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4831: HOLM, W.A. - Kleurentelevisie zonder formules.
7896: HOLMES, D.R. AND A. RAHMEL (EDS). - Materials and coatings to resist high temperature corrosion.
7658: HOLT, S.L. (ED). - Inorganic reactions in organized media.
7288: HOLZAPFEL, E. - Die geologie des nordabfalles der eiffel mit besonderer berücksichtigung der gegend von aachen. mit einer geologischen exkursionskarte für die umgegend von aachen von W. Wunstorf, ...
7242: HOLZMÜLLER, W. ET AL. - Conformation and morphology. advances in polymer science 26.
7382: HONIGMANN, B. - Gleichgewichts- und wachstumsformen von kristallen.
7416: HONTI, G.D. (ED). - The nitrogen industry.
4369: HOOP, J.H. VAN DER . - Bewusstseinstypen. und ihre beziehung zur psychopathologie.
10665: HOOPES, M.H. AND J.M. HARPER. - Birth order roles & sibling patterns in individual & family therapy.
2464: HOOYMAYERS, H.P. - Quenching of excited alkali atoms and hydroxyl radicals and related effects in flames.
1276: HOPKINS, C.R. - Structure and function of cells. a text for students in medicine and science.
9700: HORLICK-JONES, T. , A. AMENDOLA AND R. CASALE (EDS). - Natural risk and civil protection.
5224: HORN, O. - Zwischenprodukte-tafeln.
9683: HORNE, R.A. - Mrine chemistry. the structure of water and the chemistry of the hydrosphere.
9640: HORNER, J.K. - Natural radioactivity in water supplies.
7830: HOROWITZ, I. - An introduction to quantitative business analysis.
1010: HORST, D.TH.J. TER. - Derzeitliche verlauf der feldstärke und stromdichte in bogenentladungen mit wechselstrom.
5874: HORVATH, C. AND L.S. ETTRE (EDS). - Chromatography in biotechnology.
5682: HOTCHKISS, J.H. (ED). - Food and packaging interactions.
10943: HÖTTE, H.H.A. - Orbital fractures.
8582: HOUDEBINE, L.M. (ED). - Transgenic animals. generation and use.
8834: HOUGHTON, E.L. AND N.B. CARRUTHERS. - Wind forces on buildings and structures. an introduction.
1429: VAN HOUTTE, J.A. (ED). - Un quart de siècle de recherche historique en belgique. 1944-1968.
6801: HOWE, C. - Gene cloning and manipulation.
6142: HOWELL, H.G. , K.W. MIESZKIS AND D. TABOR. - Friction in textiles.
10190: HOYER, J. AND J. MARGRAF (EDS). - Angstdiagnostik. grundlagen und testverfahren.
10924: HOYNG, P.E.J. - Pharmacological denervation and glaucoma. a clinical trial report with guanethidine and adrenaline in one eye drop.
781: HRADIL, G. - Die gneiszone des südlichen schnalser tales in tirol.
9965: HSIEH WEN SHEN (ED). - Modeling of rivers.
9661: HUANG, P.M. AND M. SCHNITZER (EDS). - Interactions of soil minerals with natural organics and microbes. proceedings...
8629: HUANG, P.M. AND M. SCHNITZER (EDS). - Interactions of soil minerals with natural organics and microbes. proceedings...
7791: HUANG, M.-T. , C.-T. HO ET AL. (EDS). - Food phytochemicals for cancer prevention. I. fruits and vegetables. II. teas. spices, and herbs.
4789: HUBY, J. - Christus. handboek voor de geschiedenis der godsdiensten.
11125: HÜCKEL, W. - Anorganische strukturchemie.
6595: HUDSON, H,J, - Fungal biology.
1842: HUESTON, J.T. - Dupuytren's contracture.
2774: HUFFSTADT, A.J.C. - Vrije peestransplantatie bij de behandeling van buigpeesletsels aan duim en vingers.
1157: HUG, O. - Thorakoplastik und skoliose.
10422: HUGET, M.-P. (ED). - Communication in multiagent systems. agent communication languages and conversation policies.
9955: HUGGETT, R.J. ET AL. (EDS). - Biomarkers. biochemical, physiological, and histological markers of anthropogenic stress.
9796: HUGHES, R.N. (ED). - Behavioural mechanisms of food selection.
11186: HUGHES, A.L. AND L.A.DUBRIDGE. - Photoelectric phenomena.
11283: HUGHES, J.M. - Reshaping the psycho-analytic domain. the work of melanie klein, w.r.d. fairbairn and d.w. winnicott.
125: HUIJSSE, A.C. - De officiëele namen, synoniemen en de belangrijkste handels en volksnamen der geneesmiddelen.
10619: HUISMAN, M. - Publieke levens. autobiografie op de Nederlandse boekenmarkt 1850 - 1918.
9172: HUIZINGA, J. - Grotius' plaats in de geschiedenis van den menschelijken geest.
1943: HULEU, J.G. - Tractatus historico-asceticus de ss. eucharistiae sacramento, sive jesus...tomus secundus.
7476: HUMBLE, J.W. - Training en opleiding van de ervaren manager. een 18-tal invalshoeken tot verbetering van het management-resultaat door MBO.
11549: HUMPHREYS, J.E. - Representation of semisimple lie algebras in the BGG category O.
1794: HUNGERFORD, D.S. (ED). - Leg length discrepancy. the injured knee.
3612: HÜNI, E. AND E. MÖRATH (EDS). - Holzschwellenhandbuch.
5684: HUNT, R.H. AND G.N.J. TYTGAT (EDS). - Helicobacter pylori. basic mechanisms to clinical cure. proceedings...
10310: HUNTBACH, M.M. AND G.A. RINGWOOD. - Agent-oriented programming. from prolog to guarded definite clauses.
11163: HUNTER-BROWN, P. - Kohlenbürsten und elektrische maschinen.
9584: HUNTER, P.R. - Waterborne disease. epidemiology and ecology.
7738: HUNTER, D. , A. BAILEY AND B. TAYLOR. - Co-operacy. a consensud approach to work.
2363: HUONDER, A. - Der einheimische klerus in den heidenländern.
7509: HUPE, K. (ED) STEGMANN (HRSG.). - Bodenreinigung. biologische und chemisch-physikalische verfahrensentwicklung unter berücksichtigung der bodenjundlichen, analytischen und rechtlichen bewertung.
3049: HUPPES, T. - The western edge. work and management in the information age.
10683: HURENKAMP, G. ET AL. (EDS). - Lustrumalmanak 2000. moleculaire wetenschappen.
10363: HURRY, A. (ED). - Psychoanalyse und entwicklungsförderung von kindern. schriften zur psychotherapie und psychoanalyse von kindern und jugendlichen.
3013: HÜRTH, F. - De re matrimoniali.
5290: HUTZINGER, O. (ED). - The handbook of environmental chemistry. volume 3 part a. anthropogenic compounds.
5286: HUTZINGER, O. (ED). - The handbook of environmental chemistry. volume 1 part a. the natural environment and the biogeochemical cycles.
5287: HUTZINGER, O. (ED). - The handbook of environmental chemistry. volume 2 part a. reactions and processes.
5288: HUTZINGER, O. (ED). - The handbook of environmental chemistry. volume 2 part b. reactions and processes.
5289: HUTZINGER, O. (ED). - The handbook of environmental chemistry. volume 4 part a. air pollution.
5291: HUTZINGER, O. (ED). - The handbook of environmental chemistry. volume 3 part b. anthropogenic compounds.
5219: HUTZINGER, O. (ED). - Umweltwissenschaften und schadstoff-forschung. zeitschrift für umweltchemie und ökotoxikologie. jahrgang 1-6.
6956: HYDE, R.M. - Immunology. 3rd edition.
1650: HYODO, SHIN-ICHI (ED). - High speed photography and photonics, Proceedings of the 13th international congress on.
10261: IAN ROSS, J. AND S.C. RICHARDS. - Convict criminology.
2353: IANSEN, S.A.P.J.H. - Verkenningen in matthijs casteleins const van rhetoriken.
5318: IARC - IARC monographs on the evaluation of the carcinogenic risk of chemicals to humans. the rubber industry. volume 28.
524: IBN AL-WASSA'. - Das buch des buntbestickten kleides.
11129: W.L. IDEMA, M.SCHIPPER AND P.H. SCHRIJVERS (EDS). - Mijn naam is haas. dierenverhalen in verschillende culturen.
8593: IGNARRO, L. AND F. MURAD (EDS). - Nitric oxyde. biochemistry, molecular biology, and therapeutic implications.
2176: ILLI, F.W.H. - Wirbelsäule, becken und chiropraktik. neue erkenntnisse und behandlungsmöglichkeiten.
1835: ILLINGWORTH, R.S. (ED). - Recent advances in cerebral palsy.
3547: [INDONESIE] - 400 jaren missie in nederlandsch-indië. Jubileum-uitgave sociaal leven.
11103: INGELFINGER, J.A. ET AL. - Biostatistics in clinical medicine.
6232: INGELS, D.M. - Computer modeling and simulation.
5860: INGLETT, G.E. AND S.I. FALKEHAG (EDS). - Dietary fibers: chemistry and nutrition.
6030: INGOLD, C.T. - The nature of toadstools.
10558: INGRAO, C. - Hitlers elite. die wegbereiter des nationalsozialistischen massenmords.
6639: INNIS, M.A. , D.H. GELFAND AND J.J. SNINSKY (EDS). - PCR applications. protocols for functional genomics.
9959: IPPEN, A.T. - Estuary and coastline hydrodynamics.
9031: IRVINE, D.E.G. AND B. KNIGHTS (EDS). - Pollution and the use of chemicals in agriculture.
4997: IRWIN, R.S. , F.J. CURLEY AND R.F. GROSSMAN. (EDS). - Diagnosis and treatment of symptoms of the respiratory tract.
11468: ISAAC NEWTON [A NEW TRANSLATION BY I.B. COHEN AND A. WHITMAN] - The principia. mathematical principles of natural philosophy.
10166: ISBELL, J.R. - Uniform spaces.
11489: ISCHEBECK, F. AND RAVI RAO. - Ideals and reality. projective modules and number of generators of ideals.
7838: ISELIN, M. (ED). - Chirurgie de la main. fonde a nanterre en 1958...
8202: ISELIN, M. - Chirurgie de la main. livre du chirugien.
10490: ISHIDA, T. (ED). - Community computing and support systems. social interaction in networked communities.
8805: ISLER, O. (ED). - Carotenoids.
10613: N/A (ISPAC). - Countering terrorism through international cooperation. proceedings...
7913: ISRAEL, H. AND W.G. ISRAEL. - Spurenstoffe in der atmosphäre.
4862: ISRAEL, S.L. - Mazer & israel's diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorders and sterility.
308: ITALLIE, L. VAN AND U.G. BIJLSMA - Toxicologie en gerechtelijke scheikunde.
9416: ITERSON, G. VAN. - Nieuwe studiën over bladstanden. I.
6201: [ITS] - Technological and commercial feasibility study of controlled degradable plastics for packaging and other plastics disposables. (chemical, bacteriological and photo degradation).
5182: [IUFOST] - Conversion and manufacture of foodstuffs by microorganisms. proceedings of the international symposium ... kyoto, japan; december 5-9, 1971.
8258: N/A [IUPAC]. - Surface area determination. proceedings...
5516: IUPAC SYMPOSIUM - Kinetics and mechanisms of polyreactions. preprints of papers to be presented...
2742: IZQUIERDO, M.S., L.P. CASTRO AND A.M. CASAYUS. - Corporatismo. los movimientos nacionales contemporaneos. causas y realizaciones.
10730: JABLONSKI, S. (ED. BY B.S. LEVINE). - Russian-English medical dictionary.
3599: JACKSON, M.A. - System development.
4086: JACKSON, M.A. - Principles of program design.
7616: JACKSON, M.A. - Principles of program design.
4968: JACKSON, M.A. - System development.
10154: JACO, W. - Lectures on three-manifold topology.
10758: JACOB, A. AND K. WAHLEN. - Das multiaxiale diagnosesystem jugendhilfe. (MAD-J).
1401: JACOB, K.H. AND C.J. TURKSTRA (EDS). - Earthquake hazards and the design of constructed facilities in the eastern united states.
3789: JACOB, M. (ED). - Perturbative quantum chromodynamics. physics reports reprint book series, vol. 5.
7549: JACOBS, K. - Maschinenerzeugte 0-1-folgen. rot und schwarz. das äquivalenzprinzip von e.s. andersen. die kombinatorischen arcsin-gesetze von g. baxter und j.p. imhof. der heiratssätz.
1538: JACOBS, OD. - Edward -j.-m. poppe. 1890 - 1924.
4849: JACOBS, D. - Spel en discipline. wanneer draagt strategie bij?
6546: JACOBSON, N. - PI-algebras. an introduction.
10473: JACQUET, J.-M. - Conclog: a methodological approach to concurrent logic programming.
9894: JAEGER, F.M. - Lectures on the principle of symmetry and its applications in all natural sciences.
8331: JAGER, H. - A multidimensional generalization of the padé table.
6632: JAIN, K.K. - Textbook of gene therapy.
9929: JAKEMAN, A.J. , M. B. BECK AND M. J. MCALEER (EDS). - Modelling change in environmental systems.
6713: JAKOBY, W.B. AND I.H. PASTAN (EDS). - Cell culture.
5261: JAMESON, D. AND L.M. HURVICH. (EDS). - Visual psychophysics.
4434: JANDER, G. AND O. PFUNDT. - Die visuelle leitfähigkeitstitration. und ihre praktischen anwendungen.
1746: JANS, R. (ED). - Er was eens... van geneeskunde tot medische wetenschappen. 1961 - 1991.
288: JANSE, H. - Zeven eeuwen bouwen. De bouwwereld in 's-Gravenhage van 1280 tot 1980.
10367: JANSEN, L. AND B. SMITH. (EDS). - Biomedizinische ontologie. wissen strukturieren für den informatik-einsatz.
42: JANSEN, M. - Over beenvorming, haar verhouding tot trek en druk.
7: JANSEN, M. - Feebleness of growth and congenital dwarfism, with special reference to dysostosis cleido-cranialis.
11291: JANSEN, H. - Van Jodenhaat naar zelfmoordterrorisme. islamisering van het europees antisemitisme in het Midden-Oosten.
11276: JANSEN, W. AND C. BRINKGREVE. (EDS.). - Waanzin en vrouwen.
2401: JANSSEN, M.J. (ED). - Organosulfur chemistry. reviews of current research.
9943: JANSSEN,F.J.J.G. AND R.A. VAN SANTEN (EDS). - Environmental catalysis.
4867: JANSSENS - Over- en onderbehandeling in de gynaecologie. proceedings van het symposium ter gelegenheid van het afscheid van prof. dr. j. janssens. 4 en 5 september 1986.
8104: JANSSENS, AL. - De heilige maagd en moeder gods maria. vijfde traktaat. 1. het dogma en de apocriefen.
2628: JANSSENS, G.J.A. - The treatment of retinal detachment by means of eye-ball reducing operations.
11354: JANTZEN, J.C. - Lectures on quantum groups.
1964: JANZEN, R., W.D. KEIDEL, A. HERZ AND C. STEICHELE. (EDS). - Pain. basic principles - pharmacology - therapy. english ed edited by J.P. PAYNE and R.A.P. BURT.
9756: JARDINE, N. AND R. SIBSON. - Mathematical taxonomy.
9551: JASPERS, P.A.TH.M. - De ontwikkeling van de pharmacie in limburg gedurende de franse tijd (1794-1814).
8495: JASPERS, P.A.TH.M. - De ontwikkeling van de pharmacie in limburg gedurende de franse tijd (1794-1814).
10927: JAYLE, G.E. AND A.G. OURGAUD. - La vision nocturne et ses troubles. rapport présenté a la société francaise d'ophtalmologie le 26 juillet 1950.
2573: JEHAN, L.-F. - Dictionnaire d'astronomie de physique et de météorologie.
7232: JENKINS, R. ET AL. - Properties of polymers. advances in polymer science, 36.
5581: JENKINS, A.D. AND V.T. STANNETT (EDS). - Progress in polymer science. volume 8.
5582: JENKINS, A.D. AND V.T. STANNETT (EDS). - Progress in polymer science. volume 9.
5583: JENKINS, A.D. AND V.T. STANNETT (EDS). - Progress in polymer science. volume 10.
5584: JENKINS, A.D. AND V.T. STANNETT (EDS). - Progress in polymer science. volume 11.
5585: JENKINS, A.D. AND V.T. STANNETT (EDS). - Progress in polymer science. volume 12.
6522: JENNINGS, W. - Gas chromatography with glass capillary colums. second edition.
6592: JENNINGS, W.G. AND A. RAPP. - Sample preparation for gas chromatographic analysis.
8219: JENSEMA, E. - Een krommenbundel van den derden en een krommennet van den vierden graad.
7955: JENSEN, K.F. AND G.W. CULLEN. (EDS). - Chemical vapor deposition. proceedings...
2187: JESSUP, P.C. AND H.J. TAUBENFELD. - Controls for outer space. and the antarctic analogy.
10580: JIRGENSONS, B. - Organic colloids.
4122: JOANNA A CRUCE. - Das jesulein im theresianischen karmel.
9718: JOBIN, W. - Dams and disease. ecological design and health impacts of large dams, canals and irrigation systems.
10454: JOERDEN, J.C. - Logik im recht. grundlagen und anwendungsbeispiele.
7492: JOHANNABER, F. AND K. STOECKHERT (EDS). - Kunststoffmaschinenführer.
2500: JOHANNESSOHN, F. - Kinine in de geneeskundige praktijk. aan de hand van de gegevens der pharmacologie.
2196: JOHNER, P.D. - Neue schule des gregorianischen choralgesanges.
3131: JOHNS, A.T. AND S.K. SALMAN. - Digital protection for power systems.
11027: JOHNSON, F.H. , H. EYRING AND B.J. STOVER. - The theory of rate processes in biology and medicine.
7423: JOHNSON, J.C. - Metallocene technology.
2793: JOHNSON-MARSHALL, P. - Rebuilding cities.
6674: JOHNSTONE, A.P. AND M.W. TURNER (EDS). - Immunochemistry. a practical approach. volume 1 and 2.
4677: (JOLIET, H. , M. KÖRNER AND H.P. GERADS (EDS)) - 100 Jahre st. maternus merbeck. der himmel auf erden.
4738: JONASSEN, D.H. (ED). - Instructional designs for microcomputer courseware.
1351: JONES, E.J.H. - Production engineering. jig and tool design...
2045: JONES, M.S. - An approach to occupational therapy.
3533: JONES, F.D. (ED). - Die design and diemaking practice. a treatise for die designers...
4392: JONES, H.C. AND J.S. GUY. - The absorption spectra of solutions as affected by temperature and by dilution: a quantitative study of absorption spectra by means of the radiomicrometer.
4393: JONES, H.C. (AND COLL). - The absorption spectra of solutions as studied by means of the radiomicrometer. the conductivities, dissociations, and viscosities of solutions of electrolytes in aqueous, non-aqueous, and mixed solvents.
4395: JONES, H.C. AND J.A. ANDERSON. - The absorption spectra of solutions of certain salts of cobalt, nickel, copper, iron, chromium, neodymium, praseodymium, and erbium in water, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and acetone, and in mixtures of water with the other solvents.
4396: JONES, H.C. AND W.W. STRONG. - A study of the absorption spectra of solutions of certain salts of potassium, cobalt, nickel, copper, chromium, erbium, praseodymium, neodymium, and uranium as affected by chemical agents and by temperature.
4502: JONES, H.C. - Hydrates in aqueous solution. evidence for the existence of hydrates in solution, their approximate composition, and certain spectroscopic investigations bearing upon the hydrate problem.
6646: JONES-WALTERS, L.M. - Keys to the families of british spiders.
7452: JONES, R.A.L. AND R.W. RICHARDS. - Polymers at surfaces and interfaces.
8183: JONES, R. AND C. WYKES. - Holographic and speckle interferometry. a discussion of the theory, practice and application of the techniques.
4394: JONES, H.C. AND W.W. STRONG. - The absorption spectra of solutions of comparatively rare salts. including those of gadolinium, dysprosium, and samarium. the spectrography of certain chemical reactions and the effect of high temperature on the absorption spectra of non-aqueous solutions.
4589: JONG, J.R. DE. - Verkenningen met het vizierkompas.
103: JONG, L. DE - De transformatie van Bianchi voor de oppervlakken, afwikkelbaar op regelvlakken van de tweede graad.
10090: JONG, K.P. DE AND A.J. VAN DILLEN. (EDS). - Heterogeneous catalysis. preparation, characterization and application.
4584: JONG, L. DE. - Het koninkrijk der nederlanden in de tweede wereldoorlog. deel 11. nederlands-indië.
4632: JONG, E. DE (ED). - Markt en waarden.
8282: JONG, R.H. DE , T.W.M. JONGMANS AND P.H. KRIJGSMAN (EDS). - Tweehonderd jaar onvermoeide arbeid. tentoonstellingscatalogus.
11030: JONGEJAN, J.A. AND J.A. DUINE. (EDS). - PQQ and quinoproteins. proceedings...
9926: JONGENBURGER, P. - Kennis der metalen. deel 1; mechanische en technologische eigenschapen, kristalstructuur. deel 2; structuur en warmtebehandeling.
2248: JONGH, C.L. DE AND J. GOSLINGS (EDS). - Rheuma.
10292: JONGH, C.L. DE. (ED). - De ziekten van luchtwegen, longen en borstvlies.
2465: JONGH, J.P. DE. - Electron excitation of noble gas atoms measured by vacuum ultraviolet spectrometry.
7291: JONGMANS, W.J. - Anleitung zur bestimmung der karbonpflanzen west-europas. mit besonderer berücksichtigung der in den niederlanden und den benachbarten ländern gefundenen oder noch zu erwartenden arten. I. band. thallophytae, equisetales, sphenophyllales.
10320: JONOSKA, N. , G. PÄUN AND G. ROZENBERG. (EDS). - Aspects of molecular computing. essays dedicated to Tom Head on the occasion of his 70th birthday.
11405: JÖNSSON, B. AND J. ROSENBAUM (EDS.) - Health economics of depression.
1717: JONXIS, J.H.P. - De voeding van het kind. van moederschoot tot volwassen mens.
1833: JORDAN, H.H. - Hemophilic arthropathies.
4762: JORES, A. AND M. VON KEREKJARTO. - Der asthmatiker. ätiologie und therapie des asthma bronchiale in psychologischer sicht.
10906: JORGENSEN, C.K. - Oxidation numbers and oxidation states.
5657: JORGENSEN, A. - Die mikroorganismen der gärungsindustrie. 6. auflage.
10345: JOSEPH, A. ET AL (EDS). - First european congress of mathematics. round tables.
5338: JOSLYN, M.A. AND J.L. HEID. - Food processing operations. their management, machines, materials, and methods. 3 volumes.
10523: JOST, H.R. - Komplexitäts-fitness. wandel erfolgreich gestalten. Complexellence. the revolution of change.
5630: JOST, P.C AND O.H. GRIFFITH (EDS). - Lipid-protein interactions. 2 volumes.
11209: JOST, W. - Diffusion und chemische reaktion in festen stoffen.
4815: JÖTTEN, K.W. AND H. GÄRTNER (EDS). - Die staublungenerkrankungen. bericht über die staublungen-tagung...
1468: JOUNIAUX, A. - Potentiométrie.
1469: JOUNIAUX, A. - Colorimétrie.
1763: JOURNAL OF BONE AND JOINT SURGERY. - Quinquennial index. 1953-1957. volumes 35-39.
10101: JUHÁSZ, I. - Cardinal functions in topology - ten years later.
10100: JUHÁSZ, I. - Cardinal functions in topology.
8798: JUN, L. - Alchemistische und chemische zeichen.
1395: JUNG, E. - Le choeur de st-guillaume de strasbourg. un chapitre de l'histoire de la musique en alsace.
2640: JUNG, A. ET AL. (EDS). - The cervical spine. primary and posttraumatic disorders, advances in surgical management.
6980: JUNGBLUTH, P. - Docenten over onderwijs aan meisjes. positieve diskriminatie met een dubbele bodem.
4101: JUNGEBLODT AND ESCHENBRUCH. - Die kohlenaufbereitung.
2589: JUNGHANNS, H. (ED). - Röntgenkunde und klinik vertebragener krankheiten. ein sammlung von vorträgen.
1948: JUNGMANN, J. - Gefahren bellettristischer lectüre. ein vortrag gehalten im katholischen casino zu innsbruck.
8804: JUNKINS, J.L. - An introduction to optimal estimation of dynamical systems.
10328: JUNQUEIRA, L.C. AND J. CARNEIRO. - Functionele histologie. tiende druk.
1711: JUNQUEIRA L.C. AND J. CARNEIRO. - Functionele histologie.
7827: JURAN, J.M. - Juran on quality by design. the new steps for planning quality into goods and service.
7588: JURAN, J.M. AND F.M. GRYNA (EDS). - Juran's quality control handbook. fourth edition.
8699: JURY, E.I. - Theory and application of the z-transform method.
11527: JUST, W. AND M. WEESE. - Discovering set theory. I the basics. II set-theoretic tools for every mathematician.
8168: KÄFLEIN, A. - Anette. bilder einer frau.
1773: KAGANAS, G., W. MÜLLER AND F WAGENHÄUSER. (EDS). - Untersuchungsmethoden in der rheumatologie.
1770: KAGANAS, G., W. MÜLLER AND F WAGENHÄUSER. (EDS). - Der weichteilrheumatismus.
1771: KAGANAS, G., W. MÜLLER AND F WAGENHÄUSER. (EDS). - Vertebragene syndrome.
1772: KAGANAS, G., W. MÜLLER AND F WAGENHÄUSER. (EDS). - Pararheumatische erkrankungen.
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