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H24P403A/153469: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Yevtushenko's reader: The spirit of Elbe - A precocious autobiography - Poems
H24D30/151693: YEVGENY ALEKSANDROVICH YEVTUSHENKO (SAMENSTELLING) - Twentieth Century Russian Poetry - Silver and Steel: an Anthology
H24P406A/153541: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENI - The Face Behind the Face
H24P038/151670: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - A precocious autobiography
U50P777/152215: YEVGENI YEVTUSHENKO - Selected Poems
H24P402B/153452: YEVGENY YEVTUSHENKO - Ardabiola A Fantasy
H24P25Y/159056: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Flowers and bullets - Freedom to kill
U50P777/152214: YEVGENY YEVTUSHENKO - Bratsk Station and Other New Poems
H24P402B/153382: YEVGENY YEVTUSHENKO - Ivan the Terrible and Ivan the Fool
EMP474M/53601: YEW, BETTY. - Time for Dessert.
D444/97780: ANZIA YEZIERSKA - Mein Vater, mein Feind
P137/88714: LIN TAI-YI - The eavesdropper
SD390/16987: YI, XU BAI - Marketing to China, One Billion New Customers
U50P403/121454: ZHANG YAO EN BU YI - Hedendaags China
JD184/32592: YI, WEN - The Wujing Well
U50P365/102625: CHRISTOPHER YIM - Kung-Fu 1 Legende, Philosophie, Grundtechniken
MH24P721A/85976: HAN SU-YIN - De wind in de toren Mau Tsetoeng en de Chinese revolutie : 1949-1975
MP470/44755: YIN RA, BO. - Geest en Vorm.
TD107/30955: YING, HONG - K
MH24P726A/85324: YIWU, LIAO. - Gevangenisliederen. China achter tralies.
MP405/117960: NADJA YLLNER - Just a Little White Sleeping Pill
ED278/4560: YLSTRA, BOUKE (SAMENSTELLING) - Chinese horoskoop, astrologie, handleeskunde
P568/76391: ALEKSANDR SOLZHENITϸ Sϸ¡YN - In the First Circle
H24P133/68976: DOMINGO YNDURAIN - Introduccion a la Metodologss­a Literaria
U50P771/151413: LI YO - You Poe Toean
MD106/26264: YOCK FANG, DR. LIAW. - Indonesian in 3 Weeks. [Times Learn Indonesian]
P663/32832: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA. - The Divine Romance. Collected talks and essays on realizing God in daily life, VOLUME II.
D86/1928: YOGERST, JOSEPH R. - Inflight Guide Asean
EJP612/38120: YOGESHWAR, RANGA - Alledaagse vragen waarom drogen prastic bakjes niet in de vaatwasser en andere raadsels van deze tijd
PTR65/52742: YOGI, MAHARISHI MAHESH - The Science of being and the art of living.
K302/76130: MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI - On the Bhagavad-Gita A New Translation and Commentary with Sanskrit Text, Chapters 1 to 6
U50P317/128040: EVE YOHALEM - Escape Under the Forever Sky
U50P303/132312: HIDEO YOKOYAMA - Tokyo tapes nr 6-4
MH24P942A/21713: YOLANDA, EZENDAM (SAMENSTELLING) - Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture.
MP275B/18775: YOLANDA, EZENDAM (SAMENSTELLING) - Rotterdam City of 2007 Architecture.
SP932/28876: YON, ALBERT (TEXTE ETABLI ET TRADUIT) - Ciceron, Traite du Destin [Collection des Universites de France, Publie sous le patronage de l`association Guillaume Bude]
PTR64/58732: YONG-YAN, WANG ET AL. - Loess in China
U50PX04/138537: ALEXANDRA DAVID-NEEL EN LAMA YONGDEN - De macht van het niets
U50P262[X]/118647: CHARLOTTE MARY YONGE - The Clever Woman of the Family
JCK401/42062: YORDAN, PHILIP - El Cid
TD107/30956: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
U50Z11/136811: MICHAEL YORK - Pagan Theology Paganism as a World Religion
U50P669/142124: MARGARET YORKE - De schuldvraag
H24P084/149412: YORKE, STAN - The Industrial Revolution Explained Steam, Sparks and Massive Wheels
U50V201/143280: MARGARET YORKE - Dreiging uit het donker
U50P837/134027: MALCOLM YORKE - Matthew Smith His Life and Reputation
P579/89094: MARGARET YORKE - A Question of Belief
U50P101/106293: MARGARET YORKE - A Question of Belief
U50V220/146942: YOSHIO YOSHIDA (RED.) - Herman Hertzberger 1959-1990 Architecture and Urbanism, April 1991 Extra Edition
K605/90643: BANANA YOSHIMOTO - Tsugumi
TMP329/40891: YOSHINO, MICHAEL Y. EN U. SRINIVASA RANGAN. - Strategische Allianties. Een leidraad voor mondiaal ondernemen.
EMP226/37469: YOSHINO, MICHAEL Y.; SRINIVASA RANGAN, U. - Strategische Allianties - Een leidraad voor mondiaal ondernemen [Business Bilbiotheek]
RD379/19049: YOSHIO HIRASHIMA, HUSSEIN - The road to holy Mecca [this beautiful world 31]
HJP701/6435: YOST, GRAHAM - The KGB - The Russian Secret Police from the Days of the Czars to the Present
ED340/8891: YOUND, JOHN E.; SACHS, AARON - The next efficiency revolutie: Creating a sustainable materials economy [Worldwatch paper 121]
ED340/1127: YOUND, JOHN E. - Global network, Computers in a sustainable society [Worldwatch paper 115]
MK307/21838: YOUNG, DAVID - The Discovery of Evolution.
C201W/9701: YOUNG, ELLA - Recits de Mythologie Celtique. Second Cycle: Les Heros. Recueillis par Ella Young
HJ602W/11241: YOUNG, JACQUELINE - Vital Energy - Easy Oriental Exercises for Health and Well-Being
D29/87396: ALISON YOUNG - Femininity in Dissent
RP1043/21487: YOUNG, SANDRA - 123rd Street, Harlem, New York
MH24P068/123668: YOUNG, ROBYN. - Requiem voor de Tempeliers.
EMP257/12796: YOUNG, DAN - Captured, de fotografie van Robert A. Robinson
MP228/24187: YOUNG, TOBY; ZUIERVELD, JAAP SIETSE (VERTALING NL) - Hoe je Vrienden verliest & anderen kwijtraakt
U50P262/118666: E.H. YOUNG - Jenny Wren
H24P132/68911: RICK YOUNG - The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 5 For New Users and Professionals
U50P416/109436: PETER YOUNG - The War Game
NSD36/60889: YOUNG, JEFFREY E. EN HANS PIJNAKER - Cognitieve therapie voor persoonlijkheidsstoornissen. Een schemagerichte benadering.
BR105/85163: PHILIP YOUNG - Revolutionary Ladies
ED253/15898: YOUNG, JACQUELINE - Self-massage, the complete 15-minutes a day massage system for health and self-awareness
TMD206/52702: YOUNG, E.H. - The Misses Mallett (The Bridge Dividing). A Virago Modern Classic.
U50P743/132678: GAVIN YOUNG - In Search of Conrad
KMP310/3234: YOUNG, DENNIS - Antiek onderhouden en repareren
M005W/55094: ATMANSPACHER; FREEMAN; JONES; PICKLES; PRIMAS; SPENCE; YOUNG. - Journal of Consciousness Studies. Controversies in Science and the Humanities. Volume 13, nr. 3 (2006) Wolfgang Pauli`s Ideas on Mind and Matter.
U50P508/134759: T. KUE YOUNG - Population Health Concepts and Methods
P133/88668: MARGUERITE YOUNG - Inviting the Muses Stories, Essays, Reviews
MH24P1044A/61191: YOUNG, B.; J.W. HEATH. - Wheater`s Functional Histology.
U25609A/76603: PHILIP YOUNG - Revolutionary Ladies
MP560/7070: YOUNG, B. MARJORIE (TEXT) - Journeys to Glory. A Celebration of the human Spirit.
MH24P744B/65232: G. DOUGLAS YOUNG - Bible Dictionary An essential Bible Study Companion.
H24P086/133270: DAN YOUNG - Captured, De fotografie van Robert A. Robinson
EMP1045/35450: YOUNG, GAVIN. - Het kielzog.
EP246/23954: YOUNG, HEATHER - Social context and the processing of in-group and out-group information
MH24D56/50639: YOUNG, DONALD. - Historic Monuments of America.
K903/90517: CESAR A. PERALES EN LAUREN S. YOUNG (RED.) - Too little, too late, Dealing with the health needs of women in poverty
TMP554/49754: YOUNG, NATALIE. - Verblind door de zon.
H24P246/43202: CALTON YOUNGER - Ireland's civil war.
RD260/21379: YOUNGHUSBAND, JAN - Orchestra!, the book of the Channel Four television series
MH24P240/100575: YOUNGS, HOMER S. (COMPILATION) - Translations by Baba.
MP350_/38407: YOUNGSON, DR. ROBERT. - Anti-Oxidanten. De Remmers van het Verouderingsproces. Bron van de eeuwige Jeugd?
EMH24P048/53171: YOUNGSON, ROBERT M. - Het operatieboek. Een geillustreerde gids voor 73 van de meest voorkomende operaties.
U50P976/154586: YOUP VAN 'T HEK - 166 maal Youp
U50P518/147392: YOUP VAN 'T HEK - Bang!
U50P976/154609: YOUP VAN 'T HEK - Droomzomers
U50P976/154608: YOUP VAN 'T HEK - Hart
U50K203/131006: YOUP VAN 'T HEK - Is Youp leuk?
U50P976/154597: YOUP VAN 'T HEK - Liegangst
U50P4Y6/116281: YOUP VAN 'T HEK - Het hemd van de leeuw Dagboek van het wereldkampioenschap voetbal 1990

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