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8191: CRAMER, F. - Einschlussverbindungen.
7667: CRATTY, B.J. - Learning about human behaviour through active games.
5829: CREMER, H.-D. AND D. HÖTZEL (EDS). - Angewandte ernährungslehre. (ernährungslehre und diätetik, band III).
1488: CREMERIUS, A. - Speicherprogrammierbare steuerungen. prinzip, aufbau, einsatz.
4855: CREMERS, V. - De verlossingsidee bij athanasius den groote. proeve eener wijsgeerig-theologische synthese.
2740: CREMONA, I. - L'influence de l'aminta sur la pastorale dramatique française.
9680: CREN, E.D. LE AND R.H. LOWE-MCCONNELL (EDS). - The functioning of freshwater ecosystems.
7733: CRIBBIN, J.J. - Leadership. strategies for organizational effectiveness.
2769: CRISP, E.J. - Disc lesions, and other intervertebral derangements. treated by manupilation, traction and other conservative methods.
7252: CRIVELLO, J.V. ET AL. - Initiators - poly-reactions - optical activity. advances in polymer science 62.
8444: CROCHET, M.J. , A.R. DAVIES AND K. WALTERS. - Numerical simulation of non-newtonian flow.
11028: CROMBAG, H.F. AND T.M. CHANG. (EDS). - Een kleine zoölogie van het onderwijs. bundel opstellen ter gelegenheid van het tienjarig bestaan van het bureau onderzoek en onderwijs van de rijksuniversiteit leiden. (1 mei 1968 - 1 mei 1978).
5505: CROMPTON, T.R. - Determination of organic substances in water. 2 volumes.
5859: CROMPTON, T.R. - Additive migration from plastics into food.
11394: CRONE, R.A. - Licht - kleur - ruimte. de leer van het zien in historisch perspectief.
6738: CROSBY, P.B. - De essentie van leidinggeven.
4205: CROSS, R.A. AND J. KENDRICK-JONES. (EDS). - Motor proteins. a volume based on the embo workshop...
7568: CROWDER, M.J. AND D.J. HAND. - Analysis of repeated measures.
4737: CROWE, A. AND M.R.H. RUDGE (EDS). - Correlation and polarisation in electronic and atomic collisions. proceedings of the ...
6719: CROWELL, R.L. , H. FRIEDMAN AND J.E. PRIER (EDS). - Tumor virus infections and immunity.
10633: CROXTON, C. - Introduction to liquid state physics.
6447: CRUEGER, W. ET AL. (EDS). - Jahrbuch biotechnologie 1986/87.
11492: CSATÓ, G., B. DACOROGNA AND O. KNEUSS. - The pullback equation for differential forms.
7964: CUNIASSE, L. - Mémorial du parfumeur chimiste. suivi d'un formulaire pratique de parfumerie moderne et de préparation des liqueurs.
2642: THE CURGICAL CLINICS OF NORTHAMERICA. CHICAGO NUMBER. - Symposium on fractures and dislocations. reprinted by the United States office of war information...
10531: CURRAN, K. (ED). - Understanding the internet. a glimpse into the building blocks, applications, security and hidden secrets of the web.
8641: CUTOLO, M. ET AL. (EDS). - Basic and clinical aspects of neuroendocrine immunology in rheumatic diseases.
11543: CVETKOVSKY, Z. - Inequalities. theorems, techniques and selected problems.
4062: CYPSER, R.J. - Communications architecture for distributed systems.
277: DAEMS, W.TH. (ED). - The mast cell in relation to allergic mechanisms. Proceedings of a Boerhave course held at Leiden university, 1976.
8797: DAEMS, W.F. AND L.J. VANDEWIELE. - Noord- en zuidnederlandse stedelijke pharmacopeeën.
8883: DAEMS, W.F. - Boec van medicinen in dietsche. een middelnederlandse compilatie van medisch-farmaceutische literatuur.
11521: DAEPP, U. AND P. GORKIN. - Reading, writing, and proving. a closer look at mathematics. second edition.
11493: DAFERMOS, C.M. - Hyperbolic conservation laws in continuum physics. third edition.
5620: DAGLEY, S. AND D.E. NICHOLSON. - An introduction to metabolic pathways.
4758: DAHL, S. - Examinations undertaken on asthmatic patients. supplemented with extensive studies of the literature.
4138: DAHLBERG, A.A. AND T.M. GRABER. (EDS). - Orofacial growth and development.
1760: DAHLIN, D.C. - Bone tumors.
4510: DAM, W. VAN. - Zur frage nach der identität von pepsin und chymosin.
6803: DAM, B. VAN. - Oud-brabants dorpsleven. wonen en werken op het brabantse platteland.
5258: DAMASK, A.C. - Medical physics. volume II. external senses.
2227: DAMBACHER, M.A. - Praktische osteologie.
2781: DAMMAN, J.G. - Luchtbevochtiging. grondslagen voor de inrichting en de bediening van bevoctigingsapparaten.
8843: DAMSTÉ, O. - Romeinse sagen en verhalen.
1634: DANIEL-ROPS. - L'église des temps barbares.
7167: DANIELS, R.B. AND R.D. HAMMER. - Soil geomorphology.
10586: DANNER, M. - Torture and truth. America, Abu Ghraib, and the war on terror. includes the torture photographs and the major documents and reports.
8761: DARBOUX, G. - Leçons sur les systèmes orthogonaux et les coordinées curvilignes.
6692: DARLING, D.C. AND P.M. BRICKEL. - Nucleic acid blotting. the basics.
1387: DARMOIS, E. E.A. - Applications des mesures polarimétriques a des études physicochimiques.
2014: DARMOIS, M.G. - Les mathématiques de la psychologie.
9557: DARROW, K.K. - Elementare einführung in die quantenmechanik.
7501: DARTELEN, J. VAN - Le rôle de la pompe de filature dans la fabrication de la soie artificielle.
10949: DASH, J.G. - Films on solid surfaces. the physics and chemistry of physical adsorption.
6334: DAVID, D.J. - Gas chromatographic detectors.
9886: DAVID, H.A. - Order statistics. second edition.
9879: DAVID, G. - Singular sets of minimizers for the mumford-shah functional.
4214: DAVIDOVITCH, Z. (ED). - Biological mechanisms of tooth movement and craniofacial adaptation. proceedings...
11447: DAVIDSE, J. - Analog electronic circuit design.
6825: DAVIES, D. - Antique & classic wings.
10704: DAVIS, R.F. , H. PALMOUR III AND R.L. PORTER. (EDS). - Emergent process methods for high-technology ceramics.
9835: DAVIS, M.H.A. - Markov models and optimization.
7243: DAVYDOV, B.E. ET AL. - Polymer chemistry. advances in polymer science 25.
8564: DAWIDS, S. (ED). - Test procedures for the blood compability of biomaterials.
1272: DAWKINS, K.D. - Manual of cardiology.
7383: DAWYDOFF, W. AND H. HOWORKA. - Technical dictionary of high polymers hochpolymere hauts polymères BbICKO­­....
10877: DEAN, F.M. - Naturally occuring oxygen ring compounds.
265: DEBIDOUR, A. - Histoire diplomatique de leurope. ...(1814-1878).
264: DEBIDOUR, A. - Histoire diplomatique de l'europe. première partie (1878-1904).
1142: DEBRUNNER, H. - Lumbalgien. eine darstellung für den praktischen arzt.
2221: DEBRUNNER, H.U. - Orthopädisches diagnostikum.
5524: DEBUCH, H. AND M. CLARA. - Lipide. erster teil, biochemie der fette und lipoide, methoden der lipidhistochemie. handbuch der histochemie. band V.
11099: DEBYE, P. - Polare molekeln
11228: DEBYE, P. AND H. SACK. - Theorie der elektrischen molekulareigenschaften.
6076: DEBYE, P. AND J. DAEN. - Stability of fluid jets. structure of gels. final summary report to army chemical center, maryland.
6077: DEBYE, P. AND H.COLL. - Nonionic detergents in nonaqueous solvents 1: the behavior of a-monoglycerides (cont'd). office of naval research, technical report...
6078: DEBYE, P. AND H. BRUMBERGER. - Structure of porous materials. summary report to esso research and engineering company.
6079: DEBYE, P. AND B. CHU. - Spectrophotometry and light scattering on supported platinum. summary report to esso research and engineering company.
9745: DEBYE, P. - Equilibrium and sedimentation of uncharged particles in inhomogeneous electric fields.
9748: DEBYE, P. - Critical opalescence and the range of molecular interaction.
3651: DEEG, E. AND H. RICHTER. - Glas im laboratorium. eine einführung für den laborpraktiker.
6274: DEFANT, A. - Untersuchungen über die gezeitenerscheinungen in mittel- und randmeeren, in buchten und kanälen. I. teil: die methoden der untersuchung. II. teil: die gezeiten des roten meeres. III. teil: die gezeiten des persischen golfes und die meerenge von hormus. IV. teil: der einfluss der reibung auf die gezeiten der randmeere. V. teil: die hydrodynamische theorie der gezeiten und gezeitenströmungen im englischen kanal und im südwestlichen teile der nordsee. (in zwei bänden.)
9427: DEFAY, R AND I. PRIGOGINE. - Tension superficielle et adsorption.
10729: DEFENDI, V. (ED). - Heterospecific genome interaction.
5273: DEICHMANN, W.B. (ORG). - Toxicology and occupational medicine. proceedings...
2321: DEKKERS, C. - De kerk van hulst.
10722: DEL FRATE, A.A. , U. ZVEKIC AND J.J.M. VAN DIJK. (EDS). - Understanding crime. experience of crime and crime control.
10251: DELESPAUL, P.A.E.G. - Assessing schizophrenia in daily life. the experience sampling method.
10496: DENGEL, A. , M. JUNKER AND A. WEISBECKER. (EDS). - Reading and learning. adaptive content recognition.
1955: DENISLE, H. - Luther und lutherthum in der ersten entwickelung quellenmässig dargestellt.
2844: DENKER, R. - Grenzen liberaler aufklärung, bei Kant und anderen.
7617: DENNIS, N.T.M. AND T.A. HEPPELL. - Vacuum system design.
1749: DEPALMA, A.F. - Surgery of the shoulder.
1796: DEPALMA, A.F. - Diseases of the knee. management in medicine and surgery.
6767: DERIX, J. - Naam & faam. zeventig jaar briefhouder- en metaalwarenfabrieken egidius janssen nv.
4928: DERIX, J. - Naam & faam. zeventig jaar briefhouder- en metaalwarenfabrieken egidius janssen nv.
2701: DERJEU, P., S. DE LEVE AND P. VAN 'T VEER. (EDS). - De reiskroniek der N.R.V. geillustreerd maandblad der Nederlandsche Reisvereeniging. Jaargang 1 t/m 6.
10562: DESANCTIS, G. AND J. FULK. (EDS). - Shaping organization form. communication, connection and community.
10645: DESERIIS, M. AND G. MARANO. - Net-art. l'arte della connessione.
5674: DESROSIER, N.W. - The technology of food preservation.
2821: DESSING, C.S. (ED). - Bescheiden aangaande de hervorming der tucht in de abdij van Egmond in de 15e eeuw.
9299: DESTOUCHES, J.-L. - Méthodologie notions géométriques.
86: DESTY D.H. AND C. HARBOURN (ED.) - Vapour phase chromatography.
6583: DETERMANN, H. - Gelchromatographie. gelfiltration gelpermeation molekülsiebe.
8827: DETERMANN, H. - Chromatographie sur gel. filtration, perméation, tamisage moleculaire. (manuel de laboratoire).
1785: DETTMER, N., W. MOHING, H, GREILING AND J.R. RÜTTNER. - Die kniegelenkarthrose.
6098: DETTNER, H.W. - Lexikon für metalloberflächenveredlung.
7812: DEUSSEN, P. - Halbgruppen und automaten.
10929: DEUTMAN, A.F. AND J.R.M. CRUYSBERG. (EDS). - Neurogenetics and neuro-ophthalmology. 5th international congress. nijmegen. the Netherlands 1977.
9963: DEUTSCH, D.J. ET AL. (EDS). - Process piping systems.
11484: DEVADOSS, S.L. AND J. O'ROURKE. - Discrete and computational geometry.
10158: DEVLIN, K.J. - Fundamentals of contemporary set theory.
11398: DEW, L.A. - The railroads of aruba and curaçao.railverkeer op aruba en curaçao.
2849: DEXEL, T. - Chinesisches steinzeug.
2232: DEYL, Z. (ED). - Separation methods.
7142: DIAMANTARAS, K.I. AND S.Y. KUNG. - Principal component neural networks. theory and applications.
8507: DIAMOND, S. ET AL. (EDS). - Microstructure of cement-based systems / bonding and interfaces in cementitious materials. symposia...
2144: DIAMOND, C. AND I. FREW. - The facial nerve.
10946: DICK, D.A.T. - Cell water.
5597: DICKINSON, E. AND G. STAINSBY. - Colloids in food.
5284: DICKSON, K.L. , A.W. MAKI AND J. CAIRNS, JR. (EDS). - Modeling the fate of chemicals in the aquatic environment.
9678: DICKSON, K.L. , A.W. MAKI AND W.A. BRUNGS (EDS). - Fate and effects of sediment-bound chemicals in aquatic systems. proceedings...
9816: DIECKMANN, U. , R. LAW AND J.A.J. METZ. (EDS). - The geometry of ecological interactions. simplifying spatial complexity.
3295: DIEDERICH, P. (ED). - Werkzeugmaschinen.
8612: DIEKSTRA, R.F.W. - Crisis en gedragskeuze. een theoretische en empirische bijdrage tot het zelfmoordprobleem.
10340: DIENER, H. ET AL. - Stroke unit manual.
4835: DIETEREN, R. - In dienst der zieken. het st joseph-ziekenhuis te heerlen 1904 1954.
10567: DIETRICH, F. , M. IMHOFF AND H. KLIEMT. (EDS). - Standardisierung in der medizin. qualitätssicherung oder rationierung?
11548: DIEUDONNÉ, J. - Linear algebra and geometry.
339: DIEULAFOY, G. - Manuel de pathologie interne.
7563: DIGGLE, P.J. , KUNG-YEE LIANG AND S.L. ZEGER. - Analysis of longitudinal data.
10429: DIGNUM, F. AND C. SIERRA. (EDS). - Agent mediated electronic commerce. the european agentlink perspective.
1283: DIHLMANN, W. - Röntgendiagnostik der iliosakralgelenke und ihrer nahen umgebung.
5084: DIJCK, W.J.D. VAN. - Over het nut van het denken, rekenen en meten in één maatstelsel en de voordelen van het practische maatstelsel (m - kg - sec - ohm - ). Tabellen van herleidingsfactoren...
4119: DIJK, J.J. VAN AND J. SLOK. - Saamgesnoerd door eenen band. een eeuw hout- en bouwbond cnv. 1900 - 2000.
3067: DIJK, J.L.M. VAN; - Die grundlegung der ethik in der theologie karl barths.
10651: DIJKGRAAF, L.L. - Grensvlak- en kolloidchemie. naar de colleges van W.G. Burgers en W. Prins.
11384: DIJKSTERHUIS, E.J. - Simon stevin.
11443: DIJKSTERHUIS, E.J. - Archimedes. eerste deel.
9335: DIJKSTERHUIS, E.J. - Bij het jubileum der electromagnetische inductie. 1831-1931.
10023: DIJKSTERHUIS, E.J. - Simon stevin.
10066: DIJKSTRA, J.J. - Fake topological hilbert spaces and characterizations of dimension in terms of negligibility.
9291: DIK, S.C. - Coordination. its implications for the theory of general linguistics.
6964: DILLON, J.-A.R. , A. NASIM AND E.R. NESTMANN (EDS). - Recombinant DNA technology.
11230: DILLY, P. (ED.). - Qualitätssicherung in der brau- und getränkewirtschaft.
6050: DIMITROV, O. - Les métaux de haute pureté.
1940: DINDORFIL, G. (ED). - Demosthenes orationes. vol 1. orationes I - XIX.
11551: DINE, M. - Supersymmetry and string theory. beyond the standard model.
10128: DINGELDEY, F. - Analytische geometrie der kegelschnitte von George Salmon.
10577: DINGEMANS, P. - Electrochemie. vierde druk.
9325: DINGLER, H. - Geschichte der naturphilosophie.
4192: DIXON, A.D. - Anatomy for students of dentistry. fifth edition.
3345: DIXON, M. - Multi-enzyme systems. four special lectures given...
2438: DJERASSI, C. (ED). - Steroid reactions. an outline for organic chemists.
8074: DJERASSI, C. (ED). - Steroid reactions. an outline for organic chemists.
10857: DJERASSI, C. - Optical rotatory dispersion. applications to organic Chemistry.
10258: DOBASH, R.E. , R.P. DOBASH AND L. NOAKS. (EDS). - Gender and crime.
6813: DOBBS, G. - G-QRP club circuit handbook.
10757: DÖBERT, H. ET AL. (EDS). - Bildung vor neuen herausforderungen. historische bezüge - rechtliche aspekte - steuerungsfragen - internationale perspektiven. Hermann Avenarius zum 65. geburtstag gewidmet.
4485: DOCTERS VAN LEEUWEN, J.H.K. - Ueber die spaltung von seignettesalz und der entsprechenden ammoniumverbindung.
5764: DODD, J.S. (ED). - The ACS style guide. a manual for authors and editors.
7852: DODD, J.S. - The core model.
617: DOERING, O. - Die pflege der kirchlichen kunst. Winke für ihre beurteilung und behandlung.
8866: DOERNER, M.F. ET AL. (EDS). - Thin films: stresses and mechanical properties II.
10139: DOETS, K. - Basic model theory.
8592: DOEVENDANS, P.A. AND S. KÄÄB (EDS). - Cardiovascular genomics: new pathopsychological concepts. proceedings...
4506: DOLD, K.H. - Untersuchungen über alkylphenolharzlacke, unter besonderer berücksichtigung ihrer materialtechnischen eigenschaften.
8620: DOMMERGUES, Y.R. AND H.G. DIEM (EDS). - Microbiology of tropical soils and plant productivity.
2142: DONALD, I AND S. LEVI (EDS). - Present and future of diagnostic ultrasound. proceedings of the 3rd symposium of the fondation pour la recherche... FRESERH...
4131: DONALDSON, C. - Martinus van tours. een biografie.
372: DONALDSON, R.J. - Parasites and western man.
4420: DONATH, E. AND A. GRÖGER. - Kurzgefasstes lehrbuch der spiritusfabrikation.
6333: DONE, J.N. AND J.H. KNOX. - Applications of high-speed liquid chromatography.
8678: DOORNBOS, R. - Slippage tests.
11280: DOORNBOS, N. AND J.P.P. SELLIES. - Het overlegmodel in de asielprocedure. een onderzoek naar de werking van het overlegmodel in het aanmeldcentrum schiphol en de onderzoeks- en opvangcentra oisterwijk en schalkhaar.
10334: DÖPFNER, M. , S. SCHÜRMANN AND J. FRÖLICH. - Therapieprogramm für kinder mit hyperkinetischem und oppositionellem problemverhalten. THOP.
3421: DORFNER, K. - Ionenaustausch-chromatoraphie.
10039: DORIAN, J.P. , P.A. MINAKIR AND V.T. BORISOVICH (EDS) - CIS energy and minerals development. Prospects, problems and opportunities for international cooperation.
8144: DÖRR, H. AND O. MUND (EDS). - Silos, landwirtschaftliche bauten.
10556: DOUKIDIS, G.I. , F.LAND AND G. MILLER. (EDS). - Knowledge based management support systems.
10964: DOUST, T.A.M. AND M.A. WEST. - Picosecond Chemistry and biology. based on the proceedings of a symposium held at the royal institute. london.
7729: DOUVILLÉ, H. - Note sur l'ammonites pseudo-anceps et sur la forme de son ouverture.
1966: DOVER, G.A. AND R.B. FLAVELL. (EDS). - Genome evolution.
9585: DRAGT, A.J. AND J. VAN HAM (EDS). - Biotechniques for air pollution abatement and odour control policies. proceedings...
10028: DRAKE, F.R. AND D. SINGH. - Intermediate set theory.
6756: DRAULANS, D. - Dagroofvogels te mol-postel en omgeving. hun voorkomen, status en algemene ekologie.
5794: DRAWERT, F. (ED). - Geruch- und geschmackstoffe. internationales symposium...
3392: DREES, W. - Drees, neerslag van een werkzaam leven. een keuze uit geschriften, redevoeringen...
5999: DRENTH, P.J.D. , P.J. WILLEMS AND CH.J. DE WOLFF (EDS). - Bedrijfspsychologie. onderzoek en evaluatie.
4356: DRESEN-COENDERS, L. - Helse en hemelse vrouwenmacht. omstreeks 1500.
10507: DRESSING, H. AND H.J. SALIZE. - Zwangsunterbringung und zwangsbehandlung psychisch kranker. gesetzgebung und praxis in den mitgliedsländern der Europäischen union.
7001: DRIESCH, J. VON DEN, AND J. ESTERHUES. - Geschichte der erziehung und bildung. band 1, von den griechen bis zum ausgang des zeitalters der renaissance. band 2, vom 17. jahrhundert bis zur gegenwart,
6367: DRIESEN, C.H. - Simulation of convection-driven wet-chemical etching.
10329: DRIESSEN, T.W.J. AND J.J. DAEMEN. - De sint rochuskapel op de kamp. haar stichter derck daemen en zijn familie. met aantekeningen over well, bergen en ayen.
1374: DRIESSEN, TH,W.J. - Geschiedenis van de st. urbanusparochie te belfeld.
10854: DRIESSEN, W.L. ET AL. (EDS). - Macromolecule-metal complexes. symposium.
10470: DRIRA, K. , A. MARTELLI AND T. VILLEMUR. (EDS). - Cooperative environments for distributed systems engineering. the distributed systems environment report.
3685: DRIVER, J.E. - Bentley and driver's textbook of pharmaceutical chemistry.
5019: DROUIN, P. , L. MÉJEAN AND G. DEBRY. - Artificial pancreas. clinical applications.
9286: DRYHURST, G. - Periodate oxidation of diol and other functional groups. analytical and structural applications.
8647: DRZAL, L.T. ET AL. (EDS). - Polymer/inorganic interfaces II. symposium....
2286: DUBBELDAM, L.F.B. - The primary school and the community in mwanza district, tanzania.
7441: DUBIN, P. (ED). - Microdomains in polymer solutions.
1540: DUBOIS, J., R. GENIN, F. PEETERS AND R. STEVENS. - Guide pratique du commerçant en drogueries.
11218: DUBOIS, P. - Les cristaux mixtes et leur structure.
5593: DUCKWORTH, R.B. (ED). - Water relations of foods. proceedings...
1929: DUCLAUX, J. - Traité de chimie physique. tome 2. chapitre I, diffusion dans les liquides.
1440: DUCLAUX, M.J. - Physique colloïdale et biologie. conférence faite le 3 octobre 1941.
1441: DUCLAUX, M.J. - Chimie colloïdale et biologie. conférence faite le 7 octobre 1941.
1927: DUCLAUX, J. - Traité de chimie physique. tome 1. chapitre IV, capillarité.
1928: DUCLAUX, J. - Traité de chimie physique. tome 1. chapitre III, rigidité thixotropie coacervation.
10370: DUCO, D. - Opium & opiumschuiven. een bronnenboek.
2959: DUDOK VAN HEEL, W.H. - Sound and cetacea.
7532: DUFFY, J.I. (ED). - Chemicals by enzymatic and microbial processes. recent advances.
3: DUKE-ELDER, S. - Parson's diseases of the eye.
1949: DÜMLEIN, H. - Das hohelied salomons. im geiste der heiligen kirche.
2593: [DUMONT] - Nachtrag zu Dumont's sammlung kirchlicher erlasse, verordnungen und bekantmachungen für die erzdiözese Köln. amtliche ausgabe.
914: DUMONT, J.J. - Leerstoornissen. oorzaken en behandelingsmethoden.
6577: DUNCAN, R. AND L.W. SEYMOUR. - Controlled release technologies. a survey of research and commercial applications.
6113: DUNN III, W.J. , J.H. BLOCK AND R.S. PEARLMAN (EDS). - Partition coefficient. determination and estimation.
4473: DUNNICLIFF, H.B. - Laboratory glasware economy. a practical manual on the renovation of broken glass apparatus.
8167: DUPOUY, A. - Das erotische foto.
1866: DÜRR, W.M. (ED). - Registerband. namen- und sachregister. handbuch der orthopädie von g. hohmann.
4892: DÜRR, A. AND O. WACHTER. - Hydraulik in werkzeugmaschinen. hydraulische und elektrohydraulische antriebe.
7264: DUSEK, K. (ED). - Polymer networks. advances in polymer science 44.
9917: DUTCH COMMITTEE FOR LONG-TERM ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. - The environment: towards a sustainable future.
10755: DUTCHER, J.P. AND P.H. WIERNIK. (EDS). - Handbook hematologic and oncologic emergencies.
1130: DUTHIE, R.B. ET AL. - The management of musculo-skeletal problems in the haemophilias.
5642: DUTKA, B.J. (ED). - Membrane filtration. applications, techniques, and problems.
9593: DUTRÉ, W.L. - A european transient simulation model for thermal solar systems.
6556: DUYFF, J.W. - Leven en natuurwetenschap. rede uitgesproken bij de aanvaarding van het ambt van hoogleeraar in de physiologie aan de rijksuniversiteit te leiden op 29 november 1946.
11552: DWORK, B. - Lectures on p-adic differential equations.
5223: DWYER, F.P. AND D.P. MELLOR (EDS). - Chelating agents and metal chelates.
7387: DYKE, S.F. - The carbohydrates.
10642: DYKES, P.C. AND K. WHEELER. (EDS). - Critical pathways - interdisziplinäre versorgungspfade. DRG-management-instrumente.
8600: DYKSTRA, M.J. - Biological electron microscopy. theory, techniques, and troubleshooting.
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