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177182: CRONAU, C. - Der Jagdfasan. Seine Anverwandten und Kreuzungen.
224951: CRONE, G.C.E. - Nederlandsche jachten, binnenschepen, visschersvaartuigen en daarmee verwante kleine zeeschepen 1650-1900.
261978: CRONE, WERRY & M.BRIL. - Bomen in het voorbijgaan.
216642: CRONE, G.R. - The Sources of the Nile: Explorers' maps A.D. 1856-1891. From the Society's collections with notes by G.R.Crone.
72315: CRONE, G.C.E. - Nederlandsche jachten, binnenschepen, visschersvaartuigen en daarmee verwante kleine zeeschepen 1650-1900.
157972: CRONE, G.C.E. - Nederlandsche jachten, binnenschepen, visschersvaartuigen en daarmee verwante kleine zeeschepen 1650-1900.
54392: CROOÿ, F. - Les Émaux Carolingiens de la Châsse de Saint Marc a Huy-Sur-Meuse.
210300: CROOK, H.CLIFFORD. - Campanulas. Their cultivation and classification.
199548: CROOKE, W. - The North-Western Provinces of India. Their history, ethnology and administration.
199346: CROOKE, W. - The North-Western Provinces of India. Their history, ethnology, and administration.
186638: CROOKE, W. - The popular religion and folk-lore of Northern India.
218713: CROOY, FERNAND. - Les orfèvres de Bois-le-Duc et leurs poincons.
168464: CROSATO, GIUSEPPE. FIOCCO, GIUSEPPE. - Giambattista Crosato. Pittore di casa Savoia.
221506: CROSS, A.J. - Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian pottery and tiles.
128596: CROSSE, H. - Faune malacologique terrestre et fluviatile de l'Ile de Saint-Dominique.
128594: CROSSE, H. - Faune malacologique terrestre et fluviatile de la Nouvelle-Calédonie et des ses dépendances.
189839: CROSTHWAITE, CHARLES. - The Pacification of Burma.
21247: CROUCH, TOM D. - The eagle aloft. Two centuries of balloon in America.
252622: CROUS, JAN W. - Florentiner Waffenpfeiler und Armilustrum.
121958: CROUSE, NELLIS M. - French pioneers in the West Indies 1624-1664.
190382: CROUWEL, J.H. - The Mycenaean pictorial pottery.
205185: CROUWEL, WIM. - Beelden in het Heden. Nederlandse eksperimentele beeldhouwkunst. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
177610: CROUWEL, J.H. - Chariots and other means of land transport in Bronze Age Greece.
225718: CROUWEL, WIM. HUYGEN, F., A.O. - Wim Crouwel. Mode en module.
263684: CROUWEL, J.H. - Chariots and other wheeled vehicles in Iron Age Greece.
76615: CROWDER, H.W. - A revision of some Phlepsiuslike genera of the tribe Deltocephalini (Homoptera, Cicadellidae) in America north of Mexico.
264706: CROWE, SINÉAD. - Religion in contemporary German Drama. Botho Strauss, George Tabori, Werner Fritsch, and Lukas Bärfuss.
259080: CROWE, YOLANDE. - Persia and China. Safavid Blue and White Ceramics in the Victoria & Albert Museum 1501-1738.
85994: CROWFOOT, J.W. & G.M. - Early ivories from Samaria.
133685: CROWFOOT, J.W. - Early churches in Palestine.
186248: CROWFOOT, J.W. & F.GRIFFITH. - The island of Meroë & Meroitic inscriptions, part I: Sôba to Dangêl.
240752: CROWLEY, T.E. & T.PAIN. - A Monograph of the African Land Snails of the Genus Limicolariopsis d'Ailly (Mollusca - Achatinidae).
12223: CROXALL, J.P. - P.G.H.EVANS & R.W.SCHREIBER. - Status and conservation of the world's seabirds.
154763: CROZE, F.DE - La guerre dy Transvaal pour l'indépendance.
251638: CROZES, HIPPOLYTE. - Répertoire archéologique du Département du Tarn.
174700: CROZIER, ROSS H. & P.PAMILO. - Evolution of social insect colonies. Sex allocation and kin selection.
249852: CRUCHTEN, THIERR A.O. - Bauhärepräis OAI 2012.Ordre des architectes et des ingénieurs-conseils du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.
153571: CRUICKSHANK, ALLAN D. - Cruickshank's photographs of birds of America.
206034: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE. - A handbook for Posterity or recollections of Twiddle Twaddle. About himself and other people.
234498: CRULL, FRIEDERICH. - Das Amt der Goldschmiede zu Wismar.
192031: CRUM, HOWARD. - Liverworts and Hornworts of Southern Michigan.
193642: CRUMB, ROBERT, A.O. - Real Free Press Illustratie. No. 5.
186654: CRUMB, ROBERT. - It's back to nature with home grown funnies. [Dutch edition]
184701: CRUMB, ROBERT. - Wit op zwart boek welvaart. Zwart op wit boek welvaart.
199902: CRUMB, ROBERT, A.O. - Real Free Press [Illustratie] No. 1.
199741: CRUMB, ROBERT. - It's back to nature with home grown funnies.
199903: CRUMB, ROBERT, A.O. - Real Free Press Illustratie. No. 6.
186675: CRUMB, ROBERT. - Aline and Bob's dirty laundry comics.
271031: CRUMLEY, JIM. - Badgers on the Highland Edge.
221660: CRUMP, THOMAS. - The Anthropology of Numbers.
235380: CRUMP, DERRICK. - Behandlung von Holzoberflächen.
162890: CRUMRINE, N.ROSS. - El ceremonial de Pascua y los indentidad de los Mayos de Sonora (Mexico).
268633: CRUVELLO CAVALCANTI, J. - Nova Numeracao dos Prédios da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro.
239748: CRUYNINGEN, P.J.VAN. - 'Schone welbetimmerde hofsteden.' Boerderijbouw in Zeeland van de tiende tot de twintigste eeuw.
254060: CRUYNINGEN, PIET VAN. - Bossen in de Lage Landen.
232560: CRUYPLANTS, EUGÈNE. - Histoire Illustrée d'un Corps Belge au Service de la République et de l'Empire. La 112e Demi-Brigade.
262924: CRUYSMANS, MARIE-NOËLLE & I.PAUWELS. - Jardins d'inspiration en Belgique.
275713: CRUZ, MERCEDITA JOSE DELA. - Sourcebook of Philippine traditional Art Motifs and Crafts processes.
262222: CRUZ FERNANDEZ CASTRO, M. - Villas romanas en España.
263359: CRUZ / ORTIZ. MENEO, RAFAEL (EINL.). - Cruz / Ortiz 1975 - 1995.
275279: CRUZ, RUBEN LA & K.HELWEG. - De vergeten monumenten van Curacao.
259734: CRUZ ISIDORO, FERNANDO. - Arquitectura Sevillana del Siglo XVII. Maestros Mayores de la Catedral y del Concejo Hispanensi.
265715: CRYSOSTOM, JOHN. WILEN, ROBERT L. - John Chrysostom and the Jews. Rhetoric and Reality in the late 4th Century.
282546: CSABAI, ZOLTÁN. - Studies in Economic and Social History of the ancient Near East in Memory of Péter Vargyas.
89955: CSALLÁNY, DEZSÖ. - Archäologische Denkmäler der Gepiden im Mitteldonaubecken (454-568 u.Z.).
268107: CSAPODI, CSABA. - Ein Pariser Stundenbuch. Einleitung zur Faksimileausgabe des in der Werkstatt von Gillet Hardouyn zu Paris gedruckten Stundenbuches in der Bibliohek Budapest.
203349: CSAPODI, CSABA. - A Paris Book of Hours. Printed in 1510 at the Gillet Hardouyn Workshop.
219123: CSAPODI, CSABA & K.CSAPODI-GÁRDONYI. - Bibliotheca Corviniana. Die Bibliothek des Königs Matthias Corvinus von Ungarn.
137355: CSAPODI, CSABA & K.CSAPODI-GÁRDONYI. - Bibliotheca Corviniana. The library of king Matthias Corvinus of Hungary.
245352: CSENDES, PETER. - Heinrich VI.
242693: CSIKI, E. - Carabidae: Harpalinae IV.
245682: CSIRMAZ, A., A.O. - Phonological Answers (and their Corresponding Questions).
226780: CSOMA, ALEXANDRE. - Analyse du Kandjour. Recueil des Livres Sacrés au Tibet. Abrégé des Matières du Tandjour & Vocabulaire de l'analyse du Kandjour.
273696: CUCCHI, ENZO. CATALOGUS 1980. - Enzo Cucchi.
201092: CUDDON, J.A. - A dictionary of literary terms and literary theory. Fourth edition.
239576: CUEFF, ALAIN, A.O. - Biennale di Venezia 1993. Padiglione di Fiandra e Olanda.
162359: CUÉLLAR, JOSÉ A. - La comunidad primitiva y las políticas de Desarrollo (El Caso Seri).
245034: CUERVO, M.C., A.O. - Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 3.
282859: CUGNO, SANTINIO ALESSANDRO. - Dinamiche Insediative nel Territorio di Canicattini Bagni e nel Bacino di Alimentazione del Torrente Cavadonna (Siracusa) tra Antichità e Medioevo.
2125: CUISINIER, JEANNE. - Danses magiques de Kelantan.
159237: CUISINIER, JEANNE. - Les Mu'ò'ng. Geógraphie humaine et sociologie.
199748: CUISINIER, JEANNE. - Le théatre d'ombres a Kelantan. 2e ed.
207941: CULAS, MICHEL. - Grammaire de l'objet chinois.
140093: CULBERTSON, THADDEUS. - Journal of an expedition to the Mauvaises Terres and the Upper Missouri in 1850.
283374: MASTER ZWEDER OF CULEMBORG. - Book of Hours.
215174: CULICAN, WILLIAM. - Opera Selecta. From Tyre to Tartessos.
56192: CULIN, STEWART. - Games of the North American indians.
121884: CULIN, STEWART. - Games of the North American Indians.
167597: CULLBERG, CARL. - On artifact analyses. A study in the systematics and classification of a Scandinavian Early Bronze Age material with metal analysis and chronology as contributing factors.
273911: CULLEN, CHRISTOPHER. - Astronomy and mathematics in ancient China: the Zhou bi suan jing.
136864: CULLEN, JAMES. - The indification of flowering plant families.
187328: CULLINGFORD, C.H.D. - British Caving. An introduction to speleology.
124736: CULLMANN, WILLY. - Kakteen unser Hobby. Einführung in die Kakteenkunde und Anleitung zu erfolgreicher Kakteenkultur.
233515: CULOT, MAURICE. - Architectures maconniques. Grande-Bretagne, France, États-Unis, Belgique.
36675: CULOT, PAUL. - Quatre siecles de reliure en Belgique 1500-1900.
269979: CULOT, MAURICE, A.O. - Musée des Archives d'Architecture Moderne. Fondation Robert-L.Delevoy. Collections.
124952: CULSHAW, W.J. - Tribal heritage. A study of the Santals.
141898: CULTRERA, GIUSEPPE. - Hydria a figure rosse del Museo di Villas Giulia.
37691: CULTRERA, GIUSEPPE. - Nemi. La prima fase dei lavori per il ricupero delle navi Romane.

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