof waar honger uit ontstond. Over evolutie en sociale processen.
32815: GOUREVITCH, PHILIP. - Ze maken ons allemaal dood. Verhalen uit Rwanda.
101779: GOVAN, MICHAEL & BELL, TIFFANY. - Dan Flavin: Une rétrospective. Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. French text.
105138: GRAAF, THOM DE, KOK, WIM & RUTTE, MARK. - Kwetsbaar koningschap. Voor en tegen de modernisering van de monarchie.
103567: GRAAFLAND, JAN. - De mierenmaker.
58348: GRACCO, LUCA SCACCHI. - Pensieri di plastica/ Plastic Thoughts. 100 jaar plastic. Text in Italian & English. With Dutch summary.
101991: GRAESER, CAMILLE & HAUSDORFF, VERA. - Camille Graeser. German/ English text. ISBN 97839523351
106855: GRAEVENITZ, GERHARD VON & GRIBLING, FRANCK. - Gerhard von Graevenitz.
46874: GRAFTDIJK, KLAAS (TEKST) & WINDIG, AD (FOTO'S). - Ik drink de aarde. Impressie van een techniek die de grondslag legt voor moderne welvaart en beschaving.
107507: GRAFTON, ANTHONY. - Leon Battista Alberti. Baumeister der Renaissance.
107578: GRAHAM, BERYL; COOK, SARAH; - Rethinking Curating. Art After New Media. Redefining curatorial practice for those working with new kinds of art. Foreword by Steven Dietz.
105797: GRAHAM, DAN & ZEVI, ADACHIARA. - Selected Writings and Interviews on Art Works, 1965-1995.
104463: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Fall of the Roman Empire.
100310: GRASSKAMP, WALTER. - Sonderbare Museumsbesuche. Von Goethe bis Gerhardt.
105516: GRAVE, JAAP. - Zulk vertalen is een werk van liefde. Bemiddelaars van Nederlandstalige literatuur in Duitsland 1890-1914.
27804: GRAY, JOHN. - Provocaties. Gedachten over vooruitgang en andere illusies.
106603: LE GRAY, GUSTAVE. - Gustave Le Gray: Seestücke/ Seascapes. Photographs. Gustave Le Gray (1820-1884) is one of the heroes of early French photography. A pioneer of innovative processes, he also made history as an instructor for a whole generation of French photographers and the initiator and outstanding architectural photog rapher of the mission héliographique documenting France's historical monuments. Le Gray, who originally studied painting, is also considered to be the founder of artistic photography. He was one of the first to follow the painters to Fontainebleau to do his own photographic studies of nature. In the mid-1850s, he started to produce sea and cloud studies in Normandy and on the western coast of the Mediterranean; these made him an overnight sensation among amateurs and collectors and earned him the admiration of the Impressionists. Fleeing from creditors, in 1860 he set off with Alexandre Dumas for Italy. He spent the last 20 years of his life in Cairo, taking photos and working as a drawing tutor. Today, Le Gray's prints are among the most expensive in the world.. A pioneer of techniques, a gifted teacher, and early architectural photographer, Le Gray was also the founder of artistic photography.
92987: GRECO, EL & WISMER, BEAT. - El Greco and Modernism. Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf.
101958: GREENBERG, MARK D. - Masterpieces in the Brooklyn Museum.
80825: GREENE, ROBERT. - Schilderijen en fotografie.
100834: GREENOUGH, SARAH & SNYDER, JOEL A.O. - On the Art of Fixing a Shadow. One Hundred and Fifty Years of Photography.
106846: GREGORI, DANIELA; METZGER, RAINER; - Christian Ludwig Attersee. Sein Leben, seine Kunst, seine Zeit. With dedication and small drawing by Attersee on titlepage.
102853: GREISCH, RENÉ. - René Greisch ingénieur architecte.
107802: GREMMEN, HANS & JONGERIUS, MARIE-JOSÉ. - Edges of the Experiment. The Making of the American Landscape. Edges of the Experiment' investigates the idyllic notion of the American landscape, showing which elements contribute to the iconic landscape, and at what cost they can be maintained. It describes the thin line between nature and civilisation. How did the landscape evolve, and where are the interfaces between the organic and the artificial world, and do they fail or succeed? 'Edges of the Experiment' is a two-volume publication. Volume one shows over 60 photographs made over a period of ten years by Jongerius. Volume two is a collection of essays about the making of the American Landscape, with texts by Matthew Coolidge, William L. Fox, Hans Gremmen, Taco Hidde Bakker, Mark Pimlott, Warren Techentin, Raymond Frenken.
103092: GRESLERI, GIULIANO. - Josef Hoffmann. English text.
108068: GRETZSCHEL, MATTHIAS & BABOVIC, TOMA. - Goethe in Weimar.
107433: GREUB, SUZANNE & GREUB, THIERRY. - Museums in the 21st Century: concepts, projects, buildings.
105315: GREUB, SUZANNE - Von Meisterhand. Die Cranach Sammlung des Musée des Beaux-arts de Reims. Diese 13 Zeichnungen wurden seit gut über 40 Jahren nicht mehr öffentlich zusammen gezeigt und werden nun anlässlich des 500. Geburtstags von Lucas Cranach d. J. in einer ersten monografischen Betrachtung seines Werkes, eingehend gewürdigt.
19883: GREVENSTEIN, ALEXANDER VAN, WILDE, EDY DE & SCHAMPERS, KAREL. - La Grande Parade. Hoogtepunten van de schilderkunst na 1940/ Highlights in Painting after 1940. Stedelijk Museum Catalogus 704.
108106: GREVENSTEIN, ALEXANDER VAN. - Over wandelingen en reizen/ On walks and travels. Bas Jan Ader, Carl Andre, Daniel Buren, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers, Jan Dibbets, On Kawara, Richard Long, Panamarenko, Robert Smithson.
104763: GRIJZENHOUT, FRANS & TUYLL VAN SEROOSKERKEN, CAREL VAN. - Edele eenvoud 1765-1800: Neo-classicisme in Nederland.
106142: GRIMM, ARTY, GUWY, FRANCE, NOOTEBOOM, CEES & ACHMATOVA, ANNA. - Arty Grimm. Text in English and Dutch.
107951: GRJASNOWA, OLGA. - De juridische schimmigheden van een huwelijk. Roman.
99271: GRJASNOWA, OLGA. - Een Rus is iemand die van berken houdt. Roman.
72092: GROEN, HEIN. - De ruimte van Virginia Woolf.
62174: GROENENDIJK, PAUL & VOLLAARD, PIET. - Adolf Loos, huis voor/ house for/ maison pour/ Haus für Josephine Baker. [Architectuurmodellen 7].
54772: GROENEVELD, GERARD. - Zo zong de NSB. Liedcultuur van de NSB 1931-1945. Met CD.
10955: GROENEWEGEN, HANS (RED.). - Licht is de wind der duisternis. Over Lucebert.
61674: GROENINGEN, JOS VAN. - Het Nijsinghhuis te Eelde.
96370: GROHMANN, WILL. - Im Netzwerk der Moderne: Will Grohmann. Kirchner, Braque, Kandinsky, Klee, Richter, Bacon, Altenbourg und ihr Kritiker. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.
104630: GROMMEK, JOACHIM. - Grommek Tilt. German/ English text.
106412: GRONDA, PB. - Wanderland. Roman.
103480: GRONDAHL, JENS CHRISTIAN. - Portret van een man. Roman.
100454: GRONINGEN, JORIS VAN. - Tekst.
104432: GROOT, REINDERT & MEEDENDORP, TEIO. - Vincent van Gogh over Amsterdam: Een stadswandeling rond 1880.
97241: GROOT, GER E.A. - Twee zielen in één borst. Filosofie op spanning.
27485: GROOT, JACOB. - Gelukkige lippen. Het geheim van de zingende stem. Een koraal.
14579: GROOTJANS, LOEK & BOXTEL, H. VAN. - Visioen van de overkant.
106990: GROSENICK, UTA & SEELIG, THOMAS. - Photo Art: Fotografie im 21. Jahrhundert.
29744: GROSENICK, UTA & RIEMSCHNEIDER, BURKHARD (ED.). - Art Now. 137 Artists at the Rise of the New Millennium. Text in English, German & French.
35375: GROSSMAN, DAVID. - Het zigzag kind. Roman.
64521: GROSSMAN, DAVID. - De ander van binnenuit begrijpen. Over de ziel van het schrijven.
10456: GROSSMAN, DAVID. - Jij bent mijn mes. Met opdracht van de schrijver op schutblad aan een journalist.
99307: GROVIER, KELLY. - Honderd meesterwerken die onze tijd markeren.
107678: GRUNBERG, ARNON. - Het bestand.
80836: GRUNSVEN, JAN VAN & SCHAERF, ERAN. - Wall-Like Law. NO. 9.
106286: GRUWEZ, LUUK - Ik wil de hemel en ik wil de straat. Poëzie en trawanten.
103100: GSTEU, JOHANN GEORG & KAPFINGER, OTTO. - Architecture in Vienna.
102654: WANG GUANGLE. - Wang Guangle. English text.
95010: GUBBELS, KLAAS. - Terug in Rotterdam.
103248: GUDMUNDSSON, SIGURDUR. - With Landscape. Houtskooltekeningen.
97896: GUENSBERG, MIRIAM. - Poolse tranen. Roman.
22572: GUÉPIN, J.P. & KEMPENAAR, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATIES). - De fantastische reis.
18646: GUÉPIN, J.P. & KEMPENAAR, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATIES). - De fantastische reis.
10743: GUÉPIN, J.P. - Vermakelijkheden van liefde en dood. Zwanenzangen en heldinnenbrieven. Met opdracht van Guépin.
3230: GUÉRIN, MAURICE DE. - De kentaur en De bacchante. Vertaald door Maarten Elzinga. Met afbeeldingen van etsen van Achim Ribbeck.
108093: GUGGENHEIM, PEGGY & VIDAL, GORE (FOREWORD). - Confessions Of an Art Addict. A patron of art since the 1930s, Peggy Guggenheim, in a candid self-portrait, provides an insider's view of the early days of modern art, with revealing accounts of her eccentric wealthy family, her personal and professional relationships, and often surprising portrayals of the artists themselves. Here is a book that captures a valuable chapter in the history of modern art, as well as the spirit of one of its greatest advocates.
107579: GUILBAUT, SERGE - Reconstructing Modernism. Art in New York, Paris, and Montreal, 1945-1964. These essays reopen the case of postwar abstraction. They constitute a dialogue among historians, critics, painters, and art historians that allows not only new readings of specific art works but also a new understanding of the reception of art in the postwar Western world. Timothy J. Clark, Thierry de Duve, Constance Naubert-Riser, and Thomas Crow focus on specific works of major artists of the period. Laurie J. Monahan, Serge Guilbaut, and Benjamin H. D. Buchloh look at art production in relation to particular aspects of the Cold War. Jean Baudrillard and Francois-Marc Gagnon discuss the effects of the international situation on the arts in general. John Franklin Koenig describes the experience of an American artist working in Paris after the war. John O'Brian relates the impact and the reception of Matisse's work in New York, and Lary May discusses the transformation of Hollywood during the McCarthy era. Serge Guilbaut is Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia.
103049: GUISANDE, MARTA. - Marta Guisande. With drawn dedication in pencil by Guisande to a collector's couple.
104732: GUNDLACH, F.C. - F. C. Gundlach: Berliner Durchreise 2011. Text: Margit J.Mayer.
103134: GÜNTHER, JOHANNA. - Architectuur Bedrijven/ Enterprising Architecture: Business Park Nieuw-Vennep Zuid.
95190: GÜNZBURGER, MICHAEL. - Plots. With instructions by Raphael Urweider and a text by Kathleen Bühler.
102025: GUPTA, SHILPA & ADAJANIA, NANCY. - Shilpa Gupta. New Delhi, Vadehra Art Gallery.
28869: GUSTAFSON, LARS. - De namiddag van een tegelzetter. Roman.
9372: GUSTAFSON, LARS. - Een raadselachtige verdwijning. Een keuze uit de gedichten 1950-1996. Keuze, vertaling en nawoord J. Bernlef.
38792: GUSTAFSSON, LARS. - De tennisspelers.
101980: GUSTON, PHILIP & WEBER, JOANNA. - Philip Guston: A New Alphabet. The late transition. Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University. ISBN 9780894670923
68109: GUSTON, PHILIP. - Philip Guston. * Stedelijk Museum Catalogus nr.317.
106588: GUTTERMAN, SCOTT - Sun Light on the River. Poems about Paintings, Paintings about Poems. The world's great poets interpret the world's great art in this exquisite book that investigates the connection between art and words, deepening our understanding of both. The poet and the artist share a special kind of vision--an ability to see and penetrate the very essence of their subjects. This volume features poems by writers who turned to paintings for their inspiration, as well as paintings by artists who based their works on poems. Stretching across centuries and styles, this collection includes Rossetti's haunting sonnet based on Botticelli's Primavera; Wallace Stevens's TheManwiththeBlueGuitar, a masterful meditation on an iconic painting by Picasso; William Carlos Williams's joyous interpretations of scenes by Breughel; and Adrienne Rich lending a compassionate voice to the subject of Edwin Romanzo Elmer's The Mourning Chair. These and other pairings appear as elegant texts facing full page, glowing illustrations of the paintings. An introduction to some of the greatest poets and painters in history, this remarkable book makes a perfect gift, offering compelling insights into the worlds of art and literature, and the relationship between the two.. This volume features poems by writers who turned to paintings for their inspiration, as well as paintings by artists who based their works on poems..
106852: HAAK, CHRISTIE VAN DER. - Christie van der Haak: Sproken - Fairy Tales.
5683: HAAK, B. - The Golden Age. Dutch Painters of the Seventeenth Century. Translated and edited by Elizabeth Willems-Treeman.
10756: HAAK, B. - Rembrandt, zijn leven, zijn werk, zijn tijd.
14426: HAAKMAN, ANTON. - Achter de spiegel. Film en fictie.
104265: HAAN, MAARTJE DE, HEIJDEN, MARIEKE VAN DER & NAZARIAN, ARSINE. - Dwars door de stad: C. Springer, G.H. Breitner, F. Arntzenius en het negentiende-eeuwse stadsgezicht. Museum Mesdag, Den Haag.
69287: HAAN, HILDE DE & HAAGSMA, IDS E.A. - Architecten als Rivalen. Tweehonderd Jaar Architectuurprijsvragen.
105530: HAAN, EDO. - Schaken op meerdere borden: twaalf lessen uit twaalf jaar wethouderschap.
53320: HAAN, HILDE DE & HAAGSMA, IDS. - De architectuur van Erasmus. Een karakterschets van de Nederlandse bouwkunst.
102231: HAAS, MICHAEL & KROHN, WIEBKE. - Hanns Eisler: Mensch und Masse. Individualist - Collectivist. Incl. CD.
107996: HAASSE, HELLA S. - Irundina. 2 cd-luisterboek. Voorgelezen door Beatrice van der Poel.
74236: HAASSE, HELLA S. - Een handvol achtergrond. Parang Sawat Autobiografische teksten.
107930: D'HAEN, CHRISTINE. - Het geheim dat ik draag. 500 gedichten over de vrouw uit de Nederlandstalige letterkunde.
102036: D'HAEN, CHRISTINE. - De Beker van Djamsjied. Gedichten.
101999: HAENEN, BABS. - The Turbulent Vessel. Keramiek/ Ceramics 1991-1998. Gesigneerd door de kunstenaar/ Signed by the artist. ISBN 9789050061353
107556: HAENEN, BABS. - Babs Haenen: tien jaar werk/ a decade of work. Essay: Garth Clark.
107555: HAENEN, BABS. - Babs Haenen. English text. With dedication by the artist.
104167: HAESNER, CHHAYA. - Indische Skulpturen. Katalog zur Ausstellung. Mit einem Text von Chhaya Haesner. Text Deutsch und Englisch.
105624: HAFTMANN, WERNER. - E.W. Nay. Erweiterte Neuausgabe.
105540: HAGEMAN, BAS - Barbarismenwoordenboek. Hoe Nederlands is uw Nederlands nog? Overzicht van anglicismen, amerikanismen, gallicismen en germanismen in het Nederlands taalgebruik.
27625: HAGEN, PIET. - Journalisten in Nederland 1850-2000. Een persgeschiedenis in portretten.
102787: HAGENOW, ELISABETH VON & LÖW, LUITGARD. - Museum Der Bayerischen Könige Hohenschwangau. Katalog der ausgestellten Werke.
106609: HAGSTRÖMER, DENISE. - Ekstrom Extreme. Norwegian Industrial Design and Furniture Culture. Terje Ekstrom was the first postmodern designer in Norway and his futuristic chairs even made it into the Star Trek TV-Series; this is the first monograph on the designer Informative description of the Norwegian design scene in the 1980s Accompanies the exhibition of Frank Nievergelt's donation at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo (NO)The work of the pioneering designer Terje Ekstrom (1944-2013) contributed a new vitality and independence to the Norwegian design scene of the 1970s and '80s, at a time of cultural and social change. Ekstrom represented a new generation of designers who challenged the ideals of the golden age of Scandinavian design. As this richly illustrated book shows, Ekstrom was both a product of his own time and far ahead of it. Seen as one of Norway's first postmodern designers, his internationally successful Ekstrem chair achieved iconic status due to its unique and visionary qualities, as did his audio equipment design for the renowned Tandberg Radiofabrikk. Including specially commissioned photographs of his workplace and home, this book for the first time tells the story of Ekstrom's design practice, characterized by an eclectic search for originality. Text in English and Norwegian..
11895: HAHNER-HERZOG, IRIS. - Afrika - Kult und Visionen. Unbekannte Kunst aus deutschen Völkerkundemuseen. Sonderausstellung des Lippischen Landesmuseum vom 29. Mai 1999 bis 29. August 1999.
108090: HAHNER-HERZOG, IRIS, KECKSÉSI, MARIA & VAJDA, LÁSZLÓ. - Masques Africaines: L'autre visage. Collection Barbier-Mueller.
105373: HAINZL, OTTO. - Corviale. Text in Italian and English.
103339: HAITJEMA, ELLERT & VORAGEN, ROY. - The Big Shift.
62559: HAKS, FRANS & VRIES, PAUL. - Narrative Art. Text in Dutch & English.
103419: HAKS, FRANS. - Neo.
106555: HALDEMANN, MATTHIAS; LOOCK, ULRICH; INGOLD, PHILIPP FELIX; OBRIST, MARCO; SCHEIDEGGER, ILDEGARDA; - Adrian Schiess - Bernhard Schobinger - Annelies Strba. Sammlung Graber. Through a decade of friendship, sharing the same environs and being active collectors, Sonja Graber and Christian Graber are inextricably connected to the photographer Annelies Strba, the jewelry and object artist Bernhard Schobinger and the painter Adrian Schiess. A far cry from thoughts of prestige and conjecture, one of the most extensive collections from all genres of the three Swiss artists has now emerged out of artistic and personal esteem. In the collectors, the artists and the Kunsthaus Zug, like-minded people have come together in the most indiscriminate appreciation of fine and applied art. To mark the occasion of the donation of the Graber collections to the museum, the three internationally renowned artists along with hitherto largely unpublished works are now united in one publication. Contents: Foreword by Matthias Haldemann; Introduction to the Graber Collection by Marco Obrist; Things, Art Art Things by Felix Philipp Ingold; UNDINE'S SONG. Annelies Strba in the Graber Collection by Ildegarda Scheidegger; The beginning of painting by Ulrich Loock; catalogue raisonne of the donation; artists' biographies Text in English and German.
107042: HALEM, LUDO VAN. - CoBrA: De kleur van vrijheid. De Schiedamse collectie.
100912: HALÉN, WIDAR. - Dysthe Design. Swinging 60s.
107040: HALL, JAMES - The Self-Portrait. A Cultural History. From the earliest myths of Narcissus to the prolific self-image-making of today, this cultural history of self-portraiture, filled with illustrations, offers insights into artists' personal, psychological, and creative worlds.
106721: HALLER, PETER - Bilder der Seele. Kunst nach 1945 Sammlung Serviceplan. 1945 begann eine neue Epoche der modernen Kunst. Zwölf Jahre Malverbot hatten bei den talentiertesten Künstlern von damals einen ungeheuren Nachholbedarf und Gestaltungswillen aufgebaut, der sich in vielen neuen Künstlergruppierungen und Kunstrichtungen explosionsartig entlud, was bis heute sichtbar bleibt. Dies zeigt die Sammlung Serviceplan, eine der wenigen Unternehmenssammlungen zeitgenössischer Bilder und Skulpturen, mit einem klar definierten Konzept: höchster ästhetischer Anspruch in musikalisch-rhythmischer Tonalität. Der Autor Peter Haller berichtet auch über die großen Sammlungen dieser Welt und beschreibt seine Erfahrungen aus mehr als 35 Jahren Sammlertätigkeit.
107527: HALPERN, DANIEL (ED.). - Writers on Artists.
75489: HALSEMA, J.D.F. VAN. - Epifanie. Ogenblikken van verlichting en verschrikking in de Nederlandse letterkunde rond 1900.
101924: HAM, GIJS VAN DER & LEEUW, RONALD DE. - Nederlandse kunst in het Rijksmuseum 1800-1900.
74024: HAM, GIJS VAN DER. - Geschiedenis van Nederland.
104637: HAMAK, HERBERT. - Herbert Hamak. Text in German & English.
107788: HAMELIJNCK, ROB & TERPSMA, NIENKE. - Italian conversations: art in the age of Berlusconi.
5382: HAMERSVELD, MARCEL VAN & KLINKHAMER, MICHIEL. - Messianisme zonder mededogen. Het communisme, zijn aanhangers en zijn slachtoffers. Twee essays.
55732: HAMMACHER, A.M. - Experiment en ruimte. 4 Spaanse beeldhouwers: Picasso, González, Miró en Chillida. Hommage aan Prof.dr. A.M. Hammacher.
107576: HAMMACHER, A.M. - Être la montagne. Le secret d'une expérience intérieure. Préface de Werner Spies.
104758: HAMMACHER, A.M. - Modern Sculpture. Tradition and Innovation. Enlarged Edition.
106547: HAMMER, ERLEND; SKEIDE, CECILIE; - Hanne Borchgrevink: Paintings. Comprehensive and lavishly illustrated monograph on one of Norway's most outstanding contemporary artistsAccompanies Borchgrevink's solo exhibition at Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer (NO) on the occasion of the museum's re-opening in autumn 2015Painting and graphic prints are the preferred mediums of the Norwegian artist Hanne Borchgrevink (b.1951), who over the course of time has focused her attention on the house as the leitmotif of her work. She reduces it to its elemental forms, which forever encounter new constellations. At the intersection of figuration and abstraction, of the verbal and non-verbal, the artist explores in her reduced language of forms color, surface and perception in a methodical and analytical way. Borchgrevink has long occupied a prominent position in the contemporary art of Norway, for in the repetition of her painterly and motivic vocabulary she always manages to find ever new and surprising as well as provocative answers. Text in English and Norwegian.
91812: HANDKE, PETER. - Essay over de geslaagde dag.
107379: HANDKE, PETER. - Langzame terugkeer. Vertaald door Gerrit Bussink.
91625: HANDKE, PETER. - De Chinees van de smart. Vertaald door Hans Hom.
99296: HANKEN, CAROLINE. - Madame Vérité. Een waarzegster in de kringen rond Napoleon.
104226: HANLO, JAN. - Verzameld proza.
89608: HANLO, JAN. - Zonder geluk valt niemand van het dak.
103137: HANSON, BRIAN. - The Golden City: Essays on the Architecture and Imagination of Beresford Pite.
54390: HANSSEN, LÉON. - Een misverstand om in te geloven. De poëzie van M. Vasalis.
106174: HAPGOOD, SUSAN. - Neo-Dada: Redefining Art 1958-62. With essays by Maurice Berger and Jill Johnston.
93758: HARDEMAN, DOEDE & KAISER, FRANZ W. - Parijs: Stad van de moderne kunst 1900-1960.
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105251: HEINE, FLORIAN - Impressionism. 13 Artists Children Should Know. Why did they become so famous? What do you need to know about their pictures, their way of painting and what made them so exceptional? In this book, you will get to know the most important Impressionists and their masterpieces.
105347: HEINLEIN, FRANK & SOSTMANN, MAREN. - Werner Sobek: Light Works.
105344: HEINLEIN, FRANK - Aktivhaus B10 by Werner Sobek. Aktivhaus by Werner Sobek. The Active House B10 is situated in the heart of the famous Weissenhof estate in Stuttgart. It is a research project exploring how innovative materials, constructions and technologies can sustainably improve our built environment. Owing to an ingenious energy concept and self-learning home automation the building produces twice its energy requirement. The surplus thus gained powers two electric cars and an adjacent building designed by the architect Le Corbusier (since 2006 home to the Weissenhof museum). Prof. Werner Sobek is the founder of a globally active association of planning agencies for architecture, support structure planning, facade planning, sustainability consulting and design.
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106277: HELLMANN, PAUL - Irene, mijn grootmoeder. De neergang van een Weens-joodse familie. Paul Hellmann was zeven jaar toen hij moest onderduiken. Lange tijd was hij onwetend van het lot dat zijn vader Bernard Hellmann en zijn grootmoeder trof. Hij herinnert zich zijn grootmoeder als een tengere grijze vrouw die zwaarmoedig voor zich uitkeek. Irene Hellmann-Redlich stamde uit een rijke, geassimileerde Weens-Joodse familie. Haar broer Josef behoorde tot de ministersploeg van de laatste keizer en Irene’s huis in Wenen was een trefpunt voor musici als Richard Strauss en schrijvers als Arthur Schnitzler en Hugo von Hofmannsthal. De crisis en daarna de Anschluss zorgden voor een dramatische wending. Na de dood van haar man in 1938 vluchtte Irene volledig berooid via Londen naar Rotterdam: een keuze met fatale gevolgen. Aan de hand van brieven en foto’s reconstrueerde Paul Hellmann het leven van zijn Weense grootmoeder.
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107783: HEYBOER, ANTON. - Anton Heyboer overzichtstentoonstelling. De catalogus werd gedrukt in 1000 exemplaren. Dit exemplaar is nummer 63,
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107259: HEYLIN, CLINTON - Penguin book of rock & roll writing. Gathers essays on rock history and performers by Nik Cohn, Paul Williams, Richard Meltzer, Jon Landau, Greil Marcus, and Lester Bangs.
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107616: HEYNDERS, ODILE - Correspondenties. Gedichten lezen met gedichten. Is ontlezing een probleem van deze tijd? Wie beweert dat de huidige beeldcultuur boek en krant terzijde heeft geschoven ten gunste van televisie en het internet, vergeet dat op internet sites gelezen moet worden en dat steeds meer mensen hun zelf geschreven teksten in weblogs zetten, in de hoop dat er lezers op af komen. Leest men liever geen literatuur? Ook dat lijkt niet het geval,want de boekoplagen stijgen en de bijlagen van kranten en weekbladen besteden telkens weer aandacht aan nieuw verschenen literair werk. Het gebrek aan belangstelling voor de letteren heeft te maken met de snelheid van leven waarin mensen worden meegezogen. Er is meer te doen en te zien, meer informatie waarvan men op de hoogte moet zijn en waarover meningen gegeven moeten worden. De concentratie, nodig voor die ene lastige tekst die je insluit en wegtrekt uit de werkelijkheid, is steeds moeilijker op te brengen. Dit boek gaat over het lezen van literatuur, in het bijzonder het lezen van poëzie. Het is een pleidooi voor het creëren van aandacht-voor-het-detail, nodig bij het echte lezen. Het is ook een pleidooi voor traagheid en afwezigheid, voor het trainen van het geheugen en het hervinden van een open blik. De complexiteit van poëtische taal zet aan tot denken. Het is de taal die loskoppelt en relativeert.
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106699: HIETT, STEVE - Steve Hiett. Beyond Blonde. Brimming with Steve Hiett's riotously colorful photographs that evoke the trends and styles of their eras, this retrospective volume features images--most of which have never been published in book form--from a career that spans five decades. Since the late 1960s Steve Hiett has been capturing the changing world of fashion through his distinctive, eye-catching photography. Arranged by decades, this collection of Hiett's work is filled with images that belie the photographer's nonchalance. Saturated with color, lighted by dazzling flash work, and often off-center, Hiett's photographs contain brilliantly composed worlds. They tell stories--and the stories change with time. Whether it's 1970s Miami, France in the 1980s, or New York at the end of the 20th century, Hiett creates an of-the-moment impression that feels neither contrived nor self-conscious.
106089: HILGEMANN, EWERDT. - Ewerdt Hilgemann: In situ. Implosion sculptures 1984-2001.
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107821: HIPP, BENEDIKT. - Benedikt Hipp: Ich habe meinen Augen nicht getraut, auch meinen Ohren nicht/ I Couldn't Believe My Own Eyes, nor My Ears. Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein.
106312: HISSINK, HERMAN - Natuurlijk bestaat God. Dagboeken en brieven. Gekozen door Gerard Koolschijn.
96231: HITCHENS, CHRISTOPHER. - Sterfelijk. Nawoord Carol Blue.
108058: HOBBS, ROBERT; KRASNER, LEE - Lee Krasner. This is a complete reappraisal of Lee Krasner (1908-1984), who, along with her husband, Jackson Pollock, was among the artists who launched the New York School of painting after World War II. One of the few critically recognized female Abstract Expressionists of her generation, she has emerged as an essential figure in postwar American art.This lavishly illustrated book, the companion to a major traveling exhibition, takes a fresh look at Krasner and highlights the striking originality and complexity of her work. Krasner saw her art as an open-ended exploration and a dialogue with a wide range of artistic, literary, and cultural voices. Complete with never-before-published excerpts from the diary of writer B. H. Friedman, a longtime associate of Krasner's who provides priceless insights into this pivotal period of American history, this book is essential for any art library.This book and the exhibition it accompanies were developed by Independent Curators International (ICI), a non-profit organization,that creates innovative, provocative traveling exhibitions of contemporary art that have been presented in museums and university galleries worldwide.
107535: HÖCH, HANNAH. - Hannah Höch 1889-1978. Ihr Werk, Ihr Leben, Ihre Freunde. Berlinische Galerie.
105311: HODA, ALEX; CORK, RICHARD; HAMNETT, MELISSA; RICHARDSON, JOHN; FOUNDATION, SCULPTURE CASS; - Alex Hoda: Work in Progress. The art of London-based artist Alex Hoda (born 1980) has varied from figurative groupings of deformed, post-apocalyptic creatures in latex and rubber, to writhing metal forms.
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101878: HODGKIN, HOWARD & FENTON, JAMES. - Howard Hodgkin With Remembering the Aurochs by James Fenton.
104840: HOEBEN, RONALD; KOMMERS, ROSELIE - Primeurs en delicatessen. Hoe Nederland leerde eten. Het restaurant is een Parijse vinding uit de achttiende eeuw. Pas een eeuw later verschijnen er ook restaurants in Nederland. Het duurt dan nog een eeuw voordat de restaurants zichzelf op de kaart hebben gezet en als in 1957 de eerste Michelinsterren worden uitgereikt, komen de sperziebonen en de schildpaddensoep nog uit blik. Kiwi, kwartel en broccoli laten nog decennia op zich wachten. Bij de ontwikkeling van de Hollandse haute cuisine is een belangrijke rol weggelegd voor Dikker & Thijs, een unieke combinatie van een restaurant en een delicatessewinkel.
103024: HOEK, DER VAN SIETSE - Langs de nullijn. De twee kanten van Nederland. Alternatieve cultuurgeschiedenis van Nederland, waarbij de geologische verschillen tussen Oost- en West-Nederland (boven en onder zeeniveau) als uitgangspunt worden genomen.
104157: HOEKSTRA, HANS. - Hans Hoekstra: All Of Us. Jong Realisme 3. Met opdracht en brief van de kunstenaar.
106864: HOET, JAN. - De zee/ La mer: salut d'honneur.
106495: HOET, JAN & BENEDETTI, LORENZO. - MARTa schweigt. Garde le silence, le silence te gardera. Die Kunst der Stille von Duchamp bis heute. Das Mysterium der Etrusker / MARTa is silent. Garde le silence, le silence te gardera. The art of silence from Duchamp to the present. The mystery of the Etruscans.
99010: HOETGER, BERNHARD. - Der Platanenhain/ The Plane Tree Grove. German/ English text. Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt.
91777: HOF, CHRISTIAN VAN 'T & EST, RINIE VAN. - Check In Check Uit. De digitalisering van de openbare ruimte.
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108080: HOLAS, B. - Sculptures Ivoiriennes.
108123: HOLDER, WILL & DEMEESTER, ANN. - F.R. David: All Distinctions Are Mind, By Mind, Of Mind (No Distinctions No Mind to Distinguish).
108124: HOLDER, WILL, DEMEESTER, ANN & ROELSTRAETE, DIETER. - F.R. David: With Love. Issue #7.
108125: HOLDER, WILL & SPERLINGER, MIKE. - F.R. David: Spin Cycle.
18743: HÖLDERLIN, FRIEDRICH. - Gedichten. Vertaald, ingeleid en toegelicht door Ad den Besten. Tweetalig.
106523: HOLLEIN, MAX - Masterworks in Dialogue. Eminent Guests for the Anniversary. It all began with a gift: in 1815 the banker Johann Friedrich Städel (1728 1816) bequeathed his art collection and assets to the citizens of Frankfurt and in doing so laid the foundation for one of the oldest museums in Germany. To mark its 200th anniversary, the highlights of the house are now engaging in dialogue with preeminent lenders from the most renowned museums in the world, covering all areas of collecting, from the Middle Ages to the present day.
52320: HOLLINGHURST, ALAN. - De schoonheidslijn. Roman.
104594: HOLLIS, LEO - Cities are Good for You. The Genius of the Metropolis. The 21st century will be the age of the city. Already over 50% of the world population live in urban centres and over the coming decades this percentage will increase - with consequences for us all. But this does not mean that things will only get worse. In fact our urban future might just be something to look forward to. Blending anecdote, fact and first hand encounters - from exploring the slums of Mumbai, to visiting roof-top farms in Brooklyn and attending secret dinner parties in Paris, to riding the bus in Latin America - Leo Hollis reveals that we have misunderstood how cities work for too long. Upending long-held assumptions and challenging accepted wisdom, he explores: why cities can never be rational, organised places; how we can walk in a crowd without bumping into people, and if we can design places that make people want to kiss; whether we have the right solution to the problem of the slums; how ants, slime mould and traffic jams can make us rethink congestion. And above all, the unexpected reasons why living in the city can make us fitter, richer, smarter, greener, more creative - and, perhaps, even happier. Cities Are Good for You introduces dreamers, planners, revolutionaries, writers, scientists, architects, slum-dwellers and emperors. It is shaped by the idea that cities are the greatest social experiment in human history, built for people, and by the people.
101167: HOLT, ELIZABETH GILMORE. - The Expanding World of Art 1874-1902. Volume 1: Universal Expositions and State-Sponsored Fine Arts Exhibitions.
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107809: HOLTROP, ANNE & PRINCEN, BAS (PHOTOGRAPHY). - Studio Anne Holtrop. Texts by Valerio Olgiati, Maaike Lauwaert.
101580: HOLVOET-HANSSEN, PETER. - Zoutkrabber Expedities.
104231: HOMERUS. - Odyssee. De terugkeer van Odysseus. Ingeleid en vertaald in Nederlandse hexameters door H.J. de Roy van Zuydewijn.
100580: HONNEF, KLAUS. - Gerhard Richter. German text.
20837: T'HOOFT, JOTIE. - Een pijl in het niet. Een leven in teksten. Met nieuwe foto's.
108021: HOOFT, GERARD 'T. - Planetenbiljart. Sciencefiction en echte natuurkunde.
101872: HOOFT GRAAFLAND, SCARLETT. - Discovery. Interview Tineke Reijnders.
107338: T'HOOFT, JOTIE. - Verzameld proza.
73835: HOOG, MAURITS DE. - 4x Amsterdam. Ontwerpen aan de stad.
82013: HOOGENBOEZEM, JAAP. - H.J. Kruls. Een politieke generaal.
107021: HOOGSTRAETEN, SAMUEL VAN. - Inleyding tot de hooge schoole der Schilderkonst: Anders de Zichtbaere Werelt.
103129: HOORN, MÉLANIE VAN DER. - Bakstenen & ballonnen: architectuur in stripvorm.
51794: HOOVER, NAN. - Nan Hoover.
95368: HOOYKAAS, TRUDE & ZWARTS, KIM. - Kraanspoor. Fotografie: Kim Zwarts.
105175: HOPFENGART, CHRISTINE; LORENZ, ULRIKE; - Streifzüge Durch Die Moderne. Die Graphische Sammlung Der Kunsthalle Mannheim. The Graphic Collection of the Kunsthalle Mannheim is one of the first systematic collections of modern art worldwide. Since its founding in 1911, the focal points-expressionism, new objectivity, and works on paper by sculptors-have been consistently expanded upon, parallel with the respective current artistic developments. Despite great losses through confiscations by the National Socialists, a high-quality and multifaceted group of works has remained intact. With nearly 500 illustrations, this catalogue presents a select cross-section of this unique collection.German text. With English text.
108007: HORMONE, JERRY. - Het is maar bloed.
100722: HORN, REBECCA. - Das Wirbelsäulen Orakel.
107591: HORSHAM, MICHAEL. - The Art of the Shakers.
13213: HORST, PIETER W. VAN DER. - De profeten. Joodse en christelijke legenden uit de oudheid.
105694: HORST, HANS VAN DER & WESTERINK, GERAART. - Tekenend voor Kampen. De gemeente Kampen in een reeks van vijftig prenten.
101695: HORST, MARISKA TER. - Changing Perspectives. Dealing with Globalisation in the Presentation and Collection of Contemporary Art.
89067: HORST, HAN VAN DER. - Nederland. De vaderlandse geschiedenis van de prehistorie tot nu.
107122: HORST, HAN VAN DER. - Een bijzonder land. Het grote verhaal van de vaderlandse geschiedenis.
106612: HORVAT, FRANK - Frank Horvat. Please Don't Smile. A photograph by Frank Horvat always shows a very individual view. Horvat likes to transgress boundaries, and he also does not care about the comme il faut in his fashion photographs either: as early as the 50s, he goes out onto the street, brazenly positions a model in the middle of a vegatble market for 'Jours de France', or shortly afterwards experiments with boldy cropped motifs or amusing film quotes. In doing so, Horvat mostly dispenses with artificial light and shoots many of his fantastic pictures with a 35mm Leica from the hip, so to speak. He works for 'Elle,' 'Vogue,' 'Harper's Bazaar' and other major magazines, with famous models and celebrities, and he is one of the first photographer ever to use Photoshop for his work. Respect for the portrayed women and palpable endearment distinguish Horvat's sensual, elegant pictures from those by all other photographers.
107036: HOSKYNS, BARNEY - The Sound and the Fury. A Rock's Backpages Reader : 40 Years of Classic Rock Journalism. THE SOUND AND THE FURY gathers some of the best and most entertaining rock writing of the last forty years, coming at rock and roll from several different angles and spanning four decades of Good, Bad and Ugly. Among the pieces, Al Aronowitz documenting The Beatles' arrival in America Glenn O'Brien dishing the dirt with Madonna Nick Hornby reappraising pop deities Abba Caroline Coon witnessing the birth of punk Will Self sparring with Morrissey Jon Savage entering the fractured mind of Kurt Cobain Lenny Kaye riding Grand Funk Railroad Plus Greil Marcus on The Band, Mary Harron on Warhol, Vivien Goldman at the Wigan Casino, John Mendelssohn in South Central LA.
57260: HOSTE, POL. - Een dag in maart. Roman.
104234: HOTZ, F.B. - De mooiste verhalen. Gekozen en toegelicht door Maarten 't Hart.
102033: HOUPPERMANS, SJEF, JACOBS, JEF & KRUK, REMKE. - Déjà Vu: herhaling in literatuur en kunst.
104638: HOUSHIARY, SHIRAZEH. - Shirazeh Houshiary.
60020: HOUTEN, E. VAN. - Geschied-bouwkundige beschrijvingen behorende bij het Grachtenboek van Caspar Philips Jacobszoon. Met 96 illustraties naar de door Caspar Philips Jacobszoon in koper gesneden platen uitgegeven door Bernardus Mourik te Amsterdam 1768-1771.
55972: HOUWINK TEN CATE, JOHANNES. - De mannen van de daad en Duitsland, 1919-1939. Het Hollandse zakenleven en de vooroorlogse buitenlandse politiek.
105068: HOVIUS, RANNE - Vogels van waanzin. Psychiatrie in Nederlandstalige romans en gedichten. Vele schrijvers zijn met de psychiatrie in aanraking geweest of schrijven over de zielenroerselen van psychiater en patiënt. In 'Vogels van waanzin' vertelt Ranne Hovius op fascinerende wijze over het kruispunt van psychiatrie en literatuur. Bestaat er een band tussen creativiteit en waanzin? Hoe zijn ontwikkelingen in de psychiatrie in verhalen en gedichten terug te vinden? Hoe is een psychose te beschrijven? Hovius bespreekt gekte en genialiteit in het leven en werk van Nederlandse en Vlaamse schrijvers zoals Gerrit Achterberg, Maarten Biesheuvel, Peter Buwalda, Hugo Claus, Hella Haasse, Kristien Hemmerechts, Willem Frederik Hermans, Myrthe van der Meer, Harry Mulisch, Gerard Reve, Heleen van Royen en Rogi Wieg.
105151: HOVIUS, RANNE - De eenzaamheid van de waanzin. Tweehonderd jaar psychiatrie in romans en verhalen. Inleidend overzicht van de verbeelding van krankzinnigheid in de wereldliteratuur.
108134: HOWARTH, SOPHIE - Singular Images. Essays on Remarkable Photographs. While innumerable words have been written about individual paintings, there have been few attempts at extended analysis of a singular photographic image. This selection of essays addresses this startling omission by examining in depth key images from a history of photography dating from 1835 to the present.
21584: HÖWELER, CASPER. - XYZ der muziek.
104708: HOWLEY, KERRY - In de ban van de ring. Een filosofiestudente duikt onder in de wereld van mixed martial arts.
108033: HRABAL, BOHUMIL. - Ik heb de koning van Engeland bediend.
107458: HUBBELING, H.G. - Spinoza. Derde herziene druk.
105346: HÜBENER, SIMONE. - Neighbourhood/ Nachbarschaft: European Architectural Photography Prize 2015.
56058: HUBER-SPANIER, ROSELLA (SAM.). - Kubistisch avontuur. Werk van Herbin, Metzinger en Tobeen in Nederlandse collecties.
96498: HUENE, STEPHAN VON. - Die gespaltene Zunge. Texte & Interviews. Split Tongue. Texts & Interviews.
106202: HUFF, PHILIP. - Het verdriet van anderen. Een persoonlijke leesgeschiedenis.
28677: HUGHES, ROBERT. - Goya. English text.
48569: HUGHES, ROBERT. - Amerika's Visioenen. Het epos van de Amerikaanse kunst.
107028: HUIG, M. & LUNSINGH SCHEURLEER, D.F. - De klassieke oudheid.
4215: HUIGEN, RENÉ. - Faustine. Een vertelling.
31675: HUISMAN, JAAP E.A. - Honderd jaar wonen in Nederland 1900-2000.
104501: HUISMAN, JAAP; HEESWIJK, HANS; BUVELOT, QUENTIN; GORDENKER, S. E. EMILIE; - The Mauritshuis. Hans Van Heeswijk Architects. This publication shows the transformation over time of the intimate yet majestic museum Mauritshuis, designed by Dutch architect Hans van Heeswijk. Originally designed as a residence, van Heeswijk's elegant building has undergone several renovations in recent years, including the construction of an underground wing.
67602: HUISMAN, HETTY. - Ceragenetics. Gewicht en waarde van aarde.
99939: HUIZINGA, J. & HUGENHOLTZ, F.W.N. (INLEIDEND ESSAY). - Herfsttij der middeleeuwen. Studie over levens- en gedachtenvormen der veertiende en vijftiende eeuw in Frankrijk en de Nederlanden.
100029: HULL, JACOB. - Art + jewelry. Tekst: Hans Redeker.
107159: HULSHOF, AREND. - Rijpstra's ondergang. Het lot van een burgemeester in oorlogstijd.
32419: HULST, WILLEM G. VAN DE. - Willem G. van de Hulst. Schilder, Schrijver, Beeldhouwer in Licht en Ruimte. Painter, Author, Sculptor in Light and Space. Peintre, Écrivain, Sculpteur dans la Lunière et L'Espace.
27831: HULTEN, PONTUS. - Paris - New York 1908-1968. French text.
105658: HULTEN, PONTUS. - Paris - Paris 1937-1957. Créations en France.
6477: HULTEN, PONTUS. - Les Realismes 1919 - 1939. Centre Georges Pompidou 17 Décembre 1980 - 20 Avril 1981. Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin 10 Mai - 30 Juin 1981. French text.
39758: HUME, DAVID. - Het menselijk inzicht. Een onderzoek naar het denken van de mens. * Boom Klassiek 6.
105945: HUME, GARY. - Gary Hume: Door Paintings.
104951: HUMMELT, NORBERT. - Geen veerman, geen Styx. Gedichten.
67606: HUNDERTWASSER. - Hundertwasser.
98919: HUNDERTWASSER. - Hundertwasser. Japan and the Avant-Garde. Wien, Belvedere, 6.3.-23.6.2013. English text.
106061: HUNT, JOHN DIXON. - The Figure in the Landscape: Poetry, Painting, and Gardening during the Eighteenth Century.
15021: HUNTER, SAM (INTRODUCTION). - The Museum of Modern Art, New York. The History and the Collection.
64396: HUPPES, WIM. - We zijn de klos. Waarom we te veel betalen voor onze zorg.
14512: HURD, PHILIPPA (ED.). - The Prestel Dictionary of Art and Artists in the 20th Century.
95949: HÜSCH, ANETTE. - Gute Gesellschaft. Lotte Hegewisch und das Mäzenatentum . Von Georg Friedrich Kersting bis Gerhard Richter.
5727: HÜSGEN, LUCAS. - Nee, maar het gebeurt. Essays.
95928: HUSSLEIN-ARCO, AGNES & GRABNER, SABINE. - Orient & Occident: Travelling 19th Century Austrian Painters. Belvedere, Wien.
105895: HUTCHINSON, JOHN & GOMBRICH, E.H.. - Antony Gormley. An appreciation of the British artist who revitalized the human figure in sculpture.
93869: HUTTENLOCHER, BRITTA, LASKER, JONATHAN & MERENDONK, JOS VAN. - Huttenlocher Lasker Van Merendonk. Text by Carel Blotkamp in Dutch and English.
102076: HUXLEY, FRANCIS. - The Eye: The Seer and the Seen.
76066: HUYGEN, FREDERIQUE. - Brits design, imago en identiteit. Ned. editie.
108084: HUYGEN, FREDERIKE. - 1928. Schoonheid en transparantie, logica en vernuft/ Beauty and lucidity, logic and ingenuity. Catalogue design: 8vo, London
32991: HUYGENS, CONSTANTIJN. - Ooghen-Troost. Editie F.L. Zwaan.
73873: IBELINGS, HANS. - Diederendirrix architecten/ architects.
44896: IBELINGS, HANS (TEXT) & BLÜHM, ANDREAS (ED.). - Rietveld to Kurokawa. Van Gogh Museum Architecture. Photography Jannes Linders. With dedication by the photographer.
79289: IBELINGS, HANS. - Meyer en Van Schouten Architecten Deel 1.
10241: ICKE, VINCENT. - De eekhoornformule. Over weten en wetenschap.
107301: IDEMA, W.L. - Prinses Miaoshan en andere Chinese legenden van Guanyin, de bodhisattva van barmhartigheid. Verhalende Chinese gedichten over de boeddhistische belichaming van de barmhartigheid.
22893: IDEMA, W.L. (SAM.). - Spiegel van de klassieke Chinese poëzie. Van het Boek der Oden tot de Qing-dynastie.
89752: IDEMA, W.L. (VERTALER). - Zingend roei ik huiswaarts op de maan. Gedichten van Meng Haoran, Wang Wei, Li Taibai, Du Fu en Bai Yuyi.
103102: IKONNIKOW, ANDREJ V. & STSCHUSSEW, A.S. - Konzeptionen in der sowjetischen Architektur 1917 - 1988 . Comenius-Club.
102312: ILLICH, IVAN & ACHTERHUIS, HANS (WOORD VOORAF). - De rivieren ten noorden van de toekomst: laatste gesprekken over religie en samenleving met David Cayley.
104103: IMANSE, GEURT & LAMOEN, FRANK VAN. - Russische avant-garde: de Khardzhiev-collectie Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
94995: IMANSE, GEURT. - Kabinet. *SMA Cahiers 6.
104631: IMMENDORFF, JÖRG. - Jörg Immendorf: Malermut rundum.
87400: INDIANA, ROBERT & RYAN, SUSAN ELIZABETH. - Robert Indiana: Figures of Speech.
33317: INDIANA, GARY. - De laatste roes. De reconstructie van een hopeloos leven.
29374: INGELSE, PHILIP (SAM.). - Spiegel van de Franse poëzie van de elfde eeuw tot heden.
105419: INGHELS, MAARTEN. - Nieuwe rituelen.
16867: INWOOD, MICHAEL. - Heidegger. * Kopstukken Filosofie.
102696: IOANID, DOINA. - Ritmen om de vrouwtjesegel te temmen. Gedichten.
49212: ISHIGURO, KAZUO. - De rest van de dag. De Twintigste Eeuw nr. 9.
58751: ISKRA, KAMIL. - Time Warp from Cluster to Grid. Thesis UvA.
48566: ISRAËLS, JOZEF, BEETS, N., HAAR, B. TER, KATE, J.J.L. TEN & VOSMAER, C. (TEKST). - Juweeltjes. Gravuren/ Etsen naar Joseph Israëls. [Etchings after Israëls].
25920: ISRAËLS, HAN. - Het geval Freud. 1. Scheppingsverhalen.
42011: ISRAËLS, HAN. - Schreber, vader en zoon. * Publikatiereeks Sociologisch Instituut.
104213: ISSA, ROSE. - Iranian Photography Now.
66812: VIKTOR IV. - Who Needs the Pacific Ocean? Viktor IV en The Second Quality Construction Company.
107230: IZAKS, WIM & HUISMANS, SIPKE. - Wim Izaks. Een teken van leven. Schilderijen 1978-1989. Dutch/English text.
104615: JACKLIN, MICHAEL. - Michael Jacklin: Sculptures 1998-2010.
12060: JACOBS, EDUARD. - Breek ze de nek, die oude heren! Bezorgd door Paul Blom, m.m.v. Hilde Scholten.
67555: JACOBS, EDWIN. - De maan is rond.
102145: JAEGER, TOEF. - Koning eenoog. Leven en werk van Henk van Woerden. Een migrantenverhaal.
887: JAFFÉ, H.L.C. - Over utopie en werkelijkheid in de beeldende kunst. Verzamelde opstellen van H.L.C. Jaffé. Samengesteld door A.W. Reinink, E. van Voolen en J.H. Sassen.
105618: JAGER, MAARTEN E.A. - Valentine Prax: Uit de schaduw van Ossip Zadkine. Schilderijen 1920-1967.
102065: JAHANGUIR. - Jahanguir.
106662: JAHN, HELMUT & VIERTLBÖCK, RAINER. - Helmut Jahn: Buildings 1975-2015. Photographs Rainer Viertlböck.
97668: JAMES, HENRY. - Brieven van een dode dichter. Vertaald door C. Buddingh'. Nawoord Chris van der Heijden.
100845: JAMES, ANTHONY. - Morphic Fields. Text in English and German.
105254: JAMIESON, RUTH - Print Is Dead. Long Live Print. The World's Best Independent Magazines. This book is a dynamic and generously illustrated survey of independent publications that are breathing new life into old media. This paean to the printed word is filled with creativity and innovation as well as hope for the future of print media.
53858: JAMIN, EWALD E.A. - Artifort.
107592: JAMISON, KAY REDFIELD. - De uitbundige mens. Leven en werken met hartstocht en bevlogenheid.
104082: JANKOVIC, JOZEF. - Jozef Jankovic: Svedectvo na akraji/ Testimony on the Edge 1985-2010.
107596: JANSEN, JANINE - De keuze van Janine Jansen. Met CD.
106114: JANSEN, CILLY & KLOOSTER, INDIRA VAN 'T. - In the Air. Talks on building culture US <> NL.
108138: JANSEN, FRANS & KEIJZER, FEIKE DE. - Golden Earring. Portret van de Haagse rockband Golden Earring.
89713: JANSEN, JAN. - 22 jaar schoenontwerpen. Bruggebouw Emmen/ Nederlands Leder- en schoenmuseum Waalwijk.
105169: JANSEN, ISABELLE; - Schöne Aussichten. Der Blaue Reiter und der Impressionismus. Katalog Franz Marc Museum, Kochel. Marc, Kandinsky, Münter, Jawlensky, Macke und Klee - fast alle Maler des späteren Blauen Reiter schufen zwischen 1901 und 1908/09 Ölstudien, kleine malerische Skizzen, die unter freiem Himmel in Oberbayern, in der Umgebung von Kochel und auf Reisen entstanden.
107833: JANSEN, TJITSKE. - Voor altijd voor het laatst.
73611: JANSSEN, HANS & STAMPS, LAURA (INLEIDING). - XXste eeuw/ XXth Century. Nederlands/ English.
105583: JANSSEN, HANS. - Mondriaan in Amsterdam 1892-1912.
85892: JANSSEN, CUNY. - Amami. De Pont, Tilburg.
64530: JANSSEN, FRANS A. - Goud en koper in de boekenwereld.
80818: JANSSEN, TWAN & MURRAY, SANDS. - Folly. Personal Artistic Business.
107911: JANSSEN, PAUL. - De wonderlijke wereld van Axel Munthe.
105642: JANSSENS, ANN VERONICA. - Ann Veronica Janssens: Chapel Saint-Vincent, Grignan.
107838: JANSSON, TOVE - De heldendaden van Papamoen. De wereld van de Moemins.
107840: JANSSON, TOVE - Verrassingen in de Moeminvallei. De wereld van de Moemins.
107835: JANSSON, TOVE - De hoed van de tovenaar. De wereld van de Moemins.
107839: JANSSON, TOVE - De komeet komt eraan. De wereld van de Moemins.
104897: JAPIN, ARTHUR & PLATTEEL, ANDRÉ E.A. - Boven de wolken. Verhalen uit de verte. Met bijdragen van onder andere Onno Blom, Jaap Bos, Hans Hom, Nicole Harmsen, Arthur Japin, Roos van Sen, Sander Mooiweer, Prins de Vos, André Platteel, Henry Sepers en Rob van der Staaij.
53755: JAPIN, ARTHUR. - De klank van sneeuw.
107257: JAPPE, ANSELM - Guy Debord. This is the first serious intellectual biography of Guy Debord, prime mover of the Situationist International (1957-1972) and author of The Society of the Spectacle, perhaps the seminal book of May 1968 in France. Anselm Jappe rejects recent attempts to set Debord up as a postmodern icon, arguing that he was a social theorist in the Hegelian-Marxist tradition--not a precursor of Jean Baudrillard but an heir of the young Georg Lukács of History and Class Consciousness (1923). Neither hagiographical nor sectarian, Guy Debord places its subject squarely in his historical context: the politicizing Letterist and Situationist anti-artists who, in the European aftermath of World War II, sought to criticize and transcend the Surrealist legacy. The book offers a lively, critical, and unusually reliable account of Debord's lastavant-garde on its way from radical bohemianism to revolutionary theory. Jappe also discusses Debord's films, which are largely inaccessible at present. This English language edition of the book has been revised by the author and features an updated critical bibliography of Debord and the Situationists.
107097: JAY, MIKE - High Society. Mind-altering Drugs in History and Culture. High Society explores the spectrum of drug use across the globe and throughout history, from its roots in animal intoxication to its future in designer neurochemicals. Designed to accompany the 2010 Wellcome Collection exhibition, and beautifully illustrated with rarely seen material from the museums collections, this striking, lyrical book puts its controversial subject into the widest possible context.
88812: JEANJEAN, GERALDINE. - Aumont. Text in English and French.
107941: JEFFERSON, THOMAS. - De Jefferson Bijbel.
101311: JELINEK, ELFRIEDE. - Rijngoud. Roman.
108030: JELINEK, ELFRIEDE. - Geeft niet. Een kleine trilogie van de dood.
105625: JENSEN, JENS CHRISTIAN. - Emil Schumacher. 2 Volumes. Italian, German, French texts.
66430: JENSEN, ALFRED. - Alfred Jensen. Catnr. 362.
107890: JEPSEN, JELMER. - De circusvrouw. Roman.
93088: JEROFEJEV, VENEDIKT. - Door de ogen van een zonderling/ Mijn kleine Leniniade/ Walpurgisnacht.
71233: JOACHIMIDES, CHRISTOS M A.O. - German Art in the 20th Century. Painting and Sculpture 1905-1985.
37358: JOACHIMIDES, CHRISTOS M. & ROSENTHAL, NORMAN. - American Art in the 20th Century. Painting and Sculpture 1913-1993. Royal Academy of Arts/ Saatchi Gallery, London.
105380: JOCHEM, MARLENE - Golden Pots. Thurnau Earthenware from the Lotte Reimers-stiftung at the Grassi Museum. Without adornment or applications, plates, bowls, jugs and pots radiate through honey-yellow, green or dark brown glazes. These glazes have a lively iridescence which accentuates the objects most important attribute: their form. Everyday objects that obtain artistic merit through reduction alone boast an extraordinary assuredness in their design. That good everyday ceramic occupies a justified and valued place alongside artistic ceramic is advocated with conviction by Lotte Reimers. As a longstanding companion and associate of the ceramic exponent Jakob Wilhelm Hinders, she discovered her passion for the beauty in simple things. Ever since then she has promoted the preservation of unpretentious everyday crockery as an important cultural artefact for the future. Originated in the Renner Pottery in Thurnau in the 1950s and 1960s, 124 earthenware vessels form a representative inventory of 'golden pots' whose austerity still enthrals to this day. Today the collection is housed in the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig. Text in English and German.
105888: JODIDIO, PHILIP - 100 Great Extensions & Renovations. Homeowners search continuously for ways in which to rework existing residential space - for improved size, comfort, functionality and financial gain. As demonstrated in this timely publication, an architect must possess significant skill to create such an extraordinary collection of home extensions and renovations. From simple room additions to complete demolition and rebuild jobs, this book explores some of the infinite ways in which architects have reinvented original homes. The results are astonishing in their diversity and innovation. Detailed project descriptions, drawings, house plans and full-colour 'before' and 'after' photographs in some cases, explain the thinking and process behind each extension from inception to completion.
105332: JODIDIO, PHILIP - The Heritage of the Mughal World. This beautifully illustrated book explores the historic cities, buildings, and gardens that flourished during the Mughals' three-century rule, highlighting valuable conservation and restoration projects in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. Filled with stunning new photography by Christian Richters, this book offers a detailed study of the myriad achievements of the Mughal world and their lasting effects throughout the globe. This book also includes texts written by leading specialists on the subject as well as those who were actually in charge of the restoration projects.
97533: JODIDIO, PHILIP. - Richard Meier.
106594: JODIDIO, PHILIP - Marc Mimram. Architecture & Structure. A generously illustrated monograph on the acclaimed French architect and engineer Marc Mimram whose original work is influenced by both disciplines. Since his debut as an architect and engineer with a footbridge over a highway in Toulouse, France, Marc Mimram has completed a large number of civil engineering structures and architectural projects in France and around the world. This book highlights Mimram's distinctive penchant for connecting architecture with the natural world, as well as his profound understanding of the relationship between design and structure. Looking at key themes in Mimram's work over three decades, this volume examines works such as the School of Architecture in Strasbourg and the award-winning Hassan II Bridge in Morocco to show how the architect's elegant and economical designs evolve from an appreciation of the natural or urban landscape of each project.
105971: JODIDIO, PHILIP; RICHTERS, CHRISTIAN; - Ten Years, Realized Works. This book is a celebration of the work of Erick van Egeraat and his firm EEA, over the past 10 years. It includes commercial and residential developments, public and educational buildings, interior design projects, exhibition and product design, presented in the eclectic style that characterises the work of this major force in contemporary European architecture. Often controversial, Erick van Egeraat's work challenges established notions of architectural process, but always with an emphasis on practicality, albeit with a high proportion of 'art', in order to produce an innovative but attractive architecture. Much more than just a digest of completed works, this book includes Erick van Egeraat's own commentary on each project, adding a rare and valuable insight into the processes that engender his work.
106591: JODIDIO, PHILIP - Zoom TPU. Contemporary Interior Design from Istanbul. This is the first monograph on the award winning Istanbul-based architecture and design firm Zoom TPU. Their projects include a residence in Antalya, Turkey, nominated for the 2001 Aga Khan Award for Architecture; the auditorium of the ambitious SALT Galata project in Istanbul; and their LIV Ulus Hospital, also in Istanbul, a finalist in the 2011 World Architecture Festival Awards.
45912: JOHANNESMA, ROB, KOELEWIJN, JOB, MANDERS, MARK, MIK, AERNOUT & RAEDECKER, MICHAEL ET AL. - Post-Nature. Nine Dutch Artists. Curated by Jaap Guldemond and Marente Bloemheuvel. Biennale di Venezia 2001.
80798: JOHANNESMA, ROB. - Rob Johannesma.

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