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12223: CROMBAG, H.F.M., & MERCKELBACH, H.L.G.J.: - Hervonden herinneringen en andere misverstanden.
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13206: CUTLER, MANASSEH, 1785 (1903).: - An account of some of the vegetable productions naturally growing in this part of America. Botanically arranged by the Rev. Manasseh Cutler [...]. [Bull. Lloyd Libr., Reprod. Ser., 4.]
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453: CZYZEWSKA, T., 1968.: - Deers from Weze and their relationship with the Pliocene and Recent Eurasiatic Cervidae.
12417: D'ALESSANDRO, A., 1982.: - Processi tafonomici e distribuzione lelle tracce fossili nel Flysch di Gorglione (Appennini medidionale).
10655: D'ALPUGET, LOU, 1986.: - Yachting in Australia. From Colonial Skiffs to America's Cup Defence.
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1402: DAAMS, R., & FREUDENTHAL, M., 1985.: - Glirinae (Gliridae, Rodentia) from the type area of the Aragonian and adjacent areas (provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza, Spain. / Stertomys laticrestatus, a new glirid (dormice, Rodentia) from the insular fauna of Gargano (prov. of Foggia, Italy).
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2583: DADDOW, SAMUEL HARRIES & BANNAN, BENJAMIN.: - Coal, iron, and oil, or, The practical American miner. A plain and popular work on our mines and mineral resources, and a text-book or guide to their economical development.
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9961: DALL, W.H., 192.: - Summary of the marine shellbearing mollusks of the Northwest Coast of America, from San Diego, California, to the Polar Sea, mostly contained in the collection of the United States National Museum, with illustrations of hitherto unfigured species. [
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